Three GOP Presidential Candidates Sign Pledge To Investigate LGBT Community

Author: August 16, 2011 12:24 pm

Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Mitt Romney. Image from

Get ready for another round of McCarthyism. Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum have all signed a pledge to form a commission to investigate the LGBT community if elected President.

This pledge was created by the National Organization For Marriage, and they have a history of extreme views against homosexuals and anyone who votes to extend marriage rights to them.

The pledge reads as follows.

I, [candidate name], pledge to the American people that if elected President, I will:

[…] establish a presidential commission on religious liberty to investigate and document reports of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections, if needed.

In other words, the extreme right wing is going to persecute homosexuals on a whole new level if they have power after the 2012 Election. Homosexuals and supporters of marriage equality will be intimidated, interrogated, and stripped of their right to speak freely. The religious right wing has been allowed to push their un-American and unconstitutional agenda for far too long. Americans must push back. If we continue to do nothing, we could all be persecuted by this fanatical group.


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  • WHY are reich wingers SO concerned about the sex lives of consenting mature adults?

    Bachmann and Santorum have as much chance of becoming president as I have of being chosen chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    I expect President Obama to crush either Romney or Gingrich like a bug.

  • These candidates are fascist, imposing their Victorian oppressive values on others. It speaks poorly of the American public that they have this support – Americans deserve the government they get if they elect these wingnuts.

  • Well I know who I won’t be voting for this election. As to the mean spiritedness being spouted by both sides on this page, politics and religion bring out the worst in most everyone, especially those who believe THEY are correct. What everyone should be thinking is how we could make our lives better by respecting each other. Peace and equality will not come until we respect not only our rights but the rights of others to believe as they chose. Insulting each other and name calling only reduce us to school kids on the playground, no problems will be solved in that mind set. We all need to grow up and find a common ground and prevent our government from being run by the play ground bullies, VOTE!

  • OMG… Wouldnt it be hysterical if secretly these 3 dumbells were cast by the producers of the Jersey shore (without even know it) thinking they were actually running for president – LMAO.

  • Geez! Bachmann makes Sarah Palin look like a rocket scientist! LOL

  • I live in Iran.
    I’m sure you’r familiar with gay rights in Iran.
    That is the exact reason they say in Iran.


    And a judge can judge on behalfe of those ppl whose religious rights are violated by LGBT rights.
    and the punishment is often STONING.

    • And that’s why i’m glad I live in the US and not Iran, because they have the ability to be an advanced, progressive society yet choose to live in the stone age.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    It’s time for americans to stand up for themselves and save america from hate-filled homophobe republicans like those morons.

    if our forefathers were here, they’d be shooting already.

  • Conservatives are horrible people --

    I’m sure Mark Foley, Larry Craig, and Phillip Hinkle would volunteer to do a very thorough investigation. No doubt they wouldn’t rest until they all got to the bottom of it —

  • Conservatives are horrible people --

    If I pulled my head out of my ass, how would I find you?

  • Personally, I’m sick of signed pledges, oaths, and contracts. There should be only ONE binding oath they should comply with, the one they swear when elected, and only one document, the Constitution. Saying ANYTHING supersedes their presidential oath, the Constitution, or their duty to the American people as a living body (not the allegorical one named on that Norquist pledge, last I checked, I’m one of the American people and I think that pledge is jacked up…) is tantamount to treason, and should disqualify them.


  • You can tell that Mitt would love a man to pop his old ass.

  • Sounds like 1930’s Nazi Germany. These people are unfit to run for a dog catchers job much less than POTUS!!!

  • Mark Halfmoon

    I an a full supporter of LGBT rights but honestly the wording of the pledge I just read, which is excerpted in the article above, does not amount to a “Pledge To Investigate LGBT Community” as the headline asserts.

    It plainly states that it is a pledge to “establish a presidential commission” that would be empowered to “investigate and document reports of Americans WHO HAVE BEEN HARASSED OR THREATENED for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage.” This commission would also be able to “PROPOSE new protections, if needed.”

    Like I said, I support full equal rights for LGBT people, and I have no love for the malevolent trio pictured above. But I think their real policy proposals are scary enough to make the kind of overwrought hyperbole exhibited in this story. unnecessary. Don’t just make shit up. Let me jump to my own conclusions. Just give me the truth.

    • Given that the pledge was written by the National Organization for Marriage (a self-defined anti-LGBT rights organization), I think it’s a safe assumption to make that this “pledge” is to target the LGBT community and its supporters.

    • ” I think their real policy proposals are scary enough to make the kind of overwrought hyperbole exhibited in this story. unnecessary. Don’t just make shit up. Let me jump to my own conclusions. Just give me the truth.”

      That has been my mantra for the past several years! I don’t care if it makes my candidate or your candidate look bad. Just find and tell the truth without the histrionics!

      • The “truth” as seen from an outsider:

        1. The influence of economic support from big business/corporate concerns and other commercial organisations on US politics is way out of control. Something *has* to be done to curb this – the private money needs to be removed from the equation with respect to electioneering and lobbying etc. etc.
        2. (1) is compounded/magnified by the lack of separation between politics/politicians and the judicial system/judiciary in the USA. A change is needed to remove the obvious potential for (and actual) misuse of this relationship (which even seems to extend to complicity of some police).
        3. Stop making more weapons ! Just check the number of US political figures with income either directly or indirectly from arms manufacture and then think again about why the USA spends so much *of your money* on war/military action !!

    • Yes, but under their definination if you’ve heard them speak about LGBT, LGBT “infringe” on “their religious rights.”

      • Silly GOP! Their ‘religious rights’ infringe on my ‘religious rights’ :P I’m a Buddhist and do not follow their ‘Traditional Christian beliefs’ (maybe if they learned to read both their Bible and Constitution they may change?). If they want to press their religion onto this nation, then this will cease to be a democracy and become a theocracy like Islamic nations in the Middle East.

        • That is exactly what they want. The US of Christian America

        • “(maybe if they learned to read both their Bible and Constitution they may change?)”

          Sorry. The vast majority of “Christians” believe that their Bible trumps The Constitution. The conveniently overlook that pesky clause about obeying the laws of the land in which they live. Instead, they have set out to create a theocracy of their own…sorta like the Taliban. By creating a living hell for billions of people they believe they are creating “Heaven on Earth”. It’s a Zionist thing…I don’t get it either.

