Are Republicans Guilty Of Treason?

Author: August 6, 2011 3:54 pm

The dictionary defines treason as, “disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government.” And so with that in mind one has to ask, are the Republicans guilty of treason?

At the end of last year, Republicans took a hard-line stance to secure tax breaks and tax loopholes for millionaires, during the debate over the budget and unemployment benefits. Their intransigence could have caused two million unemployed Americans to go without a check, and taxes to rise for all Americans if President Obama refused to agree to their terms, which included extending tax breaks for the richest 1% of American people.

Last week we got to see their terror tactics taken to the next level entirely. Despite dozens of adjustments to the debt ceiling over the past few decades, Republicans decided to hold the United States to ransom engaging in some of the most shameful, and some would say treasonous actions that we have witnessed in American politics. Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, held to a no-compromise position, which included storming out of meetings and refusing to take phone calls from the President of the United States. When a final agreement was reached, he bragged to his base that he got 98% of what he and his party wanted.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world tends to pay attention to these kind of events, and thanks to the political self-serving shenanigans of the Republican party, China (one of our biggest investors) issued a stinging rebuke calling the behavior of the Republicans, “dangerously irresponsible.”

Soon after the fight was over, and Obama signed a largely ineffective Republican compromise into law, Standards and Poor’s; one of the three largest credit rating firms downgraded America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+, noting that partisanship and the ineptitude of Congress was partly to blame.

As if this wasn’t enough Republicans made moves that could have shut down the FAA, grounding flights all across America, once again turning a minor budget debate for an essential government agency into a debacle that saw 4,000 construction workers forced to down tools until the situation was finally resolved.

Essentially, what we have seen ever since Barack Obama took office, is the deliberate road blocks, filibuster threats, stonewalling, and refusal to work in a bipartisan way with the government. Since the 2010 midterm election, Republicans have taken their game to the next level, by manufacturing crisis after crisis, taking every single negotiation down to the wire in a manner that is both unprecedented and wholly unnecessary. It seems that they are more interested in playing politics and making Obama look bad, than they are working in the best interest of our country. In short, if they can sink the economy, and ruin the reputation of the United States, all they need to do then is finger point at the president and hope they can steal another election in 2012.

The actions of these Republicans who signed the Grover Norquist no taxes and no closing of tax loopholes pledge, and Republicans who align themselves with the Tea Party, are clearly no longer in the best interest of the country. They are a self-serving pandering to radical fringe movements that are in no way in line with mainstream America. And when a group of powerful people are willing to put their own political ideals and ambitions ahead of the country and the will of the people, is this not the very definition of treason? When a group of radicals hold the government to ransom with serious global consequences isn’t that a form of terrorism?

Many on the right will no doubt pour scorn on the idea that Republicans are guilty of treason, after all Republicans like to tell us repeatedly how much they love their country. But it becomes increasingly hard to believe when we see how their actions fail to measure up to their words. There is a lot of idealism in politics, and sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I accept that there are many different solutions to a specific problem. However, I cannot see the justification for manufacturing crisis after crisis, deliberately destabilizing America’s trust and reputation around the world.

Make no mistake, the recent Republican led fight over the debt ceiling will have far-reaching and significant ramifications for this country. Even though we managed to avoid default, other countries, financial institutions, and corporations have all taken notice of what happened. The fact that the Republican party were willing to create this situation and exploit it for what they perceive to be their gain is, as far as I am concerned, an act of treason. I don’t by any means blame all Republicans for what happened, but there are enough of them with blood on their hands. It will be interesting to see how many more crisis points they will try and manufacture on the run up to the 2012 election, just so they can convince the stupid among the American people, that Obama is not doing a good job, and should be replaced. The only question that remains, is how much damage they can do to our country if we are stupid enough to hand them the keys to the Oval Office.


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  • So quit bitching and start shooting… I really despise the rightwing filth but you lefties are a bunch of cunts. Fight back or shut up. You have no reason to complain AS LONG AS THEY ARE BREATHING.

  • I’d imagine you’d have taken the time to learn the legal definition of treason before publishing this article. There is no clear evidence of GOP operatives being guilty of treason, though there would seem to be plenty of evidence of sedition:

    US Code, at Title 18, §2384 (see also §2385), defines “seditious conspiracy” as:

    “If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

    As an example, the GOP insistence on blocking nominees to head various offices (such as the Consumer Financial Protection Agency) would constitute a case of “prevent[ing], hinder[ing], or delay[ing] the execution of any law of the United States.”

  • Just look at what is happening in U.K. today. They too bailed out the banks and the rich earlier when we did the same in continuation of the Bush Bailout Policies. The Brithsh followed this action with their own budget cutting measures. Now riots have broken out. People don’t understand why they should be the victims of austerity measures to make up for the funding of the British version of the Big Bank Bailout. Lets take a lesson from what is happening acrosss the pond.

  • Congress can declare treason according to the constitution (Article 3, Section 3). I think that a bill ought to be introduced that declares the Teaparty organization as treasonist. This would gain some great fanfare, but most likely would not pass the House being many of those members (70) are part of the treasonist organization.

  • Progressive K

    I agree with Second Amendment Democrat.

    The GOP is doing what Osama bin Laden could never have pulled off. They’re doing his work for him – I’m sure he would have been proud of them, were he here to see what they’re doing.

  • Thank you for this op ed. I have been arguing this position for several weeks. It is good to know that I am not the only scum-sucking, baby-eating, demon-posessed Libtards in the land. There is at least one other.

  • The willingness to violate the oath of office that our congressional republican represenatives took when they were elected is appalling. Some have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes on the rich. This pledge is in direct conflict with their oath of office. Norquist is not an elected official, nor does he hold a government office, therefore, the pledge means nothing. Signing that self serving pledge directly,or indirectly violates the constitution and then to cast votes based on that pledge is a violation of the oath of office. These represenatives should be impeached. Members of the Tea Party are guilty violating their oath of office, as well as anyone else who signed that Norquist pledge and then acted upon it. pass this on….

