Michelle Bachmann Lied About Raising 23 Foster Children

Author: June 18, 2011 2:11 pm

If you were watching the Republican Presidential Candidates debate last week, you probably heard Michelle Bachmann state repeatedly that she personally has raised 23 foster children. This is more than just stretching the truth, it is an outright lie. Some of the foster children she took in were only in her care for a week.

Via The Daily Beast;

Bachmann often says she has “raised” 23 foster children. That may be a bit of a stretch. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Bachmann’s license, which she had for 7 1/2 years, allowed her to care for up to three children at a time. According to Kris Harvieux, a former senior social worker in the foster care system in Bachmann’s county, some placements were almost certainly short term. “Some of them you have for a week. Some of them you have for three years, some you have for six months,” says Harvieux, who also served as a foster parent herself. “She makes it sound like she got them at birth and raised them to adulthood, but that’s not true.”

Yet Bachmann clearly had some of her foster children long enough to enroll them in local schools, and it was through them that she got involved in school politics. While she taught her own children at home before sending them to private Christian schools, state law required foster kids to go to public school. Seeing their curriculum, she became convinced that “politically correct attitudes, values, and beliefs” had supplanted objective education. She helped found a charter school but soon left the board amid allegations that she was trying to inject Christianity into the curriculum. Then, in 1999, she decided to run for the local school board.

Read more at; http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/14/michele-bachmanns-unrivaled-extremism-gay-rights-to-religion.html


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  • Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artclie. Lol thanks

  • Cliff Bennett

    Even speaking publicly in any detail about her foster children is a violation of federal law, which as a prospective foster parent, she necessarily signed at least one affadavit attesting to her awareness of, and agreement to, such federal laws. She has knowingly broken confidentiality and thus,the law. As a felon, she is not ethically eligible to run for the presidency of the United States.

  • Robert Marcheson

    Michelle Bachmann HOME SCHOOL’ My God they must be just as out of the loop as she is…

  • Awwww… look at the Teabaggers scrambling to defend the nutcase! And what are they saying? “Yeah, well.. look at OBAMA!” yackyackyack…

    You know you can’t defend it anymore than her wishing Elvis a ‘happy birthday’ on the day of his death or confusing her John Waynes, or lying about “bringing back $2 gas”, or opining that we’re “worried about the rise of the Soviet Union”, etc. etc. Etc.

    Give it up. You’re backing dopes and you know it.

  • For those that made a comment regarding her getting state money for fostering children:

    People are not upset that the state pays people – people are upset because Bachmann is a hypocrit. She looks to cancel those programs that she herself has taken money from. THAT is what pisses people off.

    As far as this article, yea, I never really believed she fostered that many kids to begin with, but really who cares? She lied about it, her followers will never believe she lied about, and democrats already know she is full of shit so really this article doesn’t help anything. Her supporters are mindless idiots and sheep… she says jump and they say how high.

    • I agree….Could not have been said any better!!!

    • Bachmann Is And Always Was A Serious Nut Case. These People Lie Even When There Is No Need To Lie. The Repubag Party Has Really Scraped The Bottom Of The Gene Pool For Their Candidates For President. That Goes For Every One Of Those Out Of Touch Repubag Candidates.

  • Look, it’s simple, people. Christers don’t belong in government. That gos double for the crazy ones who married self-loathing homosexuals. What? Marcus Bachmann is “helping” the gays go straight? No heterosexual dude even cares about the gay issue. You know who does? Closeted gay dudes. Seriously. My gay brother told me … and if anyone should know…

    • This seems to be the case most of the time. People who speak out against things like being gay or infidelity are the most likely doing exactly the opposite of what they preach. Hypocrites are terrible. I don’t think the Penn State sex predator is the same as Bachmann’s husband, but that guy set up a charity (2nd mile) to find his victims. Apparently he is oppressive to his wife and she stated she was submissive as the bible commands. I don’t believe she cuts coupons out as she stated in last debate. She profited off of foster children with state money. Her husband “pray the gay away” clinic is a way to make money and deal with his closet issues. While I am not gay, I don’t care if another person is gay or not. Why would their bedroom choices matter to me? I am so sick of hypocrites and the republican party has become a hypocrite. I would consider myself moderate, towards Democratic side, but before 2007, I didn’t care about politics until Bush broke the world. Pray the gay away does not work, its proven in scientific and common sense studies, but there is no place for science or facts on the right. A priest came out last year who had a similar pray the gay away program for 20 years and he is gay, admitted on tv he was gay and that praying the gay away doesn’t work.

  • Both Bachmanns have represented themselves to be hardline “Christian” doctrinalists. However, their “Christianity” seems only to manifest itself on the issue of homosexuality. Why would they choose that one singular precept over more thematic ones like, for instance, feeding the hungry or blessing the peacemakers? Marcus’s effeminate affectations do not appear to be volitional, nor does he appear to have been able to pray them away either. This is evidence of his being at war with the knowledge of his own homosexuality.
    Further evidence would be in the acknowledged subjugation of his wife and his insistence on her obedience as she herself acknowledged. Unable to express himself in a “normal” sexual way with a female, it is possible that he asserts his masculinity by dominating his partner. This is a not at all unusual manifestation among gay men who have been raised in communities in which homosexuality is demonized.
    A final clue as to the issue of his homosexuality emanates from the very topic of this article: the fact that he had a steady stream of young girls perpetually living in his home. First the fact that they were all girls would serve to reinforce the sense of manliness (the need to provide, the need to protect, the need to defend, etc.) that he may recognize to be lacking in his psych. Second, the number of children they took in is quite possibly cover for his own lack of virility. If he is unable to spread his own seed regularly, he would instinctively create an environment in which he appears to be fully capable of full, normal, and frequent procreation. In reality, it would appear to be likely that his entire sex life was limited to Michele’s five pregnancies and however many attempts it took to create those.
    If I am correct in this well-supported speculation then Mr. Bachmann (who is otherwise completely unpitiable) should be pitied as he will never experience the joy of full sexual expression which is the basis of nearly every human desire. It must be a frustrating existence.
    Don’t even get me started on the evidence of Michele’s asexuality! (but if you want to, you can e-mail me: [email protected]

  • First off, I am one of the unfortnate people living not only in M.B.’s district, but her community. I have been a licensed foster care worker in Washington County, my children attend the charter school in which M.B. tried her darndest to convert it’s standard curiculum to a Christianity-based curiculum, and I’ve even been to her family’s counseling center where they seem to pray EVERYTHING away.

    I don’t want to go into my usual rant about how much I personally loathe this woman, but I just wanted to add a little bit of fact to this conversation. Kris Harvieux is an extremely credible source of information and she probably was generous in her description of the Bachmann’s foster care history, as that is her nature. The major need in Washington County is for respite care providers. Respite care is generally a weekend here or there (babysitting) to give another foster parent or a parent “on the edge” a break from that child. Washington County is one of the most affluent counties in the state, and therefore does not have the same foster care needs as some of the larger, less affluent counties. I can only speak for the children we cared for (not raised), but the average rate of pay per day was $45-47 per child. This amount would increase with the age of the child; providers with teenagers and children with significant disabillities receiving the most funds.

