Hey, Facebook: Are You Really Censoring Political Free Speech in America?

Author: August 15, 2011 7:36 am

Either Facebook’s spam filters are completely out of whack or political free speech is being actively censored on the social network.

What’s happening: On Sun. Aug. 14, liberal page administrators and bloggers in my network started spreading the word that they had been blocked from posting ANY content on ANY other wall for 15 days. No prior warning was given.

The offenders are charged with posting links to news/opinion articles – such as this liberal’s guide to Republican talking points – a small number of times to LIKE-MINDED pages with which they regularly interact. (Some reported making posts to as few as 4 other pages before being suspended – for 15 days – with no warning!) I’ve also been alerted that Facebook has revoked some administrator’s posting privileges for sharing links to their liberal Facebook page on the walls of other liberal pages.

The slap:

Facebook indicates these activists have been posting “spam and irrelevant” content. So, Facebook seems to be deciding for community pages what is spam or irrelevant before the actual page administrators are ever able to see – or re-share – the content.

A check of Facebook’s community standards confirms that NONE of the blocked content or pages I’ve heard about have violated ANY of these rules (engaging in hate, violence, phishing, theft, spam for commercial purposes, etc.)

Is it Facebook’s Fault?

This isn’t the first time a Facebook-related free speech restraint has come up on my radar, and that’s why I’m not biding my time before I talk about this. People should know what’s going on so Facebook can isolate and rectify the errors that are causing unfair censorship.

The previous red flag: A few weeks ago, I came across this webpage that catalogues Obama’s accomplishments (with citations). When  I went to share it on my wall  I was blocked from doing so.

The explanation: The link had been reported as “abusive or spammy” content. No one else can post the above blog link to their Facebook wall either – even now as I write. Even though I and others contacted Facebook to appeal that block as a violation of political free speech, Facebook never responded or unblocked the link. Therefore, this list of Obama’s accomplishments seems to be permanently banned from Facebook – and for no good reason. Remember that just because you may not share a favorable view of Obama, that doesn’t mean the content should be censored. People have a right to information!


Or is it Right-Wing Trolls?

I am willing to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt. It’s entirely possible that Facebook’s overly sensitive spam trigger is a bug that Facebook will rectify pronto.

Of course, another explanation has occurred to me. Right-wing trolls might be gaming the spam reporting feature in order to trigger Facebook into blocking populist information from spreading.

I am talking about the same type of right-wing vandals that:

I guess they don’t think they can win without playing dirty.


And back to Facebook …

Then I considered a more disturbing explanation after I read a Wall Street Journal article. What if the right amount of pressure has been put on employees of one of the world’s most powerful social networks to keep liberal free speech quiet?

Mark Zuckerberg himself has no bones about saying that free speech is a negotiable. From the WSJ:

“Maybe we will block content in some countries, but not others,” said Adam Conner, a Facebook spokesperson. “We are occasionally held in uncomfortable positions because now we’re allowing too much, maybe, free speech in countries that haven’t experienced it before.”

I must ask: Is America now one of the countries where you’ve decided to block free speech content?



Facebook: Please don’t start to enforce the notion that there is “too much free speech” in America. We are using your site as a message board, we’re in this to help inform others, there are thousands of liberal pages, and we all want to share content with each other.

So, please:

  • Undo the draconian 15-day posting suspensions for sharing news articles with the welcoming walls of like-minded community pages.
  • Adopt a more lenient policy for how often users can post articles to other community pages before being labeled as a spammer.
  • Consider investigating users who frequently report content as spam/abuse. Realistically, people should only rarely have the need to report spam/abuse on someone else’s community page.
  • Set spam triggers for posting to community pages based on whether a significant number of page administrators label content as spam, not based on reports from random visitors to the page who might be gaming the system.
  • Audit the content that Facebook employees ban. If, as you say, someone is reviewing the content I’ve linked to here to decide whether it meets community standards and then ruling to ban it, there’s a good case that they are doing so for political motives.

Our country is at risk of losing the rights and dignities of its middle class.

Don’t help the wealthy and powerful crush us on Facebook. Now that Citizens United has given corporations free speech (in the form of anonymous political donations), don’t limit the People’s First Amendment Rights.

Where is OUR Arab Spring?


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  • I have been blocked as well – starting on the very day you mentioned in your article. I own two Facebook pages:

    1. WE the PEOPLE rise up: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WE-the-People-Rise-Up/253847734630065

    2. WE the PEOPLE Petition: http://www.facebook.com/WeThePeoplePetition

    The block came just as I started going public with a new activist website I am building. I live near Madison, WI. Although I’ve never been involved in politics before, Scott Walker and company changed all that.

    Since I’ve several years worth of experience building standard databases I thought I’d build an on-line activist site. This is my first foray into building an on-line database. And I was just rolling it out and asking folks to join as Beta Testers when Facebook blocked me.

    Others who have joined WE are the Democracy are also complaining about being blocked.

    Thank you for bringing publicity to this and I hope you’ll check out WE are the Democracy – my intent is to build an on-line organizing site where we can all meet-up and organize ourselves. I will NOT censor members.

    There is a thread on the We are Democracy forums about Facebook’s censorship. I will post a link to this article in that thread – feel free to join the threaded conversation yourself.

    The thread can be found here: http://www.wearethedemocracy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24

    In Peace – Rose

  • It has nothing to do with political viewpoints. LOTS of people are being banned this way regardless of politics. There are dozens of fb threads out there about people having been banned for “spammy behavior.” There are discussions in LinkedIn groups (which are sometimes known for “like me and I’ll like you back” posts.)

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    If you are still blocked, try submitting a bug report here and tell them why you should not have been blocked.


  • I’m not a big fan of the Obama site in question, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a right-winger either. I happen to have virtual contacts inside and outside of the “liberal” sphere, and it doesn’t seem like just the Obama link is being targeted on Facebook.

    I haven’t gone out of my way looking into this yet, but this group represents another contingent of people who’ve been punished for ordinary political posting: http://www.facebook.com/groups/stopthenewworldorder2011. (Obviously, the name of the group leans toward the “conspiracy” crowd, but it does mean to include anyone affected by recent political censorship on Facebook.)

  • Thanks very much for this article. I have been on about 4 Facebook pages total for the last 18 months or so. All my posts are relevant to the subject matter of the sites, usually what I’m doing is linking newspaper articles & contributing to discussions. I got one of these messages last week & it’s really annoying. I will try to send them a message to see if I can get unblocked. I felt very suspicious as to why I was blocked and agree it’s an attack on free speech.

    • What a bunch of lies. Its been happening to conservatives forever….ive had accounts deleted for no reason at all, other than my politics didnt agree with liberals.

      if its happening to libs, its prolly because so many of them post hate on the white house wall.
      all they do is talk about “shitbaggers” and “professional victims”
      and post peoples addresses and stalk profiles and post peoples personal info…every time I post on the white house page, said lib trolls ask me about my ex g/f who was married when i met her.

      go to the WH page and see for yourself.
      the lib trolls post all day, and I get blocked from commenting sometimes within 3 posts

  • **UPDATE**

    For all those wrongfully banned. If you have already send emails to Facebook, please check your email. I just received the following email from the Facebook Team:


    Your account was mistakenly blocked from posting on Pages. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We’ve lifted the block from your account, and you should now be able to post again.

    We’re constantly building and refining Facebook to protect members from spam. You can read more about these systems in
    our blog post here: https://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=403200567130.