  • not only treason, but sedition too. both crimes on the books.
    the GOP, baggers, kochroach bros, foolneuz, are the true enemy of the USA. way worse than any taliban.

    hey Berkley! where are the students there that should be taking the lead and create a movement like they did in the sixties…. where are the student leaders to mobilize young people who are going to have the worst life in generations in the USA…. where are the former sixty radicals to help guide them. its time for to go into the streets and pushback the military industrial bagger kochroach bros foolnuez complex. the prez cant do it alone, he has to herd cats. the change will come from schools like berkley and madison like it did in 65. put down your mobile device, and get out in the streets……. WAKE UP LIBERALS, the GOP/ t-baggers have started the war on you!…. i was in chicago in 68, and that will look like a day at the beach compared to what is coming………………………

    its time for the weather underground reform and go after the plutocracy that is taking down this country. and you younger people here are going to have a terrible life for generations if you dont wake up.

  • Those who signed to Norguist Nation need to be arrested and replaced this Monday the 8th. States that want to keep them need to be taken over. Super Congress is just evidence that the US “real” congress hasn’t fully grasped that this is Civil War picked up where it left off.
    World would understand arresting those who pledged to uphold Norquist, and Limbaugh over their oath of office. Really needs to happen right now, so damage doesn’t get worse.
    Making jokes, and getting cynical, isn’t really going to help either.

  • I don’t think I have ever come across such a biased, left wing blog in all my life, full of such utter trash about anyone vaguely right of center. Typical Democrats blaming their addiction to spending on Republicans. Cutting spending is a much better idea than increasing taxes. What you people fail to realize is that once Obama raises taxes, we will never see them go back down again. Obama will stealthily raise taxes again and again. He will introduce a socialist healthcare system like they have in Europe. It is a slippery slope. Raising taxes is the first step in a very short walk to socialism. Why can’t you lefties see this? Leave our economic freedom alone.

    • When was the last time a REPUBLICAN ran a budget surplus? Last time I checked it was a DEMOCRAT that ran a budget surplus last, NOT a Republican.

    • youniquelikeme

      Ah yess jj, you obviously slept through the 2 reigns of spending by Bush! I am not even from your country and saw the ugliness he perpetrated on your country and yet you bent over and said more… more and voted him in again. Maybe pay attention when it begins… do not come in now to say it matter when it didn’t matter to you then. A

      re you one of the sheeple who allows the millionaires millions in tax loopholes and credits while you get 100$ or nothing in a tax credit? Of course you are. It all sounds good to the ignorant which is why the propaganda is all you need to stay in line while your your SS and the surplus was spent on wars.

      Congress is responsible for the budget, taxation, jobs and the debt, yet laid it at the feet of Obama. If you were really paying attention, you would know Obama made a lot of concessions he should not have and the Republicans still held him hostage.

      You selfish Americans are the downfall of your country. The people who complain about taxes are most likely those that never pay them and find loopholes yet enjoy all the services on the backs of others who do pay.

      The spiral began with Bush and you will probably vote someone like Michelle Bachmann in to represent you. It is fitting she represent a dying America she and those who vote for her ilk deserve everything she has to offer.

      • That was a different economic situation. We were forced into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we suffered through 9/11, we experienced the economic collapse – the fault of Clinton’s own economic policies.
        Why is it selfish not to want a large public sector? We can rely on the free market. It has worked in the past and it will save us from this economic crisis. High taxation discourages labor and leads to less productivity in the long run. It wont help us. There is a reason we have the 4th highest HDI and one of the highest GDP per capitas. It is because we don’t have an overgrown public sector such that exists in many countries within europe. What happened in Greece occurred because their government couldn’t stop spending – same occured in the UK.
        Tax breaks for the rich help boost our economy by bringing in (and keeping) large corporations and the wealth that comes with it. You forget that the rich do not just sit on the money they have. They invest it in OUR economy and stimulate it.

        • Aw jj, you’re like a little Fox Newser, how cute.

          Let’s be real for a moment. 9/11 happened because George Bush didn’t read or take seriously the intelligence reports warning of an impending plane hijack terror attack. So had we had a smart guy at the helm, it might even have been avoided. As it was the dipshit just sat there reading stories with children for nearly ten minutes after the secret service told him our nation was under attack.

          Next, we didn’t HAVE to invade Afghanistan, we could have used drones, and bombed the crap out of it. It’s not like putting 100,000 soldiers in harms way achieved anything other than thousands more deaths, more than the terror attack we were seeking revenge for. And even if we accept that a war was necessary, what normally happens in a war is the government raises taxes to pay for it, they don’t charge it on the nations giant credit card.

          As for Iraq, I have seen no evidence whatsoever that were were ‘forced’ into that war. It was a pointless and also unfunded war that W took us into, cost thousands more American lives, and what do we have to show for it? Saddam is dead, and they still hate us out there, and gas is now four times the price it was when Clinton was in office. Great job.

          And please don’t give me that crock of BS about Clinton ruining the economy. If his policies were so bad Bush had eight years to reform things, but did nothing. So even if we accept that Clinton started the ball rolling, Bush had almost a decade to put a stop to it.

          As to taxation, we are not talking about a need for high taxation. No one has said we should be like Sweden. We are talking about putting taxes for the rich back to the rates they were under Clinton, when the economy was doing great.

          Drawing comparisons with Greece is also misguided. For starters Greece has less than 11 million people in it, and is about the size of Alabama. They were making a bunch of stupid decisions that clearly couldn’t work out for them. And they ended up bankrupting themselves, which is nothing like the economic downturn in the UK, another bizarre and ill-informed claim you made. In fact the UK has a triple A rating for their credit, like the one the US is trying to destroy. Conversely Greece is in the junk zone.

          Finally, your Reaganomics belief that tax breaks help the rich create jobs is just beyond stupid, and is not supported by any serious economist. If you keep giving the rich tax breaks, they find ways to hoard the money in tax havens, or outsource jobs to places like India. Do you really think that if Paris Hilton has an extra million dollars in her bank account, she is going to change her behavior at all, or create jobs?