          • Sorry, but the vast majority of Christians believe no such thing. Indeed, most American Christians believe that everybody should be able to speak their minds and have no sympathy whatsoever with theocracies, especially any claiming to be their own. Remember that the Puritan political control was very short-lived and that reaction against it by the familists ultimately resulted in the First Amendment protection for the freedom of worship.

      • I think what many people are worrying about, is that some supporters of the DOMA etc and opponents of extended marriage had addresses given on the Internet, and were boycotted, called etc. That is what is meant by “…WHO HAVE BEEN HARASSED OR THREATENED for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage.” I don’t think the exercise of a right by one group infringes on it being held by another, so that argument of theirs makes little sense. But the other stuff, reaction, is something debatable.

        I can sympathize with people saying: agree with us or not we have a right to promote or fight yadda legislation and not be harassed. But that should apply to everyone anyway, to whatever extent, and not be worked into a specific cause that is being protected in particular.

        “Fine minds make fine distinctions.”

    • And this is exactly why the left wants it shut down. The American people won’t go for homosexual marriage, and so they need to resort to thuggery.

      And you can’t go resorting to thuggery if somebody might investigate.

      • Thuggery? Wanting to have a family is thuggery?

        Bet you thought it was thuggery when those black people wanted to marry white people, too!
        Or sit in the front of the bus.
        Or get paid equal pay for equal work.

        Who’s the thug, here?
        People who want equality, or people who want to deny it?

        • Oh, yes – and thuggery when women started to stand up for their rights, too.

          Redneck needs to wean himself off Faux News and hate radio and learn something about the real world.

      • -The Redneck- I am sorry but I have to set you right on this. For as long as I have been a strong straight ally and an activist for the LGBT community have never seen any kind of “thuggery”. The LGBT people simply want equal rights, they do not wish to take anyone’s rights away. Also, I am tired of people using the expression “The American people…” to prove their point. We all are the American people, the left, right, middle, etc. Who are the American people you are talking about? If you are simply talking about conservatives, say conservatives. I am part of the American people and I believe in equal rights for all. Your argument has now been proven wrong, you should try to educate yourself before saying anything else.

      • beth hayhurst

        @The Redneck so the Gallup poll says 53% of Americans are so gay marriage. The only people I know who are being hassled would be the LGBT community. As for proposing new protections for marriage how about making it illegal to get divorced? (not really) After all more heterosexual marriage break up then gay.

      • What the hell are you talking about???

      • The American people wouldn’t go for interracial marriage in 1957, it took the Supreme Court to fix that. I assume you oppose interracial marriage since it wasn’t the decision of the people.

        Puts you in some great company, Lester Maddox et al.

      • I wonder how Redneck manages to type…..with those knuckles of his dragging so far on the ground.

    • Mark, considering that the NOM treats ‘existing’ as harrassing people in regards to being LGBT, I’m not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • All for the truth

      I agree with Mark Halfmoon, not a fan of any of them. If we sensationalize their ‘crazy’, we look desperate. Please don’t trump up the facts as this article has.

    • I agree with the above post- the world is in enough trouble domestically and internationally without people having to incite others on a patently unfounded arguement. This pledge clearly states an intention of looking into and investigating any cases of harassment or threatening biased behavior in the LGBT community. Why would anyone WANT to interpret it as otherwise? Isn’t that a form of the same stringent bias you are accusing this comittee of? To deliberately guide and alarm people in a harmful, ignorant way because YOU don’t like the candidates and what you ASSUME they believe in and represent?

  • The only thing this type of investigation will show/prove (and asidd from it being yet another waste of taxpayers money) is that 80% of everyting Americans touch when it comes to fashion, food, arts and entertainment are designed and created by the gay and lesbian community. Without the gay and lesbian communities contributions to our lives, we would all be wearing fashion from Kmar and Walmart……..oh wait, they carry desinger lines created by who else, gay me. Ta dah!

    • Wow, perpetuate the stereotype much?

      • In my LGBT stereotype gay men pay attention to details like spelling and punctuation. Ron, you have totally liberated me from the chains of convention. Thank you.

    • I second Ryan. If they find anything it’ll be that hey – gay people are exactly the same as us. Some are flamboyant, some are conservative, some are with a new guy every day, some like being single, some are/want to be married. There is no one size fits all.

  • For all of you crying about this being McCarthyism do you think this pledge might have anything to do with the tactics some in the LGBT community have used to harass, and in come cases assault, people who have support the defeat the establishment of same sex marriage?

    I think we all know there are some who have seriously crossed the line and those actions for whatever reason are not being taken seriously by state officials. A federal investigation maybe needed.

    • I would like some references to back up your claims. Otherwise, you have absolutely no argument.

        • While I don’t support vandalism, you have a very broad view as to what counts as ‘references’. Also, kind of uncomfortable when your actions are treated just the same as people for existing? Except you can choose not to be hateful.

          • To Redneck – Yes, I guess it gets rough when you are still in a sub culture that is dragged to death behind pickup trucks or set on fire, beaten and killed for there sexual orientation or unable to get some jobs or until very recently, comfortably serve our country. Stunned that they are angry? I’m not.

        • World Net Daily? Really?
          I give that reference about the same credence you would give a reference by me from the World Socialist Web Site.
          Extremists who call themselves “news agencies” are not necessarily so just because the say it. Next you’ll be declaring Glenn Beck and Bill O. journalists!

        • World Net Daily? Conan is a more reliable source than that. My 5-year-old cousin is a more reliable source than that. World Net Daily has a history of biased, exaggerated pseudo-journalism. It published an article saying Starbucks was satanic because it put quotes from atheists on the side of their cups (not about atheism, said BY atheists). They have a very clear bias against the LGBT community.

          Besides, LGBT people get death threats all the time. In some country they can follow through with those threats with no repercussions (hint: it’s more countries than Christianity is “illegal” in and by Christianity they mean any religion that isn’t the state religion). And yet we aren’t demanding that Presidents sign a pledge investigating all religious institutions, probably because it’s stupid and insubstantial.

        • World Nut Daily is not a credible source of information. It is a reich wing rag that fans the flames of fascism in America.

    • Joshua Kricker

      Hey George, just what is it you’re curious about?