    These systems aren’t directed at any particular cause or point of view. However,no system is perfect, and ours occasionally make mistakes. We’re investigating the system that caused the block and making changes to help prevent future errors.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    The Facebook Team”

    Now, my question to all of you is, was Facebook getting nervous because people were pointing fingers at each other and in-fighting, or because people were handing out Google+ invites like it was Christmas in July? I tend to believe it’s the latter ;)

    • Annie Stieglitz

      I am very pleased you were unbanned, Michelle, but are you the only one? I can’t even thank people who like my videos! It is ridiculous. I am going to write now to Guardian Media …

      • You may have spoken too soon, Michelle. Everyone I know who got that e-mail remains banned.

        • My site is currently under attack due to the election of the mayor of Flint is in November I use tactics that I do not care for but I found if I am nice with no name calling the numbers drop on hits. I post it on my Facebook page that is clearly marked a Political facebook as well other facebook pages I am a member of how ever the site was reported as well my picture was reported as abusive. when I fight for Victim of Homicides here in flint and I fight for justice here in flint. I am against any one that is in office that abuses their office like the current mayor. My website uses the news article to back the site up for what is going on in our city. and the FBI is in the city hall for a Reason yet I was blocked from posting and they continue to make me put in a code to post anything. My page is clearly a Political page and I am a Political figure in my community no matter if the like it or not. God has my back and I will not stop.

    • I received the same email from Facebook about 4 days ago and STILL can not post to other PEOPLE’s walls. So their apology has very little value.

      If Facebook really wants to control spamming then they need to trust their Facebook page administrators to report spam. One would think Facebook page administrators (I own and administrate two pages) were perfectly capable of determining real spam from welcome content. All Facebook would have to do is set up their system to ban people who have been consistently reported by Facebook page administrators. It really is that simple.

  • I have started a FaceBook Wall to try and get a sense of how many people are banned for 15 days.

    I called it “I am Not Spammy and Irrelevant”

    I know people under the FaceBook ban cannot post there, BUT they can LIKE the page. A count of LIKES will give us an idea how many people are banned from posting for 15 days. \


    And yes, most of the banned people are in animal rescue.

  • Please help – share if & where you can – I am banned form helping save the babies our beloved pets – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/846/petition-to-stop-fb-from-blocking-animal-rescuers/

  • On Sunday I received the ‘you’re banned’ message from Facebook. I’ve used FB for over a year, mostly to share information/news on the hideous practice of drilling called hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’. I only post to groups/pages that pertain to fracking. I never sent junk / spam type stuff out.

    On Monday I called the AP & spoke to a reporter about this. Today he called back, they’re doing a story on this situation, it’ll be published on Friday, Aug. 19, 2011.

    Lesson I learned: don’t depend on any one form of communication. Yes, FB has been very valuable as an easy means to get the word out & in a format that’s easily shared by others with their friends.

    The AP reporter asked me, “Well what do you say to the fact that this service is provided free to you and millions of other users?” I said that the only reason that FB is worth billions of $ is BECAUSE of the millions of us who use this “free” service. I also told the reporter that, right now, in rooms across the globe, a whole hell of a lot of people are working on an even bigger & better social network than FB. FB’s wearing the crown right now, but for how long? Oh, and the AP reporter says the story will hit the AP wire on Friday. Stay tuned. [email protected]

    • all of the animal rescue folks are up in arms and paranoiac that facebook has targeted them, too… I got suspended after posting the same message on animal group page. I don’t think fb is targeting anyone folks, I think this is some sort of glitch and hopefully, if rumors are true, that they are working on fixing it… yahoo and facebook are also supposed to be conducting some sort of social experiment this week, maybe this is it????

  • Annie Stieglitz

    Well, I tried to post a comment, but where has it disappeared to? I have been banned since Saturday and why? I am an admin for a charity, the 7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth. We are collecting for Oxfam. I am only in contact with individual friends and similar sites as ours, fansites. We all post on each others’ walls. I only posted 4 or 5 messages, hardly spam. I really resent being accused of posting spam – I am not a criminal. Please, will someone tell Zuckerberg? It is very distressful. It didn’t happen last year. Thank you.

  • Annie Stieglitz

    I have been banned since Saturday for posting 4 or 5 posts from our charity page: 7th Annual Oxfam Tribute for Colin Firth’s 51st Birthday. I only posted on friends’ pages and our affiliates, other Colin Firth fan sites. I keep getting this:

    This feature is blocked for you
    As we notified you earlier, this feature is temporarily unavailable because you’ve been sending spam and irrelevant posts on Facebook Pages.

    I am being made to feel like a criminal and suggest we all go to Google+! That might give them a fright!

    It is not limited to any country, any interest area, it is just random.

    Someone please contact Zuckerman!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post. I work for Facebook and thought I would take a moment to explain our approach. I know that there are lots of questions and some confusion about our policies and practices around content. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to be transparent on our site (http://www.facebook.com/communitystandards), on our blog (https://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=403200567130), and through the press (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/13/technology/13facebook.html).

    Generally, we’re very proud of the environment on Facebook. We want Facebook to be a place where people can openly express their views and opinions, even if others don’t agree with them. That said, there are some types of content we don’t allow. For example, we remove hate, threats, pornography, attacks on private individuals, and other kinds of abuse when they’re reported to us. We also work to prevent spam. You’ll find a more complete list of what we don’t allow, as well as an explanation of the community we’re trying to build, on the Community Standards page mentioned above. We’ve developed these policies with guidance from our Safety Advisory Board and other recognized experts from around the world.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t many examples for Facebook to follow in this area. We simply face a challenge that few companies have ever faced – protecting a service that’s under constant attack and through which over 750 million people share more than 30 billion pieces of content every month. Our international team of reviewers works across offices in California, Texas, Ireland, and India to review hundreds of thousands of pieces of reported content every day. Our engineers build systems that classify over ten billion actions (suspicious logins, friend requests, etc.) and pieces of content (messages, Wall posts, etc.) every day. The hundreds of people and sophisticated systems that enforce our policies stand in stark contrast to the vast majority of the rest of the Internet.

    Of course, no system is perfect, and we do sometimes make mistakes. Usually, it’s because a system didn’t work as intended or someone simply made a wrong call. In this case, a new system we launched to prevent spam posts on Pages blocked some people it shouldn’t have. We’ve already made changes to improve this system and are working on removing the block for those who shouldn’t have seen it. It’s worth noting that the system never blocked people from posting to Pages they administer.

    We strongly believe that what is more important than any mistakes is our response to them. When we do make a mistake, we act quickly to fix it, apologize, and improve our processes so that it doesn’t happen again. Still, though, we believe our error rates rival those of any company in any industry.

    We take all of these responsibilities very seriously. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, though, and we welcome constructive feedback on how to improve our approach. Thanks again.

    Simon Axten

    • Hi Simon,

      So what is the solution for this current issue? You have hundreds if not thousands of people that have been wrongfully banned, and there is no place to go to dispute it. Facebook does not provide an outlet to allow for dispute of being wrongfully accused, instead, automatically censors my freedom of speech.

      Is there an email address or a list we can be put on to request our accounts be looked at and verified legitimate?

      In my case, I only posted to one group page, and the admin told me I was not on their banned list. I have done nothing wrong, I have not broken the rules.

      What is our recourse? How do we get unbanned?

      While I understand the vast amount of work involved on your end, someone there must be accountable and responsible for providing a fix for this. If I make a mistake, maybe a couple of people are affected. If a company as big as Facebook makes a mistake, millions can be affected. As I said in another comment; this type of thing (leaving people stranded with no response to the issue) can drive people in droves to other competitors’ sites….like Google+.

      Please respond with how we can get out of this mess!