          If the concept of giving the rich tax breaks worked, where are all these jobs? The Bush tax cuts for the millionaires began in 2001 and were expanded in 2003. All we have to show for it is the worst recession in history. How come the millionaires haven’t fixed the economy or created millions of jobs? In fact in 2010 Republicans ran on a platform of fixing the economy and creating jobs, what happened? All I’ve seen them do is pander to the Tea Party, attack women and women’s rights, and try to drag the country down so people will be depressed enough to vote for them next year.

          But I’m not an expert. Perhaps you can show me, perhaps with a nice link to Fox News, how the Republican Congress has created jobs since they have been in the drivers seat for the past 8 months. Where’s the jobs and economic growth? They even got the extension of the Bush tax breaks they wanted at the end of last year. Yet there’s really no positive movement.

          Fact is, Republicans sank the economy by over spending on the military, under taxing, and over borrowing. They expanded the government under Bush faster than we have seen in decades. In short, they screwed up big time, and tried to blame it on Obama. Some are so stupid they even try to blame Clinton. At no point will they ever take responsibility for the reality of what they have created.

          Next time you post, try to have an original idea, and don’t just regurgitate a Glen Beck episode. It’s sad to see brainwashed people writing the same old crap defending a party that doesn’t give a crap about them.

          • Okay, so lets not dwell on the past. I admit that both parties should take some of the blame. Iraq didn’t go quite according to plan. But please don’t forget that it was a different time back then, we seemed financially secure, we thought there were nuclear weapons in Iraq and Saddam Hussein was butchering his people left, right and center. We went in and liberated them and helped stabilize the middle east.

            Why didn’t Bush’s economic policies work too well? (if we assume for a second that the republicans ARE to blame) That is anybody’s guess, but I think it may simply have been that the tax breaks weren’t enough of an incentive. We should use the carrot to get our economies up, not the stick. We shouldn’t have to resort to higher taxation EVER.

            Your theory about Paris Hilton not knowing what to do with her money is irrelevant. She doesn’t take her money, dig a hole and hide it. She will either invest wisely, or more likely she will put it in a savings bank to make her a nice bit of money. What do the banks do with this money? They give it out to Americans who need the money to set up their coffee stall, set up a low cost airline, write a book etc. This money isn’t just ignored. And with lower taxes on it, what incentive do the banks have to lend the money abroad? That didn’t exactly happen when the economy collapsed and I think I know why. It was back-breakingly high taxes. Now, if we could do the 00’s again we probably would have spent less on the military and therefore reduced our spending – but hindsight is all too easy a tool to blame others.

            However, here comes Obama who doesn’t want to lower our debt OR lower our spending, but instead believes that we should borrow even more AND increase our spending! Oh yeah, it’ll definitely boost our economy! Would you lend money to a spendaholic, with 15 maxed out credit cards? I think not.

            We, as a nation, were incredibly lucky that the Republicans took control of the house of representatives in 2010. They managed to prevent Obama and the Democrats from driving our economy into the dumps thirty or so years down the line. The democrats are waay too nearsighted and just want to spend their way out of everything. We would probably be at 150% of our GDP in debt, we would be spending virtually all taxes on paying off the debt and we would have no money to spend on any sort of socialist healthcare or even our current social security. Not to mention tax levels would be higher for everyone. The yuan would probably be the world currency then too. Again, the Republicans have saved the US and yet take all the hate.

            I was a little sad to hear about the cancelation of Beck’s show, but it seemed that I was the only one who liked him, despite his ability to sometimes insensitive.

            I’d say that the GDP per capita, and happiness indexes of most EU nations would suggest that our economic policies of not destroying the wealthy out of spite works better.

            • Let’s not dwell on the past? Didn’t you just try and blame the economy on Clinton?

              As far as either of Bush’s wars, they didn’t go according to plan. Go look at the footage of Cheney and Bush promoting the wars before we went in, ‘greeted as liberators’ and lasting a few months to a year. Not ten years of war costing a trillion or two dollars that we didn’t raise in revenue. This isn’t dwelling on the past it is objectively looking at the facts. Bush lied to get us into the war and failed to pay for the war, so now we are sitting here having to pay for the two wars, one of which is a decade old, and the ongoing current costs of the war, and the interest on the money we borrowed to take us to war. ALL of these decisions were REPUBLICAN.

              Also, please spare me your drivel about Saddam butchering people. This is happening all over the world all the time, we only go in when there is something in it for us.

              Your comments about Obama are laughably stupid. Please tell me what it is you think Obama is spending money on? Again, he is paying for the wars Bush started. He is paying for the tax cuts Bush implemented and Republicans won’t end. Where are all these crazy liberal initiatives you accuse Obama of spending on?

              You’re living in a dream world if you think Republicans saved us from all the spending. What they have done is made an issue out of spending, when in reality the vast majority of spending is on the military, social security and medicare. All programs that Obama didn’t dream up or start.

              As for Glen Beck, the fact that you like him makes me wonder why I am even talking to you. His only audience were right wing crazy people, the unintelligent, and conspiracy theorists. Even Fox News kicked him out for being crazy.

              Finally, if you look at the happiness indexes from around Europe you will see they are in fact kicking our ass. I think it is largely meaningless, but since you brought it up:


              We are ranked 114th as of 2009. Interestingly under the Bush administration we were at 150th, right above Rwanda.

              Rather than waving the we’re number one foam finger, why not try thinking for yourself, and wishing this country could get better. Turn off Fox News, and watch real news, and try some critical thinking.

            • If Democrats had taken over (like the Rethuglicans had) Tax breaks would be over, we would be about a Trillion less in debt, and we would likely have seen a 1-2% decrease in Unemployment.

              Tax breaks, rarely, if ever, mean more jobs. Businesses ALREADY have a “tax break” they can use, its called reinvesting. All we did when we gave them those tax breaks was basically tell them “You don’t need to invest in more jobs to lower your taxes, we will just GIVE you it anyway, so you can just stuff it in your account and know that America loves you, even as you shove spiked maces up our butts… We will even be good little slaves and take pay cuts, to make you richer, and pay for our own ‘benefits’ so you can have that 2nd Porsche you wanted. We don’t need insurance, or sick/vacation days, cause REAL Americans don’t need those.”