    • Actually, CG, i *don’t* know that. Maybe i’ve led a sheltered life, but in fact, i’ve never heard of any LGBT persons harrassing those who seek to deny them their equal rights. i have, however, heard of LGBT people who have been harrassed, threatened, beaten, intimidated, lost their jobs, been denied deathbed visitations by or with their loved ones, even killed – by right-wing bigoted A-holes, who obviously never read the part of the Bible that says “Even as ye have done to the least of these, so ye have done to Me”. Or “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. i could google and find HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of reports of such incidents inflicted on LGBT persons. Why is it you don’t seem to see *that* as ‘going a little far’ – ??

      • Actually in California during the prop 8 fight there was a man who was beaten and sent to the hospital because he supported prop 8. People had also had their houses and signs vandalized and the signs stolen. There were also accounts of people vandalizing churches after prop 8 passed. Personally ive come to not take any side on this issue because of the prop 8 fight and how hateful both sides were during this campaign.

    • I’d like a federal investigation on the people that form hate groups that harass and threaten people of the LGBT community.

      As for the “some who have seriously crossed the line”….please, can you give me some references? I’d like to hear them.
      Here, let me give you some references to why those opposed to equality for equal rights should be investigated:

      Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill were a lesbian couple, murdered in Medford, Oregon by Robert Acremant. Before and during his trial, Acremant stated that the crime was partially motivated by couple’s sexual orientation.

      Paul Broussard a 27 year-old Houston-area banker and Texas A&M alumnus, was beaten and stabbed to death in a gay-bashing outside a Houston nightclub on July 4, 1991 by ten teenage boys.

      Brandon Teena, a transman, was raped and later murdered in 1993 when his birth gender was revealed by police to male friends of his.

      Matthew Shepard, a gay student, was fatally attacked in Laramie, Wyoming on October 7, 1998. Shepard was tortured, beaten severely, tied to a fence, and abandoned; he was found 18 hours after the attack and succumbed to his injuries less than a week later, on October 12.

      Like I said…your references, please.

    • [youtube

      In case the embed code doesn’t work go to:

      If you have any questions about why LGBT might be pissed off – after 42 years of fighting for our rights – enough to strike back. Yeah, there have been a few cases where LGBT have lost control and stepped over the line. Comparatively, there are THOUSANDS of us that have been MURDERED in the name of Homophobia.

    • I am usually a very pro-peace person, but considering LGBT haven’t had any rights in this country from its founding until the 1990s and homosexuality was actually a crime in some states until 2003, I am not surprised, you’ll be surprised how people respond when you treat them WORSE THAN DIRT.

    • I’m curious about what makes people like Curious George and Redneck so hateful.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    Restore America Now



  • This is clearly what’s wrong with the Republican Party. They campaign and Crusade on how they are the Religious party yet everything they do and say is Anti Christian. The LGBT is not a lifestyle CHOICE. Such Narrow minded bigoted people in this country and they wonder why the world has such a low opinion of the US. Other countries move forward in equality for all and you have one segment of the US population (Republican Tea Party) willing to do or say whatever it takes to promote their bigoted agenda and set the country back decades.These Candidates are too radical for America as have been 99% of the Republican Tea Party members elected to the House of Represenatives in 2010 that will be out of a job in 2012 when AMERICA speaks not BIG MONEY CORPORATIONS

  • I[insert dipshit candidate name] pledge to do the JOB I was elected to do , to give everyone rights. And to not worry about what color tie to wear.
    I also pledge that I won’t be an idiot corrupt fool and won’t tax the he’ll outta people as I steal your money and use it to fund pakistany terrorist operations.
    All in all, I will help FIX THE DEBT TGAT I CAUSED AND TAKE A 2 year pay cut.

    Sign this dipshits!

  • Personally, I would much prefer to see a Presidential Commission established to investigate the unconstitutional influence of neo-Christian fascism in American politics.

  • Alan Scott Bailey

    Everyone knows it is obvious, all they are doing is getting worried about the Lesbian/Gay marital rights and signing all of these “investigation of marriage-voters harassment” pledges is because they want to make double sure that those who vote anti-gay propaganda will possibly be better supported from “harassment”, at least it seems that way to me…

  • I dare Romney, Bachmann, and Santorum to sign a pledge to the people of the United States that promises they will not lie, will not evade questions, will not steal, will not bow down to corporate America, and will not let their so called faith obscure their judgment during this election. Who am I kidding?

  • Let them waste their time “investigating”. This issue has already gone to court the claims were found to be unsupported. Boo hoo, gay people stripped of their rights no longer smiled at bigots at the country club. Lesbians actually glared at people who were working to harm them. Oh, the humanity! Such persecution those Christians face. You’d think they had their right to marry systematically stripped from them by a multi-million dollar campaign of lies and hatred or something. Instead they whine when they aren’t allowed to oppress gays with impunity.

  • what idiots at this outfit… deliberately spread false statements and lies !!!!!!! they should be held accountable and thrown in jail … for treason !

    • Do you know what the definition of treason is?

      • David Turnbole

        Yes, the definition of treason is the Teapunklikkkan party. Economic terrorists that have done more to damage the economy of the United States than any terrorist organization could possibly have. We all have the right to our speech,we do NOT have the right to hold an entire nation hostage for our own means. THAT, Mr. Desmond, is the definition of treason.

  • My God! How vapid are you people??? The author of this blurb apparently did not even read the section of the pledge he reprinted. Read it again everyone!!! All that it is saying is that if someone is persecuting another when they are speaking their minds on religious matters (including gay marriage) then an investigation would ensue protecting their 1st amendment rights. Yes, all of us, Christian Republicans included, have 1st amendment rights. Please, stop being a member of the mindless herd and THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!! Actually read and analyze what was written and signed before mouthing off and making yourself look like a mindless drone!

    • Liberal Lamp Post

      While I think the author went overboard in his conclusion, I believe the point of contention is the line about investigating and documenting” harassment against people/lawmakers who donate to or vote for marriage [meaning anti-gay DOMA] and to propose new protections (for anti-gay crusaders against protestors).

    • Alan Scott Bailey

      Yes, I’ve heard that one a million times, you dare to speak of “mindless drones?” The GOP are clearly confederate and known for their disgusting abuse of power and control, anyone would know that by now, unless they are defending the pigs once again like some mindless “lawyer” DON’T VOTE racist Republican, all those clean white faces look whiter each day!!!

