Georgia GOP Pushes Lower Taxes for Corporations, Higher Taxes For Girl Scouts

Author: March 31, 2011 11:53 am

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GOP controlled legislatures all across the country are facing huge budget deficits. The GOP in Georgia has a solution; higher taxes for girl scouts and lower taxes for corporations.

Via Think Progress;

Like many states, Georgia is facing a budget shortfall. To address the problem, the legislature is considering a bill that wouldexpand the tax base by doing things like reinstating a sales tax on food and raising the tax on gasoline.

Many Georgians would be adversely affectedby the tax hikes on basic commodities, including the Girl Scouts, who are worried about the “significant financial impact” the bill would have on the revenue they raise through cookie sales, which would now be subject to sales tax. Over the weekend, Marilyn Midyette, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, sent an email to supporters warning them that the new tax on their cookies “would take money away from Girl Scout programs“:

This significant financial impact would take money away from Girl Scout programs, camp support, financial aid and proceeds from the sale that support troop activities and community service projects.

…[P]lease contact your State House Representative and State Senator TODAY and express your concern in a courteous, Scout-like manner about our Scouts being taxed. Please reference House Bill 385. Sample letters have been provided on the left to make it easy to copy and paste into your own email. There are sample letters for girls as well as for parents and volunteers.

But while Girl Scouts and anyone who buys groceries and gasoline is forced to sacrifice, domestic and foreign corporations in Geogia are being lavished with a tax break. The same bill that raises taxes on Girl Scouts Cookies lowers tax rates on corporate income, from 6 percent this year to just 4 percent in 2014:

(a)(1)(A) For any taxable year beginning prior to January 1, 2012, every Every
967 domestic corporation and every foreign corporation shall pay annually an income tax
968 equivalent to 6 percent of its Georgia taxable net income. […]

975 (D) For any taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2014, every domestic
976 corporation and every foreign corporation shall pay annually an income tax equivalent
977 to 4 percent of its Georgia taxable net income



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  • Jim the lib in purgatory

    At least in Georga they don’t appear to be trying to lie ther way around it, they have both sides in the same bill. Tax the poor to give to the rich, the repuke way. If they would be so honest everywhere maybe the tea drinkers and other brain deads could see them for what they are.

  • Jan Summerton

    They are trying to change child labor laws, I guess they are just speeding it up.

  • This website is stupid….

  • Janette Brown

    All of this is pretty insane alright. As a county we have gotten ourselves into a nice pickle so to speak from years of waste and corruption. We need a hero to lead us out of this and I see no one in site. One thing I suggest is to stop spending millions of dollars on other counties wars. I understand the world as a whole now depends on each other to survive. If one county falls its like dominoes and we all could fall however that said I believe it does no good at all to help others and let our own country go to hell. We need in my opinion make our country strong again and then we will be in a better position to helps others. I am not talking about the disaster in Japan that is humanitarian aid. I am talking about always thinking we are the world police and interfering even at times when not asked. I also think there is a lot of things that the government is not and never will share with us. We were very close to a depression instead of a recession and I do not believe we are out of the woods yet. Unemployment is high, people going hungry , losing their homes, our schools are suffering which in turn puts us far far behind in education of other countries. Were we were once propitious we are a nation of a people who have lived way beyond their means for far to long. Americans are used to the good life . Now we are going to have to start over to learn ways of a simpler more frugal time in order to survive. Are we capable for this challenge? I really hope so.

  • It’s the GOP way….soak the poor, hand obscene tax cuts to the superrich and their corporate masters

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