House Votes to Continue Spending Millions in Taxpayer Dollars on NASCAR

Author: February 21, 2011 8:28 am

Via Care2:

Conservative politicians in the House have accomplished their goal of voting to defund Planned Parenthood, a move that could leave tens of thousands without access to affordable birth control, health screenings and STI prevention and treatment.

But don’t worry, you are still paying millions of dollars to slap an Army logo on a racecar.  The NASCAR sponsorship ban was defeated, death threats and all.

Via The Hill:

The House on Friday voted down a proposed budget amendment by Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum (Minn.) that would have ended the U.S. Army’s sponsorship of an official NASCAR racecar.

The amendment sought to bar the use of Pentagon funds to sponsor NASCAR vehicles. In 2010, the U.S. Army spent some $7 million to sponsor the No. 39 Chevy Impala stockracing car.The final vote was 148 in favor of the amendment, 281 opposed.

Republicans provided 209 of the 281 nay votes, while 72 were cast by Democrats; 118 Democrats supported the ban, along with 30 Republicans.

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  • Maddy Stirek

    Dont get between a redneck or repug and their Nascar

  • You know, I’ll bet that $7 million in sponsorship money provides more jobs than a comparable amount in the stimulus bill did. Stewart-Haas Racing (owner of the #39 Army car) has over 150 employees. Add to that all of the ancillary supporting suppliers that provide parts and expertise to the company. You’re getting a “jobs program” expenditure for easily less than $20 or $30K per job. Beats the $92K/job from the stimulus bill – and it’s steady year in and year out work.

  • That one car is just the tip: The National Guard sponsors a NASCAR Sprint cup car, the Air Force and the Navy both sponsor cars in the NASCAR Nationwide series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck series. I believe each branch also sponsors a NHRA drag team, and those are just the major circuits. The Republicans could cut those military funds and refund Planned Parenthood. Will they? Uh, hell no. Just look at what Rep. Miller did down in Texas. The sole mission of the Republican party this year is to eliminate abortion without outlawing it. The heartless bastards!

    • The National Guard also sponsors a number of other smaller racers as well in local tracks across the country, not to mention at least one NHRA professional racer (and the Army sponsors one as well). It’s certainly not about one car. I’d be willing to bet the armed services sponsors hundreds of cars total. If not more.

  • Waste is waste is waste- what is not really needed must go -get a grip , we are broke folks- let the junk that is not really important go.

  • It is just an advertisement. I’m sure it helps the Army’s image a little bit. Planned Parenthood is a deserving organization though, probably more so than additional Army advertising. I’m pretty sure every citizen of the United States has considered joining the Army, and knows what it is.

  • Get over it! Its advertising and the Army (U.S. Gov) is going to spend the money ADVERTISING for recruiting somewhere! They are getting about the most bang for the buck in NASCAR because that is the demographic they are looking for! Look i don’t agree with our Gov. spending money without our consent either but they are gonna do it anyway! Planned Parenthood is a great organization and i hate to see them lose ANY funding. And those of you who say they sponsor abortion, how about YOU taking ALL those unwanted, unplanned kids and spend YOUR money raising them? You want some 13 year old kid having a kid and ruining her life and being on welfare because she can’t finish school and get a job, becoming a reponsible taxpayer? Who do you think you ARE? Kids and other people make mistakes, YOU HAVEN’T? BS. Give people choice! @crzystll2day – you just reversed your position! You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about! Maybe i misunderstand what you’ve said. 7 Mil is a drop in OUR bucket, and yes i think it would be better spent on Planned Parenthood, but it’s not my choice. I make my choice by VOTING and staying informed on what our representatives vote for!

    • Good Points – Another thing about Planned Parenthood is that when you are low on money you can go there for birth control and Pap Smears. My wife and I were struggling years ago when she got pregnant – we found out for sure at Planned Parenthood. We decided to keep the baby and used their services for advice, vitamins & medical tests. Once when my wife went there without me she came home crying because anti-abortion activists had threatened her at the entrance and when she left – like everyone there was getting abortions. I realized then that the protesters (mostly middleclass) were not against abortion so much as they were against the poor having free access to it. Those hypocrites would just fly their daughters to Europe if abortion was illegal here.

  • Trenna Rothenbuhler

    OMG 7 million dollars on a Nascar sponsership???Our government has lost their minds! I am a fan of the sport, I grew up with racing, us kids went without shoes so the race car had tires! But when we have our veterans and our US citizens going without, living under bridges in boxes after they fought for our freedom the thought of spending 7 million on this seems outragous. Something should be done to stop this its not right at all!!!

  • crzystll2day obviously either lives in the hills where I’m surprised she even has the internet or actually watches nascar.

  • @crzystll2day – And there’s nothing better than getting people to join the Army! Certainly not providing birth control, STD testing, annual exams, etc., for women who can’t afford it (largely because the Republicans succeeded in raping the health care reform law). Yes, they provide abortions, but that’s hardly their main purpose, and if you’d open your eyes to reality, you’d realize that. Just because you don’t agree with abortion rights (and last time I checked it was still legal) does not mean that you can force others to believe the same way. Perhaps if the Army wasn’t spending trillions in wars we have no business fighting, there’d be plenty of money for them to slap their name over every redneck sport, but as it is, we don’t need to be spending any money at all on this idiotic crap.


    • believe me, placing a logo on a race car does not put soldiers in the Army. I work with Armed forces recruiting. You know what get’s them in, a bad economy and incentives for early deployment. You know what else will get them in the Army, getting out of the Wars.

      • This is about the sickest thing I have ever heard of — MILLIONS for NASCAR sponsership?? from the US Govt?? What about the poor, the sick, the hungry, the homeless,the ones in foreclosure — these are our people, whether we like it or not — but NASCAR is a sport, not something the GOVT should be supporting in any way and I can see no justifiable reason for the GOP guys to say it is OK (and that goes for the DEMS that think it is ok as well)!! $7m last year?? wonder if they will sponser my go cart???

    • That is not a valid arguement. Get over it? TV commercials do not come cheap. Why does the government need to advertise for recruiting? I keep hearing how the tea partiers & right wing are the majority in this country. Those 2nd ammendment patriots are lined out the doors waiting to sign up aren’t they?

    • Hey numbnuts. Only 3% of the procedures performed by Planned Parenthood are abortions, none of which are paid for by government funds. The other 97% of what they do is provide cancer and STD screenings, contraceptives and family planning advice to low-income women who would not otherwise be able to afford these services. Cut funding to Planned Parenthood and other Title X recipients and you end up COSTING the Federal government many billions of dollars to pay for uninsured women who develop cancer, get STDs they pass on to others and have unwanted children whose upbringing ends up being paid for by taxpayers like you and me.

    • Planned Parenthood and education deserve funding a thousand times more than a nascar sponsorship. Just think, if education had been funded when you were a child, you might be able to understand the issue.

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