    • As Liberal Lamp Post comments, the intent of the pledge is actually to protect ANTI gay marriage activists from attacks by PRO gay marriage activists. It pretty much says so on the National Organization of Marriage page touting the trio’s signing:

      • ANTI gay marriage activists by definition attack gays and their constitutional rights. So please don’t try to rationalize and protect anti gay hate activists. It is an insult to the intelligence of a slug.

        • Kevin, you misread Laura there. She’s saying the same thing. The pledge the republicans signed is designed to protect those who harass and attack gays.

          “The intent is actually to protect anti gay marriage activist”… I believe Laura was saying the same thing, it’s a bad, bad, bad pledge designed to protect hate activists.

    • The problem with this pledge is that it begins with the presumption that poor helpless Christians who object to gay marriage are being persecuted by rabid gays and their supporters and that therefore a presidential commission is necessary and that they, by gum, have pledged to provide it. Do you have any evidence that there is such widespread, pervasive, and dangerous harrassment and threats aimed at gay marriage opponents who are, after all, only exercising their civil rights that pandering presidential candidates need to make a showboating pledge to create a presidential commission to protect them? Please provide some evidence that this sort of commission is needed as anything other than pandering to the homophobic crowd and a threat to the LGBT community to sit down and shut up or be faced with being investigated by the government. Exactly whose civil rights are being threatened here?

    • Mike in Phoenix

      What about investigating folks like Fred Phelps, The Mormon Church and other Right-Wing Nazi Religious leaders that have constantly attacked Gays at every turn. Funerals, Pride Events, Etc. Funny, they seem to be OK with harassing others, but when the tables are turned they cry like stuck pigs!!!!

    • This pledge isn’t a generalized one to defend anyone on either side of the issue–it specifically targets people who supposedly intimidate people who don’t want to extend the right to marry, to anyone but heterosexuals. Even if one were to take the position that at least it “defends” people on one side of the issue, and that technically it doesn’t specifically call for legalizing harassing the other side, we all know that this is how these kinds of things get interpreted and implemented.

      If these three really believed in what was right, the only kind of pledge they’d sign would be one that states their committment to protecting people on both sides of the issue. But they didn’t.

  • Hey, I really dont want to get political, but leaving out the politics, your news post is reading the exact opposite out of the pledge that I am. “to investigate and document reports of Americans who have been harassed…and to propose new protections, if needed.” Am I just reading this wrong? because from that I don’t get “Homosexuals and supporters of marriage equality will be intimidated, interrogated, and stripped of their right to speak freely”.I actually advocate gay marriage, but am I just reading this wrong? As a member of the LGBT community, reading this it sounds like the “right wing extremists” are actually taking steps to support the me/us?

    • You also have to take into account the fact that trying to reason with one of those religious right-wingers, or even stating that you support marriage equality, could be taken as harassment. “…organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections, if needed.” In other words, anybody that is publicly against NOM would be put under investigation. Please, people, use your critical thinking skills.

    • Liberal Lamp Post

      I believe the point is the line about “investigating and documenting” harassment against people/lawmakers who donate to or vote for marriage [meaning the anti-gay DOMA] and to propose new protections (for anti-gay crusaders – protecting THEM against pro-gay protestors).

    • As Liberal Lamp Post comments, the intent of the pledge is actually to protect ANTI gay marriage activists from attacks by PRO gay marriage activists. It pretty much says so on the National Organization of Marriage page touting the trio’s signing:

      • Indeed, this is what these ignorant fools signed:

        In signing NOM’s marriage pledge, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum pledged to:

        Support and send to the states a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman,
        Defend DOMA in court,
        Appoint judges and an attorney general who will respect the original meaning of the Constitution [which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with marriage or the religious definition thereof],
        Appoint a presidential commission to investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters,
        Support legislation that would return to the people of D.C. their right to vote for marriage.

    • I doubt you’re part of the LGBT community in the USA if you’re unfamiliar with NOM, their antics, beliefs, tactics & propaganda.

  • The text here doesn’t really match the title. Sure they’ll investigate them… If they violate the rights of others. And they should be investigated in that case.

  • Call me naive, but the pledge seems to state that the pro-“traditional” marriage folks want to have the right to voice their opinion and support their position. There’s nothing about “investigating” the LGBT community unless there was harassment/threats/etc. involved towards those rallying against marriage equality. Admittedly, the wording is markedly vague, so please correct me if I’m just missing something. I am a firm supporter of marriage equality, but also a firm support of free speech, even when it involves spouting hogwash.


  • John Oliver Mason

    This is disgusting! They talk SO much about keeping the government out of our lives, but then they turn around and try to police sexual activities.

  • If you want to be true christians then love your neighbor as yourself. Pretending to be otherwise just doesn’t cut it. Recognize the truth. Reviving McCarthyism is a bad idea. It is bullying done at the government level. No citizen of this country deserves to be treated with such uncivil oppression.

  • No one ever said the Anti-Christ had to be a man! It could be a women (Bachmann) just as well! Just because she spouts Christian rehtoric doesn’t make her a Christian! Matthew 7:15 -“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

  • This is a very bizarre headline; if you read the actual pledge, it’s nothing like this. Having said that, I agree with those that think pledges in general are stupid, and this one, in particular, rather abhorrent.

    I’m most disappointed in Romney, who used to be a solid consiberal, but has become such a pandering, annoying, say-anything-to-get-elected that he’s become like Janus and Harvey Dent rolled into one…

  • What idiots! That is the worst thing I have ever heard. They are so “small government”…except when it comes to gay issues. That is BS! Everyone needs to have equal rights to marry. I am completely outraged, but not at all surprised. Focus on real issues.

  • What the hell is with all the pledges these assholes sign? I mean seriously, pledge not to raise tax, pledge not to close tax loop holes, pledge to attack the LGBT community, pledge to love Jesus…

    Seriously, I have a new pledge for them:

    “I [insert dipshit name here] pledge to do the job I was elected to do, in a way that puts the interest of our nation above petty political games. I pledge to look at each new situation that presents itself to me, and use intelligence and common sense to evaluate that situation and vote accordingly, mindful of the will of those who elected me AND those who I represent who DON’T share my political views. I will not sign any pledges, because I am not a 12 year old child signing a virginity pledge, I am a grown ass person who cannot possibly make intelligent and informed decisions in the future, if I am bound by stupid pledges I signed in the past. Finally, I’ll not be an asshole, and I’ll do the job the tax payers pay me for, not the jobs assigned to me by special interest groups.”

