The Conservative revolution will NOT be televised in Canada Or “Awwwww…too bad, so sad, you lie.”

Author: March 4, 2011 7:24 am

Once more Canada has demonstrated that being a successful democracy doesn’t require one to be a loud mouthed, ill-mannered war monger incapable of telling the truth if your life depended on it. In other words, democracy works just fine without Fox.

Canada’s Radio Act does not allow “any false or misleading news” to be broadcast as factual. This, of course, negates the modus operandi of a dedicated Right Wing network. I’ve covered this before but it bears repeating. Right Wing economic policy is IMPOSSIBLE to sell to the public on its’ own merits. Can’t. Be. Done. Fehgeddaboudit!
Oddly enough, Rachel Maddow, the lesbian vampire, just went into why from an entirely different angle. Her segment discusses what the function of the GOP is and why that’s a fundamental problem for them. It is not that difficult to work out and it’s the exact same reason they lie with every breath. Republican economic policy is geared towards benefiting one and ONLY one group: the wealthy. That’s it. End of story. Nothing else to it. Every other policy is geared towards convincing the rest of the Republican Party that they are, or can be, part of that tiny group and that liberals are out to stop them at all costs. Especially the gays. There’s a reason Commies are called “Pinkos”, you know.

To aid in this clever endeavor of fooling people into voting against their own economic interests is the right Wing propaganda machine and if you don’t think it’s real and deliberate you probably wear a silly hat with tea bags hanging off of it. At least you smell good.

Fox News, Right Wing radio and, of course, the untold number of conservative websites, feed a steady stream of lies and misinformation directly into the fear center of peoples’ brains. It’s a winning formula they’ve perfected here in America and now they want to export that fear into Canada, one of the most disturbingly polite countries in the world. If it wasn’t for the Quebecois, I’d wonder if they were pod people.

But, OOPS! There’s that pesky Radio Act that, shockingly, Canada’s Right Wing has been trying to get rid of for years. Now what would be the benefit of allowing intentional misinformation to be broadcast as news for the country? None that any sane person could see but a huge benefit to a political movement built on lies and fear. When Reagan unilaterally eradicated the Fairness Doctrine in the United States, he set the stage, intentionally, for a whole new kind of media that would be wholly partisan and unaccountable to any standards of honesty or integrity. It’s been successfully poisoning our political discourse ever since. The obvious move for Canadas’ Right Wing would be to follow suit. Sanity has, so far, held out.

If Canadas’ Right ever DOES succeed in removing the legislative roadblocks to “Fox North”, it will be fascinating, in a sick, morbid way, to watch how quickly the country turns into a paranoid cesspool of greed and indifference.

Oh, Canada. We’ll miss you when you’re gone…

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  • There is a major difference between MSNBC and FOX ‘news’. While both are heavily biased towards their respective parties, and both are political commentary, FOX is the one that points to its own political commentary and calls it ‘news’ as if their opinions are actual facts. If FOX ‘news’ changed its name to FOX political commentary, that would be more accurate. But the fact that they start with the deception immediately by calling themselves news, and have been caught over and over again lying (or making ‘mistakes’, see the poll numbers they posted about collective bargaining) makes FOX ‘news’ not news at all, and something I will go out of my way to avoid.

  • I find this idea really interesting, but as some have expressed, I am not sure that Canada’s commitment to truth can really be trusted. I do believe in the right to free speech, even though I cringe to do anything to support Fox. As for equating MSNBC to Fox, I find that a bit of a stretch, having watched both for fun for some time now. Though, MSNBC has worked my last nerve and I really don’t care to watch either. I stick to CSPAN, NPR and PBS as well as read a lot of foreign press stuff and try to come to my own conclusions. Real journalists, however, do think that the fake stuff is killing the profession. And that is a sad thing. Last night, we watched the Killing Fields and I remarked at how without insta=news, it seems the journalist were truly committed to seeking the truth…not placating some agenda. And we need that back. But it won’t come back because no one reads, watches, or listens to “real” journalism. We’ve gotten used to opinions and think facts are just boring.

  • Keith:

    Where did you get the idea that the gun laws in Canada are in any way similar to the US?

    For starters, our gun laws are federal. The provinces do not regulate guns.

