Michele And Marcus Bachmann, The Iowa State Fair, And A Foot Long Corn Dog

Author: August 13, 2011 11:31 am

Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus spent Friday at the Iowa State fair, looking for support and sharing a foot long corn dog. Many people already believe that Marcus “pray-away-the-gay” Bachmann himself is one of the people he has tried to save through his alleged homosexual repression therapy, and eating a foot long corndog at the state fair doesn’t do much to help the ‘straight’ image I’m sure he hopes to maintain. Marcus Bachmann once referred to homosexuals as “barbarians”.

The following images are real, and have not been edited in any way. Enjoy.

Image from http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/9207/371462602.jpg

Image from http://www.daylife.com/photo/01qB8un78889i


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  • Teabagger’s are so dumb, they thought Michele named the corn dog Mr Marcus out of respect for her husband…

  • Marcus looking giddy in his photo…

  • Robin Eublind

    Firstly, the last time I saw a woman with something like that in her mouth and her eyes rolled back in their head was in “Debbie Does Dallas”, and secondly, I thought Benny Hill was dead.

  • Sgt Joe Friday

    Note how Michelle gently tickles the underside of the meatsickle with her French-manicured fingernail . . . there is a woman who has experience handling dark brown 10 inchers!

  • Marcus, time to come out of your closet…..you’re not fooling anyone.

  • Rick Shreiner

    That guy down in the lower-left corner watching Michele “deep-throat” that corn-dog is certainly enjoying the show .. ..

    Can you imagine his fantasy at the moment ? ?

  • proof that the Bachmann clann have no gag reflex

  • I agree that the photos are humorous but mindless slander and cheap shot sexual innuendo are not going to defeat Michele Bachmann.

  • Next stop, the fried banana stand!

  • In Hell's Kitchen (NYC)

    give Michelle some credit ! it sure looks like she’s managed the first 4-5 inches pretty well (looks like practice has helped here)…what about the remaining length ? any more pictures of the feat ?

  • UGH that will haunt my nightmares. Although a couple brief comments.

    Michelle looks like she’s aged about 40 years in this photo, and she looks like she isn’t sure if she likes it.

    Marcus looks like he’s fighting the gay thoughts swarming his brain as he takes that big fellah into his mouth. Memories that burn your “I’m a Straight Conservative!” facade, a bit?

    …however, the winner is the gentleman in the Michelle picture, just in the bottom left. You can see every dirty thought imaginable shooting through those knowing eyes, and for some reason it’s priceless.

  • ivegotpopcorn

    Oh great. Now I’ll have that image in my head when I give…. oh nevermind.

  • I’m not a fan of the Bachmanns, But I am a fan of corndogs.
    I don’t know to what degree innuendo or slander will help
    defeat this nutcase, but vilifying the corndog is not the
    way!…Sometimes a corndog is just a corndog…

  • Priceless! You can’t make this shit up!

    No wonder she won the Iowa pole–oops–poll today. She certainly hade the male vote sewn up.

  • Robert Monroe, Jr.

    I bet Marcus was wishing there was a Black man on the other end of that foot long!

  • spit? or swallow?

    • ivegotpopcorn

      Take enough, one-half to a full ounce, in the mouth and slosh it around to make sure as large an area of the tongue as possible has a chance to judge the elements. Feel the viscosity. Allow the liquid to settle in the lower jaw, letting it warm slightly while pursing the lips to breathe in a small amount of air. Continue sucking in air, making a slurping sound as it mixes with air. This sends it to the back of the nasal cavity, intensifying the smell and flavor experience. After swallowing, notice which flavors and feelings are left and how well they linger.

  • harleyblueswoman

    the key words here are “more sense”…..since she doesn’t have any to begin with, it is unlikely she will ever have “more”!!!!!!

  • Now THAT is the photo that should be on the cover of Newsweek.

  • Frankly, Michelle’s picture is dreadful – looks like a scene from a cheap porno film. She should have more sense then to let herself get caught in a pose like that.

  • Of course the author, Matthew Desmond, would himself be captivated by such images given his own homosexual tendencies. Nice job matty. Keep up the cutting edge journalism that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing from you!

  • Michele has an “Oh, memories” look on her face and its probably the only sex she gets now that the kids have been popped out and he looks like he is trying really hard to pretend he doesn’t like a big cock in his mouth. He probably makes his ex-gay clients suck his til they throw up. That’s how he turns them straight.

  • Douglas Daluga

    both images are, frankly, disturbing (full body shudder)

  • Now tell me her husband isn’t gay. Look how he’s holding that hotdog. I can hear him now saying “Ewe” as he takes a bite. Dork.

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