Is Rick Perry Dumber Than George W. Bush?

Texas Governor Rick Perry and former President George W. Bush read to school children.

It is hard to imagine that there is a Republican presidential candidate from Texas who is dumber than George W. Bush. It turns out that there is.

Current Texas governor, Rick Perry, according to the Huffington Post, didn’t exactly distinguish himself at Texas A&M University. Rick Perry apparently did not excel in academia. Consistently on academic probation, Perry received mostly C’s and D’s in his courses, including a C in U.S. History (are any of us surprised?), a D in Shakespeare, a D in Principles of Economics (again, surprised?), and even a C in gym. How can anybody get a C in gym? (Probably prayed instead of doing push-ups.)

According to transcripts, Perry also received a D in Veterinary Anatomy, an F in Organic Chemistry and a C in Animal Breeding. Perry did receive two A grades in college. One in World Military Systems and another in Improv. of Learning. He graduated with a 1.9 GPA or D average.

To provide context, if you compare Perry’s grades with former President George W. Bush, who was also once the Governor of Texas, you would find that Perry is an even bigger idiot than Bush. For example, while at Yale, Bush had an average grade of 77 or C. He only received one D, in astronomy. And he received three scores of 88 or B grades.

Another big difference of course is that Bush received his grades from Yale, an Ivy League school, while Perry received his from the Not So Ivy League Texas A&M. Not to say that Texas A&M is a bad school; it’s just harder to succeed at an institution as distinguished as Yale.

The bottom line is that Perry is less intelligent than Bush and we all know what Bush did to America in eight long years as President. The question we should all be asking is, “Do we really want a bigger idiot in the White House?”