      Kind regards,

      Michelle Ventress

    • I am convinced that the “banning” issue has nothing to do with free speech, politics, or any other cause! That I am sure of, especially since the problem has occurred across the political spectrum and across various causes of all sorts. I am convinced, however, that the bunch at Facebook has no sense of proportion and are completely tone deaf when it comes to our complaints at being unfairly banned for doing the SAME THINGS OTHERS ARE DOING ON OUR PAGES AS WE SPEAK!!!!! Give me a break here. Facebook can immediately remove all these restriction errors and let each of us monitor our own pages….WE DO NOT NEED A “BIG BROTHER” IN THE FORM OF FACEBOOK OVER-MANAGING THE SYSTEM!!! That is what the “x” is for, isn’t it? We can permanently remove folks from our walls and prevent them from posting there! We can “unfriend”, we can report “spam”, but why are we being subjected to being treated like a bunch grade school dropouts?


    • Animals very LIVES are at stake here because animal rescuers cannot post on pages about animals who are in danger !!!!!! God knows how many animals may have been killed, lost, not gotten to safety this week because of this suspension/ban. EVERY SINGLE DAY ANIMALS COULD BE SAVED BUT HAVE NOT BEEN. Come on Facebook, GET A GRIP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and FIX this asap. CROSS POSTING ANIMALS IS NOT SPAM NOR IRRELEVANT !!!!! there must be some way for Facebook to FIX this asap… are they taking it seriously??????????

    • Thank you Simon for at least answering some of the complaints though not addressing the main point about the “unjustified” bans.
      We in the UK Labour Party fan page have suffered a lot of regular posters being hit by unjust banning. We believe in the Labour Party wall case at least that a group of trolls with an army of fake profiles have launched mass reporting for spam attacks on regular posters in order to disrupt normal discussion. I can believe that FB is not in cahoots with them but it is your systems that allow mass reporting to result in these automatic bans. One solution is to hand over the spam prevention to the page admins who are perfectly capable of blocking and removing spam.
      One thing is for sure the current system cannot be allowed to continue.

    • Annie Stieglitz

      Hi Simon
      I am very pleased that you have unblocked Michelle. Please could you unblock me as well? We have only a week left for our Oxfam appeal and as I have explained, I do not post spam, and certainly not posts in great amounts. I only post to our sister fan pages, and if you check those, all our posts get views and ticks from readers. I only post on these pages:

      Colin Firth 24/7

      Pride and Prejudice
      TV show

      Colin Firth Daily

      Colin Firth Fans

      Colin Firth – The perfect gentleman

      Colin Andrew Firth – Argentina
      Non-profit organisation

      On the day you banned me, I had posted a photo thanking everyone for their donations:
      “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK…” on Colin Andrew Firth’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to Colin Firth Fans Chile’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to Colin Andrew Firth – Argentina’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to I want to clone Colin Firth’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to Colin Firth – The perfect gentleman’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to Colin Firth Daily’s Wall.
      7th Annual Oxfam Tribute to Colin Firth on his 51st Birthday posted a photo to Pride & Prejudice (BBC)’s Wall.

      So, 7 posts! Is this spam? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease can you unblock me for the last week of our appeal?

      Thank you
      Best wishes
      Annie Stieglitz

    • I guess thats why FB just removed a post of mine from a political because it was “sexually expicit”
      I wish I knew what post got removed, and why, since I never posted such content.

    • Here is an example of a liberal page dedicated to false flagging posts on anyone who disagrees with them

      Organizations – Political Organizations
      If you’re one of the 1+ million on the Anti-SB1070 and tired of trolls, let’s show our discontent at the polls.
      Privacy Type:
      Open: All content is public.
      Paola D’ Razo (Chicago, IL)
      Luis Serrano
      Gladys Lopez
      Nacho Man (creator)
      Nacho Man
      General, chief strategist, and primary satirist.
      Paola D’ Razo (Chicago, IL)
      Gladys Lopez
      Luis Serrano

      • Fed Silverio I whacked 12 trolls this weekend. I’m lying, the truth is I made up a moderately low number because there’s no way for me to possibly keep track of how many trolls I’ve wacked.
        June 11, 2010 at 11:05pm
        2 people like this.

        Carolyn Parker Breen How does that billy goat troll story go? Good Billy goat! Fed
        June 13, 2010 at 1:39pm

        Fed Silverio Hehehehehe
        June 14, 2010 at 12:36pm

        Rob Spafford I’m upset, Fed… the quality of troll has declined seriously… none got facts, none got game, armed only with anger, they just turn out to be common variety bores…
        June 14, 2010 at 10:47pm · 1 person

        Fed Silverio That’s because all the ones with a brain have joined our side. Now it’s all about hit and runs or keeping people distracted on a 758745784 comment-long post.
        June 15, 2010 at 2:34am

        • Cincity Cin Hey can you go on Sheriff of Pima and say thank you for standing up against

          by the way his page is full of trolls

          June 29, 2010 at 3:23am

          • Briget Ledger DO NOT RESPOND TO FRIDOM..just flag…report and tell him the Dr’s from the mental health clinic are looking for him…tell him not to be scared help is coming soon…they will get him back on his psychotropics and things will be okay soon!!!
            May 28, 2010 at 6:33pm

            • Nacho Man Here it is again:
              Here’s the famous troll list mis amigos:

              * Andrew Schnack (Texas) Remove… See More
              * Craig Evans (BYU – ID) Remove
              * Tania Villanueva Remove
              * Samuel Montgomery Scully (Episcopal High School) Remove
              * Jessica Ford (AIU Online) Remove
              * Ed Ryan Remove
              * Terrance Singh Remove
              * Jeff Parker (Indiana) Remove
              * Mariana Mojica (West Orange High) Remove
              * AlWolf Sandlin Remove
              * Ryan Gravina (Northfield Mount Hermon School) Remove
              * Luke French (United States Army) Remove
              * Chris Cattern (CSU Fullerton) Remove
              * Tyler Schiola Remove
              * Sue Pienta Murrell Remove
              * Kyle Dykhoff (Perham Secondary) Remove
              * Leigh-Ann Moynihan Remove
              * Fridom Snowbird Remove
              * Rasheed Mohamed Remove
              * Juan Cabrera (UC Riverside) Remove
              * Karla Patino Remove
              * Eric Scott Woodson Remove
              * Raul Magana Remove
              * Travis Johnson (Virginia Tech) Remove
              * Shari Klasse Remove
              * Joyce Donche Remove
              * Omar Clemente Remove
              * Kevin McCall (Washington University in St. Louis) Remove
              * Kelly Shunae Williams Dehait Remove
              * Brian K Morris Remove
              * Shannon Barber Remove
              * Heather Farris Sanford Remove
              * Rob Kozik Remove
              * Joe Sutherland Remove
              * William J. Green Remove
              * Reidee Coldeen Remove
              * Inspired Byu Remove
              * Bryan Bitterman Remove
              * Debbie Braden Remove
              * Brian Sniff Remove
              * Jaun Flores Remove
              * Nick Gull Remove
              * Chad Fife Remove
              * Jonathan Steele Remove
              * Mirely Bautista Remove
              * Louie Guapo Remove
              * David Williams Remove
              * Roger Zewe Remove
              * Cindy Cuevas Remove
              * David Colby Remove
              * Kyle Albanese Remove
              * Nathan Ramage Remove
              * Aaron Griffin Remove
              * Larry Wayne Harley Remove
              * Derrick Juengst Remove
              * Ronald Stafford Remove
              * Duane Hatton Remove
              * Dolman Merida Remove
              * Juan Penaloza (Washington) Remove
              * Joey Broski Remove
              * Richard Serafin Remove
              * Michael John Trotta Remove
              * Vince Hernandez-Ramos Remove
              * Lindsay Reed Remove
              * Bob Kinlaw Remove
              * Jon Baxter Remove
              * Grecia Huang Remove
              * Frank Lucas Remove
              * Michael Taylor Remove
              * Danny Clement Remove
              * Kelley Gardner Remove
              * Diana Palacios Remove
              * Greg Miller Remove
              * Douglas Nelson Remove
              * Vanessa Delmonte Remove
              * Matthew Busby Remove
              * John Howard Remove
              * Shad Sills Remove
              * Christopher Moran Remove
              * Nacionalismo México Ovn Remove
              * Doug Macklin Remove
              * Mike Dunn Remove
              * Karen Adlercreutz Remove
              * Michael Orama Remove
              * Mark Bard Remove
              * Leroy Freeman Remove
              * Jack Blair Remove
              * Billy A-ten Remove
              * Aaron MacGillycuddy Remove
              * Jimmy Helton Remove
              * Tyler Ryan Remove
              * John Schaab Remove
              * Lorde Syfilis Remove
              * Jimmy Helton Remove
              * James Borum Remove
              * Romay La Consejera Remove
              * Jeff Wineberg Remove
              * Susan Marsh Remove
              * Jim Dangle Remove
              * Ann Hero Remove
              * Jesper Sanchez Remove
              * Christopher Brown Remove
              * Wendy-Adolf Woods Remove
              * Peter Partievan Remove
              * Conor Adams Remove
              * Alexis McTexas Remove
              * Nick Swoley Remove
              * Doug Serenbetz Remove
              * Eward Khil Remove
              * Tracy Hill Remove
              * Wayne Campbell Remove
              * Manual Labor Remove
              * Eward Khil II Remove
              * John Smith Remove
              * Domingo Gonzales Remove
              * Annemarie Hiro Remove
              * Wolfgang Amadues Remove
              * Jason Wilikins Remove
              * Luke Harris Remove
              * Wolfgang Amadues Remove
              * Mark Mcd Remove
              * Layla Jalili Remove
              * Billy Aten Remove
              * Miso Hohnee Remove
              * Alan Turner Remove
              * LovelySophisticated Jade Remove
              * Karmen Iany Remove
              * Jamie Miscuell Remove
              * Zack Glickman Remove
              * Ima Tacobender Remove
              May 27, 2010 at 1:52pm

    • Like many of those posting here, I have been banned from posting because of “spam and irrelevant material.” Like those others, I have been sharing news articles about my organization to the pages of other like-minded organizations. Nothing spammy about it.

      I can’t even figure out who to email at Facebook to protest. So if you welcome constructive feedback on your approach, how about starting with a link given when the suspension is delivered to challenge the suspension?

      By the way, I’m still looking. If you’d like, you can email me at [email protected]. If anyone else has the proper contact information, I’d appreciate it.


    • Henry D. Rinehart

      Mr. Axten, Facebook has a mole.

      By that I mean that one or more of your programmers/system administrators are pursuing their own radical right agenda, and this is partially the reason for this “accidental” rash of banning/blocking that the above article is speaking out about. There have been several instances that I know of personally where liberal groups have been blocked, banned, intimidated and some instances where the harassment has been so severe that the individuals affected had no choice but to quit and sign back in with another Facebook account.

      One of my friends even had her personal information shared with other websites, including information on an alias that existed nowhere but on Facebook and that had no connection with her personal account except the link through the ISP she used. This would have required someone with system administrator access to locate, or one of the programmers that works with the system code. She was the subject of two ‘virus’ attacks that shut down and locked out the antivirus and firewall software in her computer, then rapidly proceeded to disable her Windows registry and cripple her computer, both happening after tracing right-wing ‘trolls’ and handing over their real identities to some of the liberal groups.

      Mr. Axten, you have one or more persons working for Facebook who believe this kind of harassment, intimidation and destruction of property is okay. Instead of handing out bland, unconvincing statements that these actions are just glitches in the system, why not go in and see if there are common denominators to these problems, like one or two system administrators linked to all the unwarranted liberal bans these good people have been writing about? You can look for code issues for the next thousand years and not find anything if this is a human-based abuse issue–and while you’re at it, look to see if this kind of thing has been happening to the conservative groups as well, there may be more than one biased administrator in the works. . .

      Henry D. Rinehart

      • I encountered the same problem. Joined some liberal pages, got kicked out, got a virus, even with all of my protections. Changed my political and religious statuses, and I got another virus that wiped out my computer. Used my smartphone to post, got a virus. I keep thinking these are coincidences, but that’s a much more difficult pill to swallaow if its also “randomly” happening to others under the same circumstances.

    • I was banned from the White House wall for telling a man that it wasn’t wise to come onto the forum and accuse people of being gay and have his business listed on his profile. That it wasn’t good for business to be so openly discriminatory against gays as I also had friends in the same state he was from that were in the same business who would find his slurs demeaning and that word of mouth could shut down a business real fast. I had no intentions of telling my friends about him.. I just wanted to get the message across to him that it could happen. I am not gay, but after seeing so many people bashed and some killed over it, I am not going to sit idly by and allow someone to continue the hatred in my presence. It’s like people have set degrees on things that they believe to be wrong… it’s okay to rob, steal or kill, just don’t be gay kind of thinking. Unreal. Anyway, the block won’t allow me to post a comment on White House wall or any other public wall and I have no idea how long it will be as Facebook says “anywhere from a few hours to a few days”. Yeah.. I’ll be headed over to Google Plus as soon as it opens. I’m 14 hours into my block. Facebook is 14 hours into the myspace of yesteryear. Great way to ruin your own! The report button is for people who have no way to defend their own opinion in my book. Lose it and get a dislike button… it’ll work a lot better.

    • Weirdly enough spamming posts supporting actual terrorist groups such as the Sovereign Citizens Movement do not result in a ban. How does that work exactly? The FBI has a web page citing the Sovereign Citizens movement as a terrorist group and they get to post on Facebook AFTER they’ve been flagged. Even after a review of the person’s post should have shown they were advocating violence.

      Can we try a little harder? Are Facebook employees not allowed to Google?

  • Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan

    The censoring is not about America, per se, and not limited to Americans – it’s about any political opinion-stating that is reported by anybody.

    I live in Israel and I got the same notification on Sunday Aug. 14

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    Update: Just got a form-letter reply from Facebook about my initial appeal of the suspension. I also sent them a link to this page in my letter. Their response is not helpful at all.

    “We are aware of the problem that you described and apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date for when this issue will be resolved but hope to fix it as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.”

    • Thanks for the update, seems you’re the only one that’s gotten a response from them, however unhelpful it is…..

      In the meantime, this kind of treatment and lack of customer service by FB will have many people (including myself) flocking over to Google+

      Maybe it’s time for a little competition..

  • American companies are vassals of the Chinese liege. FB is just another one of them – it’s not rocket science to figure this out. Come to think of it, we are laying off rocket scientists.

    I will now probably be banned for this comment.

  • There is an area on FB where you can post about being banned from posting. We call it being in FB jail. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=20531316728&topic=51545

    I noticed right away that many of my fellow inmates were in animal rescue.

    I can tell you that had this been in place after the tornadoes earlier this year, tens of thousands would have been suspended in the first hours after the storms. The tremendous publicity FaceBook got on community efforts, such as finding and returning photos, would never have happened. Without the ability to cross-post, new pages will take exponentially longer to get off the ground.

