NH GOP State Congressman Says Disabled and Mentally Ill Are ‘Defective People’ And Should Be Shipped To Siberia

Author: March 11, 2011 11:30 am

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A community health program manager got a surprise when she e-mailed her NH State Congressman recently to ask him about why he had voted to cut money from mental health programs. The Senator told her that society would be better without disabled people, and he wishes he could ship disabled people to Siberia.

Via the Concord Monitor;

Barrington Republican Martin Harty told Sharon Omand, a Strafford resident who manages a community mental health program, that “the world is too populated” and there are “too many defective people,” according to an e-mail account of the conversation by Omand. Asked what he meant, she said Harty clarified, “You know the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical disabilities and drug addictions – the defective people society would be better off without.”

Harty confirmed to the Monitor that he made the comments to Omand. Harty told the Monitor the world population has increased dramatically, and “it’s a very dangerous situation if it doubles again.” Asked about people who are mentally ill, he asked, apparently referring to a lack of financial resources, “Can we afford to bring them through?”

Harty said nature has a way of “getting rid of stupid people,” and “now we’re saving everyone who gets born.”


Read more at; http://www.concordmonitor.com/article/245163/lawmaker-advocates-eugenics


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  • This sounds kind of “Death Panel” like. Hmmm… I wonder why republicans brought up the idea of a death panel?

    • It wasn’t the Republicans – it was ONE man! You liberals love to read things into articles that are not there.

      • Patrick Gerace

        @John B. : “You liberals love to read things into articles that are not there.” – Do you mean like, for example, replying to the letter of ONE person with the salutation: “You liberals”?! as if everyone with liberal leanings doesn’t know it was just one man, that we ALL need YOUR wisdom to point that out? Or, are you reading things into articles that just aren’t there?

  • Saje Williams

    Conservatism IS a mental defect. And the worst one of all, since it apparently makes you incapable of empathy and rational thought.

  • Stan DA MAN Buie

    Not sure how I missed this last spring. But he is 91/92 ya know. Give this Alzheimers riddled old man a break. Question, what idiot elects a 91 year old man as their state representative? Apparently, there are quite a few such people in his NH district, probably senile old timers just like him.


  • I remember Stalin and Hitler saying the same thing. Perhaps the emotionally crippled should go to Siberia and be by themselves. Maybe work each other to death while they are at it to gain more power…Oh wait, that is the American’s job.

  • Joshua's Grandma

    Non-compassionate people are by definition ‘mentally defective- looks like this guy is completely in that category. When does he leave for Alaska?

  • I can just picture Sarah Palin nodding in agreement with all of his usual diatribe right up to the point where he starts in on the “retarded people.” Then I would imagine her shaking her head quickly from side to side and going Huh! Say again? That would be priceless.

  • I actually completely agree with him and would do it to myself if I ever found myself in that situation.

  • that idiot should be voted out what person would say such a thing. did these people ask to be born with some form of handicap, i think not.. my heart goes out to anyone who is special needs we need to take care of them not punish them..my god that is cold and cruel..

  • Here is my YouTube response to Congressman Martin Harty’s violation of MY Civil Rights, and The Americans With Disabilities Act:

  • I am not ‘pro’ abortion by any means, and I DO NOT think it should be used as a form of birth control by rich socialites or poor women. However, I think it is each woman’s decision to do it since she is the one ‘living with the decision’ and it is between her and her God or not, as she believes. This asshole can’t seem to decide if he is on the fascist fundie side or the Nazi genocide side. How about we send him to the Gobi Desert?

  • Harty told the Monitor the world population has increased dramatically, and “it’s a very dangerous situation if it doubles again.”

    OK. Let’s begin by castrating all Republican/Tea Party males. Marty, you’re first. The butter knife is ready and no, your health insurance doesn’t cover pain medication.

  • Terry G McKinney

    This is right out of Mien Kampf.For all of you kiddies who are victims of the public school system that’s Hitler’s little novel he wrote while in prison,always a good place to get your thoughts together.I don’t imagine the year he spent as a listener in the trenches in WW1.Those were the guys that sat in the dark listening for the sound of the enemy tunneling under you to plant explosives.Not a job with a big future.Did much for his mental health anyway.How come the GOP is so fond of quoting Adolph?After all,the man was a heroin addict.I bet those are some of the throw away’s this guy would send to Siberia,or toss in the ovens.That’s where this kind of thinking leads.

  • I meant : …moron isn’t even…

  • Unbelievable that this kind of thinking is present in our governmental representatives. This moron is even smart enough to censor himself.

  • Rightwinger

    As a far right fiscal conservative I am 100% ashamed that this moron represents my party. He’s gotta go.

  • hollye Reid

    and so, what about the people who acquire a disability due to an accident or an illness……….Siberia will run out of room…….I’d rather send him to a much hotter place, for eternity. I have a daughter who has multiple disabilities and she is a gift from God to us and everyone who meets her. Do you believe God creates mistakes? Are we all here for a reason?
    I know I am a much better person for having gone through this experience and I abhor this kind of heartless ignorance……..I think he threw the first stone…….

  • [email protected]

    As Pastor Martin Niemoller said:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  • [email protected]

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Pastor Martin Niemoller said:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  • I have a “mental illness” because some jerk decided having sex with a 5 year old would be fun. WHERE DOES HE GET SHIPPED?!!?

  • It is a fact that 20% of all Americans will become disabled at some point in their lives. This Representative obviously got his early on in his life.

  • You know, there are plenty of people who feel this way. Natural selection kept our species going for millenia… And now we’ve kicked it to the curb.

    The difference is, none of them come right out and say it in such a fucked-up way, and they’re not usually politicians when they do say it. Oh, and added to the list of people natural selection should’ve taken care of: Marty Hold.

  • Hamranhansenhansen

    Everyone is disabled in one way or another.

  • Does that mean that Senator Hardy would also have shipped off Albert Einstein, who had ADHD…Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Polio), and who’s wife Eleanor helped set up some of the greatest social programs in this country, and anyone like that?
    Does the senator suffer from a mental defect, which caused him to make his comment in the first place…and thus qualify HIM to be shipped off? I was left disabled from a life-threatening car accident at age six…when an off-duty city bus driver ran a red light. THAT guy didn’t get shipped off to Siberia for his mental defect of running a red light. I was almost hit head-on twice in the same parking lot last week, by people driving at 40mph the wrong way, down a one-way lane…would these people ALSO be shipped off? When I returned to school six months later, I tested into the Gifted Program for exceptionally smart students. I was in honors classes all through college. I’ve been told that I’m “over-qualified” for every job I’ve ever applied for, since the age of 18. (Unless that’s HR-speak for “we don’t hire the handicapped.”) In the past 4 years, I have gone on to create and produce my own musician-interview TV show, with guests such as Peter Tork, Brian Ray (from Paul McCartney’s band), WE FIVE, John McEuen (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), The Quarrymen (the band that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison met in), and others, along with up-and-coming artists. This has earned me membership into The Grammy Association. I raised a daughter who became a professional ballet dancer. My life story has been printed twice, and offers to make it into a movie. “USELESS?” I think not.

  • i am disabled and there are people that love me for who i am and not my disabilities. so as far as i am concerned this guy can kiss my a_ _ and go to siberia and freeze and die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my dads disabled i have seen him go through so much and hes had seizures on the floor before in front of me. he wasnt always that bad just little back pains here and there in the begining then the doctors can him a shot for his back they have done it 4 times now and his back has gotten worst to the point where he cant walk some days. the doctors gave him meds for his back which sent him into the seizures. so your going to say this when the doctors have made my dad worst?

  • Well I think he said it so well himself:

    Harty said nature has a way of “getting rid of stupid people,” and “now we’re saving everyone who gets born.”

    Why has nature not got rid of him?

  • This asshole needs the shit kicked out of him.

  • Cannibal Island: Death in a Siberian Gulag (Human Rights and Crimes Against humanity.


  • Where does he want us to go? Cannibal Island perhaps?
    Does anyone remember that tragic story?

    Cannibal Island: Death in a Siberian Gulag (Human Rights and Crimes Against humanity.

  • So this man is influenced by Satan himself, he is a lair, murderer and a thief, come to steel, kill and destroy and obviously he has allowed his humanity to be stolen from him.

    • Sophie Burgess

      Well said Helen, his humanity has been taken from his soul OR was it ever there in the first place? I am abhorred at his comments and I am so glad we have normal people on the planet who have a human understanding of the needs of disabled people and those less fortunate than themselves. My dad was a lovely strong person until he took a severe stroke and is now immobile, the thought of his comments with regard to my dad makes me almost murderous towards this man…

  • really !?

    I wish you could do that too !

    Then,on top of all other things no one SEEMS to have explainations for you THEN HAVE THAT TOO !

    aside from that,
    why not STOP EMF & project BlueBeam or microwave attacks that MAKE THEM SICK ?!?!

    & is this a part of the race for artic sovereignty ?????

    oh I see …
    let’s bake them like potatoes then ship them off for being “insane” & while they are “busy doing nothing” they can win this race for artic sovereignty & we might let them “drink the kool-aid”

    You’re a real nice guy ,huh !?!?

  • This man needs a rude awakening!! He is talking about people!!
    It sounds like he could belong to the KKK!! What an idiot!! And he is getting paid!!
    I live in Florida now…but my home State is N.H. And I am very distrubed by Martin Harty!! He should not be getting paid when he makes statements like that. Does he really think people aren’t going to have some kind of disability?? He could at any time. Maybe we should ship him to Canada….way out with the polar bears!!
    He is a very distrubed man!!

  • I worked with high behavior HUMANS for a year but dealt with a sibling who had disabilities all my life. I found that the disable were the most caring people i ever dealt with. Even on their worse days you could turn them around and make it a good day. How dare this man make such a comment. He should be forced to resign from his position. Then until retirement he should be forced to work with the disable. The high behavior ones. With his attitude he will get his ass kicked everyday! I will share this on my FB for all my clients parents too see. WOW! Wait till they get a hold of this. Rock on my disabled friends and know ill always be their for you.

