The Tea Party Lies

Author: July 12, 2011 3:26 pm

I have always considered the Tea Party to be a little suspicious.  Maybe it’s because I am originally from England, and cannot get over the naughty colonies dumping our precious tea into the sea in 1773.

But in all seriousness the Tea Party, as we know them today, sprang forth soon after Barack Obama took office, and suddenly started protesting our terrible tax burden and seemed to believe that they had something in common with the colonists of 1773.  Some even dressed in period costume; a sure sign they had a valid point.

Unfortunately, facts really aren’t on the side of the Tea Party.  Recent widely reported figures actually show that in real terms the tax revenue collected from Americans is actually the lowest it has been since Truman was in office.  Yep, the job killing, socialist, Marxist, Kenyan, radical, do-too-much, do nothing, Muslim president is actually in office during a time when our tax burden is lower than during George W. Bush!  Furthermore, unlike the Brit hating tea tossers of 1773, the average Tea Bagger in America does in fact have full democratic representation in exchange for their tax dollars.

The reality is our economy cannot really continue with such low taxation levels.  Should you actually talk to a Tea Bagger or a Republican about what they actually want to cut, they may go into a little rant about welfare recipients and making government smaller, but in the real world they won’t actually address the elephant in the room that is our military spending.

As a nation our military spending is over half a trillion dollars a year.  Or in other words if every country in the world had their military spending displayed on a pie chart, the American slice would be 43%; almost as much as the entire rest of the world combined.

But does smaller government mean not having a military presence in over 150 countries to the average Tea Party member or Republican?  No, of course not.  It seems they would rather spend their time trying to repeal ‘Obamacare’ so that we can return to a time when sick children were kicked off health care plans for being too sick, or too expensive to help.  They will be quick to support the abolition of abortion because it is “killing babies” but when said babies are born into the world, if their parents are poor tough luck; no Obamacare for you.  You can just contribute to our embarrassingly high infant mortality figures (We’re currently 46th in the world, according to the CIA 2009 numbers – in case you are keeping score).

When you peel back the nonsense of the Tea Party and look under the hood so to speak, what you actually see are a bunch of selfish morons who basically dislike our President (or possibly any non-white person), want to pay little to no taxes, and want to cut social and welfare programs to anyone other than themselves.  Much like the Republican controlled Congress who recently implemented new ‘spending controls’ that were designed to cut ‘wasteful’ Democratic spending, but just so happened to contain exemptions for pretty much anything they wanted to spend money on.

So what does the Tea Party really stand for?  According to their web site they want “fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free market.”  But despite the concept of fiscal responsibility there seems to be no clamor on the right to reduce our unsustainable military presence and spending around the world.  When it comes to limited government, the average Tea Bagger seems to side with Republicans and demand that the government outlaw or severely curtail abortion rights, gay marriage rights, enact flag burning laws, outlaw smoking pot, and so on and so forth.  They seem to be down with a free market, but it’s a lack of regulation that caused a meltdown in our economy recently, not government interference or regulation.

Ultimately this is my issue with the Tea Party:  They are playing the role of an oppressed minority who are being terrorized by a big government machine hell bent on stealing their guns, liberty, life as they know it, all while increasing taxes.  However, the reality is that the Tea Party supporters are mainly middle to upper class white people who want to “take our country back.”  These people want lower taxes, despite the reality that they are about as low as they have been for a very long time.  They want limited/small government, yet this seems to exclude the military spending and on issues they care about such as the prevention of gay marriage, abortion and pot heads.

For all of these reasons, I’d like to call the Tea Party out for their BS:  Don’t talk to me about small government, if you are not planning on at least halving our military budget (which would still leave it three times higher than China’s).  Don’t talk to me about free market and less government interference, when you seem to want the government to impose religious and moral ‘values’ on those of us who may not share said values.  Don’t talk to me about wanting to pay less taxes, while you are supporting Republican hand outs to millionaires.  In fact, take your stupid costume, your stupid selfish ideas, your racism, and small minded bigotry and just don’t talk to me at all.


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  • Paul Burrell

    I’d like to be able to read the sources of some of the stuff in this post, and it seems a pity that the author didn’t include them.

    “in real terms the tax revenue collected from Americans is actually the lowest it has been since Truman”

    I’d love to have the original cite for that data.

    Meantime, though, a fun fact to toss a teabagger:

    According to them commies at Bloomberg, the bank bailout put ~13 T at risk.

    The national debt currently estimated at somewhere close to 13T by those socialist scallywags at the Washington Times.

    Coincidence? You be the judge.

  • Got to love the logic:

    ‘There was a couple of black people at one of the TP meetings. A black person even was MC at one event I attended ! See how tolerant we are? We allow black folks to speak at our meetings ! So we couldn’t possibly be racists or republicans.’