    • They all ought to sign that one!!!!

    • Exactly!!! Bravo – perfectly put.

    • If that was the case no Republican could ever run for office again.

    • Thank you!!!! Can we make the 2012 elections a REAL election and not another freak show??? We cannot afford the progressive left OR right to keep putting these people up.

    • Brilliant! Hell, I think you should run for the office. First order of business, cut all of congress and the house’s pay for a year, that should put a good dent in out deficet. Then take them all off there retirement plans, retroactively and put them on Social Security, witch it get fixed! How many months a year do they work and how much do they make? Then add in all the bennies, well lets take those away.
      When this country started guys went to washington to serve not to make it a career and that is the way it should be. To be a Senator or Congressman you shouldn’t have to be in politics for 10 yrs and have a law degree and be a millionair. It should be that anyone that has a 4 yr college degree can apply for the job and get it for 4 or 8 yrs and then go home and let the next guy come in.
      No, private jets, or limos or all the other crap. Tal about cutting a lot of waste!!!
      We need to get all the bozos out of Washington!

    • Excellent!

    • Can you run for president, please? I’m not even joking.

  • We should not vote or not vote for someone on how they feel about one subject like gay rights, we should take in the whole picture.Like if we should allow people who did not pay into social security collect it.And many other issues to many to write about here.

    • really I think judging how they treat a portion of the population shows pretty much what kind of people they are and what kind of “governance” they will give us.

  • Bachmann’s husband is gay as heck, and runs a govt paid for clinic to “pray away the gay”. The dude seems flaming gay , flaming gay. Bet she straps on.

  • Roddy McCorley

    Gay seems to be all these people think about. I wonder why that is…

  • So for all the small minded small government extremist republicans out there: How does xperson and yperson’s gay marriage invalidate your straight marriage??? Righter than thou BS in which is designed to invalidate the rights of those who don’t agree with them due to their pure ignorance of the subject.

    • Simple answer: It doesn’t.

      However, with liberals preaching tolerance, I’m sure that you can respect our right to believe differently and vote in the way that we believe is best for our families and country. I’m fairly sure you think those reasons are crap. Doesn’t matter. I think yours are crap. Doesn’t matter. We still have to be Americans together and respect and be tolerant of each other.

      Going back to invalidation of marriages, I think liberals often overlook one thing. Marriage to religious people ultimately depends on validation by both God and society and with religious conservatives, same-sex couples will have neither–it really does become “just a piece of paper.” It doesn’t matter to me if any of my homosexual friends tell me they’re married, because in my eyes they never will be. This, however, is a completely different issue from right associated with partnerships, like the whole hospital thing; legal matters like that do need to be reevaluated.

      Of course, all these issues are tangential to the subject mentioned in the article, which has much less to do with persecution of homosexuals by conservatives and much more to do with the death threats sent to conservatives by…oh, what’s the word…”hateful” liberals when it was found out they donated to bills like Prop 8.

      • Death threats? Come on down to reality.I don’t think it’s been right wingers tied to fence posts and left to die.I have no problem with your religious beliefs, so why are my beliefs any less important? Marriage is not just a religious rite. It is basically a civil liberty that most people take for granted.I love how the haters always turn it around and say how they are persecuted. It’s not persecution when someone calls you on an idiotic argument, it’s call freedom of speech. If you want to spout off on anti- lgbt issues, go ahead, but do not expect us to let it go unchallenged.

        • Frankly I’m surprised we haven’t seen way more of us Gays going postal. Bullies beating up gay kids, sometimes in groups, might be reported differently if some gay whoop ass was unloaded a few times. But st8’s hate it when they get beat up by a gay man fighting back, let alone winning. Think Stonewall. There’s a lot of pent up anger over the years when gay lives were ruined by false arrests, DADT, beatings & tied to fences, etc. I think we’ve held back quite respectively. I have NO sympathy for faux christians crying foul. It’s laughable that they cry because the persecuted finally are fighting back. Get over it or keep pushing us & see what happens.

      • Yes, we can respect that you have differing viewpoints, but this is a matter of human rights. When it came to Civil Rights and Womens’ Suffrage, the government had to take a stand, regardless of the opinion of the people, because it involved human rights. Marriage is a human right, and it is a legal status. It has nothing to do with you and God, unless you choose that type of service and dedication. Regardless of sexual preference, marriage is a legal term.
        And as for “partnerships, like the whole hospital thing,” remember that back in the 1950s we realized that “separate is not equal.” Let people get married for the legal aspect, to a partner they choose. And you and your God can sort it out later.

      • The fact is, there’s more than two pages in your damn bible! While Christians just raised $2 million to defeat Gay Marriage in New York, two women in Murfreesboro, Tn gave birth to 2 babies who may die because the mothers were too busy shooting it up with Methamphetamine! Imagine if some of that $2 million went for drug education.

        But the fact of the matter is, in that bible of yours, it says you can’t cheery-pick! If you’re gonna be picketing Gays, than you gotta be going door-to-door telling people who eat bacon that they’re going to Hell too!

        Go back, read your damn bible from cover to cover and get a life.

        • That same Bible also tells us that, as Christians, it is absolutely not our duty to try to force our will or our ways onto others. Picketing, protests, and hate speech all directly contradict the teachings of Jesus. We are told that we are to make a difference by setting a good example in the community in which we live, not by trying to be the loudest and most annoying vote in the argument. Instead of forcing ourselves upon others, we are to let them see how we lead our lives, then make the choice for themselves.

          So, if I believe eating pork is a sin, I should abstain from eating pork. I should not slaughter my neighbor’s pigs, ban pork from the marketplace, or knock on my neighbors’ doors to warn them of the societal dangers inherent in swine consumption.

          On the same point, if I believe gay marriage is a sin, I should avoid marrying a gay man. I shouldn’t be speaking out against the LGBT community or trying to “convert” my gay friends. It’s offensive to everybody involved and it’s the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches.

          • Both groups are in violating of rights of others. It’s not up to us to enforce moral standards. However, we can say the same that the gay community should not be forcing their views and lifestyle on us. Which is happening.