    You can’t buy a gun of any sort without getting a permit. Permits for handguns are stricter than for long guns. Getting a permit to carry a handgun is virtually unheard of.

  • I thought this was going to be a fascinating article and looked forward to reading it until I got to “Rachel Maddow, the lesbian vampire”. I’m neither a lesbian nor a vampire but I am REALLY tired of this name calling from both sides. Just state your case and if it’s worth it, it will stand on it’s own without that kind of crap. **yawn**

  • I am a Wisconsinite that’s considering exodus to Canada! Thank you for your article and comments!

  • Glad to hear you like our Canadian system, though it certainly has it’s faults. I’ve actually posted a few articles about the CRTC and Sun News on my own blog if you’re interested. This one talking about Fox News North is probably the most interesting for those reading this post.

  • Actually from my experience in spending time within that great northern neighbor’s borders, much of their news is about that gang of rowdy yahoos to the south of them. We never fail to give them a full complement of gossip, scandal, crime, Ponzi schemes galore, and general lack of civility. We’re kind of like the hillbilly next door family next door, always entertaining, but not really who you want in your neighborhood.

  • Excellent post. You are dead on.

  • This ties in with what Michael Moore showed us in Bowling For Columbine. He compared our murder rate with Canada’s — a country with similar open gun laws, but far less violence. The only discerning difference Moore could find was in their news. It’s not sensationalized. It’s dry, factual and not geared to be entertainment or biased.

    Nice article. I know what the wrong wing will say though… it’s already stated by Walker’s post. “What about MSNBC?” he asks smugly. What people like him don’t get is that MSNBC’s following is a fraction of Fox’s. They attempt to counter and offset the lies and propaganda machine already in place at Fox, which makes them appear equally biased, but they’re not. They point out plenty of problems and errors on the left, but they can’t win. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Elizabeth Hagan

    I loathe FOX “News” and pretty much agree with this commentary about the GOP goals and propaganda machine. I also have great respect and admiration for the nation and people’s of Canada. Canada appears to be the single nation on this continent interested in the concepts of rationality, equality and fair play since our country has abdicated as leader of the free world.

    But I fear I still have to ask our dear friends and neighbors in Canada: who or what determines what speech is true and what is not? How is the Radio Act enforced? Not sure I trust government with this task.

    I believe in the market place of ideas. The reason this isn’t working down here anymore is due to the rise of religion and its war on science and logic.

    • “The reason this isn’t working down here anymore is due to the rise of religion and its war on science and logic.”

      I think you may have missed some of the point – the rise of religion, which you correctly point out to be a large part of the problem, is itself a byproduct of the right-wing propaganda machine.

      • At one point, factions of organized religion were the ones who helped champion progressive issues (Catholic Worker movement, as an example), but starting in the 60s, the right wing figured out a way to change and control the narrative and convince people that the right wing ideals were equal to that of Jesus Christ. Completely amazes me.

    • Elizabeth, truth in news is pretty easy to determine. Did this or that happen, and are the details reported verifiable? It’s pretty black and white.

      As for that CRTC Regulation being enforced, it generally isn’t. The CRTC doesn’t actually have any power beyond revoking a license or prosecuting a case in court, and it never has (presumably because there haven’t been any egregious cases).

      I’ve got a blog post addressing those kinds of issues you can read up on if if you like.

      One of the nice things about Canada is that there are lots of civil and public watchdogs to keep the leash on the government and it’s activities. We’re quite proud of our “checks and balances” system, and one of the reasons that the Harper government is such a nightmare is that they’re doing their very best to dismantle that to get a US style system in place instead…

  • AWESOME post!! I never knew about this important difference between Canadians and Americans. Canadian media is completely different!

    You gotta stop writing its’ though – no such word. And “Canada” is the country name so you definitely don’t put the apostrophe at the end of that either. Apostrophes can be confusing, but you almost never put the apostrophe at the end of a word, unless it’s already pluralized with an “s”. Sorry to be preachy. Love this post anyway!!