    The part he didn’t mention was that someone at that meeting probably asked the black MC if he could do a tap dance for them. Or shine their shoes. Either that or they were making bets on which professional sports team the black guy had played on.

    • Yeah, we’re not racists. We even let the blacks bring us the food!

      It’s odd that a movement that is so completely ‘tolerant’ of race, gender, ethnicity and so on spend so much time calling Obama every name under the sun apart from the N word. All that effort implying he was Muslim, or born in another country.

      Seems like they’d be more focused on their stated issue of lowering taxes to the point where our country can no longer function at all.

  • TexasFrenchy

    And to the people who are surprised by the type of ads on this website, it’s very easy. Mostly we are talking about GOP, GOP people, Tea Party, etc.

    That’s what web crawlers see because web ads are nowadays meant to be related to the content of the website it is displayed on.

    Of course the robots don’t seem to get the real nature of the articles and are unable to fix their own mistake but that’s how it works.

    now does AddictingInfo gets any ad revenue from it, I don’t know but admit that it would pretty ironic.

  • Amen ZCT you put it in a nutshell…(pun intended)!

  • Two things: Many in the Tea Party are libertarian. They don’t believe in the “nation building” that has been going on and want to bring troops home from bases all over the world. They support cuts in defense spending and believe that defense should be limited to national security, and not policing the world. Secondly, many Tea Partiers support both Herman Cain and Allen West…African-Americans who just so happen to believe in conservatism and a small federal government. In addition I have attended two Tea Party events where there were not only African-Americans in attendance, they were EMCEED by African-Americans. It’s easy to cry “Racism”…respectfully, you need to know all the facts.

    • You tell us what the Tea Party stands for, but it’s really not what we hear from them. We hear rants about our terrible tax burden, which simply isn’t true; our tax burden hasn’t been this low in decades. They whine about spending, but it seems like Republicans hijack these ideas and it turns out they don’t care about spending, as long as it isn’t on any idea left of center. And I’ve never heard any real outrage at a Tea Party rally as reported in the news, where the focus is on cutting defense spending to a reasonable level.

      My further issue is that Republican Tea Party candidates talk about small government, libitarian views, and less interference from the government, until it comes to conservative issues like gay marriage, abortion, other reproductive rights of women, prayer in school, ten commandments on government property, Intelligent Design taught in science class and so on. THEN they don’t seem to have a problem with BIG government jack books and complete government interference.

      So call me a cynic, but if you are preaching small government, you can’t be FOR a bunch of stupid petty meddling on issues such as those I just mentioned. Either you are for a small hands off government or you are not. But if your definition of small government is kicking vulnerable people off disability, taking health care aware from children, and defunding useful social programs like Planned Parenthood, you are hurting society, not helping it. And your lofty goals are really just as bad as any other conservative Republican.

      • Bravo! I have asked Tea Party members I’ve met in several states the following questions: “Where were you when George W. Bush signed the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) in 2003? Where were you about the cost to taxpayers then? Where were we decided to spend money on multiple wars? I heard nothing from you then besides “Kill the Muslims!” Where were you defending the free market when George W. Bush created TARP and bailed out his Wall Street buddies? You were waiting to blame Obama.” No Tea Party member I’ve met can explain it. It is absolutely about Obama, not about the budget. If it had been, they would have been around, and as loud as they are now, much, much sooner.

        Thank you so much for this excellent article. I have shared it with hundreds of people already. Well done.

        • Thank you for your kind words.

          Yes it makes me laugh hearing the Tea Party defending their views. It’s like asking a Republican who supported George Bush to name three positive achievements of the Bush administration. I’ve never gotten a straight answer on that one.

    • Republican money = Republican Party

      Republican Campaigns = Republican Party
      Which part of this simple equation hints at the Libertarian Party ?

      When the TP candidates work up enough nerve to either run on their own ticket or on the Libertarian ticket, then I will believe they are something other than Republicans.

  • The Tea Party is sponsored by the Koch Brothers of Texas. The way they act, I am pretty certain President Obama is not white enough for them. People are suddenly starting to realize the Tea Party is not the “Gress Roots” movement it has been claiming to be. The Koch Brothers have been dumping billions into Tea Party politicians to shift the power to the GOP.

    I agree with everything you have stated. Here is a link to the New York Times article talking about the real money behind the Tea Party ( which mentions the Koch Brothers “Coming Out” in ‘The New Yoker’ article (

      • Oh, and the Koch Brothers have only dumped in 100 million, not billions. But I think that figure is an error. They spent a lot in South Dakota. And since we are small potatoes, I bet the spent closer to 100 million just in the 2012 election alone.