    When my 15 days are up, I will be broken of the habit of posting on walls other than my own . . .

  • The Tea Party has several groups with over 50,000 members that facebook is threatening to archive and loose its members. Free Speech for both sides, that is America and Constitutional. When all we want is to silence the opposition we the people loose. Lets discuss practical solutions and quit demonizing. I support Ron Paul and all three parties hate him. R, D, and L. :)

  • I sent the following email to 4 FB email addys: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] (<-referred by a friend who found it on another page experiencing the same problem). I wrote:


    I was given your address to report that I have been wrongfully banned from posting for 15 days. I never violated any of Facebook's TOS, and I don't know what I did to get myself banned.

    Since Sun, Aug 14th, I posted on only one group page, OpenMedia.ca. I left about 4 or 5 posts (links), and every one was relevant to OpenMedia's page (media-related). I had also posted about 10 or so links on my own wall, the last being a link to compare cell phone rate plans across Canada. I was then informed that I would be banned for 15 days. This is very upsetting as everything I have posted is relevant and not spam, and I am absolutely not a troll. I was even more upset Facebook has given me no way to dispute my innocence, nor was I warned before being banned so I could be given the chance to "fix" anything. There is a major flaw in Facebook's system that needs to be fixed immediately, as it seems this issue is very widespread, creating unfair censorship of free speech, and Facebook is allowing wrongful punishment on individuals who are not violating any of it's terms of service. The fact that Facebook doesn't even give you an option to dispute these claims is undemocratic, allowing the innocent to be labeled guilty without question, without fair review.

    Please respond as soon as possible to assure me that someone is working on this, to restore my faith in Facebook, and most importantly, to take me off this banned list. I never did anything wrong and I would hope that closer review will be given to my account and fixed asap. I know for a fact that the page I posted on is supporting me, in fact, this type of wrongful act by Facebook is driving them to ponder other social networking sites to move to because this type of censorship is crossing the line.

    For your information, the following article was posted yesterday, and aside from the article itself, please read the comments below as they may prove useful; many people are voicing the same concerns that they've been wrongfully banned (from posting on "liberal" pages, to animal rights pages, even for posting a cake recipe on a cake recipe page). –

    I am hoping to hear back from someone as soon as possible."

    Does anyone have an update on this issue? I sent this email this morning and have only received one automated response, nothing else.

    • Seems I can post on my own wall, I can post on a friend’s wall, but when it comes to posting on Group walls, I’m still banned. I only posted on one group page before I was banned. Seems to me like rogue members of groups are causing this mess.

      • One more thing: I am in Canada, and I posted to a Canadian page. I know that FB is in the States, but I wanted to say it’s happening here too.

        • I am Swiss citizen and i get banned exactly in the way your article describes. I have posted a friendly article on two pages (democracy now and commondreams.or).

          Check out my new page though: Reporter Against Fascism.

          Peace and Love

  • It is often said when America sneezes we in the UK catch a cold, well thanks cousins we are also suffering the FB smothering of free speech. Myself and a lot of my fellow Labour party supporters have been subject to unjustified 15 day bans from posting on the Labour Party fan page and all other pages also. We have come to the conclusion that there is some politically motivated trolls using the FB anti spam feature for their own nefarious purposes. We hope you in America can persuade FB to get this sorted.
    Best wishes

  • it happened to me for posting an educational video on US history to politically minded pages

  • Liberal Lamp Post


    As more info has come to light, it seems the issue isn’t limited to liberal pages (although they seem to be in the majority). Animal rescue workers have also been disabled, and I’ve heard the rumor that some conservative pages have been too.

    I say Facebook has no right to decide for its users who they can share information with and how often. It’s absurd. The only people who should be cited for spam are those who are repeatedly marked as a spammer by ADMINS of a page – the real trolls.

    Facebook should wake up and fix their PR nightmare. 60 comments on this one page show that people won’t stand for this kind of parental policing from Facebook.

  • I Have Been Banned from Posting Videos On FB. For The Past Four m onths. When I Recieved A Copyright Infringement Challenge I Challenged It Back And It Kept Telling Me That There Was A Problem And FB Was Looking Into It, This Occured For At Least 10 Times Before I Got The ban…..The Fact That No One In FB Company Is Approachable Or Responsible Leaves A Bad taste In Ones Mouth. I Believe That The FB Bubble Will Bust Like The Housing Bubble And Other Tech Bubbles…Just A Matter Of Time….

    • I’d have to agree with you; the facebook bubble will most likely burst just like the dot com bubble, the housing bubble, the savings and loan bubble, history keeps repeating itself on this subject.

  • This seems to be happening to a lot of people, not just leftists. A lot of Ron Paul supporters are getting banned as well. It sounds like a combination of trolls flagging posts and Facebook filters not functioning correctly. It definitely needs to be fixed, but we should be careful about pointing fingers too hastily.

  • Graeme Burrell

    Many thanks for the article: it’s ‘interesting’ to hear that our American cousins in the Democratic party and others who take a liberal stance are also facing these bans – this kind of ‘censorship’ is rife here on the official Labour Party Facebook page… it’s also occurring on the official Liberal Democratic Party – they are *supposed* to be in a coalition with the Conservative Party in government, but also seem to be ‘under attack’ …

    The quick Google I’ve done on this indicates that the ban is happening on ‘liberal’ pages, music pages, animal rights pages and one page that highlights the human trafficking problem…

    Could it be that zealots on the right have ‘done a deal’ with Mr. Z. in much the same way they swapped News Corporation media support for loosening of broadcast & print legislation and (I believe) corporation tax breaks?

    Whether this attack on free speech is being perpetrated directly by the right, or using Facebook/Mr. Z. as a ‘proxy’, it’s time for the US press to take this up, methinks… the ones that haven’t been taken over by News Corp, that is!
    Unfortunately, it won’t happen in the UK, as 70% of the press here is controlled by 6 individuals, all of them supporters of the Conservative Party…

  • Hey Liberal Lamp Post.

    I just wanted to tell you that I don’t think it’s a right-wing conspiracy. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I got the same 15 day warning today for posting the same link about Ron Paul on only two Ron Paul pages.

    Of course, I could be wrong I guess, since many in the GOP consider Ron Paul a fringe candidate who’s infiltrating their party, so I guess it’s possible, just not as likely as FB doing it would be. Especially when you look at just the 15 day suspension, and not the links that somehow get banned.

    Mark Zuckerberg and half his board went to Bilderberg this year. If you don’t know how that’s significant, please look up Bilderberg.

  • um guys? did you know that users mark these sites you are trying to post as spam with facebook long before you ever thought to post the link? It’s not really facebook’s fault. They get 50 odd flags(out of spite) on a link and disallow it from being posted automatically. Then if you try to post it, the system flags you as a spammer. have you seen some of the crap on that site? obviously they are not practicing much site moderation. Blame immature facebookers for this problem. really, wow…not everything is a conspiracy!

  • Someone got that warning for commenting about a STORM. FB is glitching. jfc the conspiracy theorists are out in full force.

  • It’s all about big money. If you post about boycotting a FB advertiser then your toast. So stfu and go back to playing Farmville and Mafia Wars. NOT.

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    I got this reply via email from John A.:

    I got “banned” (for 15 days) on Facebook for posting a thing about how the Texas legislature is not using funds dedicated for air conditioning for poor people so that they can say they balanced the budget. I was banned for something the computer program thought was “irrelevant spam” and I did not see how it was either irrelevant or spam.

  • Maybe this is a good time for mass exodus to Google+ ? Facebook is starting to get old anyway. Let’s make them the next Friendster.

