Chris Christie Accused Of Treason For Appointing Muslim Judge

Author: August 10, 2011 9:38 pm

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And the sharks are eating their own once again. The head of the Center For Security Policy and right-wing radio host Frank Gaffney, accused Christie of treason against the United States while interviewing Andy McCarthy of The National Review. McCarthy had already attacked Christie for encouraging the supposedly “anti-Western, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-assimilationist” leadership in the Muslim-American community.

Christie had been considered a staunch conservative by many in the Tea Party until he appointed a Muslim American to be a judge. He also came under fire from the right after defending the appointment by criticizing the right-wing belief that Sharia law is taking over America.

Personally, I applaud Governor Christie for appointing a Muslim to a judgeship and for criticizing the Tea Party obsession with Sharia law. If this proves anything about the current brand of right-wing politics, it’s that even Governor Christie isn’t far enough to the right for them. The only kind of politician that makes them happy is the kind that does everything they want, no exceptions. And that is bad for America.


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  • The Muslim world gave us Algebra, advances in Astronomy, Geography, Physics, Medicine and other scientific disciplines, and was the center of learning in the known world from 800-1100 AD…until an extremist decided that mathematics and science were the work of the devil and got enough people to believe it, thus bringing an end to an unprecedented time of advancement for humanity.

    The Christian world gave us the Crusades, persecuted scientists for daring to challenge the Bible’s version of “science”, suppressed education, killed millions in the name of “God” (rather than just thousands) justified slavery and genocide as “holy”, and–once they finally got into positions of power here–are working to bring down what was once the most powerful nation on the planet.

    Gee, I dunno. I would say that Christianity really has NO room to talk.

  • You wrote: “Personally, I applaud Governor Christie for appointing a Muslim to a judgeship and for criticizing the Tea Party obsession with Sharia law”

    If conservatives are obsessed with sharia, you are obsessed with being anti-establishment and you would oppose everything they do or say, wether it makes sense or not, even if you have to support a violent, dogmatic, manipulative cult called ‘Islam’ …

    Do you want to see our women folks wear burkas? denied equal rights as men ? denied education ? do you want honor killings, female genital mutilations ? Do you want to promote ated for non-muslims ? do you want to promote suicide bombers ? do you want behedings in streets ? do you want to see hands and feet mutilations in streets ? because if you don’t, you cannot side with Islam… Islam is barbaric, inhuman, oppressive and evil.

    … being progressive and humanistica and asking for justice and fairness for all doesn’t mean that we support opportunistic ideology like Islam. We respect humans, we want justice for all – not only humans, but also animals, plants and even inanimate beings, but we will not support Islam – it is even worse oppressor than Capitalism. We donot want to exchange one evil for another…

    If we are to establish justice, freedom and abundance for all, all types of evils must go – Matter centered philosophies like capitalism needs to go, as well as dogma centered philosophy like Islam must also go !

    • You’re entire comment is moot from the start because just like Gaffney you ignore the facts.

      NO ONE is trying to institute Sharia Law in the United States. It’s like all the whining about 2nd Amendment rights being stripped, when NO SERIOUS GUN LEGISLATURE has been pushed in several years. It’s erroneous and distraction from reality. There are, however, many people trying to force our laws to reflect the beliefs of the judeo-christian bible, which is unconstitutional. Don’t see all these so-called constitutionalists fighting that, do you?

      It doesn’t matter what religion the person appointed was, as long as they had a record of being fair, impartial, following the law and respecting the people they serve – and not letting their personal belief structure affect how they do they serve. If the judge met the legal, professional and ethical criteria for the job, I don’t care if (s)he was a Roman Catholic – and if anyone has a lock on a history of barbarism in the great “which religion is worse” argument…

      NO ONE has a right to deny ANYONE a job they have earned based on their religious beliefs, and any argument against that simple truth is a spit in the face of freedom from fascism.

      And WTF is an inanimate being? Are we now supposed to be fighting for the rights of baby grand pianos and velveteen rabbits? Or is that some entirely tacky attempt to reference Terri Schiavo?

      You don’t speak for progressives, so don’t try. You really haven’t the first clue what you are talking about. I’m no fan of Christie, but there is no friggin’ way – no matter what your political viewpoint – that Gaffney is on the right side of this argument.

  • Jackie Alowishous Harrington

    Christie’s parents must be very proud…Or very amused…

  • When Christie isn’t conservative enough for ya, you aren’t really conservative: you’re insane!

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