The Trump Presidency

Out of all of the Republicans and conservatives, Donald Trump is not the one who I despise the most. In fact, I don’t even consider him to be a true Republican or a conservative. I see Trump as an entrepreneurial, political, profit-driven opportunist who won’t hesitate for a minute to sell the family/political cow for three magic beans and a chance to re-climb that majestic, lucrative bean stalk one more time to make a buck. If there’s anyone inside or outside of the political world who’s all about the shine of the spotlight on their face, it’s Donald Trump, and the GOP would be wise to figure that one out sooner rather than later, because there is no loyalty like self-loyalty. People like Donald Trump seek out and live for their narcissistic moments in life. Whereas Rahm Emmanuel believes that one should never let a good crisis go to waste, the Donald Trump’s of the world believe that you should never let a good promotion go to waste. If you’re looking for unadulterated capitalism executed with unscrupulous disregard, or if you’re looking for a three-way cross between Sarah “The Palinator,” Michele “The White Male’s” Bachmann and Ross Perot on political steroids, then Trump is your man.

Now, I don’t hate Donald Trump, and I don’t classify him politically as one of the true, gutter-snipe henchmen of the conservative movement. To be fair to Trump, I’m sure that he has produced his fair share of American, job opportunities, raised his fair share of American revenue, and helped to usher in numerous, American, business infrastructures, either directly or indirectly through his vast network of business arteries, and I see nothing wrong with that. It’s the kind of activity that the U.S. could definitely stand to have a lot more of. Think about it. If we could somehow get a Donald Trump behind some new form of Green Technology, he’d be just the kind of individual to make it happen, as long as he believed that it would be financially lucrative for him in the end game. He’s probably less about saving the planet and more about saving his lifestyle, and that’s just who Trump probably is; something like an ideological mercenary. If President Obama was a Republican, Trump could have been wooed to the Democratic side, not because he believes in it, but because it would be an opportunity for him to further invest in him. The soldier who fights for himself, while others fight for others stands a much better chance of becoming the others that others march into oblivion to fight for, and that is one reason why I would not vote for Trump.

The Republicans, Tea Baggers, and other conservatives can almost always be depended upon to, at least, loosely follow and cater to the Right-Winged script, but I’m not sold on Trump, and if he did do a Sarah Palin, and go rogue on the GOP as the president, we might actually finally get to see a real impeachment. The presidency of the United States/world is not an episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and you can’t just waltz around firing your problems like: the voters, your supporters, your base, and other, political dignitaries, when they get too tough, and your approval ratings decide to get going!

Where Trump might do well as a possible president is within the business aspects of the government, the domestic economy, and the global economy, because business is a big part of the federal government’s grind, but there is so much more to it than boardroom meetings and mergers. I think internationally, Trump would be like another President Bush; the most recent one, judging by some of his unsophisticated, wild-eyed dreams of political grandeur in regards to his ability to politically smack around countries like China, Russia and the Middle Eastern nations, which is guileless at best. Trump knows how ravenous the business world is, but the international and domestic political games are even more complicated, and a big head wrapped around an even bigger ego might turn out to spawn some very small results on all levels. At a poker table, the arrogant player is likely to lose just as much as they gain or probably more, but the smart, calculating player will probably win more than they’ll lose, because the unyieldingness of arrogance speeds to blindly to recognize the last exit sign before the point of no return is reached, and there is nothing exceptional or patriotic about that!

Where Trump’s business background concerns me is his unwavering stand on regulation. Like most conservatives, Trump believes that there is too much regulation of the business world by the corrupt, incompetent federal government, and it is here that Trump sounds most like a true Republican. So let me say this to you Mr. Trump. Once I heard you describe President Bush, the most recent one, as the worst president in U.S. history, for his ineptitude in dealing with the economic crisis of 2008, and no one knows any better than you about the crookedness and corruption of such economic structures like: the big, stingy banks, Goldman Sacs, the Koch Bros. Inc., A.I.G., and the Wall St. crooks, and we all know that de-regulation had a huge hand in the stirring of that pot, which was unceremoniously served; causing the entire nation and the entire global economy to puke. As Hulk Hogan would say, “Whatcha gonna do,” when corporate greed once again comes calling for you, when you’re sitting pretty in the oval office? Are you going to nudge business to work for the betterment of the American people through things like reasonable regulation, or are you going to continue to oppress the American people for the betterment of rich business and corporate greed through acts like a total de-regulation? The choice is yours Trump, but I’m not convinced that you would choose the American people over the Wall St. crooks. You’ve done nothing to convince me of that one.

I also don’t trust Trump to be a freedom fighting, equality warrior in the social issues arena. To me, Trump just seems like a rich, golden-parachute jumper who would much rather land in Beverly Hills or the Hamptons than on Main St., in the trailer park , or in the traditional, minority ghetto. It’s not that I believe that Trump is too incapable of processing the relevance of social issues. He just comes across as the kind of person who, frankly my dear—doesn’t give a damn! I believe that Trump would be more than happy to bolster the social banner of whatever political group that he represented, rather it was wrong, right, or ineffectively outdated. The President is of the United States is not just a numbers person tied strictly to a numbers ideology. The president has to be the leader of a moral compass that’s more about democracy than aristocracy, and Trump has, again, done very little to convince me of his intentions to honor the first one.

Now if you ask him about it, I’m sure that he will say something along the lines of what he said to Sean Hannity about his exemplary work in poor communities, precisely African-American communities, but he just doesn’t sound very credible in that field when he immediately turns around within that very claim, and refers to African-Americans as “The Blacks!” Why not refer to them as the American people who just happen to live in Harlem or Brooklyn?

Again, Trump reminds me a lot of Ross Perot. They were both political outsiders with unorthodox ways of making their points. They both seemed more Wall St. than Main St. and especially more Main St. than Martin Luther King Blvd, if you know what I mean! After hearing Donald Trump publicly blame “The Blacks” for putting President Obama into office, I am reminded of Ross Perot’s ill-fated attempt to build interracial bridges when he spoke to the NAACP back during his presidential ambitions. I’ll never forget as Perot constantly kept referring to African-Americans as “You People,” and then somebody yelled back at him from the audience saying “We People! We People,” which is specifically why comments like “The Blacks” or “You People” only helps to reinvest in segregational ideology.
So Mr. Trump, all I’m saying is this. If you truly have strong roots in the African-American/minority communities like you’ve claimed to have, then give more examples of it, and less examples of your separatist tier, rhetorical descriptions of your fellow Americans with terms like: the Blacks, the Mexicans, the gays, the Asians, the Arabs, the Muslims, the women and so on. That kind of Mitt Romney, “No Apology” rhetoric might possibly, and I stress the word possibly, win you the Republican nomination, but it will not win you the presidency!

Now if you were asking me if Donald Trump could be the president of the Hair Club for Men, I would say absolutely—here’s my vote, but if you were asking me if Trump should be the President of the United States, I would say absolutely not! I think Trump is funny and very entertaining with most of his antics, and they do provide for some great sound bites, but he doesn’t need to quit his day job for the presidency anytime soon in my opinion. If Trump opened up a new plaza tomorrow giving hundreds of Americans some much needed employment, I would be the first one to commend him for it. I have all the confidence in the world in his abilities to hire and fire people, but I have no confidence in his ability to govern, and there is a difference.

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