  • That makes me sick!!! I have CP. I went to college and have a good career at a university and I am a productive member of society as well as a taxpayer. Does this mean that I should be sent to Siberia. Why not suggest that all the rapiests, child molesters, and murders get sent there instead. He sounds like he wishes that Nazi Germany were here in America!

  • Cancer, chemo and nerve damage resulting from the chemo left me disabled at age 51 – a legal term, meaning I’m now eligible for the disability insurance I paid into social security my whole adult life. I’m not useless, just unable to physically work. Gee, I’d hate to see the 91 yr old gentleman (?) get sick and become one more weight hanging on society’s neck. Guess he’d prefer euthanasia — not that there’s anything wrong with that — I just think it should be a personal choice – not some old crank’s. But if he so chooses, I know some gimps who’d be glad to help a fella out.

  • J. B. Trimarchi

    Well I was taking care of myself and eating right and exercising 20 years ago when a tick with Lyme Disease bit me, and so was my son 8 years ago when the same thing happened. I took both of us until 3 years ago to get diagnosed. He has recovered almost fully after a horrific 5 year illness. My body is ravaged and I will be crippled and mental illness for life due to the damage. But according to my disability insurance policy carrier, I did not notify them within 90 days of become disabled, so I can’t collect disability and I can’t collect Social Security because it has been too long since I’ve worked. And all of this is my fault, HOW? Still, I have helped to raise my kids, been somewhat active in my church, traveled (with a cane), helped with shopping (with a scooter), been a good friend via phone and internet, voted, marched (limped) on Washington for various causes, and been a good wife. My husband lost his corporate job 3 years ago and now we pay ovef half his take home every year for medical insurance and most of the rest for the medical bills the insurance doesn’t cover. I am not even taking my expensive meds anymore. We just can’t afford them. So tell me the system isn’t broken. Tell me that eating right and exercise would solve our problems.

  • Janice Dunne

    George Carlin was right: If you’re pre-born, you’re fine. If you’re pre-school, you’re f****d. I propose that we keep the disabled but send Sen. Harty to Siberia.

  • This disturbs me so much. I worked in that field in NH and was so proud of the fact that NH was the first to shut the institution with the closing of the State School. I know and love many fine people that came from there. I continue that work here in Florida.
    This disgusting man should be the one shipped off to Siberia

  • Steven Ledbetter

    Harty said nature has a way of “getting rid of stupid people”
    Well, so does our political system: vote them out of office, or in extreme cases (this might qualify), launch a recall campaign.

  • The fact that he’s 91 just means that he doesn’t give a damn about saying what the rest of them are thinking. The old adage is if you see 1 rat, there’s an infestation. I’d say the regressives are crawling with this kind of rat.

  • Wow. The lone fact that this guy Harty has the audacity in his position to write this in an email and say the same in a phone conversation really makes one question his brain capacity and qualifications.

    Is this the type of snub mouthed thing we want to teach our youth? He can deny the comments all day but to say something like the Siberia comment is just downright appalling. This is not my opinion. This is fact of the world we live in. He must think that he can never get sick or become disabled. Him and all of the other golfcourse big wig gatekeepers and obstructers of TRUTH.

  • Sorry, but I’m not going to Siberia anytime soon, Mr.Senator. Who allowed such a person to be Senator if he does not care about his own people? This man is insane and insensitive, he reminds me of Hitler (Hitler also had disabled people killed in the holocaust). This man needs to be impeached. I have a learning disorder and I’m a B and A student, what an ignorant and lazy man. Dudes, look at Stephen Hawking, he is disabled but a genius!

  • joanne petrella

    I sure would like to meet this loser face to face. ,i would like for him to have to live in this world being disabled,mentally retarded. or with any other handicap. i say we ship him straight to hell, its where he is going anyway ,why not make it sooner.. and this guy is really in public office? the United States of America ,,well most of us are ashamed to have such uncaring ,and cold hearted sons of bitches like this in public office.. he needs to be removed as soon as possible…

  • NanaofAutistic

    Sounds a lot like Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood.

  • As the father of a young man with autism, I take great offense to such a proposition. They will take my son away over my dead body, and perhaps a few more.

  • “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

  • Wasn’t FDR crippled by Polio? I guess this guy would be shipping him off to Siberia. Bet he’s a Christian, too.

  • As a person with disABILITIES and a scholar (ultimately working towards a doctorate in education) i find that people like this need to be impeached. and we as the community need to get our shit together to do it. this person does not now the trials we face, so he has no right to represent what he doesn’t understand nor cares about!

  • All of the above remarks are natural and i respect everyone’s opinion. However, having suffered from serious mental health issues and being legally disabled, I agree with a lot of what the Senator had to say. The Right to Life should be regarded as The Right to Choose Life. There are fighters and there are those who don’t see the value in fighting anymore. Siberia is a little extreme and makes it sound like senility is setting in; but would legalizing assisted suicide be so horrible? I’ve always been told that we as Americans have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. “Right to Pursue”…not “Have to (or Must) Pursue”. Once the quality of Life is gone without spending thousands on medication to live every month, happiness is a pipe-dream and without those there really is no Liberty, what’s wrong with saying – I am defective and I don’t deserve to live? Save yourselves and those who want to be saved. Just keep in mind that there are some people who are tired of being used as political chess pieces and want to make their own choices. There are a lot more than you would suspect.

  • I live in NH and I’m appalled at this man’s comment. Let me tell you that he does NOT represent the average New Hampshire resident! Just recently, myself and about 900 other New Hampshire residents plunged into the chilly Atlantic Ocean to raise money in support of Special Olympics. We raised $537,000 that day! This man is just plain ignorant.

  • Thomas M. Burgess

    I’d have to say that you’re not Winning! Are you taking some of the same drugs as Charlie?
    Who voted for you? Two and one half idiots?

  • Instead of cutting funding for the programs that help people survive (That’s REAL pro-life sentiment, isn’t it?) why not do away with the tax breaks for the morally bankrupt people who run equally avaricious companies? Come on. I mean, millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses for cutting American jobs and sending them out of the country in order to fatten the bottom line? Guess those guys have never heard of the French Revolution.

  • Well I guess we should have shipped Steven Hawking off….that way we could have lost out on all the incredible work he has done……What a freakin idiot and New Hampshire, WAKE UP and vote him out of office.

  • James Dougherty

    I think this guy has the right idea. I also think we should give him an over-dose of LSD, break his legs so he can be the first to go.

  • Sorry to say this is my home state. Mr. Harty is probably the kind of person who thinks Hitler had the right idea too. It sounds like he needs to go to Serbia with opinions like this,

  • He’s 91 years old…91, he’s obviously off his rocker!

  • Well, either he’s senile or has some mental disorder that makes him heartless. Either way, he’s the first one that should be shipped off, so again, buh-byeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Also, overpopulation and eugenics are hardly right-wing tropes but are more likely concerns of folks like Obama’s science advisor.

    Odds are, the congresscritter said something like “We can’t afford to take care of everyone” and fevered imaginations did the rest.

    • Beverly Cowling

      You’re wrong, Don. He said exactly what he was quoted as saying, and he acknowledged he said it.

      To say that Obama’s scientists are that way is more than ridiculous. He reveres the elderly, and you are showing your true colors.

      • Sorry, Beverly, but according to the story, he acknowledged the conversation took place, not the exact content. As to Obama’s science advisor, please google “holdren ecoscience” and you’ll see what I mean. The MSM did an excellent job covering (up) that story.

  • It’s bad enough that I fall into that category of disabled even tho I was an innocent victim. What about our troops, coming home, that are disabled because of war? Is that what us disabled veterans deserve after serving our country? I guess so, according to his logic. After all, it’s the Grand Obstructionist Party that starts the wars, yet their track record for helping us after we’re done serving is abysmal. They could kill two birds w/one stone if he got his wish. They would not only ship us off to Siberia, then could get all the budget cuts to the VA. that they AWAYS wanted.

  • Well…he thinks people with mental disorders need to be shipped off to Siberia to die? Well then, bye-bye Martin Harty. Your comments show you to have antisocial personality disorder. Hope you enjoy lots and lots of ice and snow, and that the rest of us never have to see or hear from you again! :)

  • unbelievably stupid, load him up first!

  • let me get my arms around him n see what he has to say then

  • I can not believe someone would say this crap. Well all I have to say is everyone is 1 car accident away from Siberia. SO BE REAL CAREFUL of how you view the Disabled and Mentally ill.

  • Lorelei Shark

    Just refer to him as Heir Harty. This is precisely what Hitler did to millions of Jews in favor of the blonde haired, fair skinned, blue eyed perfection reflecting his image of society. He needs to be taken out of office immediately! This cannot stand one day!

  • I’m surprised he didn’t suggest sending them to Madison, WI.
    They congregate there each weekend.

  • a friend had the perfect response….

    Oh great idea! [sarcasm]

    Of course, one of the largest factors contributing to world over population is longer life spans and as we all know those “worthless old people” are a huge drain upon society.
    Really, they’ve pretty much already contributed everything they’re going to contribute to our communities and at this point we owe them nothing. In the olden days a bear probably would have eaten him around age 62.

  • how dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/member.aspx

    Write him and let him know how you feel!!!!!!!!!

  • Geraldine Donigan

    Send Martin Harty an email about your feelings!! Here is the website for him in the government.


  • He’s old himself, so why don’t we ship him off? HUH<Hardy?

  • Nancy Spisak

    I did not ask for my child w/Down Syndrome, but NEVER would give her away! If this Senator was my child, I would DEFINITELY give him away… preferably just drop him out of a plane in Siberia! You need to resign from your post since you don’t have a caring bone in you about ALL the people in our world.

