Ann Coulter Claims Liberals Are Responsible For All Violence At Tea Party Rallies

Author: June 8, 2011 10:43 am

This morning on The View, Ann Coulter was asked about the following quote from her new book “DEMONIC: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America”;

“Republicans are the party of peaceful order; Democrats are the party of noisy, violent mobs.”

Joy Behar proceeded to ask Coulter if she thought that quote sounded similar to the Tea Party rallies, to which Coulter replied;

“there has been violence, it has all been committed by liberals”

She then went on to defend her point, claiming that the only violence at Tea Party rallies has been committed by liberals attacking Tea Party members.

During her interview she also referred to unemployment insurance, Medicare, Social Security and other safety nets as “treats” and said the American people “get angry when you try to take away their treats”.



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  • Ah, the preying mantis in a fright wig. Some one needs to tell her to wipe the vinegar off those shrunken little thighs.

  • I noticed a lot a Sheeple on here let me say this Pay attention to your Pay stubbs if the Right winger Nazis God forbid get any of their wishes granted Killing social security and everything we pay FEDERAL income tax on I bet you They will continue to deduct services that our taxes originally covered will no longer be a “Gov JOB

  • Chris Purcell

    If Coulter actually had a thought, it would be lost in strange territory. I find it amazing that so many republican women have s&*# for brains and don’t even know what they don’t know and never will. You really can’t cure stupid.

  • How ironic Coulter titled her book “Demonic”. Me thinks thou protesteth a bit too much.

    Look in the mirror, Ann. There’s the definition of demonic.

  • I don’t think Ms Coulter reads her own screeds with a single critical brain cell.
    “Their myths, slogans, demands for immediate action, messianic goals, demonization of opponents, creation of political idols and occasional resorts to violence, all this is classic herd behavior…they cannot be reasoned with. And they are always dangerous.”
    She attributes this to the liberal “herd” she is so opposed to. If you look at tea party rallies across the nation you can certainly see this behavior in spades. Of course she would NEVER attribute these attributes to people with her own political ideology.
    “The mob attributes of liberals we will review…are a crowd’s inability to perceive contradictions and its tendency to form an infatuation for an individual.”
    This describes the GOP in congress. Cheney quoted the GOP messiah Reagan saying, “Deficits don’t matter”. Now they are holding the world economy hostage to promote their fascist agenda, screaming DEFICIT!!! DEFICIT!!! Talk about the inability to perceive contradictions!
    “Someone who was listening to Sharpton later decided to storm the store and start shooting, wounding several employees, and setting a fire that killed seven people.” Can you say fallacy? How can she blame the actions of an individual on Sharpton’s words? Bush’s words led us into a war that has killed thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands Iraqi and Afghani civilians.
    “In January of this year, Sharpton was repeatedly rolled out as the expert commentator on civil discourse on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” NPR, CNN and MSNBC. As MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said in introducing him, “Al Sharpton is on a crusade against hate speech on talk radio.” “ First let me point out that she is attacking a segment of the media that is the only voice for opposition to her ideals and actually presents a more balanced content than her beloved Fox News. I have heard a lot more hate speech from Limbaugh and on Fox than I ever heard from these sources.

    “In light of Sharpton’s history, you’d think that, in the middle of the Arizona shooting being blamed on “rhetoric,” someone in his organization might have said: “Boss, I’d keep a low profile for the next couple of weeks. …They needn’t have worried. No one brought up any of the mayhem that had followed Sharpton’s speeches.” Again she is fallaciously equating Sharpton’s speech with “rabble rousing”. Do you think that these people were just fed up with the injustice and were exercising their right to free speech? To characterize these people as “rabble” is disingenuous at best and libel at worst.
    “…Liberals fanatically worship their leaders. FDR, JFK, Clinton, Obama — they’re all “rock stars” to Democrats. They’re the Beatles, Elvis, Abraham Lincoln or Jesus; depending on which cliché liberals are searching for…Even Republicans are forced to pretend to admire these profligate Democrats in order to court Democratic voters. Republicans don’t mention Reagan as much, and he was a better president.” Give me a break. The GOP drags out Saint Reagan every chance they get and he was the one that started the downward spiral that has led to the awful mess we are in now! Was Reagan a better president than JFK? Kennedy prevented a nuclear war with the U.S.S.R. while confronting them on the high seas, forcing the removal of weapons that threatened America on our very doorstep. Reagan would have led us to nuclear annihilation. JFK was man enough to admit it when he made a mistake with the Bay of Pigs. When was the last time YOU heard any of these fascist re-pub-lick-cans admit they made a mistake…unless they were flip-flopping to promote their corporate masters? And if their treatment of Emperor Bush isn’t worship I don’t know what it. As for the reference to Jesus…the right wraps itself in Christianity at every turn and hypocritically drags Jesus into every debate.
    Ms Coulter is a mouthpiece for the corporate fascists that control this country and, in my opinion, has less credibility than the brain-damaged cretins that believe her every word.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Liberals are not responsible for violence at Tea rallies – yet. This may change, if they show up around my neighborhood. Ignorance can be fixed by real education -facts, not brainwashing – but stupidity as displayed here is irreversible. The only solution is removal from the power rolls. One way or another.

  • Juan Garcia

    Someone should take away her crack-cocaine or crystal meth…how’d she act missing ‘her’ treats?