    As far as the charter school is concerned, M.B. was a cancer and school officials recognized this and were practically begging her to leave. She insisted on completely changing the standard public school curriculum to a theology-based curriculum. The board, however, didn’t feel it was right to accept public funding while teaching an ‘exclusive’ Christian curriculum. She did end up leaving, but only after the school was warned by state and local school officials that it was at risk of losing its charter over all of this.

    And the counseling clinic? I have personally witnessed the “pray away” mentality (NOT for LGBT issues) and it is truly as disturbing as the media has made it out to be. I am a Christian. I am not, however, an idiot.

    • Dear Emily,
      Thank you for your very informative response to this article, particularly in regard to the charter school. As it was my hope to see SP become irrelevant on the cultural landscape, it is my goal to make M.B. completely irrelevant. It is also my hope that more people such as yourself from M.B.’s district come out the woodwork and reveal more of her lies. I don’t know if you’ve seen this article/video. http://theaggressiveprogressivequeer.blogspot.com/2011/08/attention-important-this-is-very.html

    • Cheryl Turner

      Thank you for this more people need to denounce her crazy ass!

      • Lets all “PRAY” for Marcus that he finally comes out of the closet and stops living a lie. I am a former foster parent and had many kids that stayed with me from a day to a few weeks at a time…I don’t count them as being “raised” by me..it was called respite care! I did have one boy for three years and I adopted him when he was 12. He is now 21, engaged, happy and productive. A product of two abusive “heterosexual” (parents), it took a gay guy to raise him to be a loving and well adjusted young man who I am very proud of.

        • Thank you for your service to children who need loving parenting. Most people, who are out there helping others, just do it because they see a need and can’t ignore it. Bachman does it for personal aggrandizement it seems and if she did not specifically lie about it, she certainly colored the truth a vibrant shade of Lie-me Green.

    • Awesome! Someone who knows MB ‘personally’, or at least has lots of knowledge of her desire to subjugate our collective reality for her personal mythology-based delusions.

      I so wish her delusions were thoroughly cataloged in a book or magazine article somewhere so that everyone can see how her, her husband, her supporters and those who vote for her are the cause of so much of what is wrong with this country.

  • If she raised them, shouldn’t they still be around someplace? Is there any contact from all of her girls. But i guess there is only so much you can do when you only had them for a few weeks.

  • Whoops, *article! And no, I am ABSOLUTELY Not voting for her, she’s just weird.

  • President Obama lied about about his associations with a known domestic terrorist…plus, this articel proves nothing, it’s sdomeone”s opinion and has absolutely NO FACTS about Bachmann’s actual record! Can I get a fact please?

    • FACT: You don’t ‘raise’ a child by allowing them to stay with you for a week. Does that help?

      • Not really. Do you know for a fact which child she raised for only a week? Most foster care placements are at least 3-6 months, and thr system very rarely bounces kids around during that time unless their behavior is extremely sever. Please do not misunderstand, I do NOT think she would make a good president, nor would I vote for her. However, there is a lot more scrutiny of these candidates than there was of the president. And his lies and associations where a lot more severe than allegedly lying about how many foster children one has “raised”. Any rebuttal about the president’s lie?

        • youniquelikeme

          Not true. It sounds as though she was licensed, but was used as an interim placing, nothing permanent.

          I would like her to have the kids come forward and discuss how they felt about how she “raised” them. Seriously. Why are these kids not coming out of the woodwork praising her and telling about their glorious time with her? They were teens so they would remember. She “raised” them so they would be grateful, as a religious mother would teach a child to be grateful. I found nothing but this and a few other sites asking the same questions.

          I am telling you all right now that the woman was a tax lawyer and saw this as an opportunity to have tax write off by simply having a few teens in her home for awhile. What I woukld like to know was were any of her teens gay and did she try to convert them religiously and into “normal” by her husband (see below)

          While it is a lovely gesture (and that is what temporary placement is) compare that to the families that take in many disabled, babies and children of all ages, races and religions and mentally challenged kids as well. You know… RAISE them.

          Being her political “career” started with her trying to get more religion (hers of course) into the public school, just imagine what she intends to do with the power of the Presidency.

          She also lied about getting subsidies on the farm, and she lied about being a part owner of the farm. How very religious of her… She is a tax lawyer… she got every tax right off and subsidy available. So she is at the Government teit for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but everyone else who does so is bad.

          Also, she feels females are the male’s subservient, as per the man written bible. She married her husband after God told her to, as he sent her a vision in a corn field. This “woman” will set women back centuries. Religion and politics are not a good mix.

          Her husband’s job is as a Councillor but he isn’t even licenced to councel. (What kind of state allows that, really?) he counsels gays to revert back to “normal” as of course, gays are not normal according to her religion.

          There is a lot of lying and hatred and possibly even racist tendencies in this woman. (how many of those kids were minorities? How many were gay? ) A perfect tea party leader one might say!

          What this woman needs is a ton of scrutiny being she was happy to hammer the President and ensure that those topics were part of her tea party platform.

          • As a former licensed foster parent who has adopted 6 special needs children, I totally resent Michelle Bachmann using these children in order to elevate her status as a candidate. She’s a liar and a user and will do or say anything she believes the public is eager to hear in order to achieve her own ends. I also believe her husband is a latent homosexual and me thinks he doth protest too much.

            In short, I believe them both to be despicable individuals interested solely in their own gain….how very unGodly of them!!!

          • You’re right about religion and politics. It’s a bad combination. Whenever religion takes over the people are in trouble

          • Another tidbit to add to this story. I just read elsewhere this morning that because of her husband’s clinic/therapy status, she was able to get her home designated as some type of institution for purposes of tax write off, because she took in teens with eating disorders, etc. I’m not sure of the details, but you see where I’m going with this.

            I do not understand at all why he’s even able to practice, with no license. It’s a huge scam and a fraud.

            Back when she first started spouting off about her “raising” 23 fosters, I knew then she was lying. I know a bit about the foster system, and knew then that many of those kids were likely in her home for a very very short period of time. I didn’t even think about the “respite” factor then, that makes it even worse.

            I’m glad the truth is coming out finally. I feel for her bio kids, wow they could be messsssed up living under the influences they are. Ugh.

        • I am from Minnesota…..Michelle Bachman is a whackout weirdo. No way should she be head of anything especially our great country. Sad. Sad.
          Who paid for her “foster” children? Where are they now? Think folks. Just another attorney in politics.

        • There is emergency foster care in case of kids being taken out of a home. They are placed very temporarily with a family until SS finds a good placement. There is respite care for people like me, who really needed a week-end off to get myself back together. Some kids are bounced six months to six months with different families. It all depends on the kids behavior, their needs, the foster family, etc. Someone who says they RAISED 23 foster kids, that raises a red flag right there.

    • Doesn’t matter whether it a week or 10 years, it is “raising”. If you have all the parental duties any regular parent has, you are raising that child. People are getting tied up in semantics. To the author of this hit piece, then by the same standards you apply to Michelle Bachmann, then obama is a liar when he said he turned 50 next week, when it was actually many weeks away, so he lied? Or how about when he said there was 57 states? Lies, illiteracy, or just plain stupid? How about when he said this would be the most transparent administration and everything they do is behind closed doors? Bold faced lie! If you want to talk about political liars, instead of trying to trash yet another WOMAN politician, let’s start with the Democrats and work our way down. We will be there until well after the 2012 elections just on the Dems. Must be a slow news day for Matthew Desmond, LOL. You would have been better served attending classes on ethics in journalism.