  • See there are “Death Panels.” Martin Harty is the Chair (and only member. I wonder if this jerk is a member of a church or other religious body? If I was attending a church and he walked in I would move at least 10 rows away from him.

    How would you like to be his parents and have to depend on him for care in your old age? Of course, I am sure his family is different. I wonder if he becomes disabled or when he gets too old is he going to walk out on the ice and die.

  • this saddened me. i’m bipolar, and it was severe a few years ago- had i been shipped off then, no one would know now that i’m doing well and a functioning, productive member of society. he can take some of my lithium and shove it up his ass..!

  • What a load of insanity. Strider is the only one making any sense. The rest of you sound like brainwashed sheeple. If Hitler was alive today, and an American, he would be a Democrat. His National Socialist Party, also known as the Nazi party, had political values which match up well with the values and methods of the American Democratic Party. Harty’s views are more closely associated with the Democrats and the Nazi Socialist. Or shoud I say the Nazi Democrats. I see a lot of Brown Shirts in the Wisconsin capitol building. What’s the next move for the Democrats? A Crystal Nacht for all Republicans? I hate the Republican party almost as much but its plain to see which party wishes it was allowed to give the Zeig Heil salute to Der Fuhrer (Obama). If I see one more Nazi-like Obama propaganda poster I am gonna puke.

  • I wonder how much this guy was paid by Georg Soros to spread this crap, true or not true. Time to investigate before you believe all that this rag prints. And remember that not all is fact or is taken out of context to prejudice a writers view points to favor their agenda. Hope you all are not serious about threats you make against a Senator. My advise is to research this before you believe lies that the Obama gang wants spread against the Republican Party. If this Senator did say everything this article claims he did, it is up to the the NH voters to get him out of office. However we must not spread lies for which this article stinks of smear and George Soros money spreading it.

  • First of all, his comments are disgusting and inexcusable. However, despite his ignorance and intolerance, it is just as disgusting to read posts wishing physical harm or death upon him or his family.

    Second, anyone who attributes this sick old man’s comments or attitude to other conservatives is horribly misinformed, and no better than those who would condemn any other group based on some randomly selected characteristic. This is NOT the same opinion held by all conservatives or members of the GOP. Stereotyping and name-calling is completely unnecessary and contributes nothing to intelligent discourse..

    Finally, we need to have mechanisms and organizations to assist with our sick and helpless, but government entitlements need to be brought under control.

    Rights are those things granted us by our creator. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of press and religion, all of these things cost others NOTHING, and can be freely exercised. When we seek to expand “rights” to housing, health care, etc, we must then take property from others (money from those who have it, time from doctors, etc.) through government confiscation. To how much of a doctor’s life and property do the less fortunate have a “right”?

    We must take care of those that fall through the cracks through no fault of their own, but we must also make sure that the systems are not abused, and that those who are able are incentivized to take responsibility for their own situations.

    • Will is using three different names to post with. Who are you trying to fool, buddy?

      Nobody said ALL Republicans are as dastardly as this MF. But you’re just glossing over the actual point made by this story: In specific, this man is a sociopath; in general, republicans are sociopathic in their words and deeds.

  • ‘He is going to eat those words’

  • Its assholes like this that need shot!.I am disabled now because a idiot pulled out in front of me,broke my back.I have 2 cages,2 7 inch rods,and 6 pins in my back.! I was a paid FireFighter for 19 and a half years,protecting people like this jerk.I can not get a job anyplace cause i’m a insurance risk to the job…So tell me.what the hell should I do? Just blow my head off to make a asshole happy?.If I could work..I’d be more than happy to work and not collect peanuts of 606.00 a month to live on.!

  • So I wonder what this genius thinks about the many American soldiers who fought the (Republican established) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and then became permanently disabled? Send them off to Siberia as their patriotic reward for being so mentally-challenged for even agreeing to fight his wars???

  • “There is a certain similarity between the measures which need to be taken when we draw a broad biological analogy between bodies and malignant tumours, on the one hand, and a nation and individuals within it who have bec…ome asocial because of their defective constitution, on the other hand… Any attempt at reconstruction using elements which have lost their proper nature and characteristics is doomed to failure. Fortunately, the elimination of such elements is easier for the public health physician and less dangerous for the supra-individual organism, than such an operation by a surgeon would be for the individual organism.” ~~ Konrad Lorenz, Nazi Office of Racial Politics, 1940

    Remember this the next time one of our Repuglican friends objects to us calling them fascists. We could indeed call them worse and speak the truth ….

  • A moms choice

    Maybe he was looking in the mirror when he said it.

  • michael d cain


  • Well, technic’ly disability and ilness ARE defects, but what I want to know is, where are Siberian people with these conditions being shipped to?

  • Alexander King

    Give that fuck a bomb suit and put him on the front line without help or weapons. See how long his disabled ass feels that way then…cawksukkin ‘publican bitch boy senator

  • By his own standards this 91-year-old freshman state senator is ready for the glue factory. I’ll buy the first container of Elmer’s that bears his face.

  • By his own standards this 91-year-old freshman state senator is ready for the glue factory. I’ll buy the first container of Elmers that bears his face.

  • Oh, I would love to just read him a list of the “defective people” from history that he probably worships just as much as the rest of us….

    Here are some of the attributed disorders/”defects”:
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–ADHD, Tourette’s, and Asperger’s
    Dr. Samuel Johnson (the dictionary guy)–Tourette’s
    Abraham Lincoln–depression
    Beethoven–deaf, depression, bipolar disorder, Asperger’s
    Stephen Hawking–ALS; this guy can’t even hardly move, and he’s one of the most respected minds of the physics world
    FDR–wheelchair because of polio (though actually was more likely) Guillain-Barre
    Albert Einstein–Asperger’s, dyslexia
    Winston Churchill–dyslexia
    Leonardo da Vinci–dyslexia, Asperger’s

    And the list of incredibly famous historical people who may have had Asperger’s alone is huge:
    Einstein, Newton, Ben Franklin, Napoleon, George Washington, Quincy Adams, Jackson, Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Cleopatra, Vincent van Gogh, Socrates, Shakespeare…it goes on and on

    Looks like this guy’s got it all backwards….

  • David Easton

    The more that I read about the USA, it’s attitude toward human rights, it’s treatment of prisoners and the attitudes of many of it’s politicians, the more I come to believe that it is far from being a free, democratic nation and more akin to a fascist state. Thank goodness I was born British.

  • Mary Bethany Collins

    Shades of Nazi Germany…

  • Patrick Allgeyer

    What a wonderful person to bring up such a novel idea. Only its not. As polio victim of the 1955 polio epidemic and then in 2003 being hit by a semi which finally put me in a wheelchair still but, only for a little more time . You see as being handicapped we have disticnt ablity to adapt to our envioronment so even if we are shipped to Siberia we will learn to adtapt fasfer than a what we call a healthy person. See in Sparta they would abandon the unfit, in Hitlers case he also tried to purify the world with his master race. So no matter what people try to purify, by race, ethnic origin, race, creed or sexual orientation we will survive.
    We have made a start by electing a black man as president, now if we would give him a chance to do what he wants to do we may all survive. Even I am at fault growing up in a culture that wanted to put people over the age of 30 in camps to let them die.
    In this persons mind he to in is mentally diabled because of his own thoughts about separation of healthy and disabled.
    Once again failure. Being handicapped or of a differen



  • So this is ther big plan to fix things?!!!
    Kill of any and everyone who isn’t one of them?
    You have got to be kidding me!.. With people this self absorbed.. This arrogant, and sanctimonious… We all would be better off somewhere else!
    I used to pride myself in being a highly tolerable being… ,stemming from a sadistic mother, who cared for nothing, except something that directly affected her…….. She seems like the angel Gabriel, in comparison to these demons!!!!
    LORD….. Give us Strength!

  • Well, let’s see. I am disabled (bone abnormalities) due to my father’s radiation exposure in Hiroshima during occupation. I also have a Master’s Degree, a 145 IQ, two patents and have contributed full taxes on the over $4 million I have made in my life. I have two sons, both college graduates with grad school intentions, both of whom were recruited for NCAA sports.

    So I should be sent to Siberia to freeze and die? Right…..

    Same thinking that is now keeping me off airplanes. Totally pathetic, Omand. You are totally clueless.

  • It is the fact this man is elected that gives me the chills. This reminds me of what I taught my students about the very beginnings of the Hitler era, where the disabled were the first to be exterminated. They were the guinea pigs before they moved on to his real goal of purifying the German race. People were aware of his plans for the disabled, but never blinked an eye when they voted for this man, as he promised them jobs, cars, etc. and one has to think how such a purely evil man would be able to get the money to make his promise of jobs and cars for everybody without exterminating some … perhaps a law should be passed and everybody in this man’s state, including elected officials, who are over 70 should be put up to a wall and shot … how would he feel about such a law, because then it would apply to him – the so-called “productive” (which I still question as people become Senators for all sorts of reasons and not just for how hard they have worked). This isn’t Political Correctness here speaking – this is speaking to an electorate that needs to re-read its history books and understand more of what this man is saying and what it might well mean for them, if they one day become disabled.

  • So… has he thought of how this applies to all those injured / wounded in service of the community and country. The blanket statement in the article would include a good percentage of our veterans, police, firefighters, and others who became disabled through their service.

  • William Cousert

    I hope this a$$hole gets recalled ASAP.

  • Does Rep. Harty have a living will or do not resuscitate order for himself should he ever be in a serious accident and end up becoming one of the “defective people” he would like to have disappear?

  • Robin Johnson

    You have got to be shitting me!! What the hell is this world coming to. Sure you have the right to your opinion, but when you step on the rights (mentally disabled, physically disabled)then you have crossed the line. Why don’t you go to SIberia, then you won’t have to put up with disabled (such as I, maybe I should let one of my numerous multiple personalities deal with this jerk face).

