Bachmann: Gay Families Not Real Families, Will Not Appoint Homosexuals To Her Cabinet

Author: August 15, 2011 1:21 pm

Not a family, not employable, I'm not even sure they're real people and not just Satan's pawns!

Do you know the main difference between a Republican and a Democratic nominee/president? A Democrat will do their best to act in the best interest of the entire population. A Republican will cater only to their base.

Republicans do not represent the country, they only represent other Republicans.

We saw this when Herman Cain announced he would not place a Muslim on his cabinet if elected and then brazenly lied about it.

But Michelle Bachmann just took her prejudice and ran with it like a conservative cheetah leaping through the Savannah of intolerance.

In the span of a little over three minutes, Michelle Bachmann managed to poorly conceal her intent to never appoint an openly gay person to her cabinet and just flat out say that gay couples with children are not a family by her narrow (and ignorant) definition.

BACHMANN: When it comes to marriage, and family, my opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman. And I think that’s been my view —

Why, yes. Yeit has! And what a despicable view it is!

Bachmann’s non-denial denial of her refusal to consider appointing a gay cabinet member or judge is just as pathetic:

“My criteria (of who to appoint)…where do you stand on the Constitution? Are you competent? And do you share my views?”

Said views being, of course, stridently anti-gay. She repeated this as if it somehow meant something other than, “Absolutely not!”

The GOP, hating you for being different for over 50 years!

Read more about Bachmann’s bigotry here.

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  • Michelle Bachman will not appoint a gay man to her cabinet, but she will marry one!

    • That type of comment puts you in the largly believed impression, that most Americans are uneducated, intolerant, ignorant and just plain stupid and meanspirited.

  • appointing only people who share your own views is totally unacceptable. even if i shared her views that would freak me out.

  • Calm down! I can’t stand her, either. But why do you have to throw hate right back at her?

  • While I indeed dislike Michele Bachman, I feel this is dubious, at best. The writer of this article was reading too much between the lines. Boo! Barack Obama, I’m sure would say the same thing about his appointee to the cabinet. The point of the President’s Cabinet is to act out his/her own will. Quite obviously, the President would need to understand his or her opinion on things. Michele Bachman did not say she would ask the person’s sexual orientation…furthermore the first quote is not that odd. Terrible article, overall. Not academic or up to any journalism standards.

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