            I disagree with this pledge – but I also resent the gay lifestyle being shoved down my throat and taught to our children as well. Both sides are in the wrong here – the far right and the gay community that want to force their views on us and our children. Both are violating rights of others.

            My suggestion: Vote for Ron Paul so we can get back to our Constitution and stop these infringements on our rights. Both parties are corrupt and why they are so scared of Ron Paul – unlike the rest, he actually knows what the Constitution says and has been voting for us and our Constitution for a long time.

            • I’m sorry but in what way is “the gay lifestyle being shoved down (your) throat and taught to (your) children as well”? For that matter, what exactly is the “gay lifestyle”? I have neighbors who are gay. Except for the fact that they are two guys, the live exactly like all the rest of us in our neighborhood–they go to their jobs, keep their house and yard tidy and respectable, have occasional quiet dinner parties, take vacations, look after their aging parents, send Christmas cards to their friends and neighbors, etc., etc. Is that the gay lifestyle that’s being shoved down your throat?

              And what exactly do you think that Ron Paul is going to do to protect you from this horrible life style? Isn’t he the one that thinks that people should be free to do whatever they want without government interference?

            • As a member of the gay community, I would like to apologize for forcing our views of equality and tolerance down your throat. Shame on us.

              In what way do we push our gay “lifestyle” on you that at all comes close to how you push your straight lifestyle on us?

              • I agree. I think these types of people think we’re “shoving our life style down their throat” when all we’re doing is NOT being closeted. We’re just being ourselves. My partner and I have raised two (straight) boys, maintain full time jobs (I’m a teacher in a private studio and all my families love me AND know I’m gay), maintain a home and try to give back to the community as much as we can afford to do, including lots of volunteering. But nearly all of our neighbors won’t speak to us. Why? Beats the hell out of me. We don’t drink, smoke, party, nothing…our yard and house looks just as good as anyone else and we’re quiet home bodies. So how is that “shoving my lifestyle down someone’s throat”?????
                Do we expect our society to stop bullying youth–gay or straight? Yes. So is that what they mean by “gay agenda”? Do I expect to be able to benefit from all the rights that straight couples have once they are married? Yes. I pay taxes, support a family, and I’m a law abiding AMERICAN citizen, so why can’t I have the “over 1,100 rights” that traditional married couples receive??? Every day I watch our hetero world do whatever they damn well please—shoving their life style down my throat whenever I go to movies, watch TV, look at advertisement, go to the mall, go to the beach—watching people hold hands and exchanging kisses—sometimes worse. But oh my God, if I was to hold my partner’s hand????….I’m shoving my lifestyle down their throats???

                • Wow, where do you live? It’s not that way in my neighborhood, thank goodness. I have a number of gay friends, and I’m really looking forward to the day that I can go to their weddings. Unfortunately, although both here in Pittsburgh and in Florida where my mother lives, gays don’t seem to have any problems with their neighbors, there’s still way too much resistance to the idea of gay marriage for there to be much chance of its happening any time soon. I have never been able to figure out why so many people believe that preventing gay marriages is something that needs to be done to “defend” marriage. I’m heterosexual, married for over 35 years, and it’s entirely obvious to me that neither my marrriage nor anyone else’s faces any threat whatsoever from the legalization of gay marriage.

            • Voting for Ron Paul is the answer? NO! He supports YOUR agenda! Not mine! He’s against women’s rights. He wants to repeal Roe v Wade (no abortions AT ALL). He does NOT support the Constitution (Hello! Ever hear about separation of Church and State?). He’s a Creationist! Wow. What happened to science? He wants to undo all the social progress we’ve made in the last 30 years! You support the White Supremacist! And he’s a little too proud of his Christian roots. As an atheist, I think I’ll pass…

        • proud liberal

          Duke and banner you Rock! I am so sick of hearing about the bible this the bible that! I believe there is something much bigger than me out there but the truth is and these crazy people don’t get it THE BIBLE IS MAN MADE! God is much bigger than any religion teaches and these crazy right wing nuts are pushing people like me from ever wanting to have anything to do with the christian beliefs!
          The radical christian movement is just as crazy as the radical muslim movement ! I just read a sad story where a girl was spanked to death by her parents in the name of god!
          Radical christians are protesting funerals of all things FUNERALS! I grew up baptist these people say they are baptist but they do the word of evil!

          If any of these crazy nuts become president America will become just like saudi arabia it is already heading in that direction!

          Go ahead you scum and punish me for protesting for my gay and lesbian friends! I will fight I will fight for true freedom!

          You cry less goverment in our business lol you want to make choices of personal beliefs, so what if our president is not a christian, You don’t want woman to have freedom slowly woman will loose freedom. You want woman to not have an abortion but you will take away programs like WIC and then call these children welfare babies!

          I am not against christians but if this radical christianity does not stop you will see more and more athiests and agnostics. I have converted to buddhism since there has never been a war in the name of their religion and they have never put down other religions.

          God is so much bigger than you small minded people that use the bible for your own personal bigotry! You will see If there really is a heaven and hell you better have lots of sun screen for how you behave!

      • David Anderson

        The problem is that the conservative side keeps using the argument that gay marriage will destroy straight marriage. Since we all know it wont, let’s grow up just a little bit and use the correct terminology – bigotry.
        And what the gay people are fighting for ISN’T religiously sanctioned marriage. They are asking for the same government granted rights for their relationships that claim to be granted in the Constitution. THAT is the issue, no more – no less.
        Your bible means nothing in this context. You can hate all you want as a Christian (oxymoron) but you don’t have the right to use your religion to deny the rights of others. Period. End of discussion.

      • Heterosexuals who are attacked for their beliefs would be protected by the same hate-crime laws that protect homosexuals from the hate crimes showered upon them every day. No new laws required! I thought Republicans were all for smaller government.

        As for the Bible, there does seem to be a lot of singling out of what is believed. In the very same book that homosexuality is first called an abomination, believers are also told not to mix crops on the same land and not to wear clothes made out of mixed fibers. I guess cotton-poly blends are also abominations.

        In other books, Jesus Himself says anyone who gets married after a divorce isn’t really married. Why aren’t those who say they want to protect the sanctity of marriage out campaigning against the shameful divorce rate?