  • Well, I guess he better start packing then. Because this just showed us that he is mental.


    This politician is a sociopath. Many of the greatest lessons that people with conscience learn, are the result of learning to care for and love family members and friends who need assistance. By extension, we learn to care for those in the world outside our own community.

  • How sad and ironic that this excuse for a human being let alone a representative of the people would criticize individuals with challenges and how they drain the system when he and his cronies receive free healthcare and monies for life with benefits from the taxpayers without absolute guarantee of earning.

    To speak with such ignorance is unacceptable regardless of age, belief or challenge. This is why our society is based upon elitist preference and not upon equality for all. There are those who take advantage of the system which is noted yet to say that helping another is beneath us is beyond reproach. There are those who are born differently abled, those who become differently abled, those who live with their challenges and those who suffer silently why degrade them further. i suggest Congress, State Legislatures, Local governments start paying for their own benefits and concede on the officials needed. i also believe term limits should be inclusive. i think that the jails should be renovated and that they be remodeled for elderly and disabled with the perks given to prisoners and the prisoners go to adult homes and nursing homes and work off their room and board. There are all types of recourses yet the bloated egotistical jack asses that believe they are representing the people of our country do not seem to think in that direction. How about we save our country first then think about the rest as well? God it is sickening.

  • my wish for you

    Dear Martin Harty,
    My wish for you is that you become disabled in a horrific way. May the result of your future tragedy leave you physically disabled and mentally crippled.
    May your offspring become crippled by mental illness as well.
    Looking forward to seeing your defeat!
    Karma is good. ;)

    • I would never wish anything horrible to happen to another human. I certainly wouldn’t want some innocent person to suffer to make a point to this man. It is horrible how he thinks and at his old age, he is most likely never going to change. I can only hope he didn’t pass these beliefs off to his children or others.

  • He must be senial (which would make him “defective”) – Guess we can ship him first, he shouldn’t mind since he agrees he should be shipped off.

  • This self serving gov’t parasite is definitely a HUGE drain on all of society and most would be better off if those like him were hung from trees along busy streets as a message.

  • I’ve already agreed with someone but I might as well have my say. I am disabled thanks to a nervous breakdown CAUSED by my employer back in 1999, and would probably be considered physically disabled now too. My husband is physically disabled. I hope we don’t see you in Siberia Senator cuz I would love to pop a cap in your ass along with the rest of us who at one point were productive members of society. I put in 18 years and thought I would retire from there. My husband worked 30 years so it’s not like we haven’t worked and earned the hellhole we are in called disability. You can go burn in hell Mr.Senator

  • Carol Bressan

    The NH Senator should be the one and only person on the list to be shipped off. Siberia is too good a place for him to be shipped to. He should be on a one way trip to Mars.

  • Cant believe he said this outloud.
    Im sure he has regrets himself now.
    He probably thinks only blonde haired-blue eyed
    children should survive.
    You know America brought a lot of hitler’s people here.
    He is old enough…Some were Scientist.
    Some were strong hearted in hitler’s crazy beliefs.

    • This will never happen because we live in a Country
      that wont even ship ILLEGAL immigrants back where they come from…We even give them favor over many of our own Countrymen and women and Children.

  • He did say that nature has a way of taking care of stupid people — he should be scared of nature right now — he sounds defective —

  • This is what the fine people of New hampshire voted for. Makes me proud to live in Maine. Now that he has stated this how about the people of NH do something about it. This man deserves NO respect from anyone. To state this about another human being, he has no morals. Nor does he have a heart. He is the person to be shipped. To an isolated island all by himself, then he can’t catch the cooties from anyone. Nothing he ever says will make up for what he has already said. This is the 21st century he needs to get his head out of the sand.

  • The fact of the matter is that there are people who are a drag on society. At least he had the courage to speak his mind instead of spewing sugar-coated lies.

    • Every living thing consumes resources. I would like to compare what kind of drag on society a wealthy, landfill-stuffing aristocrat driving around in a large, energy sucking automobile snorting coke and constantly stuffing his pie hole has compared to someone who consumes a little public aid in order to have a modest existence. This might put some perspective on what the commonly used criteria “productive member of society.”

      There’s nothing courageous about saying one human being has less right to exist than some other one.

  • What a jerk! What happened to mandatory retirement age? Sorry, but I don’t feel a 91 year old has any business making decisions about my health care.

    I did NOT choose to get Multiple Sclerosis and would work if I could. My sister did not choose to be born mentally retarded either, but yet he’d ship us off? I think not. What a butt wipe!

  • Bobby B. Bobberson

    (yes, I did add some sugar, as well as milk to my hot tea, and yes, I am smoking right now, I’ve been addicted for over 15 years. I did quit for an entire year, a few years back.)

  • Bobby B. Bobberson

    Just from googling “percentage of americans who drink coffee daily” I find “How Many Americans Drink Coffee?. Over half the adults in the United States drink coffee on a daily basis, and the percentage has been on the increase for …” I drink coffee irregularly (when I do it’s decaf) but I prefer hot tea. I’m even drinking hot tea right now.

    https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_zT45ZwkKD44/TSv9AzfoZRI/AAAAAAAABuw/LlDBq2SpLZ8/addictivity.jpg for a table on drug addictivity.

  • You know, let the man talk. He’ll do more collateral damage to his party by opening his ignorant mouth than any group of Democrats could do to shut him up. He’s already put up the rope. Let him hang himself and the GOP with it.

  • He better not become visually disable because he will be in big trouble then…. what is happening to America

  • Sheilah Thomas

    I wonder if we could ship this old school senator off to Siberia because he obviously has ‘foot in mouth’ disease.

    Let’s send Martin Hardy the cheapest luggage we can find, pack him up, ship him out and pray his tightie whities get lost in transit.

    What a dolt!

  • Andy Johnathan

    Okay, for one this story is inaccurate. Martin Harty *is not* a U.S senator, heck he is not even a state senator. He is a freshman state representative (meaning, even at the ripe age of 91, this is his first term). Also, in New Hampshire, state reps are not really salaried. The position is basically a volunteer position at only $200 a term. One term is 2 years so that is $100 a year. Not even $100 a month! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR. Due to the fact that New Hampshire has a very small population but has one of the largest state rep. chambers in the country (400), Almost any knucklehead can be elected.

    I do think what Martin Harty said was unacceptable. I am a disabled man on SSDI and medicaid who lives in New Hampshire. I however do think this is getting blown way out of proportion. Comparing this guy to the big name Republicans? Really? That would be like getting upset over some old guy who is a Wal-Mart greeter who was spouting off inappropriate remarks. Except the position as a Wal-mart greeter pays more and has more hours than being a NH state rep. Of course, that older gentleman spouting off the remarks as a Wal-Mart greeter would be reprimanded. He *definitely* would not make national news, though!

    I laugh at the stories out there calling this guy a U.S senator! Talk about blowing things out of proportion……..


  • This article should definitely include his age (91) and how he rarely knows what he’s voting on, and maybe his WW2 history. What a skewed article indeed. (How many ppl would cut/paste the original link to look?) I know plenty of elderly folks that talk this crap all the time, and we don’t rake them over the coals for it. He shouldn’t be in office bc he admits to being oblivious (and maybe is senile, who knows). I’m not a republican, but seeing this as a way to attack all republicans seems a bit too contrived. Bad job

  • Why doesn’t this senator ask Sarah Palin what she thinks? Maybe ask her to organize the first shipment to Siberia.

  • This doesn’t pass the smell test – I wonder what the actual story is.

  • Michael DeZurik

    think there are already people working on his story, to craft him into an Ayn Rand before he’s cold?

  • I wasn’t disabled when I went into the Army nearly 30 years ago. But I was when I was medically discharged. Sorry to tell you Senator, but I’ll fight to the death any attempts to ship me or any other disabled or otherwise “defective” American anywhere. You should probably watch what you say, because karma can come back to bite you before you know it. There but for the grace of God, you know.

  • laurie the loon

    as a person with SEVERE mental illness, i hope he never has to see it in his family. it would bring him to his knees.

    personally, having seen what they do in Siberia for the mentally ill, get me a ticket!

    oh, but i pay insurance and taxes – does he want to move me now?

  • Elsie Baxter

    This man is Scrooge he will carry the chains he forged in life—- in HELL

  • Night Raider

    Hey Me:

    Know what the second worst lie in the world is?

    It’s the one you tell to yourself.

    Know what the worst lie is? It’s the one you tell to yourself — and you believe it!

  • Ken Bertwell

    I vote we ship this bastard Harty and others like him off to Siberia to “freeze to death and die and clean up the population”. Non-compassionate Prick….. wonder if he has any family members that fit his criteria of “defective people”? If so, would he ship them off as well??? What a giany A-Hole! New Hampshire deserves better than that.

  • [email protected]

    Here comes Hitler.

  • Well, let’s lead the pack. I busted my a$$ for 25 years as a waitress, farm manager, and sheetmetal worker before I ended up in a wheelchair because I no longer have any cartilage in my hips and it took Social Security nearly 2 years to decide that I was eligible for disability when I can’t even stand up without hanging onto something. Give me a ticket to anywhere but here where the illegal immigrants have more F&King rights than I do, and old man, I’ll see you in Siberia, because you have lost your F&King mind. Who the hell votes these ass hats into office? Get your heads examined.

  • you guys sure do get in a frizzy. if this is true even conservatives would want him ousted. you guys need to calm down, quit bringing up the nazi thing, but i am a little surprised you haven’t brought up the race card yet.. you guys are desperate for something to attack and then attach it to everything you dislike such as Palin, tea party, conservatives, republicans… You guys are funny…

  • Crystal Rickman

    sounds like he’s Hitler

  • Hello

    this Make me Mad as Hell Iam Blind so you want to send me to send me some were F**K U GOP

  • I am a paralyzed spinal cord injured woman and have been for 22 years from a car accident that happened when I was 7 years old…I am graduating with my master degree in clinical social work this summer and working toward my master degree in human sexuality…I provide mental health services for all people regardless of demographic info….WTF Martin Harty, talk about defective, look in the damn mirror…I definitely have some not-so-nice words of intelligence to say to his face starting with society would be better off without “small headed” (brain & penis) people like him…!!!

