Rush Limbaugh Says The High Temperatures Aren’t Real, They’re Part Of A Government Conspiracy

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Rush Limbaugh is now saying that it is not actually as hot as people think it is, and that the Government is doctoring the temperature numbers to make people think that it is hotter than it actually is.

Here’s the audio;

Limbaugh stated;

“And they’re playing games with us on this heat wave again. Even Drudge. Drudge getting sucked in here. Gonna be 116 in Washington. No it’s not. It’s going to be like 100, maybe 99. The heat index manufactured by the government to tell you what it feels like when you add the humidity in there, 116. When’s the last time the heat index was reported as an actual temperature. It hasn’t been, but it looks like they’re trying to get away with doing that now. 116.”

“Drudge is just linking to other people reporting this. He’s not saying it. I don’t want to misunderstand, but he’s linking to stories which say 116 in Washington. No. It’s what 100, 97, 99? It’s going to top out at 102, 103. It does this every year. We have this. There’s a heat dome over half the country. Midwest it’s moving East, and it happens every summer. It happens every summer.”