Donald Trump for President? FUGGETABOUTIT!!!

1st off, let me make abundantly clear that I like Donald Trump. I list the Apprentice (and Celebrity Apprentice) as one of my favorite “guilty pleasure” shows of all time. And despite everything else, I will, more than likely watch this season to its conclusion on May 22nd. And I would be tuning in whether or not this whole Presidential race hubbub were going on. I personally won’t be tuning in for any kind of announcement about the GOP nomination, but rather to see if my early favorite, John Rich, will walk away with Trump’s prize.

But to me, Trump the TV entertainer and Trump the man are two entirely different entities. Even Trump the real estate mogul and Trump the aspiring politician are two different people to me. And as far as I’m concerned, Trump the real estate investor can continue on investing, speculating and doing whatever he needs to do in that arena. I really could care less and wish him well in his ventures.

But Trump the politician is a different story. Trump the potential President is a scary notion to me. And when I say scary, I’m talking a horror that even Sarah Palin can’t even come within an Alaskan country mile of competing with. And I’m gonna tell you some of the reasons why:

Let’s briefly start with the whole birth certificate mess. This was a dead issue over 2 years ago. It existed, for the most part, as just a fringe and extremist rumor thing that most sane people simply ignored for most of that time. But Donald Trump was a key person, if not THE  key person in bringing this story not only to the front page, but did so in such a way that it shoved every important story OFF the front page. And not only did Trump promote this story, he made promises about the fable above and beyond anyone else’s, sans maybe the Stormfronters (Aryan nation gun nuts who love guys like Rand Paul and actively helped get him elected in Kentucky), the KKK and Orly Taitz were willing to go, at least publicly.

Trump told us about his crack investigative team that was uncovering amazing and surprising revelations about our President. He stoked fires that didn’t need to be stoked and went so far beyond just “asking a question” it really isn’t even funny. Seriously, it isn’t.

He threw out lines about the doctor, or lack there of. That no doctor would come forward to say they did the delivery. Of course, we all know now the reason for this. the doctor died several years ago. That tells me Trump’s investigators did come up with stuff. But Trump, instead of telling people what he probably knew, that the certificate existed and all. But Trump took that info and made a calculated bet that the President wouldn’t indulge the fringe with his attention and that Trump could use little tidbits, like a dead doctor, for his own gain… and the facts be damned.

In his press conference, Trump really sealed the deal tho. 1st, he tried to take credit and stated his “pride” in this whole thing when he should have been ashamed of himself. But Trump has no sense of shame. And that might make him a great TV personality or even a great Contractor, but a great President? I don’t think so.

Then Trump made several remarks, missed by most, that clearly had racial undertones with them. He said the President should “get off his basketball court.” Name one white, hispanic or Asian politician, here or anywhere in the world that this line has been uttered about. You can’t, cause it never has. And guess what,Barack Obama is hardly the 1st politician to play some hoops. Really what this was, was a variation on the “get off the golf course” line that businessmen like to throw out there, except, even tho the President is an avid golfer, remember, to a Tea Partier or Donald Trump, the goal is to make Obama look “different” from any typical (read :white) American. In fact, when some pundits tried to criticize the President for being a golfer and golfing during his Presidency, the comments actually weren’t effective with a lot of GOP’ers cause, like Obama, they know that “a lot of business gets done on the golf course.” In fact, ask ANY business executive you know about golfing and business and they will surely concur that golf is a big part of doing business. So, President Obama being told to “get off the golf course” wouldn’t ring with anyone on the right.

And if you still think that line wasn’t very purposeful (to get off the basketball court) I got a Trump Tower i’d like to sell you. Let’s go golfing and talk about it, shall we?

A reporter asked Trump, after Trump said that we needed to do some bridge building (infrastructure work, not coming together as a nation or anything) in our country, whether that was what the President was trying to do in the 2009 stimulus, Trump didn’t even bother to answer. Trump just said “I know you’re a fan of Obama’s.” Did Trump know this reporter? No. Did he have any special knowledge of that particular reporter’s political leanings? No. But guess what? The reporter was black. Need I say more?