              Need I say more?

    • Health care like in Europe? I WISH! Have you even taken note how bad we do in health care? According to the CIA World Fact Book we are currently 46th in the world for infant mortality, despite spending more per capita (at least double in fact) any other nation on the planet. We spend the money, we get less. Most of the richer countries in Europe get far better value for money and kick our asses in just about every measure of health care.

      As for socialism, you are completely out of your mind. Obama is about as socialist as the Republicans used to be before they started doing crazy extreme right wing stuff, denying science, listening to the Bachmanns and Palins of this world.

      And it’s hard to have economic freedom when a single illness can leave you in bankruptcy court. Still the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in this country by the way.

      Finally, I had to laugh at your indigence that there should be a left wing blog out there. I mean have you listened to talk radio? Have you noticed there are one or two right wing blogs? Seriously, stop trying to pretend that the left are all crazy and the right are the sane rational ones.

    • jj,

      Your claim that taxes would never come down again is ridiculous. Taxes keep coming down for those with government influence.

      When you get your head out of your rear DO SOME RESEARCH!

      • Once we have a socialist healthcare system, how could we ever get rid of it again? It would destroy the private healthcare sector and it would lead to more liberal policies after people start to believe that state controlled industries perform better. We might end up with a single, state controlled airline. Oh and hmm, how long before ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’ is placed on our banknotes in place of ‘In God We Trust’?

        • You keep talking about things you knew nothing about. I lived in a country for 26 years with socialized medicine. Never had a doctor bill, got to see my doc whenever I wanted to, could change my doc, it worked great. And there was a thriving private sector for those who wanted even faster ‘fancy’ service and swanky private rooms. But most private health care insurance in the UK is cheap because they are non-profit. My last employer gave me free private insurance just in case I ever needed something private, I never did though.

          And please, your slippery slope arguments are stupid. If we provide free health care, suddenly we are community China? Germany has an excellent single payer system that works around a private insurance model, and they are yet another country that kicks our ass in health care while spending half per person that we spend.

    • keiron j baker

      interestingly enough that “socialist” health care system means that everybody gets the required level of care. if you need an operation to save your life you get it, you need medicine you get it. fuck yeah, i pay for it, gladly and oddly enough it costs less than private health insurance or whatever crap service you poor bastards are(n’t) getting

  • Wah, Wah, Wah!

    What, ANOTHER Progressive calling the GOP and Tea-Bagging fucks ‘not nice’ or ‘really meany beanies’?

    Call me when y’all grow your ballz back…you obviously wanna bitch and moan now, after the damage has been done. S L O W !

    Stop whining and bitching and actually SUPPORT your constituency that has been whining and bitching for the past two years…get with the program! Y’all slower than a turtle on heroin…

    • Yeah just another bleeding heart liberal wanting the government to support the will of the people. Wah, wah, wah. It’s only millions of jobs on the line. It’s only real people suffering because asshole Republicans only give a shit about millionaires. Let’s kiss up to Republicans, because they must have ‘ballz’ to screw over so many people. Good for them.

      • Screwing people? LOL!

        I may not agree with the Republicans on everything. Heck, I don’t even agree with them on cutting spending because they don’t want to bring military spending to the table, even though we spend more on the military than any other industrialized nation, and they want to focus on small beans like NPR and Planned Parenthood.

        But at least they’re for spending. At least they’re trying. Can’t say the same thing for the left, who don’t want to cut a damn thing. Nothing. The real traitors and terrorists are those who believe we can continue to sustain our current level of spending and that we can raise the debt ceiling without doing anything to reduce our debt. That’s screwing people over!

        • Comments like this always make me laugh.

          Republicans DO want to cut spending, sure. But ONLY on anything they see as liberal or helping poor people. You never hear them talking about the obscene military budget, or how spending money ‘defending marriage’ is a waste, or the pointless war on drugs, or acknowledging that much of the so called ‘spending’ is merely paying the price for Bush’s failed policies and desire to start wars and fund them with borrowed money.

          Republicans used 9/11 as an excuse to do whatever they wanted. Now that horse has run, so their new trick is to claim the ‘hard’ decisions have to be made because America is broke. And then the ‘hard’ decisions involve only cutting things they are not in favor of, while holding on to everything they as Republicans support. Where’s the compromise? Where’s the genuine desire to do what is right for the country?

        • That you feel this way, does not mean that you are correct. It means that you know nothing about economics, and that you have not used common sense.

          The FACT is that this recession has been around since 2007 (at least); that unemployment had been rising, without a break, since 2007; that the housing crash started in 2005, which led to the major part of unemployment; that unemployment figures are the LAST figures that change, which is why it’s called a “lagging indicator”.

          Are you aware that the more people who are working the easier it is to pay down our debt? This, BTW, is a fact, not opinion.

          Are you aware that a big part of what is causing this recession are the tax cuts that Bush did, AND that there were two wars that were kept OFF THE BOOKS for over 6 years. That means that the figures being used to enact budgets during that time were using extremely wrong figures.

          While the tax breaks that Bush implemented initially, for a VERY short time, helped this country, they backfired in a major way. And they have done so since shortly after they were implemented.

          I used to listen to Bush tell us that our economy was doing fine, after watching the economic numbers and the financial pages and knowing that it wasn’t, and wondering what planet he was talking about because it sure wasn’t this one.

          I’m am not “blaming” Bush so much, as you have to know where things went wrong in order to set things straight. Those are facts, and are based on actual figures. The financial history of this country IS important, even if you don’t like what it says.

          The fact is that if these budget cuts, that the GOP want, were enacted when our economy was stable, they wouldn’t hurt much of anything. But implementing them when our economy is far from stable, will definitely make things much, much worse.

          With already high unemployment, putting millions more people out of work will make our fragile economy tank completely. And doing so is just plain stupid.

          You want to know what will HELP our country, and our economic situation? Spending the money to fix our infrastructure. Make the contract bidding go to ONLY US based company’s, and using 3/4’s of ONLY US manufactured materials. Why 3/4’s? Because there are materials that we do not make that are needed for those jobs. The winning company’s will hire more people, and there will be more people put to work to make the materials needed. Once more people are working, they will spend money for more than just getting by. That is called “discretionary income”. That will put even more people to work in order to sell/manufacture those things.