  • judy mccracken

    OMG What have we done to ourselves..this is outrageous..you know who voted for this a–wipe are the people who did not vote. I live in Fla where we just elected a governor who took the 5th admendment 72 times during his deposition for stealing 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS from Medicare

  • Maybe he should have had a child born with a birth defect. Or maybe he should have had a child get menegitis and become deaf as a results or maybe have a family member being an innocent victum of hit ‘n run or shooting… maybe someting should happen to him and let him be disabled like a co-worker of his who was just recently shot in the head..does he want to send her to Siberia…or Iraq or Afganistan

  • judy mccracken

    OMG What have we done to ourselves? this is outrageous..these power soaked, craze individuals are running this country..Fla just elected a governor who took the 5th admendment 72 times in his medicare 1.7 BILLION fine paid for fraud against Medicare…We are in a lot of trouble…

  • Joyce Wehrmeister

    So I should be shipped off to Siberia to be left to die? Is this bigmouth going to take care of my 12 year old son because his dad and myself are now disabled? Will this 91 year old get up every morning, make him breakfast and get him off to school? Will he take him to doctors, dentist and therapy appts? Will he go grocery and school shopping with him and his brother? Will he be able to survive on the money given to me by TAFDC to support two kids? Which is a HECK of alot less than any Senator makes!!!! I don’t think so!!! I worked as a nurse for 30 years before becoming disabled. I have one child in college and one graduating high school a year early because I have taught my children to better thelmselves and not to depend on the goverment unless it becomes ABSOLUTELY necessary. So Senator it’s nice to know that people’s hard work and misfortune is to be punished by shipping us off. So glad I don’t live in New Hampshire.

  • Down Syndrome Mom

    I hope this horrible guy has his day. Comments like his are people who are heartless. The man up above his watching down and he will get his day and will pay for his horrible views about life and sickness and handicaps.

  • Tall DeepVoice

    “Nature has a way of getting rid of stupid people.” Yeah, they become GOP Senators, trip over their lips and that’s that.

  • I’ve reposted on FB and had quite a few friends repost–wanted to note, though, that Harty’s not a senator, he’s state representative. He is in the NH capitol, not in DC. Just wanted to clear that up in case you get some naysayers complaining about it.

  • I suggest everyone who is handicapped send our dear senator Harty a bag of their urine in protest of his lacking of compassion and ignorance.

  • I’m sure all the disabled VETERANS would appreciate this viewpoint.

  • These teaparty Nazis, such as Harty, eat their young – soon they will be eating each other – and good riddance to them all!

    • Can you explain what you mean, and then offer examples of it? I mean, I don’t think you can, but if you can, someone might take you seriously. But liberals don’t argue, they just call names and try to be clever. So, “tea party Nazis” “eat their young.” Who are you referring to? In what way do they “eat their young?” I assume that’s metaphorical, right?

      If this senator actually made these remarks, he doesn’t represent conservatives or conservative values. We’re the ones who actually believe in “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” and “don’t just kill people because they don’t quite fit in with your lifestyle.” THAT is how we vote and what we work for.

      • But don’t think about deserving equal health care, food, shelter, clothing, or education. Women don’t get equal work for equal pay to support their family. Even though abortions are legal we can’t access them if we need them because you make it difficult by removing clinics or funding. Don’t think about marrying someone you love if they are the same sex as you…. and on, and on, and on…. it goes.

      • Nonsense. To offer only one example in rebuttal, “conservatives” are the ones who are far more likely to vote against gay marriage. So much for believing in “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

      • “We’re the ones who actually believe in “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

        A key phrase. I note you exclude women from the inalienable right to determine on a continuing basis who may or may not use their internal organs and body parts.

        and “don’t just kill people because they don’t quite fit in with your lifestyle.””

        Oh, right, pregnancy is a mere trivial inconvenience. Giving blood – costing you an hour, a few personal questions, and a pinprick – is a choice that only the donor can make, because their body belongs to them. Never mind if you kill someone because you don’t give blood regularly, even if your choice is based on a mere whim, a fear of needles or a desire not to have to make room for that hour of time. After all, some blood donors are men (i.e. humans), and their body belongs to them absolutely. But spending nine months with someone living inside you, making it hard to keep food down, walk, or sleep for months on end at various stages, kicking and pummeling you from inside, using your physical resources and internal organs, causing mood swings and emotional disturbances, costing you lots of money in doctors’ visits, causing you intense pain at various stages, causing drastic changes to body and mind (some permanent) – that’s trivial, a mere “lifestyle inconvenience”. And that’s a GOOD pregnancy – if they go wrong, you can end up permanently mutilated or dead.

        I’ve BEEN pregnant. And I chose to be pregnant, wanted to be pregnant, had a nearly ideal pregnancy physically and mentally, and think it was totally worth it. But I would never dismiss it as merely a trivial matter I had to fit in to my “lifestyle” – it was a major investment of time, money, energy, and my entire body and mind. As a human being, I want the choice of whether I make such an investment again to be mine, not yours and not the government’s.

        But then, all men are created equal in conservative eyes, as you said, not all women. Once a woman conceives a child, even before that child develops nerve endings or brain cells, it is more human than she in your eyes – indeed, it is her owner, and she merely a vessel to be used for its best interests.

        Think again before you preach conservative superiority in treating all humans as though they matter. When you say that the human status of half the population depends on their lifelong celibacy – that any woman who wants a sex life must consent to be reduced to a thing, someone else’s property, as a result, you are not “pro-life” nor do you value others’ lives equally.

  • Alice Branch

    How in the world did he ever get elected?

  • L. Dean Sauers

    Why so surprised! Right wing only cares about others just like themselves. They need to get out more. See what America is really like. Or just keep quiet.

    • Jacob Leatherberry

      I am also disgusted by the Republicans who have tried to label Democrats as “liberal elite” seems they’re tons more elite than a Democrat ever was.

    • Have you ever met any actual conservatives, or are you only spouting what the media have told you to say? And how do you deal with the existence (quite vocal sometimes) of conservatives who are disabled, gay, immigrants, minorities, or poor? There are a LOT of conservatives in all those groups. I know several who fit all those descriptions, actually. Consider considering the arguments on any given issue, rather than calling names. It doesn’t help you look smarter.

      • When the most prominently gay GOP organizations, the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, consistently vote AGAINST gay rights, I think I’m quite content to judge the GOP, gays and all.

  • James Phillips

    Get him out of office asap!

  • James Phillips

    He need’s to be removed from office asap.

  • Interesting how someone brought up Sarah Palin,,,, along with “the teabaggers” Wake Up. Sarah Palin has a mentally challenged little boy. You cannot possibly put her in this “evil nazi” group you speak of… Stop letting the media control you!!!!
    The media loves to turn stories into arguments. Please try and go more on ONE story before you all link Hitler with the GOP. I have had MS for over 20 years, and just because I am against abortion does not make me Hitler…. Please Just think about this……….. I am also a proud “Teabagger” as you call them. I suppose Im hitler now too? I love my country, I just do not like blind people that refuse to look beyond a lying media. Its getting harder and harder to trust news stories… YES before someone gets a hair up their ass… EVEN Fox news. I can See Both sides to things. I am not Hitler. and I am not evil. And I will never let the media control me.

  • Ya know… if you think about it… it takes a mentally ill person to run for public office in the first place.

    Just sayin’

  • I have no right to live because I have Multiple Sclerosis??? The fact that I’ve been a productive member of society for most of my life, that I’m intelligent, creative, talented, that I try to help people means nothing because I can’t walk too well? I’d give ANYTHING to be able to go back to work but I can’t. Because of that, my life is valued as less than someone who is “able-bodied” Welcome back to the third reich!

  • Stands with Fist

    Never mind shipping his ass to Siberia; he, and anyone else that is behind this statement in which I have taken offense. I like to give him a one way ticket off this planet today. People like him do not belong in our government if they are not for the people. How dare you insult people with disabilities. These people are way better than a defected person like you.

  • Cris, he’s an elected and salaried member of the state Senate…he’s powerful, and his vote counts the same at the rest of ’em. The difference between him and others of his ilk is that his filter wore out and he doesn’t know what he shouldn’t say in mixed company.

  • Does anyone know if this guy is anti-abortion? It would certainly make his comments about the world being too populated seem weird.

  • Give me a break, he’s a 91 year old guy who lost his mind cause his marbles fell out of his ears when bent over to open a fresh box of Depends adult diapers. He is not the GOP, he’s a lonely old man and this blog is using him to whip liberals into a froth. Wake up, and realize you are being manipulated by the media to start hating on a sick old man. The guys who wrote hate mail for this old man, you guys are weak.

    • SpiritOnParole

      Really? Then where are the multitude of conservative posting anywhere to denounce this loon?

      Whats REALLY pathetic is you think this is a “liberal” thing rather than a human thing. However on that note an awful lot of the conservative verbal diarrhea and more has this same smell. By your OWN admission of this being a “sick old man” and by HIS own logic, he should be shipped off to Siberia to freeze yes?

      • There aren’t that many conservatives on sites like this. Why do you think that might be? Because we can’t stand the fair treatment and rational thinking we’d find?

        For the record, I’m conservative, and I denounce what this article said the other article said this guy said. If that’s what he said, it would be very bad.

    • Chris, what you say might be true but this man is in a position of power, he’s a senator. He needs to retire. Racism doesn’t just appear because you are old, he’s been this way. So don’t blame it on the media, this senator needs to go…. to Siberia!!