The Trumpster also reached deep into the old southern strategy bag by almost instantly pivoting from the birth certificate (for which, Donald had no desire to apologise for accusing our President of “perpetrating the greatest fraud in American History.”) to the “affirmative action” card, demanding his college transcripts.  Although I have never heard any reports even suggesting Obama was a less than a good student, Trump was nice enough to inform us that we actually have been hearing that he was a poor student and that the President now owed us this. Why? Even if the President was a less than average or even bad student anywhere, does it affect his eligibility? No. Do poor students commonly get elected “President of the Harvard Law Review?” No, in fact, quite the opposite. Then why? Oh yeah, he’s black … and he just made Donald Trump look like a total idiot. And a black man couldn’t really be that smart. So, I guess The Donald has to show he got better grades than Obama or something to negate him being outplayed and out foxed in real life.

But the biggest danger in that press conference was another line, on foreign policy, that should scare everyone, unless you are a big fan of Mafia style dealings and want to see that approach brought officially into our government. When asked about what he would do in Libya, Trump told the gaggle of reporters flat-out that he would “demand 5 billion from Saudi Arabia” and presumably every other middle eastern country “just to ask the question.” So, what he was telling everyone, was that he planned on bringing the mobbed up style of doing things with “sit downs” where mafia “tributes” are paid just to have the sit down, would become the normal course of business for the US government.

Trump doesn’t see the US government as a sacred trust between the people and their leaders, but rather an opportunity to extort and take bribes like a mafioso,,, or a Jersey contractor. By the way, we still don’t know Trump’s price for any actual action to take place. I’m wondering if a box of cuban cigars might help the Saudi’s get a favorable response from Don Donald. I don’t know, but I hear Al Capone and John Gotti would appreciate such gestures.

And that’s all just stuff from the past few days!!!

If we go into Trump’s past, it gets uglier. Here’s a guy married 3 times, carried on affairs that were hardly discreet while he was married and he wants to lead the “family values” party? He has owned a lot of real estate, sure. But some might be shocked to find out that because of his past bankruptcy, many of the buildings that use his name for PR purposes are owned by others primarily as his shares have been reduced to minority statuses as low as 10%.

Trump ran a casino into the ground!!! You know, a casino. The place where “the house always wins.” But apparently that isn’t the case in Trump’s house.

And when referring to his past misfortunes and bankruptcy cases, Trump is again, and expectedly, non apologetic. In fact, he brags about “using” the bankruptcy laws and other statutes to his personal advantage. Does this sound like more of a man of the people to you or a man who acts just like all the crooks on Wall Street who are real good at using laws to their advantage in their personal financial playground?

And  then there’s his own words of the past, which are hardly consistent by any measure. The tea partiers and right wingers want a “consistent conservative” at the helm? Remember 4 years ago Mitt Romney, who is to the right of Trump on many things, couldn’t even be trusted to lead the GOP because he might let poor people have access to health care?

Here’s a few statements that would probably be in any competitor’s ad should Trump be stupid and egomaniacal enough to actually throw his hat in the ring:

“I’ve been around for a long time. And it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”
–Donald Trump, Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, March 2004

“The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans… We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan.”
–Donald Trump, Writing in his book, The America We Deserve, January 2000

“Nancy — you’re the best. Congrats. Donald.”
–Handwritten note to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, January 2007

“I probably identify more as Democrat.”
–Donald Trump, Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, March 2004

“By imposing a one-time 14.25 percent net-worth tax on the richest individuals and trusts, we can put America on sound financial footing for the next century.”
–Donald Trump, Writing in his book, The America We Deserve, January 2000

And really folks, this is the TIP of the iceberg. And these statements, like many others, will be ripe fruit for the picking by other GOP contenders as well as general election voters.

In the end, Trump is a horrible candidate, beyond horrible. And his amateurish, brash style combined with mafia like leanings in his proposed agenda are just downright scary. I’d call Trump a racist except i’m sure he’d just want to point out that he isn’t cause he has a black friend or that he hasn’t booted all the black people off the Apprentice. Tho I don’t recall any of them ever winning. Nor do I recall Trump ever having a black executive flanking him as at least a semi – equal. Again, he’s a great entertainer, showman, and at times even a great real estate guy. But President? As Donald or one of his buddies might say with a thick New York / New Jersey accent,  “fuggetaboutit.”