      • So we can raise children in one or two weeks now? Wow, just wow.

        • Good Lord…… having a child for just a week and saying you raised it, is nowhere NEAR the lies Obama has told. Besides, erring on the fact that you don’t have much time to speak on those debates, she probably didn’t want to take 5 minutes explaining that she had some for 3 months, some for 3 years, some for a couple weeks, etc… all in all, she provided a home for 23….. You are really being picky over her statement but say nothing about Obama’s 57 states comments, his promise of transparency, or any other time he opens his mouth ? Unbelieveable!

          • Are you familiar with the expression “2 wrongs don’t make a right?”. Saying “Obama got something wrong” doesn’t change the fact that Bachmann LIED, and she CONTINUES to repeat this LIE, when in reality she isn’t even in contact with most of the foster children anymore!

      • youniquelikeme

        @Ghostsouls Haha you are obviously not a parent, or much of one for having said that!

        People are getting tied up in semantics?? Why would anyone dare say they raised that many children when she didn’t actually foster them? being in a child’s life for a few weeks or months is how we describe a dead beat parent, so do not give me your silly talk about semantics.

        PS: The people who were at the event where he said 57 states said he made a joke about being so tired he couldn’t remember how many states he had been in. In other words he said oops and said he was tired. Michelle Bachmann spouts off something incorrect and she tries to make it sound as though she was right all along, just as you are doing.

        • I have no interest in Michelle B., but I do care about foster parents. My family members were foster parents to newborn babies. Sometimes the newborns were adopted right away within days sometimes they would have the newborn for over a year. Even having the baby until adoption after a few days is still a foster parent – “raising” the child, no, but still a foster parent and an act of caring for the child to have a better life.

      • Woman? What does that have to do with being a LIAR?! The fact that she was born with a vagina does not give her a pass on being HONEST. If she had said she “helped” 23 children, or baby-sat, watched over, etc., I couldn’t discount it.
        But she did NOT RAISE those kids!!
        My grandma RAISED me from the age of seven to 18 years. I stayed with other relatives over some summers and spring and Christmas holidays, but neither I nor they are stupid enough to say they “raised” me. They “hosted” me. End of story.

      • Ghostsouls, get over yourself. If you think having a kid for a week or a weekend is “raising” a child, you obviously have no children. Why not just admit Bachmann is using her foster children to present herself as something she is not. Just like when campaigning in Iowa, she’s from Waterloo, but when she campaigns in Minnesota, suddenly she’ll be from there.

        You sound like a typical tea party fool spouting the same old tired lines. Ohh, noz, Obama misspoke about 57….my God, is that all you have? That story is what….3 years old? Compared to Bachmann, who “misspeaks” virtually every day, and has a proven record of lies so outrageous that one fact checker was able to say at one point that he had never found ONE statement of hers to be factual. “Everything done behind closed doors”? Who’d you get that piece of disinformation from, Beck or Limbaugh?

    • Got proof she’s a hypocrite and dumb as a post.

    • That “known domestic terrorist” is one of the countries most influencial people when we speak of elementary education! You are speaking of forty years ago, when we were in an unjust war,corruption in all govt.(there is still),as well as many other aspects of society are different. Bachmann can’t remember history, where she is in the country, as well as so many other things. It’s bad enough that the sixth district of Minnesota has voted her into their representative position. Can you not see that the woman is a wackaloon?? Oh, and foster care is not adoption!

    • Your letter merely proves that Michelle Bachman’s supporters are ignorant morons. Can you spell “article”??? What a fool.

    • Was the domestic terrorist ever convicted of anything? No! Did Obama lie? No! The fact is they were at community organizing meetings together. Go ahead and sneer at Community organizer, but when is the last time you gave something back to society? Are you honest on your tax return? Figures

    • Your suggestion that our President lied in respect to his relationship with Bill Ayers was completely debunked in 2008. Completely. That story is simply false. I am curious to know who in the world did not get the news that Sen. McCain’s accusations turned out to be wrong. Do you live in a mayonnaise jar?

    • we are not talking about mr obama here you idiot

    • Here’s fact, she got plenty of money from the government for the 23 foster children…I’ll change my mind if you have a fact that shows she adopted any of them, then I know she wasn’t after the money.

    • Gaylon Arnold

      You want a fact? Give a fact! Don’t keep spreading lies about your President.

  • Progressive Rider

    She is not a liar, she is a prevaricator. She intentionally misstates this. Gulliani was noun/verb/9-11, she’s noun/verb/23 foster children. This is all part of her packaging strategy for right wing caucus attendees and primary voters.

    First, she is a MOTHER (and we all know mothers are the more important parent, right Santorum and Romney?). She’s not just a mom, she’s a Super Mom (Sarah Palin can barely raise her own 5 dysfunctional children, Michelle has been entrusted with other people’s).

    Second, she is a Christian (take that, Romney). She’s not just a Christian, she’s a Super Christian, having graduated from Oral Roberts University. Quite simply, she has a better resume than her fellow GOP’ers, even if she has to inflate it and misstate it.

    The mainstream, middle-of-the-road voter will see through her soon enough. Unfortunately, the base will buy into the lie if she repeats it often enough.

  • Kinda like Obama proclaiming his mother didn’t have any health insurance? Just stretching the truth, I guess.

    • Obama NEVER said his mother did not have health insurance. What he said was that she had to fight with her health insurer for benefits because it tried to claim her cancer was a “pre-existing condition.” Big difference.

      • Which was also a lie. Dunham’s own papers prove her insurance company paid for everything but the deductible,and a few other minor expenses and Dunham’s own employer flew to her side and paid for her car payments and house payments. obama lies at the drop of a hat.

  • I kinda wondered why ALL the kids were girls. Maybe her husband was afraid he couldn’t control himself around boys?

    • James, uncalled for.

      • Very intelligent response, James. Now, ask your mommy to change your diaper.

        • It is an intelligent response. I know of several homophobes who proved to be gay and closeted to only themselves. We all know someone. Just think of every guy who called all other guys “fag” in school. And have you heard the guyt speak? His diction is quite effeminite. I won’t be surprised when he is found out.

    • Gynephobic lol, they are all afraid a woman will be in charge of this country. They either fear women, or Hate women. Either way, as Bachmann rises in popularity look for her to receive the same Liberal Loving Sarah Palin got.

      • AmericanWoman1953

        Not afraid and don’t hate women, I am one. Not afraid and don’t hate men either.

        Michele Bachmann is a liar, she is a Dominionist, she has repeatedly stuck out her hand to take federal money, while saying no one should be allowed to receive federal money (Farm subsidies, her $450,000.00 mortgage from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, her insistence that she RAISED 23 foster children, while receiving additional funds because of having her home declared a ‘treatment home’, Medicare/Medicaid funding for her husband’s “pray away the gay” clinics) and those are just a small portion of the federal funds she’s gotten while saying Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac needed to be shut down, that farm subsidies are a waste of money, that Medicare and Medicaid are not needed and a waste of taxpayer dollars.
        One can care for, or host a child for a week or up to 3 years, it’s not raising a child.
        I actually RAISED my children, from birth, until they were ready to go out on their own and start their own families (minimum 18 years).
        She has been working in the public sector for years and has accomplished nothing but enriching herself.
        She is incapable of seeing things from any viewpoint other than her own; I would definitely be uncomfortable for THIS woman to have her hand on the codes to destroy the planet.

