Stop the Socialist FEMA Takeover of the Midwest

Author: May 25, 2011 1:31 pm

News Item:

Tornado kills at least 89, leaves ‘total devastation’ in Missouri town

In Joplin, Mo., damage is widespread. Severe weather hits other parts of the Midwest, including Minneapolis, where one person is killed.

A man carries a young boy who was rescued after being trapped in his home (Mike Gullett, Associated Press)

Over one hundred people have died in a rash of tornadoes that have ravaged the Midwest, and Obama wants to use this tragedy to promote his socialist agenda. The President wants to use his nanny state powers to swoop in and help people of Missouri and the region. This is the kind of socialism that the state’s legislature has recently rejected,

4 Missouri Senators reject further prostitution by the Federal government.

Last week we had four State Senators stand up to the political machine, the federal government and the Democratic Governor in our state, filibustering a bill giving Missouri stimulus funds the government doesn’t have that would have extended unemployment benefits from 79 weeks (a YEAR AND A HALF) up to 99 weeks. (5 weeks short of TWO YEARS). The media in our state has portrayed this move as cruelty to the unemployed. Unfortunately they are not reporting the whole story.” (link)

Yes, the state legislature refuses aid for the unemployed caught under the dual tornado of joblessness and state cuts, and they should stick to their guns, and pull them out of their holsters, to refuse socialist FEMA funds to help those affected by the recent tornadoes.

Obama is using this tragedy to start his FEMA military camps in the heartland,

“FEMA was never before a militant organization but, was created and then used to address helping people in times of disasters.  No more.  From Obama’s own mouth, it will now be used to fight some strange and dark Obama war.  And why were FEMA camps across the country recently refurbished and military Ads placed for people to guard whomever is going to be placed in them?  Again, Obama is at war against whom?”

To see more on “FEMA camps” go here:

The current role of the Republican Party is to decry government projects, all government (especially federal) institutions, and all spending by the government that is targeted toward average people other than local police and national military efforts. Their efforts target unemployment insuranceattack the Department of Education, target family planning and health care for women and all people, and recently have gone after Medicaid.

Will they stick to their ideology and refuse socialist FEMA funding? Or, will they realize that the government sometimes does some things well, and even if not perfect, we all need help that is beyond our means at times.

Here’s to hoping that Missouri Republicans refuse FEMA relief aid in a continuing show of disdain for the public good. After all, they have promise to refuse “as many federal funds as they can.” (link) That will show the socialist Democratic Governor Jay Nixon who’s in charge.

Tex Shelters


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  • I think the gov’t spent enough money on the Katrina ‘victims’ that didn’t leave when they should have…now Missouri is trying to show that they can manage without putting their hands out. Why is this a bad thing?

  • hahaha the tea baggers are paranoid.hahaha why dont you form your own country if you dislike this one so much.the fed takeover,haha morons you suck.

  • S.A.D.

    You do make some good points. But I will take the clean up and food and shelter being offered if my home is hit by a tornado.

    And yes, In the past I wrote about how crazy it was in one sense to put FEMA under homeland security. On the other hand, it is about securing our homes, is it not, and helping people?

    It’s a mixed bad, really. If we had real public servants and not grifters and thieves in charge, I am all for FEMA. It’s not all bad, but some of the people are lazy crooks that want to promote the Shock Doctrine and steal while the getting is good.


    Tex Shelters

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Tex, I think I have to agree with Arthur on this one (which doesn’t mean I am actually correct – oops, almost said ‘right…’)

    FEMA is now under the umbrella of Homeland Security. Homeland Security is the very face of the coming police state if we don’t stop them. (And I SURE hope i am wrong about that, but I can’t make myself believe it, given the TSA’s ‘friendly skies and thighs’ approach.) They have control over an amazing amount of resources, including the Coast Guard, FEMA and, of course, the TSA: here are the ones I find the most troubling:

    National Protection and Programs Directorate – risk-reduction, encompassing both physical and virtual threats and their associated human elements

    National Communications System

    Directorate for Science and Technology – Research and development

    Office of Policy – Long-range policy planning and coordination

    Office of Immigration Statistics

    Office of Health Affairs – Medical preparedness

    Office of the Secretary: includes the Privacy Office, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Office of Inspector General, Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman, Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, Office of Public Affairs, Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement (CNE), Office of the Executive Secretariat (ESEC), and the Military Advisor’s Office.

    With the top levels of government totally controlled by corporate interests, we are but one “terrorist” strike on U.S. soil away from a police-state fascist dictatorship (elections halted while we determine who the REAL Americans are…)

  • Arthur,

    I am not sure I understand your point here.

    FEMA is fascist? Ha ha. You’re playing along with the joke, aren’t you? Quite funny, since the Tea Party people confuse socialism and fascism all the time.

    Also, I hope you realized that I was joking. FEMA isn’t a dangerous socialist organization any more than the folks fixing I-10 in Arizona are Marxists.

    Tex Shelters

  • ARTHUR Schmit

    Well the title says it is socialist. that is totally a lie. It is Fascist and somebody needs to take a political science course 101! If you believe it YOU ARE a fool! Get educated so you do not fall for these lies!

  • John,

    Yes, it is the promised land; god promised to punish them if they kept fighting over Jerusalem.


    Still I wonder, why did god punish the Japanese?

    Tex Shelters

  • Don’t you realize were these floods and tornados are taking place! The “Bible Belt”. The people in those areas always seem to be preaching and I’ll just repeat it, “Jesus will save them”. So they don’t need FEMA. On a side note. Do you ever notice how the most religious areas of the world seem to have the worst things going on. Tornados and floods in the bible belt, Mecca is literally a desert and when was the last time you went a week without hearing about something going on in Israel. I’d say god has it in for his most devout followers.

  • If they keep voting Republican, no one will get help when we need it.

    Tex Shelters

  • There needs to be a means test: If the occupants of the home or business voted republican then by golly they should not have to endure the socialist aide being forced on them, and they should immediately be prevented from getting any, and all aid or assistance from the federal government, and should be encouraged to thank their republican representatives for the protection. Let’s see how that baloon floats, You betcha!

  • There needs to be a means test: If the occupants of the home or business voted republican then by golly they should not have to endure the socialist aide being forced on them, and they should immediately be prevented from getting any, and all aid or assistance from the federal government, and should be encouraged to thank their republican representatives for the
    protection. Let’s see how that baloon floats, You betcha!

  • Geez, Tex, you do sarcasm and satire so well and so deeply that I was part way through your rant before I realized that you are not a freaking Republican idiot. Sometimes I think these jerks really want all of the proletariat dead or in debtor’s prison. I think we should rise up and smite them…

  • That’s funny Mark.

    Yes, the freedom to die through one’s own paranoia should be sacrosanct! And can we help those that support the socialist FEMA policies first, like those in the college towns and cities like New Orleans and leave those poor followers of Ayn Rand’s every word alone?

    Tex Shelters

  • mark norris

    The folks in Mississippi and Louisiana must fear for their freedoms to be washed away by floods! Why should the ‘Army’ Corp of Engineers have the power to dictate ‘safety’ to potential flood victims? Some people would rather die than receive a Socialist helping hand in times of disaster, and we must honor their hard fought, common sensical freedoms to drown.

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