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    Here’s another report from Defend Wisconsin about their suspension and the suspension of other liberal pages they are aware of:



    Attacked by Facebook: UPDATE
    Seems the story is growing. Here’s what we know:

    Many more pages than Defend Wisconsin News Round Up have been attacked. The list is growing but it currently includes, at least:

    Via Tony Harmon: the wisconsin recall, defend wisconsin news roundup, republican bigotry hate fear lies and distortion, amandalyn has had enough, hippie liberal momma, euphorics concepts photography, i demand to see michelle bachmann’s diploma, our fathers’ voice, dear republicans fuck you, and our founding fathers’ vision also multiple animal rights groups, personal sites and haven’t confirmed this yet but heard whiskey and the morning after got hit.

    Republican Bigotry page has 10,822 followers and I’m voting for Barack Obama in 2012 has 4,947 followers. These are no small players to disable.

    The following information was shared earlier with Defend Wisconsin News Round Up with author asking not to be named:

    “I do not think the group that I belong to, it is the reason for my ban. I repost to other pages. A day or two prior to my ban, I was posting to Holperin, Wirch, and Simac pages. My repost to the Simac page was liked by the following pages:
    Congratulation You Showed Everyone You’re an Idiot
    Wisconsin taxpayers say its time for you to STFU
    I “like” stupid posts by ingorant liberal like this
    ( this page likes many liberal pages: Defend Wis, Sandy Pasch for Sen, United Wis, Recall Scott Walker, AFSCME, Protect Wis Families, Heroic Wis 14, Russ Feingold, Wis AFL-CIO, Recall Scott Walker Planned recall com., Lena Taylor, Recall Gov Walker.)

    Other posts against Simac were liked by the above plus:
    Chances are you live a pathetic life to be trolling fan pages
    Congratulations you just showed everyone you’re an idiot
    Good job you just won the Derp award
    This post was liked because you’re a trolling idiot
    Hey liberal how about a nice glass of STFU
    Its time for you to leave the politics to the grownups you’re clueless

    These pages were made just to leave “likes” they have maybe one fan.(makes it hard to troll the page to read their wall because I would only be the second fan) I have seen them other places but never thought about it. The key page here must be…. I like stupid posts….. It is the only fan for some of theses other pages. My guess is that some or all of these page are related. So that is at least 9 different pages they can make a complaint from so a FB page is banned from posting for 15 days. Your pages are reposted on many of the other pages that it has “Liked”.”

    So now we know better how this attack works. We still do not have verifiable information of who coordinates these efforts.

    Also, to give you a better idea of what this ban does, here’s what I can and can not do:


    Post on all pages I administer
    Share any information on my pages

    Not able to:

    Share any posts on any group page, either as Defend Wisconsin News Round Up or as myself, personally.
    Make comments on other group pages.

    Thank you everyone for your support.

    • Defend Wisconsin – I have been banned as well. I was banned just as I was starting to roll out a new activist forum site I’ve been working on.

      WE are the Democracy is a a forum website built for the sole purpose of facilitating communication, networking and organization within the burgeoning PEOPLE’s movement. This board is currently in its’ beta testing stage. You can find the site here: http://wearethedemocracy.com

      Being banned just as I was beginning to post on other progressive page walls requesting Beta Testers for WE are the Democracy was a real hit. In order to fully Beta Test this site I need a LOT of individuals involved throwing as much at the site as they can and helping me trouble-shoot it for user-friendliness, etc…

      I am also looking for organizations to get involved. They would get their own forums and a WE are the Democracy Blog. And, most importantly, I will trust the organizations to manage, monitor and control their own forums – I have no intention of censoring anyone.

      Defend WI has done some great work – I’m sorry your banned on FB. Also – I hope you check out WE are the Democracy – if we all work together we can build an on-line organizing site that WE control – not Facebook. In Peace – Rose

  • I have been banned from marking spam. My aunts spam me with cutesy right wing crap, so I reported it exactly 24 times then I got a notice. I had to block my aunts. They have bragged about marking every liberal article they see as hate speech and have no warnings.

  • FYI This message is now being posted around . . .

    A new tactic that is being used on Leftists. There has been a surge of friend requests from reactionaries. They “friend” you, then once your posts hit the activity stream, they flag them as spam or inappropriate which gets your account suspended for 15 days, meaning you can’t post on peoples walls.

  • Exactly how much free speech is “too much???”!! Isn’t that like saying to an asthmatic, okay, you’ve been struggling to breathe, and you’re not used to breathing freely, so we are going to restrict your lungs anyway?

    That’s a really lame excuse, FB, if that’s what you believe. The human spirit is called to be free. No amount of suppression of discourse or revelations should ever be allowed to stand, especially on American soil.

    If you don’t understand this, or if you think you can get away with it, just try. Another social website will pop up to take the space you just vacated. And another for that one, if the same thing happens. You’d be doing yourself a disservice at the behest of the puppetmasters if you censored the faithful in such a way. The truth always has a way of escaping incarceration. Always.

  • The Platzner Post

    Thanks for the article Addicting Info.. This is what exactly happened to The Platzner Post(TPP), and many other pages we share links with!!!

  • With facebooks suppression of free speech many of us will likely be forced away from here and onto other social networks. Using this we can take our friends information and invite them along.


  • I was sharing my newest recipe for vintage cakes with a link at foodie sites and was suddenly blocked for 15 days. Also, I am disallowed from posting comments back from our BakeThisCake FB Page to folks who have posted positive feedback comments on our wall. Our readers must think we fell off the end of the earth. I think the worst part is not being able to seek an appeal and having no warning to set up a different communication system.

    • After talking to a lot people about this, I am pretty sure this is not political. It has to do with them cracking down on an old rule I found about posting the same thing in more than one place. Wish I had saved the link.
      This is a terrible thing to do for many users. Anyone that posts ideas or links to more than one page on Facebook. It effectively neuters the rapid spread of information.

      But overall the worst thing FB did was blatantly show their lack of social skills, by never even issuing a warning before the 15 day ban. That sticks in my throat worse than being banned. It would have taken them probably a minute to change the system to give a warning, with a link to the rule you violated. Then you could choose to stop or not. The way they did it 99.99% of the people on the ban were blind sided by it like myself.

  • Hmm… I earlier posted a comment about the possibility of going to FB’s advertisers and letting them know that a LOT of people did not want to be censored on their political and networking sites. I then decided to try to identify the biggest advertisers on FB. To my surprise, the only definitive article I can find was in the UK in 2009. The same question in Yahoo answers was deleted; articles on various sites were “no longer available” even in a cached version, and the only news item was when the third-largest advertiser seemed to be a re-router program for Bing…

  • I admin two Facebook pages, one w/ 17K+ fans and another with 9K+ fans and have been unable to tag some friends and pages I like in posts for three months or so. Anyone else having trouble like that???

  • Perhaps it’s time to look for alternatives to FB and let them know how many members who use FB for political commentary and network would consider moving to another forum. They need to be aware of the ad revenue they would lose for that… Maybe we need to watch our ads, find the biggest advertisers, and go to them, tell them that we won’t be staying on FB or looking at their ads if the censorship continues. Use your power!!

  • Another solution is to stop using Facebook, thus rendering it irrelevant. There are other options, as people demonstrated for decades prior to Facebook, Google+ and all the rest.