      • Oh puhleeze, Ghostsouls. I couldn’t care LESS if she’s a woman. I’ll punch back on anyone that tells lies, regardless of their gender. Is that the best you can do to defend Bachmann, go with the female victim card? Don’t bother. Her record speaks for itself. Lie after lie, misrepresentation, misinformation and disinformation. There are plenty of reputable women in politics, on both sides of the fence. Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Condi Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchison. I may not agree with their politics, but they are intelligent women. Then there are Bachmann and Palin, known for their incomparable abilities to make absurd, untrue, historically incorrect statements.

    • That was the first thing that came to me.Michelle must have picked all girls for a reason. Her husband hasn’t fooled me for a second. The guy wouldn’t have been able to control himself. The fact it was all girl says a lot, especially with all those boys out there.

  • Dianne Brown

    Bill, I hope you’ve taken in 23 foster kids yourself. ‘Cause if you haven’t, you have no right to voice an opinion on this subject.

    Oh, and you’re a jerk for criticizing Roy, who has doubtless done many fine community-minded, selfless things, which you were too heartless and callous to do. ‘Cause I have psychic powers and I know what you have and haven’t done.

    Have I understood your “thinking” on this subject?

    • A lot of times if you start with one gender they will not place the other with you even if you later want to change because of the
      issues the children have.

  • Schmidty Fi


    First (and least important): you have someone (Kris Harvieux) involved in the MN foster system giving general information it, and from that you infer specific things about Bachmann. You have no information about her or her children and, yet, you jump at the opportunity to call her a liar.

    This leads to a second, more important point: her “raising” those children is obviously a question of degree . How many children did she have for how long? Do you *really* want this argument? What if she raised 10 of them from, say, age 8 to age 16. Does that qualify for you all? What about 15 from age 14 to 18? What if she stayed involved even after they left her household?

    You’re really going to set your hounds on this one?

    Which leads to the final question: why do you need to diminish this woman’s contributions to those children and her community? More generally, why do you need to brand conservatives as evil, heartless, thoughtless, etc, despite the almost certain personal evidence you have to the contrary – unless you live a very insular life, you must know a conservative who, in fact, is not evil — a good teacher, neighbor, friend, whatever. Your fallback might be that conservatives are dumb, but then how do you explain the very smart, generous conservative?

    I’ll tell you why you do this: because it unencumbers you from actually understanding, and responding to, the arguments they make against your ideas. And that’s important, because those arguments, generally, are that your ideas do not cause utopias, but rather misery; that your intents do not match your outcomes; and that, therefore, you are not the enlightened, selfless, angels you presume yourself to be, but rather quite ordinary, flawed humans. Self-aggrandizing — at best fools and at worst delusional narcissists.

    Far easier to attribute conservative principles to ungenerousness, evil, exploitative jerks than someone who challenges your comforting, but deeply flawed, premises.

    • I just want her to be realistic and honest…you don’t raise a kid in a week…

      saying “I raised 23 foster kids” is misleading…I’ve taken in 23 foster kids over the years, I’ve foster parented 23 kids at various times over the years…sound like truth…

      That said kudos to her for trying to make a difference…just don’t make it more than it is, to gain political respect.

      • Yes you do, if you think, that receiving a home, which is a shelter, food, clothing, a warm safe bed to sleep in at night, in a house that is not a facility with uncaring people, then you are sadly mistaken. Love comes in many forms, and it doesn’t have to be given for a specified time limit to count. Children in need of such services cannot be provided the warmth and love, in a state run facility than they would otherwise get in a private home, with a loving caring family. Go pick apart her life and find something else to complain about.

  • There is something seriously wrong with this woman (and her wingnut husband).
    Can you imagine being placed with her as a foster child? I agree that the religious brainwashing and shaming she no doubt inflicted on them could be determined to be abuse. Can you imagine what it was like for any of those kids who were gay?

  • Adam Finkbeiner

    There has been only one Christian. They caught him and crucified him–early. -Mark Twain

  • I’d like to know how much money she recd from the govt to support the children who moved thru her household. She says she never recd govt aid and I just think that’s a lie. Her interpretation of what she recd from the govt is twisted just like she is.

  • Yet another Tea Party, GOP liar. UGH!

  • So, Bachmann lived off public foster care money for years…. how conservative is that?

  • With any luck, this will come back to haunt her. I adopted two special needs kids at 6 months and 15 months, and at ages 23 and 19, they’re still my children. I also have two step and two made from scratch, so I can assure can assure Crazy Shelly that ‘raising’ a child is something remarkably different from whatever it is she’s been doing.

  • I don’t think Palin was quoting Paul Revere when she spoke, because I’m pretty sure Paul Revere’s first language was English, and not the transmogrified version of words Palin strung together (“guns….our freedoms…America”…etc.)

  • I’m tired of Christians everywhere too.

    I’m tired of them knocking on my door, and I am tired of them in Politics because a lot of you act like you are the only moral people running the place when most of you would steal the coins from anyone else who has some pocket change that you do NOT. I’m tired of hearing from poor oppressed christians whining about nativity displays and keeping “in god we trust” on the money.

    I’m also tired of christians and their claims to sexual morality, and their use of birth control and divorce whenever it suits them but the rest of us get fuckall… It’s obvious your using it when you only have one kid, and you lot think Newt should be President but Anthony Weiner has to go.

    Your religion is wrong and so are you, and I would love to vote for a truly secular president but this crybaby bullshit about scary atheists and muslims when you have the generosity of mildew is disgusting. I don’t want to let Obama off the hook, but at least he manages to have more and better ideas than most republicans, and less naked contempt for the rest of us.

  • As a counselor, I know firsthand that not every foster home is a safe environment and not everyone takes in foster children because they want to make a difference in a child’s life. To those who do it because they care, they are the unsung heroes in our culture, but the sad truth is many do it for the money and often the environment that is supposed to protect them ends up more vile than the one they were removed from. I had one young woman who was repeatedly raped from age 12 – 18 by her foster father (a minister). I could write a book with similar stories of abuse and neglect, so this is not just an isolated ancedotal experience, so when someone like Michelle Bachman states over and over about her “foster” kids she rasied or even took in, it just makes me a little uneasy that she chooses to use these most vulnerable members of our society as tokens for her political ambitions.

  • Big deal. You liberals call out every Republican lie but never look at your own boy. Obama lies about everything. He sad his stimulus plan would stop unemployment at 8%. It didn’t. It’s been at 8.9% or higher for over two years. He said illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered under Obamacare. They are, it’s in the bill. He said his administration would the most transparent ever, yet everything he’s passed has been done with behind closed doors, back room deals.

    I could care less about Bachman stretching the truth about raising foster kids. Is she going to reduce wasteful spending. Is she going to repeal Obamacare? Is she going cut taxes for American business who manufacture and create jobs in the US. If so, she has my vote. If not, she can join the boy Marxist Obama in the unemployment line.

    • Seem Republicans can’t get any facts correct.

      Obama never promised to hold Unemployment below 8%. In fact, when the stimulus passed (Feb 2009) it was already 8.4%, and 8.6% by the end of March 2009. This fact is easy to check.

      Illegal aliens are not “covered” under “Obamacare”. Unless you mean that can buy coverage, just as many of them do today, from the same insurance companies the Republicans love so much.

