Republican Governors Who Don’t Believe In Climate Change Call For Day Of Prayer To End The Heat

Author: July 21, 2011 8:37 am

Texas Governor Rick Perry and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

Republican Governors from Texas and Oklahoma have called for a day of prayer, to end the heat wave that is roasting most of our country right now. Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma don’t believe in climate change, yet they believe if enough people pray then the heat will end.

Governor Rick Perry stated;

“I urge Texans of all faiths and traditions to offer prayers on that day for the healing of our land, the rebuilding of our communities and the restoration of our normal and robust way of life,”

Mary Fallin stated;

For the safety of our firefighters and our communities and the well-being of our crops and livestock, this state needs the current drought to come to an end. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing, and I would ask every Oklahoman to look to a greater power this weekend and ask for rain.

“I think if we have a lot of people praying, it moves the heart of God,”

In regards to climate change, Rick Perry has stated;

Almost every day there is another scientist that leaves the global warming bandwagon but you won’t read it in the mass media out there, because they’ve already invested in one side of that story. When politics hijacks science, it quells true scientific debate and you can have dire consequences for the future.

In regards to climate change, in 2007 Mary Fallin stated;

“[We] need to be more concerned about global warming in the U.S. caused by a nuclear attack.”


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  • I know that there are a lot of really good people in your country, but is there any wonder so many people in other countries laugh at the US?

  • I expect these religious idiots to claim victory sometime in November or December when the winter is well under way…

  • WOW, with all that praying, I expect to see headlines real soon now about how cool and rainy it is in Texas and Oklahoma! I am waiting……………..

  • Wow, there’s so much ignorance being spewed on here. My experience is that anyone who quotes what “scientists” think are people who have never bothered to spend time learning the facts and making decisions for themselves. Newsflash: Global climate change has been happening since the beginning of time. This only became a real issue when certain politicians realized they could hijack science for their own gains. They were stupid though, and called it global warming and presented it as indisputable fact. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t fully develop their propaganda. Once their movement gained some momentum from ignorant, albeit well-intentioned, morons, the scientific community not funded by these politicians went back over the numbers and added in their own research to prove global warming was a crock of shit. That’s when it was renamed “global climate shift”. They covered their asses this time by calling it a “shift”. You can’t argue with the fact that global climate shift exists, and those who deny that it does are just ignoring the simplicity of what “global climate shift” means. If it gets hotter, it’s global climate shift. If there’s a drought, it’s global climate shift. If there is a lot of rain, it’s global climate shift. If the earth cools a few degrees, it’s global climate shift. You just have to roll your eyes at this. It’s basically the equivalent of saying you have made a scientific breakthrough because you noticed that it rained yesterday, but not today. The politics of it re-enters when they claim that it is human involvement that causes these climate shifts, because that standpoint aligns with the agenda of certain lobbyists and interest groups. The truth, however, is that global shift exists as a natural phenomenon and has existed for thousands of years. It’s not caused by SUVs or oil companies. If you do a quick study on how much energy, CO2, and pollution humans create, you might be astounded and have a knee-jerk reaction calling for an end to it all. But take that a little further. Look at the natural forces at work and compare the two. The natural forces outweigh human impact by many orders of magnitude. It’s pretty arrogant to believe we are causing the climate to change, and even more ignorant to think that you can reverse it. I’m not promoting a rape and pillage of natural resources either. There are plenty of good reasons to recycle, conserve, and research any number of alternatives to what we are currently doing, but to do so under the guise of global warming or global climate shift is scare tactics and propaganda at its finest. I’ve spent several years researching issues surrounding this and encourage you to thoroughly do so as well. Don’t be a sheep. Disregard the media (both sides of it), and make your own decision. You have a brain. Use it.

    • You, sir, are the one who needs to get a brain. The
      evidence for global warming and HUMAN caused is so
      overwhelming as to be on the scale of cigarette use
      causing cancer. I suppose you don’t believe that either,
      it is just another hype drummed up by the research
      establishment to get rich. If you actually were a
      scientist instead of a moron, you might have a clue. As for encouraging
      people to make their own decision, even an idiot without
      any information from the media can see what is happening.
      Go peddle your rubbish somewhere else.

    • Since “the beginning of time?” Are you one of the dimbulbs who thinks the planet is 3,000 years old? Temperature, polarity, oxygen content, and a host of things have cycled since the planet cooled a few billion years ago. However, the planet has consistently warmed since the beginning of the Industrial Age and the point when human population began its exponential rise. That, however, wouldn’t even be the beginning of recorded history.