          With more people working, our country’s income will increase, and we will be able to pay down the debt more.

          This is, BTW, Economics 101. And is not difficult to comprehend.

          Congress was given the responsibility to set and raise taxes. Right now, we are taxing our citizens at the lowest rates for almost 75 years. In the meantime, our population has risen dramatically, and so have the needs of this country’s citizens. And our country is hurting because of those things.

          There is no reason to “fix” Social Security. Period. What does need to be done, IMO, is raise the cap on SS taxes. Raising the age of retirement is stupid and cruel. The majority of people who retire on Social Security are already barely holding on, financially and physically, as it is.

          The disabled, who get SSDI, are in the same situation. These people are the REASON that Social Security was formed. WE paid all of our working lives to help give the retiree’s and disabled an income. We are not asking for “handouts”, we are asking that the social contract that we ALL have worked for for years be honored.

          Medicare will not be needed within a few years after the HCR becomes fully implemented. Personally, I though LBJ was right in wanting to eventually have everyone on Medicare. What his plan was was to lower the ages eligible by 10 years, every 10 years. We pay monthly premiums for Medicare, BTW. It is not free. And we pay about 25% of medical bills by ourselves, unless we get too little income and are eligible for Medicaid. I am one of those. I am disabled, on SSDI, and get under $800 per month to live on. No rent subsidies, no electric subsidies. I do get $150 per month in food stamps, but that doesn’t buy toilet paper, soap, linens, gas, or other necessities.

          Somewhere along the line, a large group of people got the weird idea that illegals could get Social Security benefits. They cannot. Period. And for the 2 main programs, SS and SSDI, you have to have worked a certain amount of time in order to even be eligible for them. The other program takes care of the disabled who are here legally, but haven’t worked long enough to qualify for the main programs.

          Somewhere along the line, a large amount of people have come to the, incorrect, conclusion that Social Security is the same thing as welfare (TANF). It is not. In any way.

          TANF is a program for people who suddenly need temporary help. For instance, those under going major medical procedures, but who will be able to work full time again. Those who have gone through, or are going through, a divorce or abandonment who need temporary help. The key word is “temporary”. TANF benefits have a LIFETIME limit of 5 years, Federally. This was enacted in 1996. Some states have decided on even less years.

          There may be people who are on TANF who are not here legally. Because it is usually an emergency situation, I wouldn’t be surprised. In this country, we do NOT let children starve to death, or become homeless, simply because the are not here legally. That goes COMPLETELY against what we have always stood for. Hopefully, those people will be deported, but, until then, WE are responsible for making sure that they have enough to live on(BTW, TANF income is even less than SS income) and are not starving. That you, or anyone else, does not like it does not matter.

          This is long enough, and I have to go to the store (I’m making german pancakes and need flour), so I’m ending this.

          But, please, think about what I have written, logically and factually. Look up what reputable economist’s have to say. Look up why, and how, the SS program was started and how it continues. You can usually find microfilm of newspaper from the 1930’s in larger library’s. You can, also, go to newspaperarchive, and look things up there. It’s a great site.

  • I have to agree with this entirely. I can’t believe they waited till the last minute, and pinned Obama against the wall, so he would have no choice but to agree to their terms. Since there was no time left. It’s childish!

    Your article makes me feel like I’m not alone. If they hate this country so much, they should move to another country that they appreciate more.

    • It’s scary. With all their deep cuts in the arts and education, combined with their repeated attacks on women’s rights, coupled with their anti science faux-Christian outlooks, it seems really like they are just trying to create a Christian version of the Middle East here in the US.

      Women can put on their burkas, shut their mouths, and work in the kitchen while they are waiting for their next baby to drop, and the old while men will steal as much of the money as they can, while the poor die in the streets. It’s a very scary vision they have.

  • You know what? Forget it! I don’t even have to read this article to know it’s pure bologna. If this is how you libtarded moonbats handle the debt debate, there’s no sense arguing with you. At all! There’s no sense trying to reason with people who never used reason to begin with.

    Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling? Fine! Have it there way. Let’s raise it for the umpteenth time. But since our debt is, at this point, astronomical, can we at least agree to do something about it to prevent it from getting any bigger? Can we agree to cut spending that got us into this mess in the first place? No? You don’t want to cut anything? At all? Seriously? You’re kidding, right?

    And you people have the audacity to claim Republicans want to destroy the economy? Granted, they’re not taking the debate seriously, as is anyone else, considering they haven’t place the military on the table, even though we spend more on the military than the next 17 industrialized nations combined. And the fact they’ve voted to raise the debt ceiling 19 times under Bush proves they’re hypocrites, which is to be expected.

    But I’ll give them SOME credit: at least they’re trying. Sure, they suggested cuts to minuscule items like NPR and Planned Parenthood—all which make up a fraction of a percent. But at least that’s something. What have liberals suggested. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Except the military. Which I’ll agree with, but it’s not enough alone. We need to make cuts to other items. That’s not an option.

    Here’s a clue: according to the federal budget, there are three things we spend the most on: military spending, Medicare, and Social Security—each making up 20% of the budget (21% for Medicare. Yes, we spend 1% more on Medicare than the military). That’s 60% of the entire budget. That’s what we need to cut. But do you moonbats want to cut them? No. Instead, you want us to continue spending as we do now, even though we can’t afford to. Somehow, that’s more akin to wanting to destroy the economy, and thus act like terrorists, than what the Republicans have been doing. WHO ARE THE REAL TRAITORS, TRAITORS?!

    • The Democrats suggested doing away with tax loopholes and returning tax rates to the pre-Bush era rates in order to increase revenues to offset expenditures, and what did they get? By the way, here’s a bit of the Defense Budget: the Lockheed-Martin F35B Stealth Joint Strike Bomber is ‘on probation’ until it performs as expected–price? $304.15 billion each. (The plain old F35s only cost $156 billion each.)The Defense Dept. intends to buy–wait for it–2443 F35s at a projected cost of $382 bil plus $650 bil (that’s about $1 tril total)to operate and maintain the fleet, which will be 15 times what the Chinese have and 20 times the Russians. And that’s just one program. How many Americans will that trillion dollars benefit? Is that on the table?