      Last, the “Obamacare” blll was ONLINE for 6 months while congress debated it. I’ll say that again, 6 MONTHS, on live, in PDF form. Anyone who can post on a website would have access too it.

      Turn off Fox News, use your keyboard to find the facts. They exist.

    • RepublicanTrying To RescueSanity

      Everything Obama’s passed, as every other President, is a bill passed by the House and Senate. Presidential order is a different thing. Given that “Obamacare” is a LAW and not a Presidential order, and as you say, illegals are covered by it, that means they have to buy health insurance or face penalties…seems like the insurance companies (which I would argue DO NOT generate many jobs for the % of the GDP they occupy) benefit greatly from it.However, that does not greatly increase the actual cost of the healthcare industry. I am quite sure that Bachmann is going to cut taxes on “American” businesses; I am equally certain that the decrease in federal revenues will result in spending cuts; those “American” businesses will create many jobs, but they will be low-pay and mostly outside the US and the cuts in federal spending will certainly NOT start with legislator pay.That last is the thing that always puts the lie to every Republican push to cut spending in the past 50 years; most of them have very substantial financial resources and don’t depend on their salaries, but you’ll NEVER see one of them calling for a salary cut FIRST before they call for cuts in, say, Social Security, a program they’ve been trying to kill for 70 years.

  • M Bachman is unbalanced as all the republicans seem to be. The sad point is we americans are allowing our country to be taken over by the crazies, the greedy, the liars and the morally bankrupt. It is our fault. Where is our anger?

  • What a display of ignorance. Anyone who has ever personally dealt with the agencies who handle foster children or knows someone who has is aware that these are children from troubled homes and one the goals of the agencies is to restore them if possible to their natural parent or parents. You might have a child for 1 year or 20 years and that only makes the job harder because you become very attached to the children.
    The problem here is you guys wouldn’t know that since you are so into your selves and your own pleasure most of you would never care for a foster child. You don’t have the right to criticize Baachman on this matter until you yourself have cared for a foster child or two.

  • The real fright is her lies and Christianity will resonate with some morons, the likes of which voted Bush. Rhetoric works with morons, and there’s plenty of those around, mercifully not enough to vote her in, but to allow her to be counted. If she, Palin and McCain are the best the GOP can do, hell, let them in, it means a land slide for Obama.

  • If true how much money she milked the government for every one of those foster children and most important how much of that money she really spent on each kid and how much she spent on herself? Foster care is a racket and people treat it as a business. Lets audit her ASS! Lets call for an investigation!

    • I am so sick of people quick to point the finger at foster parents because they receive payment to assist with the care of supporting the kids. Yes they have parents who spend the money on themselves and not on the kids. but wrap your head around this.

      I adopted my children because i loved them an wanted to make a difference. I received 20 -30 % less each month. I lost the clothing reimbursement, recreation reimbursement and numerous other perks.Their special needs did not go away. I have been hit, pushed knocked down. I have been told by professionals to just give them back – children are not merchandise they are human beings. I could not have done this as much as I loved them without the support. I am now disabled. Because I was able to stick with them they are now in college and doing well. The money was needed for them. I used my savings and my employment income. I am now broke 70 % as a result of their earlier behavior. Foster Adopted Parents need less judging more support!

      • I commend you for truly caring by adopting the children…but I can’t say the same for MB sorry!

      • @Sandy: You misunderstand. I don’t think a single one of us is trying to undermine or minimize the awesomeness of a foster parent. There are some great foster parents out there doing a tremendous job. We are, however, trying to point out the hypocrisy, once again, of Bachmann, using her foster children as a political gain, when in fact she didn’t “raise” 23. Rather, she had 23 “pass through” at some point, and some of those were very likely for a weekend, perhaps a week or a month. That does not constitute “raising a child” such as you have done. What you have done is a true sacrifice for the good of children. I say big kudos to the true, caring foster parents out there.

  • Part and parcel of all this is her “anti-big-government” stances, which were not strong enough to prevent her and her husband from taking both state money for his counseling business. She says one thing, but most often the objective truth is somewhat different from what she is hoping you will think you heard her say. That is, when she is not outright making up facts, consipracies and motivations from thin air.

  • As someone who went through the foster system it is pretty insulting to say it doesn’t matter when they were only there for a week. I expect nothing less from the liberal media though, I’ve been in about ten foster homes when I was younger some for very short periods and it doesn’t make what they do any less meaningful or impactful on my life and the other children. But hey when they have literally nothing good to say about the shit job Obama is doing you have to go look to attack the competition over what you view as a technicality while obviously knowing nothing about how the foster system works.

    • Chuck, I have to say you were very fortunate that all your experiences in foster care were positive. That is not the case for all foster children. Yes, some really do volunteer their lives to aid children (even if they get paid….I still think of it as volunteerism for some), but sadly there are also those who are basically narcissists who want the world to think they are good humans, but behind closed doors is another story altogether.

      I’ve personally talked with foster children whos time in some foster homes were worse than the homes they were removed from. Not saying this is the case the Bachmann, but it is a reality. So to those foster parents who take offense and those foster children who take offense, know that your experience is not the only one, and until we hear from children she actually fostered, we do not know the kind of foster home she ran. (I’ve heard some really crazy stories….heck do a websearch and you can find plenty of horrific foster stories.)

      Honestly as a lay person, I can see several personality disorders that it makes me question why social services would use her as a foster parent, except perhaps through desperation. (And I believe rates very depending on what agency you are fostering for. As there are huge shortages in a many places, church groups will often take up fostering…and I think they can pay their members more than social service pays their fostering parents. The churches charge a rate based on the idea that they are doing all the background checks, and training (which I hope the state verifies and doesn’t just take the word of these churches…..) Honestly I don’t know all the details….but it should be something looked into to ensure that there are no other paranoid, delusional, narcissists out there caring for children who are already damaged.

      • See, that’s something that really bothers me. Foster children already have had some rough going. Picture this: a child removed from a home, where perhaps there was no religion or very little, or a religion of a totally different nature than her fundamentalist BS…and you stick that child in the home with the Bachmanns. Culture shock. And I, for one, cannot see either Bachmann being very understanding or flexible about that. I see them as rigid and unbending, and completely demanding of certain behaviors. I wish we knew more about these foster children she had; one cannot help but wonder, did she send any back because they refused to toe her fundamental line? I’ve read they were all female teenagers….they can be hard to manage on any given day, and you insert this religious fanatacism and you’ve got a potentially volatile situation.

  • Foster parents are paid by the government to take in foster children, and many of them are in it for the money. Since we know Bachmann took a lot of money from the government for her agriculture investments, does anyone know how much she was paid for her foster children?

    BTW, her law degree is from Oral Roberts University Law School.

  • Karen Hawkins

    I am a licensed foster parent and a democrat. I find this blog to be in extremely poor taste. Most people have no idea what it takes to foster a child from a broken home. Most of these children have significant emotional and developmental needs because of the abuse they have seen. It is typical that many placements may be of a short duration. Whether she fostered 1, 3 or 23, to have taken on this noble task for as long as 7.5 years is honorable. Slamming her because of the duration of the time any of these children were in her care is not. While I do not support Michelle Bachmann for president, I do respect her contribution to these children, it takes a tremendous amount of love and patience to do what she have done. Something you appparently you don’t have, but should.