  • I paid into Social Security and unemployment for 35 years. Where does this bimbo think the mony came from

    • She doesn’t want you to think about where all that money has gone! How do you think the off-budget expenditures in Afghanistan and Iraq were financed during the reign of George II?

  • The woman is a douchecanoe…..obnoxious to the point she makes me ill.

  • Employers get a tax credit and the unemployed who collect pay income tax on the benefit. It is taxed as gross income.

    Since when is trying to support a family on unemployment money a “treat”?

  • treats, eh!!! I’ve been paying in to these “treats” funds for 45 years…ann coulter is a complete idiot

  • woops… I meant “right AND wrong” centers of the brain.

  • The privilege goes on and on. She’s a woman who has lots of money in the bank and could care less if she has social securtiy or medicare when she’s 65 years old. What about the rest of us?? I’ve worked and paid into that system for 30 years now. By the time I’m 65 it’ll be close to 50 years. That’s my money! Don’t think you’re “giving” me something that isn’t rightfully mine! I PAID for that!

    • Actually, Jodi, it’s NOT your money. The money that is taken out of your paycheck goes to the checks that the seniors and the disabled get each month.

      There is no account for you. You don’t get interest or even a guarantee that the program will be around long enough for you to collect from. If the GOP have their way, it won’t be around.

    • I think it’s already spent. There is no money. We are on borrowed time. We’ve voted in big gov spending fools that have promised us these “treats” that can’t possibly be sustained on the current budget. We are the money grubbing fools and our children will pay for it.

  • What a stupid twit she is. Why do shows like The View keep interviewing her ilk?

    As usual, facts are meaningless to those with delusions and an ideology to maintain.

  • There should be no doubt any longer that Conservativism should now be considered an incurable disease that affects the cognitive and “right on wrong” centers of the brain. Those afflicted are prone to have severe bouts of psychosis, hallucinations, panic attacks, paranoid schizophrenia, a Bizzaro sense of morality and delusions of grandeur. Recommendations include repeated shock therapy… quarantine from the general population and being strapped to a chair locked in a room where every single Real Time with Bill Maher episode ever recorded is playing over and over and over and over…

  • Yeah, and at the Japan earthquake and power plant emitting radiation, she said a little radiation is good for you. I see she rushed right over there. enough said about this moron.

  • Michigander

    Matt, you had to go and prove how full of crap these tea partiers are didn’t ya?…lol Good job.

  • Michelle Schultz

    I don’t know why anyone would pay attention to her. She dated Jimmy “JJ Dynamite” Walker..there by her judgment is Plus making crazy statements keeps her in the news. Do you know how hard it is to be a conservative republican these days (republican not capitalized on purpose)? Competing with the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Glen Beck? Can you imagine how hard it is to get a sound bite these days? I’ll bet this won’t be in the news by the end of the day.

  • I paid for those treats.

    • How so? You don’t pay for unemployment benefits and most people who actually pay for medicare and social security put more into it than they get out..

      • Unemployment Insurance payments come out of every paycheck.

        • Unemployment is paid by the employer, not the employee.

          • Unemployment insurance is part of your total compensation package as an employee. The fact that you don’t have to write a cheque every month is irrelevent.

          • Actually employee pays half and employer pays the other.

          • Hey Genius they pay for it out of the money they pay us so don’t give us that shit about employers paying it. When it is deducted from our checks that means it’s taken from our money were earned. They employers send it to them but, it was still the employees money. That kind of reasoning is like if I send my kid to the store for milk and give him the money and he pays for it, was still my money.

      • Of course I pay for unemployment insurance. You think the cost of unemployment insurance isn’t built into the cost of goods and services? Every time I buy something I pay for unemployment insurance. I am happy to do so. Just like I am perfectly content to pay into Medicare and Social Security because the last thing anyone should ever want to see is starving children or old people, alms houses and crazy people tied up in barns. Thank God for the social safety net!

      • Employers and state governments pay Unemployment Insurance. Some states make employees pay part of it as a payroll tax, (like NJ) other states don’t make the employees pay (like NY State). The Unemployment Insurance tax is based on the employer’s experience with their employees, like how many are fired, how many quit, how many remain employed. So that’s why employers fight against your apllication for benefits because their rate could go up, and if they fire you they claim it is for cause, so their rate doesn’t go up.

      • I do – both federal and state unemployment insurance comes out of my company when we pay our salaries. I am more than happy to pay it, having been forced to use it in the early 1990’s and again in 2007/08. It’s a very small amount to pay for assured safety so I don’t have to go homeless or starve. Heck, I’d also pay the extra 4% in taxes if I made enough (over $500,000 yr salary) and Congress agreed to up it back to prior levels to help out my country.

      • Of course you most people pay more for Medicare than you get back. That’s how it works!
        Everybody pays some, and those who need it get it back. If you got back the same value you paid, those who need it wouldn’t get enough. That’s the point of all insurance (well, except life insurance), so that the group pays for the individuals whose unexpected problems are too expensive for them.
        If everybody’s health problems had the same value, in the end you’d just be paying for your own and there wouldn’t be any point to Medicare at all.

        But you don’t know if you’re gonna be the one who needs it or not. Just like with all health insurance.
        So it’s in your best interest to pay it–pay a little, get a lot if you need it. Or pay nothing, get nothing no matter how much it’s needed.

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