      A more accurate description of what’s going on would be called “global ocean warming.” If you can find a credible (not some goof from a wingnut thinktank or a fundamentalist for-profit “college”) scientist who disputes ocean warming, cite him here or show yourself to be among the crazed many who are willing to sacrifice their children for a few years of undisciplined energy spending.

    • I realize my reply if way after the initial response, but I had to weigh in.

      You can always tell an undereducated fool. They use quotes around the word scientist, they use a single paragraph to make their point, and they use the EXACT talking points as laid out by the major oil companies.

      Those who believe that humans are incapable of making global changes on a planetwide basis are also unaware of the THOUSANDS of satellites that orbit our spherical-shaped planet (I realize that a non-flat Earth concept is foreign to climage change deniers), that are analyzing all the parameters.

      But lastly, it’s pretty obvious that 99% of the deniers have never taken a single chemistry or physics course in their entire lives, but somehow are capable of turning on a computer and posting their ignorance on blogs.

    • wait — politicians are funding scientists now? that really would be a news flash. i really don’t understand what the incentive is for people to muck up the data so as to report bad news: that we can’t go on living the way we’re living. it’s hopeless trying to convince you and the vested interests hoping to turn every scrap of fossil carbon into carbon dioxide, so we’ll just have to see how wild this climate shift ride gets. remember: civilization was founded in a time of unusually stable climate. we’ll see what happens.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    I live in Texas. Three weeks ago, my wife and I drove by a wildfire burning along the side of the road. Firefighters were valiantly trying, but apparently woefully understaffed.

    Somehow people in this state keep watching the drought get worse and worse, and longer and longer, with summers that are giving us 113 degrees in the shade. Then one drop of snow falls in January and suddenly Climate Change is such a load of shit!

    …Can someone please explain to me how the hell people can be so monumentally stupid?

    By the way, God sure hasn’t helped any so far. At this point, my vote’s with Satan if it means we can get some friggin’ rain.

  • This is why the Republican party is a joke, and anyone who takes them seriously is a fucking idiot.

    • As this site has no “like” or thumbs up option – just want to throw in my complete agreement. It seems like there is a segment of the population for whom staying in reality is just to difficult. This could be because they can’t understand the concepts, have no critical thinking capacity, or perhaps they are just so gullible as to buy into the nonsense being fed to them by a very well funded far right conservative machine that appears to be there primarily to pull every last cent in America into their own pockets.

    • The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity.
      -Harlan Ellison

  • In general climate change is hard to judge by a few years. The northern hemisphere also had a very hard, cold winter last year. The 1950s also had very hot summers and extremes. As for conspiracies, the emails from England that were published, seemed to show a bias and numbers juggled to make a case for global warming. That does not mean the whole thing is a conspiracy, but there are biases on both sides of the issue.

    • Of course scientists are not judging it by a few years only. For examples bores taken in Antarctica go back thousands of years to even previous times of climate change, so we can compare what is happening now to those previous times. A common misconception is that because we might have record cold as well as record hot this somehow proves the change is not taking place when actually this is exactly what takes place during a period of climate change. The terminology of “Global Warming” probably leads people to believe this, however most scientists prefer the term climate instability.
      An easy visual to check out is what is happening with glaciers throughout the world as they are melting away in Alaska, Greenland, Peru, Argentina, Kilimanjaro, etc. Some good visuals can be seen here –

  • Perry is still praying for that pony he didn’t get for his 6th birthday. And, with all the fertilizer spewing from Mary Fallin’s mouth, I’m shocked those crops aren’t doing better in OK!

  • James estes

    Name one scientists that has reversed his position on global warming? And of course Texas and Oklahoma get huge revenues from the oil and natural gas industry which are the biggest contributors to global warming! Asses!

  • The last time Perry called for a day of “prayer” it was to pray for rain. The drought has only gotten worse. Guess “God” doesn’t love Perry or his sheep.

  • Julian Abbott

    The power of prayer doesn’t exist. It infuriates God and that’s all. The rebels against all Nature who mention casually the real name of the spokesman for all gods and goddesses ( God ) and devastate the Paradise that they were given 14,000 years ago are the only one’s that pray. Where the people followed their assigned god and goddesses they don’t have anything to pray for. They know how to live. They don’t dare to bother the gods because of things that are their own fault. Pray, and you’ll see that things get worse !

  • Perhaps they could get some Native Americans to do a little rain dance if their current strategy doesn’t work.

  • I challenge Gov. Perry to start naming names. Exactly which Climate Scientists are “leaving the bandwagon” exactly? The “scientists” on their silly petition is full of names of scientists who are now suing to have their names removed because they used without permission and the ones that signed on purpose are NOT Climate Scientists. Who’s argument was falling apart now?

  • Wow. Are any of these folks interested in buying a bride? I’ll give them a good deal!

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