    • She said that she raised 23 Foster Children. She might have taken in 23 Foster Children, but you don’t raise a child by allowing them to spend a week living with you. That’s just asinine.

    • You make some excellent points, but I think Bachmann needs to phrase her description of what she did differently. Perhaps she could say I “I was a foster parent for over 7 years, during which time I took in 23 children and raised them with the love and care I give my own.” When I first heard her claim she raised 23 foster children during the debates (in the context of the candidates speaking about the size of their families), I was thinking she actually adopted 23 children and made them her own, which would have been such a prodigious undertaking I couldn’t really believe it was true. While I think Bachmann is a disastrous politician, she does deserve credit for the efforts she made to raise children in need of care. She should just be careful not to mislead an inherently gullible audience.

  • Now we have another reason to be thankful for public education. And the foster system may have its challenges, but the law protected those kids when it required them to go to public school rather than learn Ms. Bachmann’s version of history, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (to name a few areas where she’s pretty shaky!).

  • Dorothy Taylor

    after “christian” home schooling, she might as well be raising vegetables.

    • Really Dorothy … you have a problem with Christianity? You have a problem with the teachings of Jesus?
      Which of Jesus’ teachings do you oppose …LOVE? MERCY? Caring for the poor? Taking care of widows and orphans? Grace? Being a friend to the friendless? Forgiveness? Please enlighten me … which of these teachings do you have a problem with ….

      • Jon Bon Jovi

        If you can find any of these teachings having any relevance to the modern “Christian” conservative politician, including Bachmann, then you are delusional or in denial.

        Many “Christians” these days have no concern for what Christ stood for. After all, Jesus was essentially a socialist hippy, more concerned about the needs of others than about personal gain.

        Let’s see Michelle Bachmann and all the other “Christians” sell their worldly possessions and donate all the money to the needy.

        By the way, unless you’re using a public computer and living on the kindness of strangers after donating everything your own to the poor, YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING CHRIST.

        Read your goddamn bible once in a while, jackass.

        • You have a problem with Christianity, I get it. But making blanket statements, and insulting people for their beliefs won’t help your side.

          You’re right that many modern conservatives don’t exemplify the true beliefs of Christianity. It’s a shame, and they tarnish everything Jesus stood for. But realize, not everyone is like that.

          Many Christians do lots of good, and while selling everything you own would be ideal, there are other ways you can do much more good. I help out churches when they give out food to the poor every weekend, or when they try to give medical care, or volunteer at shelters… it goes on an on.

          Heck, most days we just get together, buy a bunch of food and walk down Skid Row (one of the neediest places in LA). We can’t all be good, but many of us certainly try. Try to appreciate the good these “Christians” you so blatantly bash do once in a while.

          • with the Billions$$$$ of dollars the church rapes from people every year, you’d think they could do a lot more than what they do. As far as your statement of “We can’t all be good, but many of us certainly try”, goes, why the hell can’t you all be good? You all claim to have the same religious beliefs, the same values, all based in your bible. You don’t get to decide how to live by the book any DIFFERENTLY than the next Christian. So why aren’t the “GOOD” xtians standing up against the “BAD” xtians? Because you don’t really care.

          • Yet, it seems to be ok for the christians on this thread to call anyone who dislikes bachmann or palin as the “unchristians”, right? I am a christian but i am sick of the bachmanns of this world pulling out the “born again” or “saved” card like its the Queen of spades in Pinnochle; and it trumps everyhing else about every other candidate. Then all their minions run amock screaming things about anyone who opposes them as hater and people who support sharia law….blah blah blah. I disagree vehemently when a christian thinks they have a right to judge my relationship with the lord like the ones supporting a hypcrite like michels bachmann.

          • Jon Bon Jovi

            Don’t get me wrong, the Christians doing genuine good for their community deserve all the praise they can get. Caring for others is fine in speech and on paper, but it takes real character to follow through.

            But for every one of you good Christians, doing your part to help the less fortunate as your religion demands, how many bad Christians are there, screaming about “family values,” “God’s Law,” and generally using their religion as a platform to encroach on the rights and freedoms of others and further their own political agenda?

            As a good Christian, I’m surprised your so offended by the enormous negativity your fellow “Christians” are creating. You want people like me to ease off and stop bashing on the poor, defenseless Christians? Stop tolerating their bullshit and call them out on it. Stop closing ranks and defending ALL Christians just because the rest of the world is tired of the bad ones trying to shove their bibles down our throats and up our asses.

            I don’t have a problem with Christians as a group so much as I have a problem with blatent hypocrisy. Those of you who claim to follow Christ, and do so in example as well as in word, excellent! I appreciate altruism, no matter what belief fuels it… but if you claim to be a disciple of Christ, and you advocate burdening the poor beyond their already stretched means to help someone who doesn’t need it, then you can kiss my goddamn ass.

            My rage is towards Christians In Name Only, not towards REAL Christians who put their money where their faith is.

      • Yeah, actually, Bill, I do have a problem with Christianity. The kind of Christianity Bachmann preaches. The kind that promotes hatred of someone who is “different”. The kind that promotes, as Bachmann does, dumping the elderly to fend for themselves, or removing all social services to children that are already hungry when they go to bed. What forgiveness? Bachmann has no forgiveness in HER heart for people that don’t toe her rigid ideology, she’s made that perfect clear. Christian? Oh, like Bachmann promotes the bullying of gays in Minnesota schools? It will “toughen” them up? If that’s your brand of Christianity, keep it, I want no part of it.

  • Let’s not forget that the state of MN was PAYING her up to $2,700 per month if she was housing 3 children at a time ($900 per kid, per month).

    • 900$ per kid…I. am a foster perent in WI and I sure do not get that…where do you get your data…for the most severe child with failure to thrive or the one w/fetal etoh I got max $400…all the rest were less…do not get me wrong…not a fan of this lady…but foster parents do not rake in the cash…

      • TheNightowl

        Don’t forget, that with her husband’s degree, this was considered a “treatment” setting. They were charging Medicaid money for “therapy” for these kids on top of what they got paid in clothing and housing allowance. This was not ever a simple fostering situation.

      • Dont forget too that there are different levels of foster parents, with each level you are paid a higher rate even for children with the lowest “needs”. I would suspect michele is the type to be paid the highest paying level. Plus, there are things within your home that u can write off, when u know the ins and outs of tax law like a “tax attorney” would.

  • She’s not going to win the nomination, eventually Republicans will start talking about “electability”, who can consolidate the right-wing base, who can pull Democrat votes, who can work with Republicans in Congress, that sort of thing. Bachman can’t even work with the old-line Republicans, does she really think she will be able to get all Republicans behind her and maybe get a few Dems going her way? As a person, she’s frightening, but as a candidate, she is a useful idiot at best. Let her torpedo her own party, the longer she’s out there, the more the Republicans look weird, just plain old weird.

    At least Sarah Palin has a personality. Bachman is nothing but snide, mean, and insultingly obvious in her stretches of the truth. Then again, is it really a lie if you believe it to be true?

  • I heard her say she had taken 23 foster kids into her home. That is different than raising them. I do not care for Bachmann, but I want total honesty from the left when they attack the right. We do not do our cause any good by being sloppy.