    • Just because he is old doesn’t mean that he can’t take responsibility for his thoughts and actions. He got voted in so the people in his district must know that he has his mind all there. Don’t age discriminate by giving him an excuse. He was probably involved with the eugenics ideas that were strong in NH before WWII and he probably was a Nazi sympathizer. Don’t make excuses for the White Supremisist that are still prevalent amoung us today.

  • He’s right, we do let everyone survive. If we let nature kill the stupid ones, he certainly wouldn’t have made it passed his teens…

  • I guess he was wrong about Nature having a way of getting rid of stupid people, or else we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • omg i can not believe what i just read it makes me sick to have some one on this face of the earth that is what 91 and is handy cap his self because he sick in his head for even thinking that he needs to be locked up in a mental home for are safety sounds like he might go crazy on some one just remember god loves us all for who we are its up to him to call us home. IT SURE IS NOT HIM THAT MAKES THE CALLS

    • Jacob Leatherberry

      This person obviously never served his country in the military or has ever been a veteran. My father, for example, became a paraplegic while in the Navy. How dare this asshat clown dishonor my father and the hundreds of thousands of other people with disabilities Military or Civilian in this country? I am seething mad about this dick of a senator, who doesn’t deserve to lead and should be recalled.. anyone going to take me up on the offer to run this turd out of office? I can’t because I don’t live in this state. I almost wish I did.

  • Unfortunately, what the Harty says is essentially true: We have far too many people who contribute virtually nothing to society and are just a drain…but whether all disabled and mentally ill folks fit this bill is another story. At some point, if society has too many unproductive individuals there won’t be enough resources to redistribute to them and the entire system will collapse. All of us face possible disability and mental illness at some point in our lives — and many us us can recover and still contribute to society even after such events. If you really want to start somewhere, I’d suggest mandatory birth control for all women who are on public assistance to allow them to break the cycle of poverty and help the kids they already have. I’d leave the unfortunate disabled and mentally ill low on the list of people to attack from the perspective of unproductiveness.

    • Spoken like someone who has never been in a position where he needed a hand up. What you are talkin about is not a new viewpoint. It is called euenics and it was embraced by the Nazis. Sometimes life throws curveballs. I never would have believed I would be in a position where I was raising 2 children in diapers and unemployed but my wife took off and I had to seperate from the military due to sole parenthood. I had to use the welfare system and I am glad it was there to help. I am in a much better position now but that situation tauht me to be humble and remember not to look down on others

    • could someone define unproductive? and defective? I have been disabled since age 4 but I have a work history, I have raised 2 amazing boys and might I add by my myself because their useless dad took off to a life of unemployment and drugs (but he was healthy and could work, just chose not too). I have had to rely on the system because by going to work I lost much needed medical help…now my defective, nonproductive self would love to return to work, pay taxes and contribute if I could only get help with my medical! But government dictates otherwise!!!!!!!!! I would trade my 600 a month income anyday and challenge anywho wishes to accept the challenge to do what I have done………

    • Your ignorance is sickening. HEY, are YOU sterilized? It should be mandatory for all IGNORANT MEN to have their junk snipped. What- you HAVEN’T? Then STFU. Asshole.

    • This comment is right out of the mouths of the pre Hitlers… Scary to note… this thought processes of forced sterilization was first started in New Hampshire and spread throughout the world… landing in Hitlers brain! Maybe this person needs to read and learn more about history so that they don’t repeat it! Damn your comments are scary!

    • Mandatory birth control. I’ve heard something like this before, give me a minute…oh yeah, eugenics. Nice.

    • Steve,
      I understand what you are saying. Honestly I feel the policies with the disabled and mentally ill can be hanged as well. After i became disabled i was told by a doctor I would never walk or work again, The assigned physical therapist laughed at my goal of wanting to walk out of that hospital. 13 years later i work 10.5 hour days as a licensed social worker, I am a full time doctorate student. I have clients who work hard on their mental health status to adapt to their environment so they can work when they are ready. Some mentally ill individuals can work and do not need to be on disability however some are so chronic they do need to be on assistance. I feel a better system for evaluation and help for individuals to get back into the work force maybe another answer. The system we have now to assist someone to get back to work now is not a good one, the left hand has no clue what the rihht hand is doing.

    • I don’t know if I agree, that birth control should be mandated, but I’ll tell you how it actually works. Any woman on “the system” who dares to get out there and earn more than $285 a month (for a family of 4) doesn’t get her birth control mandated, she gets it taken away, because obviously if she is so rich, she can afford to pay for it herself. That is the main reason I was against Obama’s health plan. I’ve seen what the government thinks people should be able to “afford” to pay!

  • I as a disabled American who has worked in factories, restaurants even after gettig a bs from Villanova I agree with him yes send us somewhere we can succeed, God know I have busted my ass in the USA and because I walk a little different, I get screwed. So yes I say tell this schmuck to give me a ticket I’ll gladly take the first bullet..

  • Doesn’t the gentleman display certain psychoses that might indicate a sever degree of mental illness?

    • Yes, almost certainly, but the issue here is not his illness, it is the fact that he and his kind have the authority to make the rules for the rest of us. I would gladly help attend his health needs personally but I’ll be damned if I want him voting on my future !

  • This guy is a disgrace to the oath of office he took upon becoming a Senator! Not only that, he is a disgrace to the American People and America itself! I say we just round up the GOP, Tea Bagger Party, and all those right wing extremist conservatives with similar points of view (Limbaugh,Beck, Palin, O’Reilly, etc.) and ship them all off to the same concentration camps used by Hitler. What better way to clean up the population than to rid ourselves of the racists and bigots in this country? If your views of inciting race riots and civil unrest are so dear and important to you…..why not go start your own little country somewhere far far away? I hear Pluto is available!

  • Erik Anderson

    It’s not a Senator. It’s a “91 year old state representative”.


  • Erik Anderson

    it doesn’t work

  • Erik Anderson

    There is no direct link to the Concord Monitor story.

  • I bet this state senator is against abortion, too.

    Think about it.

  • And Republicans get offended if compared to Nazis. Hello!

  • So now the GOP is REALLY showing their true colors. Every fetus has a sacred, inalienable, absolute right to life that supercedes even their mother’s — but if those fetuses are born defective, then they need to be shipped off to Siberia because nature has a way of getting rid of stupid people. Thus proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the right to life lasts only until that baby is born. Wow, Hitler would have been proud. Let’s see how fast the people of this clown’s district send him packing. Being 91 and the apparent victim of dementia, perhaps he should lead the Siberia parade.

  • Gee, sounds like Hitler to me.

  • Can we get a link to the source of this information?

  • It should mention that he’s 91 years old and probably senile.

    • Yeah, and people shouldn’t be allowed to get that old, either. People over 80 should be shipped off to Siberia, too, since they just suck on our Social Security and Medicare systems for decades. That system was not designed for people to live that long… Also nobody that old should be allowed to work and take jobs (that young people with minds that still work and families that need support should have) suck on that, Martin Hardy!

    • 91… So probably joined the GOP when they were in bed with the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, before that became unfashionable. As long as he’s willing to give money to the Little Church of the Holy Dollar franchises they’ll direct their flocks to vote for him no matter how repulsive his other beliefs.

  • What a boob! Well if that is the case when his time comes to get old and less healthy than he is now he better have his bags packed for Siberia because if its good enough for the less healthier now it will be the same for him. Such a boob!!!

  • Representative Harty absolutely is not competent to continue as a state representative. He can not be trusted to interact responsibly with constituents. He did not make these objectionable remarks to a friend; the remarks did not get accidentally overheard. He made the remarks to a constituent, in his official capacity as a state representative. His frat boy behavior in office is obscene and grotesque and should not be tolerated. He does not have the quality of mind, or respect for his fellow citizens, requisite to continuing as a state representative.

  • Well I guess Iam going to Siberia, I wasnt always disabled, caught a bug from my damn job that almost killed me and took my liver out so F U Senator, maybe you will fall off the stairs at the white house break your back and never walk agains,the I will SEE YAS IN SIBERIA BITCH

  • I vote we ship this bastard Harty and others like him off to Siberia to “freeze to death and die and clean up the population”. Non-compassionate Prick….. wonder if he has any family members that fit his criteria of “defective people”? If so, would he ship them off as well??? What an ass hat!!!

    • Besides being ignorant Martin Harty is uncaring and he should be shipped off somewhere. Yes there are those in the U.S. with physically challenging issues, mental and emotional conditions, addictions. I suppose he is looking for a “clean, pure society”.

      • Yeah I know of someone else who wanted a “clean, pure society.”

      • Yes, Like the Nazi SS

      • sounds like another hitler in the making

        • ASMiller-KE6SEH

          Charles Lindburgh believed in eugenics … so did Thomas Alva Edison. Doesn’t make it right — but that ideal is not so off the mark of people like the Koch Brothers and other very wealthy corporatists.

          • “that ideal is not so off the mark of people like the Koch Brothers and other very wealthy corporatists.”

            Nice. Way to bring in the Koch boogie men into a discussion that has NOTHING to do with them or their business interests.

            BTW, I’m pretty sure the President’s Health Car Czar, whom is a recess appointment because he could not make it through the Senate confirmation process, is a big believer in eugenics.

            I’m not defending this dirt bag. He deserves to be voted out of office. But Conservatives, in general, are not where you find the majority of eugenicists. (See Margret Sanger, Dr. Joseph Hacker, etc.)

            • Tell another one. Fascists are the eugenicists of fame and history. Fascism is just right where the far reich is sitting today.

            • I’m curious how you can object to someone bringing in the Koch Bros out of context and then toss in Obama’s “Health Car Czar” as “pretty sure…a big believer in eugenics” with no sources or explanation, just a blanket accusation having no place in the discussion.