    • Seriously? I reread the article after reading your comment, and I only saw one “its'” in the whole thing. Sometimes typos happen. Do you just sit at your computer giving grammar/punctuation lessons all day? I’m having a really hard time understanding why, after reading this article, you were so annoyed by the punctuation that you wrote more about that than you did on the content of the article. It would be like someone telling you that “gotta” isn’t actually a word, or blabbering on about the fact that you have a couple of incomplete sentences in your comment. Who cares? We know what he is saying, regardless of where the apostrophes were accidentally placed. Quit commenting about stupid mistakes like this. Nobody likes reading them. People read the comments to see how other people felt about the article, not for English lessons. If I could have written this in a personal message that only you could see, I certainly would have, because as I said, messages like this are not why people read the comments. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but I decided to write it anyway in hopes that other grammar/spelling/punctuation Nazis will see it, and may see how annoying they come off to others when they use the comments section to correct every little stupid mistake. *End rant*

      • Anti-grammar Nazi Nazi alert!

        Really, the comments by people over-reacting when someone points out a couple grammar errors, are some of the most astonishing examples of pointlessly bursting heads one can read anywhere.

    • Jeremy Neil

      Grammar Nazi. >.>

    • Yeah I know, My grammar at times sucks horribly. I don’t know why my brain refuses to cooperate in this endeavor. At least I almost never screw up there, their and they’re. That counts for something, right? :)

  • so what you are saying is MSNBC is banned too, eh? LOL.

    • Jeremy Neil

      I hate to admit, but MSNBC is basically the liberal mirror of Fox News. Difference is, fortunately, Liberals aren’t the warmonging hate machines right now.

      Of course, let’s hypothesize, if we lived in an alternate universe where Republicans were the good guys and the Democrats were the dirtbags (say, for example, the Civil War was still going?) then we’d be hearing all the lies from MSNBC and Fox would be lying too, but they’d be giving “white lies” so to speak.

      I’m not saying it’s right either way, but it’s the way things are. I mostly ignore television for my news sources these days and go online to find international news when I want damn well anything regarding politics. International news is fun to look at because folks like the Russian Federation News or sometimes even BBC like to talk about what we fucked up and what we won’t talk about in our own media. :P

      • Liberal Lioness

        umm, no…

        MSNBC is NOT the liberal mirror of FOX.

        you saying so is a gross false equivalency.

        the MSNBC audience is the MOST INFORMED; the FOX one? the MOST MISINFORMED.

        the truth is that they are polar OPPOSITES – MSNBC works in “FACTUAL REALITY” while fox deals with “LIES, PROPAGANDA & SPIN”…

        MSNBC has Pundit shows as well as hard news.
        their pundits STILL deliver the facts & their News anchors don’t cross over into the realm of punditry.

        ^ the same CAN’T be said for FOX ‘NOISE’

        if you are going to be writing articles & sharing your “opinions” it’s your responsibility to be INFORMED about the topics you cover.

        when you are not informed, you are a part of the problem & spreading more misinformation…

        just like fox! :(

      • Liberal Lioness

        correction: you didn’t write the article…

        my apologies…

        However, you still need to be more informed if you are going to run around stating your opinions as fact.

        THANK YOU.

      • The news. I watch the Newshour with Jim Lehrer and I always thought they took a flat robotic approach to the news that isn’t really filled with opinionated rhetoric about people’s views of the world. I always thought that this was conservative moderate values. Turns out it’s just called sane and not too ridiculous. Other than that I don’t watch news on tv besides my local news broadcasts which always have an err of cultural influence which I recognize in the people around me. It’s a different culture in L.A. I love the newshour and I love the internet to tackle the true source of things, but I’m always gonna have a temporal lobe. Thanks

      • You might be mistaking the energy with which MSNBC attacks the spreading of lies, with the energy that Fox News uses to spread lies. It’s a little like saying electrical energy is all bad because it can be used to kill people in electric chairs, and so nobody should use electrical energy for anything. And therefore the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater.

        On the other hand, due to the largish number of people who seem to genuinely dislike energetic commentary, no matter how factual, it would be interesting to see a new network (not one to replace MSNBC) that reports the news, and exposes lies, with a dispassionate delivery equivalent to the original CNN Headline News (not the absurd version it’s turned into), with regular fact check segments of the sort that are sometimes delivered by some networks (but not often enough). That way, one could get either type of delivery of the facts, depending on one’s tastes.

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