Rush Limbaugh Says The High Temperatures Aren’t Real, They’re Part Of A Government Conspiracy

Author: July 21, 2011 9:26 am

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Rush Limbaugh is now saying that it is not actually as hot as people think it is, and that the Government is doctoring the temperature numbers to make people think that it is hotter than it actually is.

Here’s the audio;

Limbaugh stated;

“And they’re playing games with us on this heat wave again. Even Drudge. Drudge getting sucked in here. Gonna be 116 in Washington. No it’s not. It’s going to be like 100, maybe 99. The heat index manufactured by the government to tell you what it feels like when you add the humidity in there, 116. When’s the last time the heat index was reported as an actual temperature. It hasn’t been, but it looks like they’re trying to get away with doing that now. 116.”

“Drudge is just linking to other people reporting this. He’s not saying it. I don’t want to misunderstand, but he’s linking to stories which say 116 in Washington. No. It’s what 100, 97, 99? It’s going to top out at 102, 103. It does this every year. We have this. There’s a heat dome over half the country. Midwest it’s moving East, and it happens every summer. It happens every summer.”



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  • Flush Limpdick is so full of it. The man can’t tell the truth to save his life and he’ll do or say ANYTHING to make the Left look bad. He’s a pompous, arrogant POS who needs to be taken out behind the nearest barn and taught a few lessons. and anybody who defends that closeted hypocrite needs to be taking his lick with old Flush.

  • The funny thing is I was actualy searching for the opposite & found this website. We are complaining because here in North Texas, (where we are anyway) they are reporting the temps LOWER than what they really are daily! Not the heat index the actual Temp.
    Everyday the TRUE temp is from 8 to 10 degrees HOTTER than reported. The lows are laughable, they state it to be about 77 on a daily average when in fact it hasn’t gone below 85. Today they reported 104 to be the high~ NOT! it was 113 degrees!!

    • I’m in north-east Texas and what you’re saying is absolutely true. Yesterday it got to 113 degrees here (that’s not taking the heat index into account due to the high humidity) and the media reported that it got up around 107. I know they’re lying. They do it almost every day. I know several people with thermometers and they’ve said the same thing.

  • Take his A/C away for a few days, please, anyone?

    • youniquelikeme

      This man can be considered the start of the American movement for loud, brash, prejudiced, racist, homophobic, narcissistic sociopaths, ignorant people to think they should be heard above others. (hence the loudness I guess)

      After voting in Bush, we lost respect for Americans. You voted for him again, we were shocked. After seeing how FOX and Murdoch were shaping the political landscape, forming the Tea Party and misleading the ignorant by pretending they were interested in the ordinary man, we knew you were in trouble. Now that they are gaining power, it is not an exaggeration to say you are doomed.

      It is shameful, yet they wear their absolute ignorance and prejudice with pride. Limbaugh was a catalyst for the movement and he is, sadly, how many in the world see Americans.

      • Don’t even look at me, I didn’t vote for the cocksucker the first time! I saw him for the capitalist corporate sex slave he is.

        I’m trying to fight to regain this country’s social stature in the world. I’m so tired of people denigrating us based on the Teapublicans and Fake News, because they’re assholes, and yes, while they are a part of this nation, and sadly I don’t think they should leave (just perhaps look for some FACTS), I am ashamed they are part of this nation. Because stupidity, especially in the age of the internet, has NO FUCKING EXCUSE!

        I just can’t believe the Right Wing nutjobs in this country don’t research facts!

        I’m just hoping that 2012 brings back some sanity, but considering NO ONE is going to Primary against Barack, we’re kind of fucked either way.

        Don’t even get me started on Ron Paul and his jackass followers.

  • Wow! What a Rush, pun intended

  • He should come to az where the REAL heat is

  • Kent the Roofer

    bRush Limpballs ignorance is only surpassed by his need for Oxycodone.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    We had 113 here in Texas about three weeks ago with no humidity whatsoever. When you go outside, you can feel your skin starting to sizzle in the goddamn sun. If you don’t wear shoes, your feet look like well-done bacon after you walk on the GRASS. We had grassfires all over the state. But it isn’t REALLY that hot.. It’s all just a game the government is playing with us to spiff up that climate change boogeyman… Riiiiiiight.

    Rush Limbaugh: FUCK YOU. Come down here and say it isn’t really that hot, you bloated gasbag. I’ll patiently wait for you to croak in the sun, should only take about five minutes.

    Also, I want to see this “Heat Dome.” Because you know, demagogues know more about meteorology than.. meteorologists.

  • This guy is moronic. When he gets a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and Disaster Modeling I will take him seriously.

    • Most of these “conservative” types are morons. All they care about is protecting the wealth of the mega rich ( in the hopes that they too will one day be rich) and trying to outlaw abortion and get Christian prayer back in school. I see the day coming when Margaret Atwood’s “the Hand Maiden’s Tale” becomes a reality. It’s as if we’re digressing backwards into this mindset. It feels like the Bible Belt is actually growing.

  • What we need is a “Rush Index” to help us understand the “Real Extent” of his offensiveness.

    0-25 Rush is sleeping. He’s just offensive because he’s breathing.
    26-50 Rush wakes up. There is a growing likelihood that he will be offensive soon.
    51-75 Rush opens his mouth. This could be bad, folks.
    76-100 Rush speaks. A full-on offensive shit storm. 100% chance of lies, hate, bigotry, and general widespread insanity. Rational people are urged to seek shelter immediately.

  • 100 or 116 once the tempetures are that high who cares what it feels like,it is still too hot.