      • Here’s my YouTube response to Congressman Harty’s comments…

        Sandy Jacobson
        Creator & Producer
        BackStage:Los Angeles

      • I have a grand son that is CHALLENGED, AND i WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HARTY MEET MY GRAND SON AND SEE IF HE COULD KEEP UP WITH HIM, MENTALLY. really, THE TRUTH, I would love to meet this …….. in person. If this is true, lets see his republican party take proper action.It can’t be true because FAMILY VALUE and Christians ( they have the market on that ), just ask them.Republicans are right, always.If any one takes exception to my statement,screw you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth Brett

      He seems pretty defective to me… He can go first! ;D

    • I agree Craig. I think Harty IS the defective 1 in his little clan..Would have been right beside Hitler in Nazi Germany…overused comparison but so appropo for this guy and his ilk imo.

    • I’m 26 years old, had a stroke 6 years ago and in a wheelchair…Siberia would b too cold for me!

    • Robert Jaeger

      Whos Voteing For These Nazi Facist Right Wing Fanatics?? The Majority Must Feel The Same Way That They Do. It Is Scarey, But the Only Way To Stop This Is To Vote Them Out, Before The Right Wing Facist Nazi Republicans Get More Controll—Next We May Not Be Voting At All—Remember The Nazi Take Over Of Germany By Hitler–The People Loved Him—Till He Seperated Them Then Came After The Very People That Supported Him—Then It Was Too Late For Them. If We Cant Remember History We Are Doomed To Repeate It.

      • I’m a conservative, and this person’s remarks are horrifying and against everything conservatives believe. I live in a fly-over state and hang out with a bunch of other religious conservatives, and I’ve never heard anyone in this group say anything like this. I listen to talk radio, read the blogs, and even watch/read mainstream news. These hideous comments are an aberration, and in no way representative of conservative thought.

        Conservatives are pro-life, remember? We’re not the ones who think you can get rid of other humans just because they’re inconvenient.

        • BS. The majority of “conservatives” aren’t pro-life when they want to cut programs for the poor, whom YOU classify as “inconvenient”. YOU support cuts for school lunch funding, think it’s just fine that 45,000 Americans die every year of preventable illness because they can’t afford to go to a doctor, support the death penalty, support illegal wars that kill millions, etc. etc. etc. etc. Pro-life. What a joke.

          • Kevin Houston

            Well said Mae!

          • I’m with ya Mae! The crazy conservative in this article is just the true voice of Republicans as a whole. I haven’t had health insurance for 15 years because its too damned expensive. Obama passes a bill that finally give me hope and a chance to see a doctor, and they try to shut it down! Republicans only care about themselves.

            • I can’t afford insurance either. So, I take care of myself. I’m not obese, don’t smoke, exercise regularly and I try to eat right. The mandatory health insurance was just another Obama scheme to take my money. TRUE FREEDOM IS SELF RESPONSIBILITY. NO MORE, NO LESS. Be your own government. Take care of yourself!

              • Barbara Morgan Elliott

                I have Carcinoid Cancer that is NOT caused by smoking or eating poorly! Assuming this is insulting. My insurance costs more than my pension! I can’t work any more so had to take early retirement.
                This country does NOT take care of the disabled well. And many other folks also. The constitution says the Fed Gov should see to the common welfare.

              • Being healthy, not obese, not smoking, etc, does not mean you are granted a free good health pass. I was and am a health conscious individual, but a diagnosis of MS is still mine, and I still have to deal with the ramifications. I would join Harty in Siberia, I’ll bet you I would do better than he would.

              • anthony rogers

                ..and so this applies to those who cant take are of themselves?..where in the world do you think you are? and who let everyone know it was time for the real innovative american patroits to speak??? this is the insanity it brings…yeah i guess you fools really dont get it, do you??

                i guess its up to us people to start throttling these sorts. yes,physically taking care of these sorts-just like they say..lets send the morally defective /these nutso republicans to siberia. i agree THEY are defective people.

                .comes a time for everyone. hopefully there will come a time when someone saying this crap will be scared (and should be) to come outside and say it cause he’ll get his ass kicked.

                wont be long till they get the wrath pof what theyve been spewing-check history…………..people will not stand for this immoral influence on society.

                so, i guess we’ll have to kick the asses of those who would dare spread that dangerous type of spew..when it comes to the disabled? look in yourself in the mirror and repeat after me “..i have no soul, i have no brains….anyone who would support this feeling..i dont think belongs in our country..i personally dont want to live beside people that have these sentiments..

              • FastMovingCloud

                Lucky You! But, you can take care of yourself to the extreme and get hit by a car tomorrow and end up paralyzed! Or be diagnosed with cancer anyway.

                Taking care of yourself does not offer any guarantees.There has to be a safety net for the public and that doesn’t make us proponents of “a nanny state”. It means that, since we pay taxes (more than any corporation that rakes in profits under the banner of the US), we deserve at least the minimal safety net for our old age or if we should be injured and need assistance.

              • And hope that you don’t get a catastrophic illness or get hit by a bus, etc. This sounds suspiciously like blaming the victim to me.

          • Amen (sarcastically said to all the self-righteous so-called evangelical Christians who are actually mostly bigoted against poor, non-white, nothing like their white bread suburban selves..)

        • I agree with Mae–“conservatives” (whatever that means) always push self-reliance, even if it means the children of the poor (too costly to provide a warm meal at school) or the sick and poor (can’t afford it). We’re the richest nation on earth–we can afford it. This NH guy is Par For The Course with today’s conservatives.

          I suggest you repudiate (or if you LOVE Palin, refudiate–idiot that she is) your supposed love of “conservatism”–your thinking is deficient.

        • The thing with many conservatives is that they say they are pro-life but when poor families have their children and the fathers are not able to provide or have disapeared, they are not there to help the children nor the mothers. First women are not paid as much as men, so they have trouble providing. Second, the children get monetary cuts to their health, schooling, food, etc. that would help them. Then they say things like they shouldn’t have to use your money to pay for these people. So which is it… be pro-life, help the least of your neighbors or be a hypocrit? And while we are talking about that… condoms should be on conservatives lists if they won’t help out when the child is born.

          • Never have more children than you can afford to raise and educate. Again, we are back to self responsibility.

            • Aaaaand, you just made the case for why women need to have freedom of choice over their reproduction and their bodies.

            • You say dont have more children than you can afford to educate or raise?

              My daighter was born with Down syndrome and her medical costs have already passed the $250,000 mark, and I can not afford all of her medical bills plus raise her while trying to finish school and find a job that will allow me to still take care of my own daughter. Her dad left us for someone else.

              So from your comment i did not act with self-responsibly when I had her?? All because I can not afford to raise her alone. What should I have done then? Abort her because I knew she would have problems? THAT in itself ignorant and heartless. You cannot make a comment like that saying people do not have self responsiblity without FIRST considering EVERYONE’S circumstances in which you will never know EVERYONE’S.

            • What a stupid comment… yeah you shouldn’t have children you cannot afford… but do you honestly think that is the only problem? What about all the people who could afford their children and had great jobs and then lost their homes and those great jobs in the recession? There is a whole new group of homeless people and it is their first time ever being homeless. You seem kind of stupid to me… but hey… most people are so don’t feel too bad. Perhaps next time you should think your comments through before posting your nonsense ;)

              • Another Halocene Human

                No access to birth control
                No access to abortion
                No access to education and training
                No access to jobs
                No access to public health

                Those miserable poors! Always breeding and filling the streets with their teeming filth! And the audacity they have, waving their starving children in front of us to elicit our sympathies and guilt us into filling their grasping hands with bread!

                London circa 1860: the Koch Bros. Plan for America

            • if we all waited for the perfect time for children you might have never been born. society sets the bar for the cost of living so society also has an obligation. We must do this together.

        • I agree. I don’t know what world Strider lives in, but the people Strider associates with are a small minority in the conservative community, especially these days. Strider must both fraternize only with that small minority (understandable since they seem to be more reasonable), but also carefully filters his/her understanding of who’s saying what. Maybe Strider automatically believes that anyone in favor of cutting off support for less-advantaged people can’t possibly be a conservative, when in fact that’s always been one of the most solid, publicly-stated elements of the conservative platform.

        • No, you’re the ones who think that adult women’s bodies can be treated as property, incubating machines to be used by another without her consent.

          If you really thought both sides were human, you’d accept the normal rules that apply whenever one human being is using another human’s body or body parts to sustain their life – at any time during any other such procedure, the donor may say no or change their mind.

          But it’s so CONVENIENT for you to save lives with other people’s bodies, work and money – it lets you feel smug and “pro-life” without having to put in any actual effort yourself, and meanwhile lets you look down your nose at those nasty women who dare to have sex without doing their proper breeding-machine duty as a penalty. Virgins and mothers, the only good women – others are disposable.

          • I disagree with this statement. I’m not a conservative, but I don’t think it’s right to say that anyone who is pro-life is against women and expecting them to be incubators. They simply see the fetus as a person, and they say it’s not right to KILL that person. And using their rationale, they’re right. The difference between pro-life and pro-choice people is really when they see that the fetus is a life. Pro-life people believe it’s a life from the very beginning, and pro-choicers believe it’s a life from the moment it can survive on its own without its mother. I don’t understand why each side tries to denigrate and attack the other for believing differently about this. Very few pro-choicers are really people who think it’s OK to *kill* a child, and I would say very few pro-lifers really think that any woman who has sex needs to be punished.

            I think late-term abortion, after the fetus really is viable, can feel pain, etc. is wrong. At that point, you are killing a person. If it’s done early, I still don’t think it’s ideal, but I wouldn’t call it murder and would say in some cases it’s the lesser of two evils – better than bringing an unwanted child into this world and screwing the poor kid up. But I don’t think it’s right to say that as long as the baby is inside its mother, the mother has a say about “her own body.” Because at some point in the pregnancy, it becomes not just about her body but about the living, breathing, able-to-feel-pain CHILD in there.