      • “libtarded moonbats”

        Even if you had had a valid argument, you lost it at this point.

        • Oh, I’m sorry. How uncivil of me to call you names. I should know better. I should be more like the people on this site who call others “terrorists” and “extremists” who want to “hold the economy hostage.” Clearly, sane rational individuals like that have more valid points than I.

          • Even McConnell said that the House was holding the US hostage.

            Who are YOU to say otherwise, when HE was one of those doing so?

          • Aquarian dreamer

            well, I was going(and in fact did) to write a long, ranting post proving this guy wrong and tossing a few links and facts his way but then I realized the truth about this…gentleman(see I’m trying to be nice this time) he is a Troll. a republican/conservative Troll who is simply regurgitating facts he is told. so let us simply pity yon Troll.

            • If I’m a troll, it’s because, as I stated, I’ve given up trying to honestly debate people. I’m done trying to reason with people who never based their opinion on reason to begin with. I’m done giving facts to people who won’t acknowledge it. I’m done trying to argue with ideologues who could care less about logic, reason, or evidence. Arguing with brick walls is a much better use of my time then arguing with you lot or any other libtarded moonbat.

              And you accuse me of regurgitating facts? At least I use facts rather than talking points. For everyone who writes for this site, know this: NOTHING YOU SAY HASN’T BEEN SAID BEFORE! This site is not special. It is not original. It’s no different than The Huffington Post or Daily Kos or Think Progress or Truthdig or any other left-wing propaganda site. Everything you people write, be it articles or comments, have been written before on sites that probably will get more revenue and attention that yours ever will.

              But don’t worry. This will probably be the last time I “troll” this site. Then you all can return to having your echo chamber back: no voices of dissent, no differing opinion, just one big circle jerk of moonbattery.

      • Re-read my comment. I already mentioned that we should put military spending on the table. I also said that it would not be enough, that we would also have to cut spending on other items to successfully balance the budget and reduce the debt.

        • Aquarian dreamer

          actually I had several times..nice facts, without any understanding behind them…social security and medicare are large programs, yes, and are already paid for, and in fact are promised to us by the government, any real changes that go beyond a certain point or to retroactively change them is in essence the government defaulting on its promise to its people. Im sure that you understand that that is a bad thing right?

          • Nobody is promised anything. No one is entitled to anything, especially money forcibly taken from someone else. By your logic, everything the government provides is promised to the people, and therefore, cannot be cut—including the military, farm and oil subsides, and corporate welfare (all which I’ll be happy to cut).

            As for Medicare and Social Security, they are most certainly NOT paid for. In fact, they’re on the verge of going bankrupt: Medicare by 2024, Social Security, 2036. If moonbats really cared about those two, you would try to reform them before they ran out. But you don’t. You don’t want them reformed, let alone cut. You want to keep on spending as we currently do, even when we can’t afford to do so. And then you accuse people of wanting to do something about it of wanting to shove grandma over a cliff. If I wanted granny thrown off a cliff, I’d do nothing, like you all are.

    • Estimatedprophet

      You. You are the real traitor, traitor. YOU.

      • Really? If I was truly a treacherous terrorist, and I wanted to wreck the economy, I would just continue spending as we are now, even when harsh economic times make it impossible, and then suggesting shoving the entire tax burden on those who already pay the most in taxes and create jobs, thus preventing any substantial revenue and employment. That’s how I would bring about an economic collapse.

        • I completely disagree with you. If companies/super-rich actually shared more of the tax burden, the average public would feel more confident in the economy and start spending more, which leads to higher profits and more expansion to keep up with demand – It’s actually called the “trickle up economy” which has a quicker reaction time to the overall ecomony, as opposed to the “trickle down method” which has proven that it doesn’t work. I will agree that waste needs to be curtailed and quickly. Please don’t tell me that the rich pay the most in taxes. That is bogus nonsense. The top 2% who can afford to pay the most taxes own 40% of the wealth in America (current figures). They press for more and more tax cuts so that they can buy their yacht. They find loopholes every where – maybe because they can afford the accountants to find all of the loopholes (?) Did you know that if you took the average bonus at Wall Street’s 5 biggest firms—$209,677 in 2007—and stacked it up as a tower of dollar bills, it would be 75 ft tall. The median household income would be only 18 ft tall. And did you know that when Bush was bailing everyone out, the form was only 2 pages long and took less than 30 minutes to complete? Welfare forms take over 4 hours. There are such people known as “economic terrorists” and the Republican Party is one of those groups.

        • Aquarian dreamer

          aren’t you already doing that though? in case you forgot, here is A republican ADMITTING IT
          google the quote if you want. and btw your comment about the wealthy and taxes,LOL
          and for your information, that burden wont be passed on to the richest 1% that will be passed on to the overworked, underpaid, and shrinking middle class…
          yep the Robber Barons are back. and the richest 1% haven’t been creating jobs, don’t you realize that? but you don’t want to admit that do you?
          its what? 9.2% unemployment while those richest 1% have the lowest tax rates in recent decades. yep they are really working hard to create jobs.

          • Sorry, hun. You’re going to have to try harder than providing a link to an article FROM THE SAME EXACT SITE!

            I could very well provide statistics and income data debunking the “rich don’t pay their fair share” myth, but like I said, I’ve given up. I’m sick of providing facts to people who don’t want to acknowledge it. Logic, reason, evidence—doesn’t matter. Blind ideology for the win!

    • How many people will the budget cuts, that the GOP were pushing for, put out of work? It would be millions. WHY would any SANE person advocate that?

      The debt ceiling (what a stupid, totally inaccurate phrase!) is issuing bonds to pay for what Congress has ALREADY authorized. Budget cuts belong in the budget, like the budget that was passed in April of 2011, NOT in choosing to pay for our country’s legal obligations.