        • “Only the Kochs know precisely how much they have spent on politics. Public tax records show that between 1998 and 2008 the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation spent more than forty-eight million dollars. The Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation, which is controlled by Charles Koch and his wife, along with two company employees and an accountant, spent more than twenty-eight million. The David H. Koch Charitable Foundation spent more than a hundred and twenty million. Meanwhile, since 1998 Koch Industries has spent more than fifty million dollars on lobbying. Separately, the company’s political-action committee, KochPAC, has donated some eight million dollars to political campaigns, more than eighty per cent of it to Republicans. So far in 2010, Koch Industries leads all other energy companies in political contributions, as it has since 2006. In addition, during the past dozen years the Kochs and other family members have personally spent more than two million dollars on political contributions. In the second quarter of 2010, David Koch was the biggest individual contributor to the Republican Governors Association, with a million-dollar donation. Other gifts by the Kochs may be untraceable; federal tax law permits anonymous personal donations to politically active nonprofit groups.”

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Like my feelings about separation of Church and State – Tea Partiers and fundamentalists can ‘think’ whatever they like – as long as they don’t VOTE…

    The real problem with the defense budget is simple – this is the cash cow for the Republican whales – most of the money from defense appropriations goes back to the contractors and corporations that bought the pols to begin with, the rest goes to take away the medical benefits from the same soldiers that got shot up ‘defending’ the oil pipelines in Iraq and heroin pipelines in Afghanistan…

  • I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but i find it rather ironic that both a ron paul and a tim pawlenty ad both desecrate this page.

  • Joel S Henderson

    wait a second…WHO is lying now? The tea party “sprang forth soon after Barack Obama took office”???

    That’s extremely interesting since I was attending ‘tea party’ events in Boston back in 2007 (you know, back when George W. Bush was president).

    Admittedly the mainstream media drew a bunch of racist/ignorant idiots into the movement (thanks agent provocateurs!) because of course the corporations that own the media didn’t want a robust populist movement that was drawing attention to corporate influence in government…

    In any case, I’d be the first to draw attention to the idiots out there in the political spectrum but at least I try to be honest about it…


      Sorry, I don’t accept that this movement was anything of real substance back in 2007. It certainly came to prominence after Obama took office. I agree that the racists and ignorant in the movement did indeed draw media attention.

      • I agree. If it existed back in 2007 it certainly wasn’t the Tea Party it is today…with Koch brothers financing it and the racist/ignorant idiots. Maybe people like you Joel should start a new group…one more independent of Koch money and racist/ignorant idiots!

    • Alexander Wensel

      Because they existed. They did not jump out and attack, until obama. Therefor, when obama came in, they jumped out.

    • Then why the heck weren’t they raising a stink over the Patriot Act? That would have been a much bigger issue to a group who GENUINELY stands for the issues this fraud group claims to stand for, than Obamacare. The Patriot Act was the biggest anal rape of the Constitution in U.S. History yet you still say NOTHING, and vividly demonstrate no desire to address it when it’s brought up. Then you wonder why others are suspicious if not outright sickened by the hypocrisy.

    • Then why weren’t they raising a stink over the Patriot Act? That would have been a much bigger issue to a group who GENUINELY stands for the issues this fraud group claims to stand for, than Obamacare. The Patriot Act was the biggest anal rape of the Constitution in U.S. History yet you still say NOTHING, and vividly demonstrate no desire to address it when it’s brought up. Then you wonder why others are suspicious if not outright sickened by the hypocrisy.

  • As a Democrat there’s a screaming false claim on your blog post. You say that the Tea Party/Republicans don’t want to cut defense spending or close bases around the world but actually there’s a large portion of the party, both Tea Party and mainstream who want to cut defense spending by a lot AND close numerous bases around the world. Also, why is there an anti-Obama ad from Crossroads GPS on your website? Seems counterproductive…

    Personally, as a service member who campaigned for Obama, I want to cut as little of our defense spending as possible.

    • Well, at least you’re being up front about your self interest on the issue.

    • I’m not anti-troops at all, despite being liberal. But our budget for 2012 is something like $720,000,000,000! How can we justify that (and our presence in 150 countries around the world) while we are laying teachers off and police officers, our infrastructure is crumbling, and we are telling seniors we may have to cut their ‘benefits.’ And to do all this while letting corporations skip out on their tax obligations and continuing to fund tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, makes no sense, and is part of how we ended up in this financial situation.

  • Don’t call them “lies”.

    Call them “FREEDOM FIBS”

  • I don’t think I have heard anyone put it so eloquently. I will definitely be sharing this with everyone I know, and rubbing it in the face of any tea party supporter. Thank you.

      • Rita McNamaraMoose

        Thank you. I agree that the so called Tes Party is nothing but racists who organized with the help of Fox and Limbaugh and even legisltators who vowed to make our President fail. As a native Bostonian I am disgusted by such morons using the name Tea Party, The facts tread all over them.

    • Same here. As a Brit, now that I’ve heard this particularly chauvinistic, plebian, populist “party” for over a year, my dominant emotional reaction is to start McDonald’s and Coca Cola parties in every harbour in England :O)

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