  • laura haskins

    This has been happening in the past few days to many involved in the animal rescue community. FB has proved a valuable tool in getting the word out about animals that need rehabilitation, foster and adoption, in facilitating transport of animals, in spreading the word about petitions and court proceeding related to abuse cases, and more. FB is used to 1) post information on one’s own wall and 2) post information to the walls of friends in the rescue community, or public pages (rescue organizations, “Justice for…” pages, for example) that one has “liked” or joined. I can assure you, these other pages do not consider such posts “spammy or irrelevant” (the term used when FB notifies users of suspension. It’s hard to imagine why fb would “have it out for” animal rescuers, but it’s possible. I suppose it’s also possible that the spam reporting feature is being abuse by people who dislike animal rescue or something. Or, it’s just really shitty programming on their spam monitoring. Whatever the case, something is wrong that should be fixed. Clearly they are not inclined to do anything if users address it directly with them. Word needs to get out to more mainstream media.


    Your message.
    To: Press (No-Reply).
    Subject: 15 day ban for SPAMMY and IRRELEVANT POSTS?
    Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 9:04:06 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time.
    was deleted without being read on Monday, August 15, 2011 9:44:18 PM (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time.

  • It’s possible, perhaps likely, that the entire thing is automated. Some sites will remove a post if a certain number of unique users report it, then if so many posts by one user are removed, a notice of temporary suspension is generated. There are many problems with such a system, one being that a filter cannot reliably identify spam. It needs a human being to do that and to identify certain posts that violate the user agreement. But humans are expensive, so these programs proliferate.

  • I have been banned for 15 days as of this morning >:( In the last 24 hours I posted 4 links (media-related) on OpenMedia’s page, and the links highly pertain to that group.

    But on MY OWN WALL, in the last 24 hrs I’ve posted approx. 10 links (all different articles) about the North American Security Perimeter/Beyond the Border Initiative, NAU, etc.

    Coincidence that I’m banned for speaking my mind? If it was a “friend” that reported me, the least they could’ve done is send me a friendly note to stop letting them see these posts, and I would’ve had no problem putting them on a limited profile. No harm, no foul.

    Instead, without warning or given a chance to fix it, I have been banned and there is no place I can go to dispute this. These are not spam posts, and I am not spamming up anyone else’s wall. These postings are highly relevant, unlike what the little message that FB is saying, and I have been given no chance to “fix” anything, just automatically punished. Absolute BS >:(

  • For what it’s worth, a lot of animal rescue pages have been hit with the same draconian measures for cross-posting links to animals that need to be rescued from kill shelters because their time is almost up. They too were only cross-posting links to like-minded pages. I don’t think animal rescue pages like these fall under the aegis of political censorship, so I think that newly enabled draconian “spam” filters are partly to blame for what’s going on.

    I’d be curious to see if any right-wing cross-posters are suffering the same fate as the liberal cross-posting crowd. My guess is they are, and they’re probably complaining just as loudly about left-wing trolls and Facebook’s liberal agenda …

  • My liberal political page (Progressive Secular Humanist Examiner) received the very same 15 day ban Sunday morning. I am angry. I am not a spammer, and only posted links to relevant articles on other sympathetic liberal pages to get the word out.

  • gloomcookie613

    Has anyone tried posting the links as tiny URLs (www.tinyurl.com)? It might be one way to get around the filters (and maybe get an idea if it’s trolls AND the filters or…?)

    Melody above made a point when she suggested maybe someone starting a way to share the information via some other site. Maybe somebody who is more active in their posting could start a tumblr account (www.tumblr.com)? You can open a tumblr for open submission so that people could post links and snippets of the articles in question, but post the tumblr link onto their FB. It might be another way around the filters.

    Sorry that’s all I’ve got, wish I could think of other solutions because we all know FB isn’t about to listen; when have they ever listened to what their users want?

  • I’ve seen liberals complain about this,conservatives complain about this,Atheists complain about this,and Fundie Christians and Muslims complain about this….I don’t think it’s Facebook trying to censor amybody..I think all you people just don’t know how to post a link-lol Like I said–I’ve not had any problems..

  • In trying to post the link to this article to Addicting info’s Facebook Fanpage and other Progressive and Liberal Politics and Opinion Pages just now, I got the message, “As we notified you earlier, this feature is temporarily unavailable because you’ve been making spammy and irrelevant posts on Facebook Pages.” What’s going on? On August 13, I was hit with the draconian 15-day posting suspensions for sharing news articles with the welcoming walls of like-minded community pages. And then I read this article on AddictingInfo.com. Hey Facebook, what’s up? Additionally, a Facebook friend writes to me, “This is happening to all of the animal rescue groups and pages, too, just FYI.” Find me on Facebook.com/christopherbuttner – I’d like to know your thoughts.

  • I agree with what has been posted thus far. It does appear that speech that should be allowed is being blocked.

    There may also be a less sinister answer for why the Obama accomplishments page mentioned above is being blocked. In an effort uncommon in political discourse today the blogger followed each of the statements with a link. Many of the links are abbreviated with bity.

    Many of FB’s oversight activities are mechanized. This page would most likely score off the charts for links and especially bitly links. Excessive links and link where the perons clicking the links can’t tell where they are being redirected is a frequent tactic of spammers and other internet ne’er-do-wells.

  • Everyone needs to go to the Facebook Help Center and report this as a bug on your Wall! Tell them you cannot share content from your liberal political pages and that it is likely due to people flagging legitimate posts as SPAM! Tell them they need to fix this problem because it is CENSORSHIP!

    Cmon everyone, GO GET THEIR ATTENTION

  • Perhaps banks and institutional investors should be reminded before they enter into any venture with Facebook, that the role of companies like SharesPost and Second Market in the larger securities market is still evolving and is subject to unforseeable regulatory action.

  • Everyone should go to the Facebook help section and report this problem! Report it as spam, or as a bug with your wall, GET FACEBOOK’S ATTENTION

  • I had this same problem when I tried to post an article about some of the reprehensible things that Ted Nugent has said. I got the abusive or spammy thing. I sent the page to Facebook per their request and explained why it was not spam or abusive. That was over 4 weeks ago and have never heard back from them.

  • Yes, it is the result of trolls!

    It’s the latest attempt by the GOP and Tea Party to stifle the truth. They are systematically friending liberals, liking liberal pages and joining liberal groups to then en masse flag posts and people as inappropriate. FB’s computers automatically shut down profiles/pages/groups once they get a certain number of alerts. People MUST monitor their friend lists and if they admin for a page or a group they must watch the member list.

    • I am a Republican / TP leaning independent. This censorship is NOT aimed at liberals only. I have had several postings that I made removed from my OWN wall that criticized the left. I had nothing to due with their removal. So I feel that it is Democrats and liberals doing the same thing that you accuse the GOP & TP of doing. Of course this is the Democrat’s way of doing things ….

  • Sorry dude—maybe you guys are just not doing something right..I just took both of those links and posted them on Michelle Malkin’s right wing Teatard fest page and no problem…I’ve had no trouble posting liberal stuff on and of the righty pages…I have seen complain about the same thing on their end..I think you guys just aren’t doing some thing correctly..Do you hit the link button and post it AS a link or just ccp to the comments section..I troll teabagger pages all the time and that’s never happened to me

  • It’s not only political groups, so it’s bigger than right wing activists. (Of which you could say I am one, in the interests of full disclosure.) Many people in the animal rescue community and child welfare have likewise been shut down under the 15 day ban with no warning and no apparent way to appeal or request a clarification as to exactly why they were banned. I tend to lean towards the theory that Facebook may have implemented a new “Spam Filter Protocal” over the weekend, and it’s gotten out of hand. In the meantime I’m just chillin’ and fumin’ right along with the rest of y’all.