      • You mean the handful of threats against the Mormon and Catholic church officials? These pale in comparison to the threats made by so called Christians that call for the extermination of LGBT people. And this is not from just a few lone operators, like what happened with the . No, these calls to action come from Church officials, pastors, organized “Christians” militias, “Christian” musicians, and even political “leaders” (fear mongers) like Rick Santorum.

        No one needs to validate my relationship to my girlfriend. I don’t need you or your church or your god I don’t believe in to rubber stamp approval on who I choose to be with. And I’m straight. If you need that validation then go right ahead, be validated. But most people don’t need that. Most people are beyond caring what society thinks of them or approves of. They just want the same legal rights as everyone else.

        Sure, you have the right to believe in whatever you want. But what most conservatives fail to realize is that your right to believe does not invalidate my right to not believe. Your rights do not supersede mine.

      • “Marriage to religious people ultimately depends on validation by both God and society and with religious conservatives, same-sex couples will have neither”

        Are you , or are you not, aware that “society” in this nation is NOT (in ANY sense) compelled to support the views and agendas of your chosen religion? And, since your religious bent clearly trumps your interest in social justice, why does it matter to you what is deemed socially/legally acceptable, as long as “in God’s eyes” same-sex marriage is invalid? WHY are you and your kind insistent on forcing your values (intolerance, fear, ignorance, and hatred,) on those of us not handicapped by similar dogma?

        You and the right-wing are trying to legally enforce an aspect of morality about which there is significant disagreement. This is not rape, murder, or incest – aberrations about which all sane people agree – this is about whom other humans may choose to love and with whom they may create a legal bond.

        If you are claiming the Bible as your guide to morality, then I must ask, do you cover your hair, as the Bible proscribes women to do? Do you stone your children when they disobey, as the Bible proscribes parents to do? Do you think God was just when he sent plagues and famines, and slaughtered the children of those who did not believe? Do you wish these things on me and others like me? Do you decorate a tree at Christmas? Because the Bible says that only “heathens” do so. Have you ever killed your neighbor for mowing his lawn on Sunday? Because the Bible says the penalty for laboring on the Sabbath is death.

        Do you eat pork products? Do you circulate socially during your monthly menstruation? Does your husband speak to you, or sleep beside you during your period? The Bible condemns all these things, that most of us do, and I don’t see you out marching and campaigning against bacon, or voting to keep women locked up for a week every month. The truth is that it’s just about homosexuality that you Bible-thumpers get worked up. And that’s because, in reality, behind all that sanctimonious blather, you are really just a petty bigot. And you know it.

        • Wow, quite the heated responses from some of you! Am I to understand that I, personally, am “scum” and a “petty bigot”? Thanks for the tolerance, guys. :) For the record, the Bible is not my main scripture, so please don’t assume.

          I’m not here to debate the validity of either set of beliefs–though if any of you actually want to discuss the matter as intelligent citizens, let me know and I’d be happy to correspond with you. I’m here because I’ve gotten steadily more disgusted with the way liberals talk about conservatives and, occasionally (I’m sure it happens, but I certainly don’t see it as commonly), conservatives talking about liberals.

          Remember how frustrated everyone was/is about the debt ceiling debate? How we were all frustrated that the politicians on both sides wouldn’t stop talking down the other side instead of debating and compromising? That’s exactly what many of you–yes, including you who called me scum and a bigot–are encouraging. You want to know why DC is so dysfunctional? We’re why. Us, who can’t stop name-calling and deriding our fellow citizens because they believe differently.

          Exactly what is all the “hate speech” on both sides accomplishing? Does it make us feel like better human beings? Does it make those who believe differently feel less human and so easier to disregard and verbally (or even physically) abuse? How about we all tried operating off the assumption that people are good–that even if we don’t understand why and their actions don’t make sense, the other side is genuinely trying to do what they feel is best out of love and human decency.

          Yes, conservatives, it is possible to believe that an embryo isn’t alive and that an abortion is the better idea. Yes, liberals, it is possible to believe that homosexuality is a immoral and not hate homosexuals, just as you remain friends with people even when they do something that upsets you.

          So what does being angry accomplish? Nothing that I can see. When was the last time you ever persuaded someone to your point of view by demeaning them and yelling at them? I’d bet never. So unless our goal is simply to feel better about ourselves, damn the consequences, I’d say we should think very, very carefully about how we talk about the other side.

          • proud liberal

            in the conservative world liberal is a dirty word. So yes if you want to argue that point i can show you alot of examples. For the record my parents are republicans and have had conservative views and grew up as well as i have in a baptist church yet as they both have gotten older and wiser they have both lost that extremist about them and are more tolerant. That is what I fight for tolerance of all! I always will! Now i know how the Muslim people felt when 911 happened that was not the majority of muslims as the majority of christians are not extremist either

            • And in the liberal world, “conservative” is often a dirty word. I don’t think that either case is ok. I also didn’t even suggest arguing the point–I even acknowledged it several times–merely said that I haven’t seen it as much as the reverse in my experience.

              If you fight for tolerance, then perhaps you’d like to choose a different word than “scum”? Or perhaps explain how that fits the bill of tolerance?

      • Fine, if, as a religious person you object to gay marriage, then choose a church that does not offer to perform marriages for people who are gay. Churches refuse to marry people for all sorts of reason and no one has ever forced them to do so against their faith. However, in the U.S., marriage is at its base a civil contract which may, for the faithful, also be part of a religious commitment. For those who are religious, the two aspects are combined into one ceremony–after one obtains a license from the state or municipality in which the ceremony will be performed. Note that all ministers, priests, and rabbis state at the end of the service that “by the authority vested in me by the state of X, I now pronouce you man and wife” or some equivalent. Many clergy also invoke the authority of God. Mayors and other government officials also perform marriages and those ceremonies have no religious components. In the current situation, the government prevents gay people from entering into that civil contract; they cannot have a civil ceremony nor can they have a valid ceremony carried out by the clergy of those religious groups which do accept gay marriage as valid in the sight of God. Why do you believe that your religious beliefs should prevail over those of others?

        • Why should a belief that is not based in God prevail over one that is? Or a belief in a different God(s)? We, as Americans, have to have a long series of serious discussions about all this, but we’ll never have it as long as we resist people’s rights to stand up for what they believe is right.

