Michele Bachmann Called For Elimination Of Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae AFTER Getting $400,000 Government Mortgage

Michele Bachmann has been getting government money for just about everything these days. From government funds to care for foster children, $250,000 in farming subsidies, $100,000 to train employees, and a great deal of Medicare money goes into the pocket of her husband Marcus Bachmann, the pray away the gay therapy moron. But these funds are nothing compared to a $417,000 mortgage that Bachmann received in 2008 from government mortgage programs.

That’s right, Michele Bachmann and her husband bought a home located on a golf course for a whopping $760,000, all in the midst of the mortgage crisis that nearly brought the American economy to its knees. According to the Washington Post, “Their golf-course home was custom built with a panelled library, spa, and wine cellar for former NFL player Ross Verba in 2005. Verba faced foreclosure after sinking more than $2 million into the property, court and mortgage records show. He originally listed the home for $1.75 million in 2007.”

She did all of this mere weeks before she called for the elimination of the government programs that gave her the $417,000 loan which is the exact maximum amount that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offered at the time. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are programs that provide government sponsored mortgages to people at lower interest rates because the loans are backed by the government and not a private sector bank.

This speaks volumes about Republican hypocrisy and should make us all wonder how many other “small government” Republicans take advantage of the government they seek to dismantle.