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    I’d like to point out that I went to go post this Facebook article to the FireDogLake blogging site and found out FDL censored my first post AND disabled my account without any sort of notice or communication about it.


    Waiting to hear back from Bill at FireDogLake about it.
    What has happened to debate? dissent? valuing the right to exercise speech in the political forum?

  • I just got a warning from Facebook that I would be temporarily suspended from Facebook after I posted the following sentence with a Link: “Do you support the Contract for the American Dream”. I have been posting this on all of my Illinois representatives pages in hopes of them answering a fair question.

  • Liberal Lamp Post

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories too. This lends a lot of credibility to what I am complaining about here.

    Let’s keep spreading the word — the more people fighting back against this, the more likely Facebook will revise their policy.

  • I have been blocked from posting things on my own wall, some links I post from this site I am forced to do a captcha or after I post and refresh the post is gone. I have also started having links disappear from the text of a post, I will post it and a few seconds after I can see the link disappear from the text. I am getting very sick of this happening

    • I constantly find myself having to post Captcha code on FB — and 9 times out of 10, it’s when I’m posting something political.

      I’ve also received several friend requests from conservatives and Baggers lately. I play a lot of games on the site, and interact with other Yankee fans, so I get a lot of friend requests, but if I see no interests in common and the religion/political info raise even the slightest red flag, I simply don’t respond to the request.

    • Facebook has become retarded about this. Really, censorship? I could see it if we were posting pictures of naked people or something, but these are links that should easily be simply free speech. If my friends don’t like what I post, they can simply not read it or unfriend me.

  • I’ve never been a real fan of Facebook, but after being infected with a NASTY piece of malware at Eons.com I moved their reluctantly. I would not surprise me in the least if it was a combination of right wing trolls (any right website will tell you this is one of their strategies) AND Facebook compliance with the Far Reich.

  • Demand Equality

    Did you post this problem as a bug on https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=wall_bug – maybe if everyone does that, they will pay attention (or not) unless this is a vast Facebook ReichWing conspiracy.

  • Christopher Lines

    Question is. What are we going to do about it? Do we force FB (AOL) to stop/change. Do we ask Google+ to catch up with what FB already is and do a mass exit?

  • Christopher Lines

    I agree in part with Harleyblueswoman. But I think it’s a combination of conservative/republican trolls and FB draconian measures.

  • Add me to the list of people that have been censored. They have already locked my original account and now have locked my second account after I had posted a link to the wikipedia criticisms of facebook on the white house facebook page.


  • Bruce Cunningham

    The right to free speech is not a right guaranteed by private corporations on their corporate products, it is a right enumerated in the constitution (Bill of Rights) that limits and binds the U.S. Congress from passing laws which would inhibit that right.

    TEXT OF FIRST AMENDMENT {Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.}

    Nowhere within that language does it mention that Facebook cannot do what it dang well pleases. Sorry.

    • Liberal Lamp Post

      Bruce, You are technically correct – Facebook doesn’t have a legal obligation to allow free speech.

      However, we are questioning the ethics of banning political content for partisan reasons or reducing the networking that activists can do online.

      Raising our voices together is the way to change it.

      Do you approve of Facebook’s actions in this light?

  • Hey that just happed last night to me too.

    For the new school year was posting links to two academic sites for the bisexual community. Was only posting it to a regular list of LGBT/Progressive pages. Wasn’t doing anything different than has been done hundreds of times before.

    Suddenly I too got that “blocked from posting ANY content on ANY other wall for 15 days.” Also I had no prior warning to stop what I was dong.

    What can we do?

  • I’m actively working, at the grassroots /volunteer level to stop fracking, [hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas from shale]. For over 1 yr. I have posted to frack – related groups/pages/etc. on Facebook. I find it a valuable tool for spreading information on scientific developments, community protests/rallies, town hall meetings.

    Yesterday I got a message from FB stating that I was banned from posting for 15 days. As the day progressed I learned of more of my fellow frack fighters who were banned.

    Why now? Why us? I have my thoughts on the matter, but will keep them to myself for now.

    • Gloria, thanks for your comment at the Nation Dog News article. I have been spreading that info and the link to this article (minus the http and www) all over. I will land in FB jail before work wedneday, I am sure!

  • harleyblueswoman

    I think it is right wing trolls myself…..they know that if they report something so many times as spam then it will automatically be blocked after so many…..so they have done this with intentions of holding up these pages from being viewed!! Facebook needs to do something about this!!!!!!!!!

    • Also here in the article is says it started Sunday. Sunday the ban bot was turned up a notch. But I was banned about midnight Friday night Eastern Time, August 12. I was reading on Facebook’s help pages people posting that were blocked that were not political at all, like one women that had a dog rescue and was banned for posting trying to find homes for her dogs. I am still leaning toward it being Facebook’s over all trend since day one of not being very good at social skills for people that wrote social network software. Then again I worked around programmers most of my life and they think different. They assume everyone understands and see things as lines of code not people. Very few programmers are really good with adding good social content to their programs. Look at windows. Go to microsoft site for help and everything they say is true, but none of it helps you find the problem! Or as some say, microsoft is good as posting accurate information that is totally worthless. lol

  • I too was banned posting like minded liberal articles in similar groups where I know the admin! I like other’s know there was no spam involved. At first I thought it might be a right winged political machine reporting spam, and still might be. But the common thread seems to be if I post the same article in more than one place, except private groups that are secret.
    I could not even post a text message on but 2 groups before I got a reminder I was banned and told so already as a spammer. I have been involved with the Ninja Warriors, the people at Apache that now write Spamassassin. I have fought spam for the last 10 years! For FB to call me a spammer is beyond any word I can come up with.
    I have called all the major media on this (except FOX that would love it) and nothing on TV so far. Thank you Addicting Info for putting out this article. This is a HUGE game changer if FB doesn’t relent.

  • This happened to me just yesterday! I’ve complained both for being banned for 15 days without warning and about them blocking the page you mentioned. This is getting scary. Maybe you or another Liberal FB page owner with lots of subscribers could create a way for us to share links outside of Facebook. – What got me about not being able to post the link to the Obama accomplishments page is that 1) I was being banned from posting it on MY OWN WALL! and 2) When I posted a way to Google it, I couldn’t even use the phrase “Obama’s Accomplishments” in the body of the post without it banning me from posting. This is what I was able to post:

    The following link is being censored on FB: Google the phrase: Despite the characterizations of some, Obama’s success rate in winning congressional votes. Click on the link to the Immoral Majority page. It’s got a link to the page. I can’t even mention the topic of the article without being banned from posting it ON MY OWN WALL!

  • This happened to me. I’m banned from posting or commenting on any pages that I “like” even though everything I’ve posted has been met to approval from the pages admins! I think it’s funny how the members of the Westboro Baptist “Church” can post hateful things like GOD HATES FAGS, THANK GOD FOR DEAD/MAIMED SOLDIERS, AMERICA IS DOOMED, etc., but when I post thought or links that support love, tolerance, equal rights for all, I’m a “spammer” worthy of being banned. Facebook administrators need to open their eyes and stop infringing on free speech, or they need to put a stop to WBC’s hateful, bigoted, vile speech they spew from their pages!

  • I had heard that some persons had been told they could not post on certain sites for 15 days.. and was troubled, but now I understand. There was a Facebook site called Greek Network, it had/has over 48,000 fans, and it was censored during the Gaza Flotilla events. Then another page with the name The Greek Network appeared… that was when I realized how long the arm of CORRUPTION really is..

  • As of 11 AM CDT this ban is still in place. I just attempted to post the link on my own wall and was blocked. I did file an error report with Facebook but don’t expect much to happen.

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