  • In the audio piece, Mr. Limbaugh never once refers to the government. The blogger who wrote this is stretching the truth at least or downright lying at most. Nothing he said was untrue and maybe that’s the frustrating part that “certain” people are upset about. Rush makes mistakes at times, who doesn’t? Matthew Desmond needs to look a little harder if he’s hoping to discredit the #1 radio host in the country. Nice try.

  • Alan Daniel Petrash

    What’s funny is that he is saying all this while sweating profusely.

  • I don’t know what’s more funny, rush scumball making the temperature a issue, or the douche bags defending that pill popping scumbag.

  • Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, idiot .. always has been, and he’s built up too much behavioral momentum to change anytime soon .. end of story .. when was the last time Limbaugh opened his mouth and it didn’t come out big, fat, idiot talk?? .. it’s sure been a real long time, at the very least ..

  • Wow, it’s hot.

  • i bet he’s rolling around in the mud to cool off, as his type are known to do

  • The issue is that he is inferring the heat index is part of some government conspiracy to mislead people about the climate. Read what he says then tease out the specific facts within the statement. “Even Drudge. Drudge is getting sucked in here.” Okay, so Matt Drudge doesn’t know the difference between fahrenheit temperature and heat index. No surprise – Matt Drudge doesn’t know the difference between his butt and a hole in the ground. So why not just say “Drudge is stupid.” Or “Drudge made a mistake”? Why imply that it is part of some shadowy plot of government obfuscation? “Index numbers are being reported as real temperatures” By whom? Matt Drudge? The Weather Channel (Nope. TWC are very clear about Temp. verses “Feels like”, largely because “Feels like” is largely what determines things like heat exhaustion.) “Drudge isn’t saying it… He’s linking …” Linking to what? Where?

    So the real story is “Matt Drudge linked to inaccurate info on some unnamed website and didn’t fact check.” What does this have to do with some paranoiac government cabal fabricating weather? I can only assume it’s a result of the pills.

  • Linda Knight

    I have never heard a weather person give the heat index as the actual temp. I have heard them in the “pre-forecast” say things like, “It’s going to feel like 120 in Norfolk today.” Heat index is certainly not a government conspiracy, and if someone doesn’t understand that “feel like” and “reach” when referring to temps mean different things, then maybe that someone (Rush perhaps) is an idiot!

  • Hmmm who to believe – blow-hard Rush or a weatherman who knows, well, the WEATHER?? Oh boy I am in such a quandary

  • Way to lie in your title. Rush didn’t say the high temperatures weren’t real, he said that the high heat index numbers aren’t real temperatures, which they’re not. They are subjective determinations of comfort, not an actual precise measurement. He said that heat index numbers are being reported as real temperatures, such as Drudge reporting that it was going to be 116 in Washington, when that is actually the heat index, and the projected temperature for Washington was 100. Get your facts straight.

    • Finally, a reply from someone with a brain in his head, someone who can actually comprehend what he reads and hears!

    • youniquelikeme

      They are subject to the people (mostly babies, children and the elderly) dying and to them it matters a lot. Daycares and nursing homes set their temperatures and go outside and take extra water as well as precautions using the heat and humidity index, you asshat.

      Groups like scouts who are outside and hike have to be aware of the index and coaches should also pay VERY close attention as well. (look at how many football players die of heat exhaustion and lack of electrolytes)

      Dorks who listen to Rush don’t care if other people die or if the climate change danger is real, as they have proven to be as devoid of humanity and as selfish as he is…

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Typical Rush To Conclusion by Distortion.

    The heat index is precisely that, a composite of temp, humidity and I believe wind. It is NOT the same as a thermometer, that is precisely the point. Temperature alone is not a useful measure of perceived comfort. I have been in Thule Greenland at 0 degrees F, walking to work with my parka over my shoulder, didn’t need it. And on the way back the temp had gone up to 7, but a 5 MPH wind, and man! did I need the parka.

    Rush is, as usual, looking to inject conflict into a non-issue. matters not if it’s of value, the value lies in misdirection and causing the focus to be moved away from true issues – like jobs, the economy, the fascist takeover of the United States – you know, the trivial stuff…

  • Rush,
    When are you leaving the country? You said you would, if Mr Obama got elected. Maybe,just maybe, you lied for ratings?
    Get out and take your rhetoric and other lies with you. Please, now would be a good time to follow up on that moving thing.

  • Steve Kaspar

    No…he’s right.. listen to what he says.. You cannot refer to the actual TEMP as 116. Today in Missouri it will top out at 99 or maybe 100, BUT the Heat Index (what the temperature “Feels Like” with humidity and other issues) will be 116. Just like “Wind Chill” takes a temperature and it feels 10 degrees below that on your body. See? He was just saying that you cannot start calling the actual temperature what the Heat Index is. That’s all…geeezz a bunch of ‘jump to conclusion’ dummies..

    • Typical “knee jerk” reaction. It’s Rush, so no matter what he says, he’s wrong. Gotta follow Media Matters, and all that. Morons. I bet most people didn’t even listen to what he said, they just read the bullshit headline of this blog post and every other one like. “There he goes again, making crazy accusations about government conspiracy!” In fact he never said the words “doctoring” or “conspiracy” at all in that clip. Hey Matthew Desmond, you’re an idiot and making shit up. Jerk.

      • What do you think he meant by “manufactured by the government”

        • Right, he’s claiming the gov’t “manufactured” the heat index to make people think it’s hotter than it really is. Did the gov’t also manufacture the wind chill factor? And if so then why would they want us to think it’s colder than it really is?

          Truth is these terms are being coined by METEOROLOGISTS, not the gov’t, and Rush is just looking to get his dimwit followers all riled up over nothing.

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