  • If you call yourself a Christian and you are bashing Michelle Bachmann for her Christian values and for opening her home and heart to Foster Children….. ask yourself, how many Foster Children have you let into your home?
    Do you think it was fair to bash Sarah Palin for being a Christian and for loving America …. they liberal establishment is still bashing Sarah… by the way check your facts… Palin was 100% correct on the response she gave about Paul Revere… She was quoting from a letter personally written by Paul Revere….
    If you want america to “change” because you are gay… wait ’till Obama let’s in more Muslims and we have sharia law…. they will put you to death…. True Christians for America will protect your freedoms not take them away….. I’m voting for a true Christian for my President….. and I’m asking everyone else to look to the Bible first when you go to the polls for the next President.

    • Kevin u r one of the many reasons people do not like so called True Christians and precisely why i am Buddhist!

    • SusieSplicer

      I’m sorry. I think you and the “Christians” you say you are voting, for need to go back and READ the bible again. We are to take care of the least among us. Clearly, that is not the Republician platform with all the cuts to social programs they propose WHILE giving tax cuts to the rich. The tax cuts have been in place since Bush”s first term…..where are the jobs they are supposed to create? America needs to wake up.
      As far a Palin goes, she does this too herself. She needs to take Barbara Bush’s advice and STAY in Alaska. She’s a joke…….However, they are paying her to incite while male rednecks…..That is the one thing she excels at.

    • Jon Bon Jovi

      Four words, Kevin.

      Don’t Tread On Me.

      Don’t shove your bible-thumping nonsense onto me just because you think EVERYONE should follow the bible. For the record, I’d prefer a secular humanist in the White House over a Christian any day. Palin is a twit who got the Paul Revere story completely WRONG. The letter contradicts her story, not confirms it, dimwit. Or do you not listen to anyone who doesn’t hold a bible in front of them when they talk?

      By the way, you want to talk about how you hate people bashing on your dear Palin or Bachmann and then you go ahead and declare that Obama is bringing in Sharia law in the same post? Get bent, you hypocrite.

      NO RELIGION should have a place in the law. This nation’s founders believed in equality for EVERYONE, not a preference for YOUR religion.

      By the way, for Christian women, neither Palin nor Backmann exemplify Christ very much. Jesus wouldn’t be cool with saddling the poor with massive debts to protect the rich, and then telling sick, starving human beings to get lost because they’re lazy slime.

      Screw you, screw your candidates, and screw your religion.

      I’m not in the mood for this bullshit today.

      • I just want to remind everyone….Jesus was killed by the religious leaders of His day. (Don’t quote me Bible verses, I know my Bible) Jesus tried to convince everyone that God is LOVE. What is wrong, is so called Christians are still preaching God HATES! Knock it off and do what you were told, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” Christians are not supposed to be worried about getting rich, they are supposed to HELP the poor, not tax them into homelessness. Bachmann is a nut cake!

    • I agree Kevin. I don’t know much about her but I’d vote for a true Christian such as Herman Cain before anyone else. People don’t understand that if you vote for a person with morals and values and loves God, all the other things just fall into place.
      I can’t believe some of these people are bashing this woman for saying one thing they find fault in. Maybe in her way of thinking taking care of them for a week, IS raising them. I’m curious, who has confirmed that she only had some for a week?
      Her or Herman Cain won’t get in because they are Christians. Sad but true. Just look at how Sarah Palin is treated. Well, you know what Jesus said…..they hated him first.

      • How do you know if someone is a “true Christian”? you can’t get inside a person’s head and know what’s really in there. And unless you know the person, you can’t see what their actions are.

      • In my book a ‘true’ Christian doesn’t brag about their good deeds to gain political favor…and the Bible has alot to say about taking care of the poor, and usery in lending…so ‘real’ Christians should have NO PROBLEM with medicare, universal single payor health care, Social security, etc..

        WWJD? He’d tax the corporate jet…”Give unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s”…he wouldn’t have chosen to hold the last supper with hedge fund managers.

        You people give Jesus a bad name, shame.

      • Aquarian Dreamer

        yep the brainwashing is complete there is no brain activity here. morals and values fine, but what the hell does god have to do with being a good leader?) Yeshua believed you should love others As you love yourself. have your ‘Christian’ nominees told you yes we believe Pres. Obama is wrong but He is such a good, if deluded, guy? not that Ive seen.

    • If you are a Christian, you quite possibly do not need to identify yourself as such to all who come along, over and over again?
      Who is a “true” Christian?
      Bachmann sets herself up with statements that are full of holes, she is running for president, and will be construed in this endeavor with a microscope. If you want to play, better get your act together?

    • Christians dont want to take away rights? They are the ones trying to impose laws that adhere to christian beliefs. That denies anyone who is not christian the right to unbiased laws that respect separation of state and religion. They want to deny others the right to decide whether or not they should use birth control or have children and whether or not they should have the right to be married under the law or what constitutes legitimate love between two people.
      THE BIBLE talks about loving your enemies. It talks about turning the other cheek and how MONEY is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL….arent the republican politicians ALL owned by and representatives of RICH CORPORATIONS?
      BTW JESUS wasnt born in the US…He was born in the middle east, in Judea…near what today is considered the West Bank…..He would be considered a Palestinian.
      Sharia law does not exist in the US. Dont be ridiculous!

    • Seriously?? The “Christians” misinterpretation of the Bible has been and will continue to be the root of all Evil. Go back and read your Bible again hun cuz you just don’t get it!

    • True Christians don’t run for political office. Here’s a Christian pop quiz question for ya’ Kevin:

      What did Jesus do when he saw that the people were trying to get him to hold a political office?

      Answer: He ran away into the mountains all by himself to get away from them.

      Now, if Jesus refused to be king even though he knew that he was more qualified to rule than anyone else in that area (being the son of God and absolutely lacking in any imperfection/sin), how can anyone who runs for office be following his lead? If you’re not following Jesus’ example, you’re not a Christian no matter how often you go to church or how many children you raise/take in/foster/adopt.

    • Kevin, no one bashed Palin for “being a Christian” and “loving America”; they blamed her for being a hypocritical negative whiny liar with an obvious lack of brains, and a GIANT persecution complex.

      Keep up … Pharisee.

    • Aquarian Dreamer

      man if she were a true Christian at most it would have been yea I raised, helped raise,or took in(depending on length of time in her care) 23 kids who needed a place to stay, its no big deal, my husband and I had the money, so we figured why not? lets help the community. lets move on to why I’m running. what she is trying to pull is I’m sorry, unchristian. trying to make political capital proclaiming she raised 23 kids(or more, does this include her natural born children?) at every opportunity?
      maybe you should try reading the constitution before trying to burn it, or make up BS to try and back what is an in-defensible position. sharia law cannot and face it will not automatically become the law of the land in this nation, nor will the fundie Christian beliefs you seem to hold so dear. and honestly a gay person, or anyone visiting an abortion clinic has more reason fear you more. you are here now after all. here in the US religions are meant to stay out of politics, and the first amendment has for many years been interpreted just that way.
      oh and you ‘true Christians’ yea you’ll protect my rights, if I think(or don’t think as it seems) like you, talk like you, walk like you…if you are a ‘true Christian’ Kevin, I think Ill just call myself an agnostic. while I believe in a supreme being, I’m at least honest enough to myself and others to admit that as smart as I am I’m nowhere near smart enough to try to define that being beyond ‘the universe’ many have tried, Christian, Muslem Jewish(remember Yeshua of Nazareth was a Jew. he had a few really good ideas though.) Buddhist, Hindu…and yet, we still make the mistakes of the past.

