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  1. Adrian in NZ
    July 25, 2011

    @Charley – and what about the countless millions dead across the world, particularly in poverty-struck areas, over decades following the prosperous capitalist system magic cure was supposed to bring?

    PJ Crowley, a leading right-wing intellectual, noted the world produces enough food, and a lot just goes to waste – so why should so many people die each year when we have the resources to alleviate suffering? Many of these people literally beg for any opportunity (hell, many jump into overloaded boats theyre that desperate), so that they may rise above their position and contribute in society (read: economy). A hand-up if you will, not hand-out.

    But then, our dominant global economic system is all about control, not really about empowerment and individual responsibility – so the West collectively is guilty of econocide. By encouraging further economic hardship and withdrawal of foreign aid by supporting your Tea Party, yes, you can be blamed for exacerbating global econocide.

    Back to the article – feeding hate messages as directed by the likes of Fox “”news”” and their global affiliates to a wide audience will influence fringe lunatics to do something terrible like what happened in Norway. We have seen this already in the US with an attempted assassination as violently inciteful rhetoric was out of control. As many of the Norway victims were children of ruling party members, looking to continue their political aspirations, this is tantamount to political assassination on a grand scale.

    This is price of right wing lies – blood is on the hands of the likes of you, Charley, who then have the audicity to say the effect of “So what?”.

    The right wing, in its fervour to correlate such evil to suit their agenda, didnt stop to actually find out the truth – that it was one of their own believers that caused so much pain. This is the same in New Zealand, where the prime minister initially said it was the work of Islamic terrorists, and that is why NZ is in Afghanistan – he couldnt wait to justify our country’s involvement.

    That is what is so wrong with the right wing – they are so quick to resort to populist calls, often ones that incite violence, without truth or evidence. When it is acted upon, by their own kind, the message bearers go into hiding.

    What about free but responsible speech? Individual responsibility you harp on about all the time when cutting welfare policies that are designed to encourage such qualities in people less fortunate?

    It just shows you, and a number of the right wing like you, are no more than irresponsible, cowardly, hypocritical, stupid lunatics.

  2. charley morasch
    July 25, 2011

    yes, we can blame the Tea Party for this, just as we
    can blame the left for the murders of 200 million
    at the hands of Stalin and Mao….

    • Joe
      July 25, 2011

      @Charley – I don’t think anyone is suggesting we “blame the Tea Party”

    • Tom Gloeckle
      July 25, 2011

      Well, if the same logic is used that the conservatives use, then yes, the Tea Party IS responsible.

      However, if critical thinking is used, then no, the Tea Party IS NOT responsible.

      This guy was white, Christian and definitely unhinged.

  3. Lars Magnus Nyland
    July 25, 2011

    It’s was aproximated the deaths of 86 people on utøya and is as they are counting expected to decrease as it was only an aproximation.

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