GOP State Senator Jane Cunningham Wants to Put Missouri Kids to Work

Author: February 18, 2011 12:06 am

From Riverfront Time​s:

Jane Cunningham (R – West County) believes Missouri kids need to improve their work ethic so she’s sponsoring a bill (SB 222) that would repeal much of the state’s child labor laws.

According to the bill’s official summary, children under the age of 14 would no longer be barred from employment. They’d also be able to work all hours of the day, no longer need a work permit from their school and be able to work at motels and resorts so long as they’re given a place to lay their weary heads each night. Moreover, businesses that employ children would no longer be subject to inspections from the Division of Labor Standards.

In an interview yesterday with the St. Louis Beacon, Cunningham defended her legislation by nothing that her two sons — now adults — both held jobs as minors and are today better for it.

“My aim is to put back some common sense,” Cunningham told the Beacon. “We’re not doing students any favor by telling them, ‘You cannot work.’ ”

Still, the bill is under attack from the AFL-CIO and other labor groups, who believe there’s good reason that current law only allows children to work three hours on school days and no more than eight hours on non-school days.

“The Missouri legislature can always be counted on to come up with bizarre legislation, but Senate Bill 222 is the strangest we’ve see in awhile,” writes the Kansas City Star in an op/ed this morning.



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  • Actually, it’s very CONSISTENT.

    Normally, their concepts are steeped in Irony.

    This one, would reward families like my grandparents’. Both had 10 kids (that survived). They NEEDED that many kids to help run the farm. This was back between 1890 – 1920.

    It plays beautifully with the drive toward no abortions, no birth control. They see no conflict or problem with the ‘direction’ of the middle class.

    WE put these people in power.
    We’re the ones who need to remove them.
    If it were only that easy to shut down Fox.
    But, maybe it is,..

  • The GOP doesn’t realize every day with more of this shit they are bringing their day of reckoning that much closer. POWER TO THE WORKERS

  • *siiiiigh* Now I agree that some of the kids nowadays need better work ethics than some of them have, but really? Seriously? Did someone hit her the head or something? Isn’t there already a problem with child labor in several countries? And not wanting to keep the regulations and standards up to where they are for the employing businesses? WTF? And, And, AND being able to have our kids spend the night in said businesses as long as they have a place to sleep is OK? O_O WTH? Oh, ok let’s let them work the kids to exhaustion AND then give them opportunities to molest them! Oh yes, this sounds awesome! *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* F*cking Idiot!

  • Kids are spoiled brats nowadays that have no respect or appreciation for anything . I worked growing up as we had a large family and I earned spending money it did not hurt me. Yes there should be a limit on time as I’m agreeing to use not abuse. Also there is nothing wrong with kids helping to support their families if they can, our kids come out of school and don’t know how to do diddly squwat . Working as they grow can give them an immediate trade as not everyone will be a lawyer or doctor or politician.

  • @John Norris – Agreed!
    @Chris – A little funny indeed, but pretty fucking sad if it does come to that.

    Cunningham: “We’re not doing students any favor by telling them, ‘You cannot work.’” … Yes, you are, by forcing them to put EDUCATION FIRST, as it should be. This is what my parents instilled in my siblings and me: schoolwork comes first. If anything that isn’t directly associated with schoolwork became too much of a distraction (i.e. grades went down), it had to go.

    If you asshat Tea Baggers would do what needs to be done to get the PARENTS back to work, there would be no need for children to have to support the family. There is something fucking wrong with THAT. And did you forget that there are NO JOBS as it is?? How are you going to give what few jobs there may be available to CHILDREN? It hurt my brain to even think that sentence as I wrote it…

    Teaching children work ethic is definitely increasingly necessary in these times of ever-growing unprofessionalism… but putting them to work for little to no pay in places with NO LABOR STANDARDS is just fucking WRONG. Things like Bring Your Child to Work Day and more parental interest and involvement in their childrens’ lives and futures is what is necessary and what would be POSSIBLE if they didn’t need to be working who knows how many hours at minimum wage in order to put dinner on the table.

    Must stop pulling out my hair…starting to go bald…but these people make me SIIIIICK! :/

  • Siobhra A DeWar

    The law currently allows for some work. That is enough for them to learn to respect work. Fix something that is broken instead.

  • How funny is it gonna be when all the Mexicans get forced out of work by even cheaper child labor?

  • Wow, the GOP is really pushing the boundaries of their hypocrisy: claiming child labor is “common sense”, calling racist agendas “affirmative action”, etc.

  • OMG, My head is about to explode with all the underhanded, self serving, crap the Republicans are doing at every level in this country right now. I wasn’t alive during the 1930’s and I sure has hell don’t want to go back there.

  • This bill is totally outrageous. I had a job when I was a kid they were called chores. No business profited from my labor as it should be that way.

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