            Also, honestly any woman who is not ready to be a mother should not be having unprotected sex. If she winds up pregnant as a result, it is the fault of the couple who had sex, not the innocent child that didn’t ask to be created. Both the man and the woman are equally responsible obviously, but the woman unfortunately, because of biology, has to bear the brunt of it. It sucks, but that’s just how it is.

            • This. Thank you for summing everything up beautifully.

            • well said Anna , I would be tend to be pro life , but it seems all the pro lifers are also anti birth control AND anti sex ed, and way too many are also pro death penalty too

            • Anna I was with you half way through but then you lost me.

              I don’t think any woman is happy to have an abortion it is a painful and soul wrenching experience. I have known several woman who have had abortions for medical reasons i.e. both they and their child would have died or they were raped and they still grieve and think what if.

              We shouldn’t fight about this! We should think about ALL the possible reasons.

              Abortions are in some cases necessary but to wrap it with a blanket as the religious conservative right has done and say it should never happen shows they are only thinking of themselves and their fellow citizens and society as a whole.

              • Sorry folks should have proofed this before posting. Should end with

                only thinking of themselves and NOT their fellow citizens and society as a whole.

            • I guess I found part of the moral problem here.

              “If you didn’t want to get pregnant, you shouldn’t have been having sex.”

              Unfortunately, this turns pregnancy – and the life of an innocent – into somebody else’s punishment. We should really be able to think of a better punishment for this kind of rash behaviour that doesn’t involve dragging another life into it.

              …Of course, this argument is a complete subject derailment, so we should be getting to the matter at hand instead – a person who is discriminating against the already-born.

          • What I don’t understand is, why can’t people who oppose abortions just not have them, and let the rest of us have freedom over our bodies?

        • Conservatives are actually PRO-DEATH. They have supported and pushed every single war and invasion in the last 60 years.

          How many civilians were killed in Iraq? Nobody knows, but estimates have been well over 100,000. Remember the wedding party in which almost everyone was killed by American bombs?

          You pretend to care so much about the unborn from the moment of conception, but once they are born you are happy to relegate them to “collateral damage.”

          So please – do not give me this “pro-life” baloney!

        • Consuelo Hannan

          those so called pro life people are only pro life if it is an egg in the womb or fetus until it is born. it does not matter if the mother or child will die in child birth or before. anything after birth is not they concern. pro lifers love the death penalty. so keep out of my uterus and i will stay away from your testicles. gop-let’s kill anything that is not with us or useless to society. “when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”. Only difference is that the cross is not a swastika. Pathetic and it is none of your business. zieg heil!!!

        • Stop using the term “pro-life” when what you really mean is “anti-choice.” If you Republicans were really “pro-life,” you would’t support lax gun laws (guns kill people, even if by accident- I don’t know why Republicans are incapable of making that connection), or increased funding and expansion of military activities.

        • Erin Mathews

          Having been raised by a long-time champion of rights for individuals with disabilities and worked in the field for several years myself, I can say with great certainty that this is NOT a universal conservative position. In fact, we have noted for many years that some of the absolute best home care providers for severely disabled individuals are deeply religious people who provide this loving service as an expression of their faith. A democrat myself, I may disagree with these individuals on several points, but it would be unjust to not give them full credit where it is due.

        • As a liberal who is also horrified by these statements I thank you for sharing what you did. We are people first before we are liberal or conservative. No group as large as Conservative Americans or LIberal Americans should be carelessly painted with a broad brush.

          We probably have more in common than we have at issue with one another and we should build on what we have in common.

        • “Conservatives are pro-life, remember? We’re not the ones who think you can get rid of other humans just because they’re inconvenient.”

          Unless it’s through war.

          Murder = Wrong.
          Abortion = Murder = Wrong.
          War = Mass Murders = Oh Okay.

        • Mr. Strider, I’m sure you aren’t and believe he’s the only one that is an aberration. I believe you are not, but to say that he is the only one that is, well, as Ron Regan would say, there you go again. What I mean by that is , republicans have a way of fluffing over thier BAD issues or dismissing them and get angry if the situation is brought up twice. Moral Majority, how dare any one , any one believe they are and can look down on others. Pro-Life,if you are so Pro-Life, you and yours should step up to thje plate and reach out to the young ladies that put them selves in that position. Pro-Lifers really don’t care about woman haveing abortions, you just don’t want to be taxed. You also believe it’s good to give the mighty rich tax breaks, isn’t that special. True Americans.Tax breaks should be for stimulating the economy, has it? Tax breaks should be commisariate to the amount of people they imploy. In stead, they believe that by being currish, the can better prosper. Top ten wealthest companies pay NO federal taxes. They accomplish that by moveing thier head quarters to a foriegn country, ZUG, SWITSERLAND and STILL RECIEVE federal tax breaks.Look it up!!! My point is that republicans want to dismantle Soc. Sec., medicare and medicade, but not disallow tax breaks for the wealthy.Why and how is that American // Not take from them, just not give them. America, due to the large oil and other big corporations have created a HOG system in which people now have a dog eat dog mentallity. If the shoe fits, wear it.Realy, I didn’t have to express my opinion, every one knows that is the truth.The older the citizen, the more they know it….! Peace be with you. I’m a democrate, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, I’m not pure as a republican.

      • Michael Drews

        Don’t worry the real majority of people are against all the bs. However, they are boycotting the system by not participating.. which is forcing things to get worse.. When a holes are allowed to run around without being challenged they only multiply and spread their disease. They do NEED to be voted out. WE should be seeing people removed from office daily at this point . This guy has to go, NOW. hang in there bro we the people will stop him and any others like him. Bust a wheelie and let your bird fly at this guy!! To everyone else it’s our duty as Americans to to revolt peacefully if our government is failing us or has been comandeered by outside entities , like corporate interests and big money. The system will be changed or it will fall. In the meantime .. use your voice and your votes wisely! Peace to All and Justice too!

        • Right on, Michael. We DO NEED to vote – too many that do vote, do so based on campaign advertising, name recognition, etc. Voters, please…go to candidate forums and ask tough questions – get to know who’s backing their campaigns – be educated voters in the future. thank you!

      • Whow….Wonder how many “trashed” people are voters…..Welcome back Hitler….And people complain about Obama–Oh maybe he should be shipped to Siberia because he doesn’t fit the color skin or beliefs of this man.

    • Robert Jaeger

      Hitler Killed The Labor Leaders First–The Ethnic Groups Like Gypsies and Others, Then He Killed the Mentally Ill and Disabled–Then The Jews and Almost Everyone Else, Including Religious Groups. Whats Next From The Right Wing Facist Tea Party Nazi Republican Party???I Think Some Of The Tea Party Members Will Be The Turkey At Their Oun Next Thanksgiving Dinner.

      • Rachel Stewart

        Dude, seriously, stop trolling. Any decent human being disagrees with this man. And decent human beings can be found in every party. If you haven’t met a good person from every party, you don’t get out enough. When you spread hate, you are no better than people like this. Spread the love, man. :)

      • Consuelo Hannan

        don’t forget the gays. if you see an upside pink triangle on any bumper sticker, it signifies the symbol that the gays wore during hilter’s rule. zieg heil Amerika. if this continues we will all be wearing symbols on our close to signify who we are. i am sure the cheney’s and others will find a way to market these.

    • Me too. What if this prick hits with his car a family member of mine so that they become paralyzed and disable for the rest of their lives. I’ll go to Siberia with my family but not before going to the Senators funeral and writing graffiti on his grave.

    • You mean he’s not one of them? Darn, I had my hopes up.

    • Gus Sheridan

      What sort of asshole is this moron?????? I wish him all the bad luck in the world !!!!

    • I agree totally Craig, both my husband and I are disabled and I have mental health issues. I would love to put this guy in the sights of my gun-hey in his eyes, I’m crazy and don’t deserve to live!!!!

    • Judi Cornfield

      I totally agree and would help destroy this idiot!

    • Debra Harrison

      I vote the same thing. My daughter has a wheelchair we could beat him over the head with as well!!!

    • Craig,
      I totally agree with you he should be shipped off. How can he assume individuals are born disabled? There are many who get into accidents and become disabled physically. Many individuals live a majority of their life with no issues until one day too much stress or a major loss occurs and things get off track in the brain. I believe he needs to do a lot more research before he speaks any more.

    • And here we thought that it was the wicked, heartless Democratic Party that was, if you believe Sarah Palin, establishing “death squads” as part of a possible National Health Plan.

    • I seriously could not believe this as I read it. I am thinking his age may be a factor in this very stupid and ignorant statement and beliefs. at any rate I just did my part and wrote everyone I could regarding this article. My son is severally disabled and I am shocked over how much hatred this man possesses.
      I pray for his soul but as far as his job… I am sure his years in congress will be over !!!!


      this is what makes us all handicap REPRESENTATIVES LIKE MARTIN HARTY , WHAT A LOOSER !

    • @Barb, that was my immediate first thought, is why not let him head up the Sibera relocation plan? Or maybe Mars would be better? How many more Hartlys are out there?

    • Send him to PAKISTAN

    • “Live Free or…Die”( in Siberia) if you are not quite perfect. What a guy will do for vote. –

    • i agree we cant help it we didnt ask for mental issues.we should be helped not treated badly

    • I agree. This idiot moron is wasting air good people need to breathe. Ship his ass off to the front lines.

    • I think he should be recalled and put out of office!!! This man is insane so that makes him defective. He sounds like Hitler!

    • Just break his legs, then he’ll have himself shipped off…

    • Craig hit it on the nose. If this does not start a recall election against this piece of shit I have lost allot of respect for the residents of NH. Get off your asses and do something about hypicritical morons like this!!!!!!!!!!

    • Here is my YouTube response to Congressman’s violation of MY Civil Rights and The Americans With Disabiliies Act…

      Sandy Jacobson
      Creator & Producer
      BackStage:Los Angeles

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