      Social Security is NOT part of the general fund. It is a separate fund, and is completely paid for by FICA taxes. If the fund was not doing well, Congress would not have been able to borrow so much that they currently owe the fund over $2 Trillion! At all. Period.

      BTW, the US Supreme Courts decision in Perry vs The United States (1935) stated very, very clearly that Congress does not have the right to NOT pay this country’s legal debts. Period. There was no wiggle room in that decision. LOOK IT UP!

      If you can cite a US Supreme Court decision, since then, that states that Congress does not have to pay the bills that IT authorized, I would like the link to it, please.

    • I didn’t bother to read your post, because, well know you know, you’re kind of retarded.

      • Of course you’re not going to acknowledge a valid retort. Anything that contradicts your beliefs is liberal/progressive propaganda, etc. This post pretty much validates that you’re nothing but a troll who’s trying to save America by calling people “libtards”. Does calling you a conservatard really serve any purpose or make an argument any stronger? Look in the mirror, troll. Oh, I forgot, you don’t read……

      • At least I’m not libtarded!

        • Actually, the fact that you keep using these stupid names towards people who don’t agree with you, points in the opposite direction.

          As for the facts that you say you keep stating? They are not facts, they are uneducated opinions.

          You want facts, listen to the Economist’s. And, for heaven’s sake, at least TRY to understand what they are saying!

    • The Two wars that we are still in Created this Debit There was never any money to fight the Bush wars all borrowed! The Bush Tax cuts added also to It ? plus all the people out of work not paying into taxes !!
      Another thing worked for years and paid into social security which they stole from /
      Now retired Pay for Medicare !! We pay more Taxes then Millionaires ! We have no Loop Holes !
      It doesn’t take a Genius, to figure it , you can Cut Cut Cut but if there is no money coming In no bills get paid ~~
      You can`t keep taking from the Seniors and the Poor , Because we are all going to have to pay in the end !!
      Yes The Republicans want to see Obama Fail ,

  • Recall that on Nov 1, 2004 the Arabic-language network Al-Jazeera released a full transcript of a videotape from Osama bin Laden in which the head of al Qaeda said his group’s goal is to force America into bankruptcy.Now ask yourself this question … if an Al Qaeda leader had offered money to 25 US Congressmen to help destroy the US Economy by refusing to raise the debt limit and they had said, “We can’t do that because we’d be caught, but we can wait until the absolute last minute, which should cause a downgrade.” … would you want them in jail??

  • Lenna S. Hanna-O'neill

    Brandon hits it dead on the head. I have been increasingly concerned about the direction the Republican party has been dragging this nation for about 30 yrs now, and in recent years I stand amazed as I just keep thinking it can’t get any worse, they can’t get any more brazen, the public won’t sit still for it… And then I find out how wrong I am. I was absolutely floored when they put Dubya up as a serious contender for the Presidency; I LIVED in Texas when that loon was Governor. He’s a complete and total mess, he managed to crater every real business he was ever involved in, and how anyone thinks that being Governor of Texas is any kind of preparation for running a nation is beyond me. It’s a weak governor state, the Guv exists mostly for photo ops and ribbon cuttings when someone needs a photographic individual for tourism purposes. THAT he was eminently qualified to do; stand there with that fatuous smirk and shake hands. But running a COUNTRY? I thought at first it was a ploy to drive the party together since it was so fractured at the time, but when I realized they really MEANT it, I figured they had totally lost their minds, I did NOT figure the American public was actually stupid enough to elect him. And frankly, I still don’t think they did… I swear every time I think I can depend on the self-preservation instincts and American independent spirit of the man on the street, it seems they get trumped by Murdoch-think. I really believe that a LOT of the divisiveness is due to manipulation of our media, creating this Great divide where nobody wins but the 5% Club. And so it goes…

  • Spending hundreds of billions of taxed/borrowed dollars isn’t going to improve the economy. Borrowing and taxing to increase a federal spending bill that’s already at $3.8 trillion/year is the WORST thing the US economy can do.

    The more the federal government spends, the more the economy is centrally directed/managed, like Cuba and North Korea.

    Have you learned nothing from history?

  • RailroadMike

    If the todays DOJ is an example of the DOJ in 1934 nothing will happen. In 1934 a few Wall Street Bankers thought FDR was a commie for making projects like the WPA,CCC,NRA and attempted to have themselves a little Coup D’etat! It was called the “Business Plot”, discovered by Ret.USMC Maj. Gen Smedley D Butler. Closed door Seante hearings was all that took place, oh yes. The ring leader, Prescott Bush, Grandfather of George Bush. Money talks and the rest of us walks.

  • Thing that bugs me the most is the Democrat always let the Republican get away with it.

  • Storm Wooten

    your numbers on the FAA are off. Estimates were for around 4000 FAA employees (a lot of them safety officials) to be on furlough and around 70,0000 construction/other workers to go without work. As to every other point, I agree completely, the Republicans are arguably guilty of treason. However with Bush’s cronies packed onto the court benches, no case on this would ever get off the ground.

    • You are correct as another person pointed out. The total affected was more like 74,000, along with the friends and family members who would have been hurt by this instability. 4,000 would have been pretty disgusting, but it was in fact even worse.

  • Great article, but it’ll NEVER happen

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

    — U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 8

    • Thank you Courtney. I never really imagined I’d be seeing any politician of any party held to account for hurting Americans. But we can always dream :)

    • Second Amendment Democrat

      Courtney, I reluctantly have to add my thanks for this post. So we can’t convict them of treason, what IS it? Certainly a recallable offense, and obviously poisonous and detrimental to the citizens of the United States, who they are supposed to be representing.

      But we MUST make examples of these sociopathic swine gobbling up the country while the rest lose their lives in a futile effort to survive the Great GOP Sellout of the middle class.

      OK, we do it Clinton-style. “levying War” can certainly be couched in economic terms. And if it couldn’t be before, the President can just do it, Bush-style.

      Oh, right. I ‘forgot,’ this President doesn’t actually DO anything to stop the rape. He just promises to fix it – and then doesn’t even try.

