Is Rick Perry Dumber Than George W. Bush?

Author: August 5, 2011 3:09 pm

Texas Governor Rick Perry and former President George W. Bush read to school children.

It is hard to imagine that there is a Republican presidential candidate from Texas who is dumber than George W. Bush. It turns out that there is.

Current Texas governor, Rick Perry, according to the Huffington Post, didn’t exactly distinguish himself at Texas A&M University. Rick Perry apparently did not excel in academia. Consistently on academic probation, Perry received mostly C’s and D’s in his courses, including a C in U.S. History (are any of us surprised?), a D in Shakespeare, a D in Principles of Economics (again, surprised?), and even a C in gym. How can anybody get a C in gym? (Probably prayed instead of doing push-ups.)

According to transcripts, Perry also received a D in Veterinary Anatomy, an F in Organic Chemistry and a C in Animal Breeding. Perry did receive two A grades in college. One in World Military Systems and another in Improv. of Learning. He graduated with a 1.9 GPA or D average.

To provide context, if you compare Perry’s grades with former President George W. Bush, who was also once the Governor of Texas, you would find that Perry is an even bigger idiot than Bush. For example, while at Yale, Bush had an average grade of 77 or C. He only received one D, in astronomy. And he received three scores of 88 or B grades.

Another big difference of course is that Bush received his grades from Yale, an Ivy League school, while Perry received his from the Not So Ivy League Texas A&M. Not to say that Texas A&M is a bad school; it’s just harder to succeed at an institution as distinguished as Yale.

The bottom line is that Perry is less intelligent than Bush and we all know what Bush did to America in eight long years as President. The question we should all be asking is, “Do we really want a bigger idiot in the White House?”


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  • BTW – Bush scored 70 percent on his pilot test – part of the public record. That grade would NOT GET ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD A PILOT slot. Not even clode. It is way below the cut-off. That was a GIFT for the spoiled little Bushie.

  • Pretty funny if you ask me. Bush went to Yale and Perry went to A&M. I didn’t think that there was someone dumber than Bush.Lmao

  • Alisha Miller

    I find it hilariously ironic that the ad on the page is Bachman for president.

  • Dumb And Dumber.
    Hard to beleive but with the Education here in America we aparently only expect them to pass the test..not have any common sense..

    • Isn’t blind idealism and horribly miss informed policy choice just as bad? I’d challenge any American to keep any idiot out of the White House.

  • Our smartest president, Jimmy Carter, totally screwed up the nation, so maybe that’s not the problem? Obama is a brilliant politician, but a total failure with the economy. Makes the Clintons look better every day…

    • Carter the smartest? Pull-eaze. He isn’t even in the running. Woodrow Wilson was the President of Princeton, Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant writer and inventor, Kennedy is thought to have the highest IQ, John Quincy Adams was noted for his intelligence, and Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. Obama got a law degree from Harvard… Carter isn’t close to that level!

  • Deb Van Iderstine

    Looking at the above photo, the kid looks the least stressed of the 3. Guess the book represented more of a challenge to Bush and Perry. Wherever Molly Ivins and Ann Richards are, I wish we could listen in to their conversation.

  • Texas A & M is the Texas engineering/ag school and, Yale or not, it’s (or used to be) pretty tough. Maybe Perry got legacied in. With those grades, it’s likely he was waaaay out of his element. He might have been better off studying business or theater or religion.

  • i like the story of Kansas’ dopey Sam Brownback… setting aside his religious beliefs (wants to teach creationism only in public schools)… here’s his story to the best of my ability (which aint saying much)… landed on earth from jupiter, became secretary of agriculture, then became a congressman, then senator, then in all his wisdom went back home to become governor of kansas. the beloved people of kansas loved him so much that they brought him back home… this falls under the old addage of being careful what you wish for….

  • Lois Seeligsohn

    Every time Rick Perry opens his mouth, he demonstrates his stupidity. But, he is PRAYING to become intelligent.

  • Wait until you see and hear about Perry. He’s been a disaster as governor, and he is at least as stupid as Bush. He’s also very crafty. Beware, folks.

  • To Mark St. James, I don’t know if Rick Perry would be serious competition for George W. Bush. Suffice it to say, I don’t want to have that proposition tested. Let him stay in Texas and let the good citizens of Texas deal with their own errors by booting his sorry keister out of office at the next opportunity.

  • Robert Shortz

    But seriously, how could someone get a D in astronomy?

    • i ended up dropping astronomy because i found the only way to cheat and that was more work than studying and getting an honest D on the exam. It was a general ed class that I chose and it ended up giving me a migraine and wasting my time. I wasn’t preparing to become an astronaut, which is apparently what the professor&syllabus thought students were in the class for…

  • I have never read such disingenuous drivel, a lot of people do not do well in college, academically, but go on to higher levels how many idiots can pilot a C-130? Or reach the rank of Captain in the Air Force?
    Many people can do well academically but can not function well in real life. Many of those people who lack common sense have great political careers because they are so full of themselves. Where are Barack Obama grades? Amazing how everyone elses’ grades can appear but progressive dems, that is worrisome. Look at the facts and the truth instead of creating miss information. Rather have Perry as leader than what is running Congress and the White House now. At least they are in touch with reality and use common sense and are not disingenuous with their agenda.

    • Man, no one’s gonna take advice on how to judge people’s academic achievements from someone who doesn’t know ‘misinformation’ is one word…

    • You really like the word disingenuous. I have heard Rick Perry speak a couple of times, and I’ve never heard him say anything that wasn’t a vague generality: government smaller, lower taxes, less regulations. Some government regulations are needed. If proper regulations had been in place, Wall Street couldn’t have decimated the US economy as it did. He says that real change won’t come from Washington. If that is so, why does he want to be president? Apparently he isn’t smart enough to realize he is contradicting himself. Or is he just being disingenuous?

  • Ann Gustafson

    It does look as if Rick Perry isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, but one has to admit that Geo W. knew exactly why the 2000 election was stolen for him: Tax cuts for his class, the rich. Do you remember how that subject was the first thing he began to talk about? He was put in the office in order to get Conservative Judges and he did! Look at our Supreme Court today and the Federal Judges all across the nation. It is a mess as far as democracy goes. All they are there for is to protect the corporations and see to it that the rich do not pay for their crimes against humanity.

  • MiserableOldFart

    John Greene, I wish THEY could ask her.

  • Mark St. James

    I’m not familiar with Rick Perry. Regardless of that, the answer is clear. George W. Bush was a phenomenon of dumbness. No one shall ever approach his sphere.

  • Wish we could ask Molly Ivins.

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