Michele Bachmann Thinks Submissive Means The Same Thing As Respectful

Author: August 12, 2011 3:21 pm

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was asked yesterday, during the Republican Presidential Nominee Debate, whether or not she would be submissive to her husband if she were elected President.

The question was in response to a comment Bachmann made. Bachmann had stated that she didn’t want to go to law school but when her husband commanded her to she was submissive, because “the bible says be submissive to your husbands.”

She chose to try to explain it by saying submissive means respectful. Maybe she doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘submissive’.

Here’s the video;



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  • Oxford Dictionary – Submissive
    ‘ready to conform to the authority or will of others ; meekly obedient or passive:
    a submissive, almost sheeplike people’

    She talks such a load of crap (rubbish/tripe/drivel etc) when will we see some politicians who can understand English?

  • Am I the only one who had a problem with this question being asked of a candidate? Switch the genders. Would “Will you be submissive to your wife?” have ever been asked of a male candidate? I do not support Bachmann or believe a bit of her dribble, but that question was ridiculous.

    • It was asked because Michele Bachmann said that the Bible commands women to be submissive to their husbands. She gave that as the reason for going to law school, she said she didn’t want to but her husband told her to and it’s her biblical duty to be “submissive” to her husband.

      If a male candidate said he did things he didn’t want to because he was obligated to be submissive to his wife you can be SURE we would question it.

  • Sorry Matheew, inasmuch as I dislike Bachmann she answered correctly. You must understand the origin of words and their original meanings before you can write your criticism of them. The original interpretation meant “respectful”. I am sure it was pure luck on her side because she has proven time and time again how stupid she really is, but in this case she lucked out and you Mr. Desmond don’t know what Submissive means.

    • I’m sorry, EMSCHURCH, but you’re talking about the origin of the PHRASE, which is irrelevant. Almost all Americans watching the debate, including conservative Christians, don’t read their Bible in English, let alone the original koine Greek, and so to them, “submissive” means what it’s always meant: that you’re the one wearing the saddle rather than the one holding the whip.
      I recommend watching this talk by John Shelby Spong on the uses and abuses (especially towards women) of scriptural language:

  • I’m so tired of hearing her crap. Not in any language does submissive mean respect. What a crock. I do not think that she can play both side of that coin. It is ridiculous to even stand there and try to pawn that off on Intelligent voters and women

    • She must have pulled that definition out of a Morman tablet. It’s not in the Funk and Wagnalls or the Merriam Webster. She’s too ignorant to live.

  • I think maybe it is she does not know or understanding the meaning of respectful…..

    There that is better….

  • I think maybe it is she not know or understanding the meaning of respectful…..

  • She completely avoided the question! No, they weren’t asking you what submissive means (or to tell them your life story), they were asking you if you *would be* submissive.
    Also, love all the ‘boo’s she got during that timely pause to think of her bulls**t answer.

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