A Republican Candidate That’s Gay? Fox News Says ‘No Way!!’

Go on! Shoo! Straights only!

Fox News is giving gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger the shaft. Karger claims that despite meeting Fox News’ criteria, they wouldn’t allow him to slip into the Ames, Iowa debate yesterday. Fox news claims that Karger does not meet the requirement that he average at least 1% in at least 5 national polls and be at least 50% less fabulous than Michelle Bachmann’s husband.

Karger does have the five polls to back his application but Fox is not having it.

Fox: “Such polls do not qualify for the purposes of meeting the debate criteria.”

To which Karger responded, “These aren’t the nonscientific polls that your friends use, these are real polling agencies here.” Oh, no he didn’t!

The cat fight continued as Fox declared that the polls were not recent enough but so far has failed to define what “recent enough” means.

Karger, determined to not to be cock-blocked by Fox, has threatened to bring a complaint to the F.E.C.

 “By federal law, they have to have what’s called ‘preexisting criteria,’ and that means they can’t just be random like you’re in and you’re not.”

Made up rumors (by me) have it that Michelle Bachmann has refused to take the stage with a homosexual. When asked,  during a Newsweek photo shoot, about how she still appears in public with her husband, Bachmann became highly agitated which may explain this controversial cover.

Rick Santorum is not rumored to have said, “Could be worse, the debate could be hosted by Google…”

That Karger doesn’t have a chance in hell of making past the rabid homophobia of the Republican primary voters isn’t the point, the fact is that Fox won’t even let him try and that’s totally gay.

If you can’t laugh at Right Wing bigotry, what can you laugh at?

Lt. Sulu says, "It's OK to be Takei!"

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