  • The scariest thing about this nut job is that there are people who BELIEVE HER and believe IN her !! A “friend” on my facebook page just “liked” her !!! Now, I know this friend and she seems to be a nice, normal middle aged woman. What could a “normal,” i.e., middle of the road, middle class, woman possibly LIKE about Michelle Bachmann? Is she really so full of charm that she can convince people who would normally be rational to believe in her? Does Jim Jones come to mind?????

    • Vicky L. Dale

      Some people ‘LIKE’ certain politicians so that they can post comments on their walls. They use this option to reach the Idiots posting on the Palin and Bachmann pages. It’s to call them out on the reasons why they admire their policies and ignore their hypocrisy. I friended Vitter’s page to ask him to Resign after the Anthony Weiner scandal. After all, he had sex with a Prostitute and that was Illegal, while Weiners infraction did not break any laws. Of course I was eventually Blocked.

  • Carl Sanders

    While I don’t like her politics, and feel she has stretched the truth, or just plain lied, about her education and experience, I still admire ANYONE who has had a hand in “foster care”, whether it was for a day or a lifetime. There is such a shortage of willing foster parents in these United States that there is often a waiting list of children needing these services. I, for one, am grateful for Ms. Bachmann and others who take the time to help with the care and upbringing of these children. Of course, on the other hand, she may have tried to brainwash the children so that they will become Republicans! What the hell, I’d take that chance.

    • So does that mean that you admire ANYONE who has had a hand in foster care, including all the foster parents who are abusers, molesters, murderers, pedophiles, etc…? Just because someone does a good deed by face value, does not make them all of a sudden a wonderful, glorious person to be praised. One good deed does not dismiss or legitimize even a single bad deed. And to top it off, YOU CONDONE her possible brainwashing of these children as long as they meet YOUR political views? YOU’RE a fucking monster. The fact that you’ve fostered children yourself really raises some red flags in my book if these are the types of values you hold. Children services should be looking into your history.

  • I would like to hear from some of those foster children she “raised”

  • I’ve been saying this since she first came on the national scene. She must have said this 100 times, about having *raised* 23 foster children. I noticed, also, that recently she’s amended that statement to say *took in* 23. I’m a little familiar with the foster care system, and I knew when she said it that many of those kids may have been in her care for only a few days, yet she’s counting them like she’s some Madonna who’s RAISED 23 fosters. What a hypocrite and liar. I’d love to see some of those foster kids come forth and tell us what life in her house must have been like. Ugh…the thought.

  • Miriam Hyde

    I REALLY, REALLY dislike Bachmann, but even if she only had a child for a week, she made a difference for that kid. I hope. But she needs to be clear about using the word “raised”. It definitely implies something else.

    “n 1999, Bachmann ran as one of a slate of GOP candidates for the Stillwater, Minnesota school board, normally a non-partisan election. She and the other GOP-endorsed candidates did not win.”

    Another great description:


    If she does go higher in the Republican field, it will only mean the “eyes” have it!

    • She didn’t “imply”. She said. If someone on the other side of the fence SAID a lie, I’d stand up to it, too. We need to quit being charitable to outright lies and calling them things like “misspeech” or “implications”. When someone lies to make themselves look better, it’s still a lie and we need to call it that. To do otherwise erodes truth and makes language into a game where cheating is okay. I’m not a fan of being charitable in regards to calling an outright lie something else.

      And to take credit for raising these kids isn’t the same as helping to make a difference. It’s self-agrandissement and makes her every motive (especially regarding CHILDREN) suspect. That’s what happens when you eschew integrity; your motives become suspect.

  • Roy L Taylor

    I wouldn’t trust her to raise vegetable’s, much less a human being.

    • You’re right Roy … instead of praising the woman for doing something you are way too busy or heartless and callous to do … criticizer her … what a jerk

      • I have an adopted son… and I have taken in children needing homes off the street… also when I was 18 I took care of a 16 year old girl when her mom was so F’d up on meds she couldn’t function… I agree with Roy… I wouldn’t trust this woman with children. There are plenty of foster parents who should not have foster children SHE is one of them.

      • Bill,

        Can’t help but notice that you are systematically jumping down the throat of everyone who is pissed off at Bachmann for lying. What’s more you have chosen to paint her as someone who actually DID what she said she did- despite the fact that she lied- and everyone else as uncaring, heartless and lazy because they haven’t lied about raising 23 kids.

        Just wanted to point that out to everyone in the room. I want the sheer level of your douchebaggery to really sink in. I wanted people to see you as the condescending tea-bag you are (I use “condescending” because the act of EXPECTING people to swallow your BS carries with it the insult of considering the rest of us stupid or gullible or both).

        Y’see, the days of repeating-GOP-lies-until-people-call-them-the-truth politics like you use? Those are over, man. The rest of us know a troll when we see one, now. Some of us even know what “astro-turfing” is and how phony your whole Tea Party “grassroots” movement is because of it. You’re done, dude. No one’s buying. Give up.
        You just lok sad and pathetic at this point.

      • Bill, you are a Troll…

  • She isnt honest or amusing, just very frightning thoughtnof her anywhere near the oval office.

  • /sarcasm on/ A Republican politician lying? Really? I can hardly believe it! /sarcasm off/ — To be honest, did anyone really think this woman was being truthful when she claimed to have “raised” 23 foster children? Any intelligent person had to have known it was a “stretch” as soon as the words left her lips!

    • How many foster kids, desperately in need of a family to love them and care for them, many who have been abused —- have YOU taken in Eric? Seriously, you’re going to knock the woman for a misspeak like that … seriously? what a total heartless DB you are. …

      • First of all a misspeak is saying Jesus vs Haysus…she has repeatedly told this LIE! And I would argue that being with the Bachmann’s for any extended period of time is ABUSE!

      • I’m sure she only took them in to convert them. She doesn’t care about people. You can tell by her politics. Which are apparently yours as you are defending her… shame on you for being the heartless one and trying to ruin America. And you know nothing about charitable things that Eric may have done in his life.

      • Ive taken in five foster kids over my lifetime. I dont think that people were upset that she mis spoke, I think they are upset that she purposefully misled people into thinking she had ‘raised’ 23 children and that she did so for political gains. I dont think she has ever missed an opportunity to use that statement when speaking publicly. That is tantamount to exploitation.

      • Really Bill? A misspeak? Come on!!!!!!!

      • Jackie Murphy

        It’s not a misspeak, it’s lying, plain & simple.

      • Bill, you republitards must really enjoy rallying behind your female candidates who OFTEN “misspeak”

      • How many foster kids have you taken in?

        A real Christian does good works for the reward of helping others, NOT distorting them for political gain…being paid to take in a child for a short term, DOES NOT constitute raising them.

      • Bill — I can’t speak for “Eric” – but my hubby and I have taken in over 35 foster kids since 1990, for varying lengths of time – and ultimately permanently adopted 7 of them. So am I in a position to express my opinions??? This isn’t “mis-speaking” – that word is political BS. She lied – repeatedly – to try to glorify what she did. Had she simply said she’d been a foster parent of 23 kids over the years, that would have at least been accurate.

  • Has anyone checked into her law degree?

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