      Dammit, Obama, we elected you to stand up to these bullies and braggarts, not to be a polite wimp. When are you going to show us the balls that got you through Chicago politics? Find a reason, I am sure you can come up with one, and throw a dozen of these thieves in jail. Stop the neo-cons in their tracks. If you don’t, we’re going to have to take the country back the hard way, and with Faux ‘News’ telling half the nation that SHOULD be fighting WITH us the lies that make them do the GOP’s fighting for them. it’s going to be a bitter, Iraq-style war.

      But we WILL take the country back. The middle class will not fade gently into that good night. Their wives and daughters won’t let them…

  • Honestly this article is one of the worst I have seen as far as trying to convince somebody of anything. You went with the dictionary definition of treason in which case all parties are guilty of it because as pointed out before the main goal is to limit all that a leader can do during his term to pretty much nothing. AND NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION is any mention of political parties. they should not exist, it leads to loyalists voting for their party solely on the fact that the person is in their preferred party.

    • Aw shucks, worst ever? I guess I will have to try harder in future to score a better grade with you.

      Maybe you should write a more compelling argument, this site is always looking for well written articles. I never professed to be the next Jon Stewart, but maybe you are. Please post a link as soon as you get published, I can’t wait to read it.

  • Democrats aren’t interested in fixing anything either. Consider that they are just as guilty as Republicans of taking the same corporate money. This means that they work for Wall Street the same as Republicans. Their actions during the Reagan administration (remember that Democrats controlled the House THE WHOLE TIME REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT and that all bills dealing with money must originate in the House) should have confirmed this 30 years ago. Better idea: Recall them all nationwide, Republicans and Democrats alike, never put another one in office again, and elect people who won’t take corporate money.

    • I find it hard to agree with that. Clearly if the Democrats can’t do more to improve the economy before 2012, they will only remain in office if the Republicans continue to field crazy people as presidential candidates.

      I do agree with the issues of American politicians being owned by their corporate sponsors. It is one of the many serious ethical problems with the American political system.

    • Storm Wooten

      Dems are guilty of taking corporate money, Republicans take A LOT more. As for them working for Wall Street, Wall Street didn’t react to well to this debt ceiling deal did they?

  • I’m pretty disgusted by this post and I consider myself to be a strong progressive. The dictionary might define treason as that but the Constitution defines it as this:

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

    We can not resort to extreme left-wing rhetoric. It only pushes moderates further right. We deplore similar right-wing rhetoric from fox news pundits…why should we stoop to their level?

    • I think no matter what it is said or unsaid, the Right-Wing gains.

    • Well clearly my article was intended to make people think about the despicable behavior of the Republican / Tea Bag / Grover Norquist party. I wasn’t really intending that Republicans be dragged kicking and screaming to the electric chair having been found guilty of treason against the United States.

      It’s a nice suggestion that we should talk in common sense terms and never use hyperbole, however, isn’t it odd just how crazy the lunatic right is, and yet people like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and Michelle Bachmann continue to get more and more respect and air time.

      If the people of America really wanted intelligent measured information, Fox News and most of talk radio would have filed bankruptcy years ago.

      Sorry if you didn’t like my article. But while clearly the word treason is obviously too strong, one does have to legitimately question who is going to hold Republicans accountable for hurting our country for political gain. It may not be actual treason, but it’s pretty damaging both nationally and with our global reputation.

      • Second Amendment Democrat

        Sorry to disagree with your self-disagreement. I believe that what they are doing is against the welfare of the United States, and as such, does constitute an act of War against the citizens of this nation, and therefore is actionable treason.

        But I’m not a lawyer. I’m just a VERY pissed-off (theoretically) Democrat who keeps waiting for the only party that can stop the madness to DO SOMETHING!!!

        And they don’t – again (sigh.) I feel like Charlie Brown, and Obama is Lucy holding the football.

        And if it ISN’T treason, what IS it? Only Eric Holder can say, he could define it any way he chooses – and he is a member of all the organizations that are trying to tear the nation down – AFP, Bilderberg, etc. IOW, a Koch foil, a closet GOP.

        We are probably too late, the fox is in charge of protecting the chickens. And those of us who are not chicken will just be first in line to be devoured.

    • Stephen Mencik

      One could equate trying to bring the American economy down to waging War against the country.

      We may not need to stoop to their level, but we need better spin doctors. For some reason the sheep of this country believe the crap coming from the right, but don’t believe the left. Do you have a suggestion on how to fix that?

  • Are you serious ??? You are so proud of your work that you don’t even let anyone know who you are…

    Do you really think that only the Republicans are to blame for the mess this country is in ??? Really ???…. You can’t come up with a single instance when the Democrats blocked amendments and bills ??

    Personally, I don’t care to be claimed by either party but I am of the opinion that BOTH parties are equally at fault for this mess.. I could continue my rant, but I won’t… I’m angry at all of them. Surely if you call for a “recall of all republicans” you must ask for a recall for ALL politicians.

    As for the FAA situation, look it up. The House of Representatives had already passed that legislation before they left for their vacation. It was the Senate who let it sit there.


  • I would say a better charge would be sedition over treason.

    • I thought that treason would have more headline impact. But either way, it sure isn’t good :)

      • Treason is a scare word that will only invoke more headache than constructive dialogue. That is not saying that sedition is much better but at the very least you get people to pause to think on what you are trying to get across. In layman’s terms treason implies there was attempt at disrupting or removing the government from power by physical force. Sedition is using words to incite rebellion against government or the establishment which fits your argument better and is precisely what the Tea Party, Neo-Cons, Christian Right and the Corporatists have done

  • Democratic plan under Bush: “Just do whatever it takes to keep Bush from royally fucking things up so the country can still be saved in 2008.”
    Republican plan under Obama: “Fuck everything up so we can blame Obama for it in 2012.”

  • Good article, however it was actually 4,000 people working for the FAA plus “Some 70,000 workers on construction-related jobs on airport projects from Palm Springs, California, to New York City were idled as the FAA couldn’t pay for the work.” So 74,000 people left unemployed all up as a result of this most recent deal. Cheers.

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