          • What do you mean by “standing up for what they believe is right”? Does that mean that if your religion says women must wear garments that cover them from head to toe, you must stand up for your belief by insisting that ALL women, not just the members of your religion must dress that way? If your religion forbids the eating of pork, does that mean that the sale and eating of pork should be outlawed throughout the U.S?

            There is a very big difference between, on the one hand, saying that you believe that marriage between gays is wrong because that is what your church teaches and, on the other hand, saying that other religions must also forbid gay marriage and that furthermore gays may not be married even in a civil ceremony.

            Accepting that people who do not share your beliefs are free to act in accordance with their own beliefs is how we prevent any one religion from “prevailing” over another or from forcing the non-religious to abide by beliefs that they do not share.

            • Exactly–people should be able to freely ACT in accordance with their own beliefs, where they do not conflict the the standing laws of the country. (And yes, many of our debates come down to changing those laws to some extent or another) If your religion forbids the eating of pork and you genuinely believe that other people’s souls will come to harm if they do so, yes you have every right to ACT and try to get pork banned–in fact, I think another interesting question is at what point you are, in a sense, required by your beliefs to act/speak up. Trying to pass legislation, holding rallies against pork, speaking out and calling pork-eating harmful and wrong are all well within your right. Same goes for how women dress, same-sex marriage, and any other issue you care to name. Such a person shouldn’t be scorned or threatened. If someone disagrees, they can follow the same types of actions and eventually the city, state, or whole country may have to decide and a law may be put in place. If someone still disagrees, they have every right to keep challenging the law–and, again, their interpretation of basic human decency may demand that they do so.

              Now, is it legal to be jerks to the people who don’t believe the same way? Absolutely, and it should be. But that doesn’t mean there’s any good excuse for it.

      • I’m sorry, but what makes you think a homosexual person can’t have a relationship with God? I know you didn’t say that, but it sure was implied. I am a lesbian Christian and have every intent on marrying the woman of my dreams when I find her. God loves me very much (quite as much as He loves you and all straight people, actually), and I am so disgusted that you have the nerve to not recognize another person’s marital status simply because you’re not comfortable with it. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Meaning: you have NO ROOM TO JUDGE.

      • “It doesn’t matter to me if any of my homosexual friends tell me they’re married”

        LOL – you don’t have any ‘homosexual’ friends!

  • Grace O'Malley

    Do not make the mistake of blithely writing these nutbars off. One of them will be the Republican Presidential candidate (be sure to include Rick Perry on this list…and he’s SCARY). If the media (especially FOX) can create enough buzz about “how close the race is” once it is between one of these candidates and Obama (since he’s the most likely candidate from the Democratic Party) look for the election to be stolen in favor of the Republican candidate just like it was in 2000 and 2004. If that happens, TSWHTF….BIG time. These people represent the xtianist taliban and the corporations to the exclusion of all else. NONE of us will be safe. NONE of us…unless we are white, male, breeders (or at least pretend to be), voting republican and cruel to the poor. Take their political loss for granted at your peril.

    • Funny (not haha funny) how elections are always ‘too close to call’ since the republicans, under the auspice of Karl Rove, have been stealing elections.

      Republican voters are ignorant and their kkkandidates are fascist pigs.

  • No, I’m actually with Richard on this.

    I truly hope that one of them wins the Republican primary. Hopefully Santorum or Bachmann, but I suppose Romney as well.

    Why? Because I think a candidate with such alienating force may actually show enough of his/her true colors to the point where Americans will realize what a dangerous mistake it would be if s/he were elected president. In fact, I honestly believe that running a far-right wing Republican is the best chance Barack Obama has to win another term.

  • “Religious liberty” of course meaning only fundamental Christianity. The more fundamental and mega-churchy the better. What are they odds they care about the religious liberty of a church which embraces the gay community.

  • First, lets start with why do we have to know what people do behind closed doors? I don’t care and I don’t want to know about it or my children to know about it. What I am sick of is all this marching, talking, scream about your sexual orientation. Why is it that they have to shout it from the roof tops. Keep it to yourselves, most of the country doesn’t want to know how you enjoy your private life. They don’t have to marry to have rights. They can just give each other power of attorney and a will. This like some of us that live together but never marry. You liberals just have to have something to complain. Also think people that the voters voted it down and then government stepped in and said we don’t care what the people think, we will do what we want. The people pay the government and they don’t have a right to change what the people voted for! I am sure now I will get a reply that I am a bigot which am not I am just sick of government stepping in when “WE THE PEOPLE” have the right to vote on issues.

    • Shouting from the roof tops is what America is all about. Straight people have been doing it all their lives.As for the people voting. You cannot let the majority vote to take away civil rights of a minority. That is wrong and that is why the government steps in. I live in Florida and the people voted a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. So basically the people voted in discrimination into our constitution. If you think that is right and just then you are an ignorant bigot. In this country we are granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have been with my partner for over 30 years. How long have you been married and how many times?

    • Uh, get a clue. We scream about it because we are discriminated against every day. We’ve lost jobs, family, friends, been beaten, raped and killed because of who we love. You think we should just take that is stride and keep our mouths shut? That is the reason all of those things happen.

    • You’re right, you sound like a bigot. But underneath all your rhetoric is a completely uninformed person. But what is sad is that your ignorance is so willful. This is a secular democracy, look it up and get over it. Rights and privileges of marriage, especially regarding tax laws, are not achievable through contract or other binding agreements; people are born gay and gay youth are at a particularly high risk of suicide and harassment because of bigoted people – like yourself – who would see them more isolated by this irrational fear of what knowing a homosexual would do to them. My nieces and nephews get it, and aren’t threatened in the slightest. And what they get is that being gay isn’t about what we do in bed, that’s just what you can’t stop thinking about because your perverted that way, it’s about who we are hard-wired to love. It matters little, you need to just get used to it. The war is over, we just have to clean up all the little battles that have overpowered your legislated bigotry with logic and a clear headed understanding of secular democracy.

    • @dj: No, actually, the LGBT community does NOT enjoy the same rights. It isn’t as simple as a power of attorney and a will. If you say you don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own homes, why would you care if they got the right to same-sex marriage? What makes you people think you have the right to legislate someone else’s morality? If the Supreme Court makes a determination on any social issue, what makes you people think you have the right to just throw that out based on some religious morality you want to dictate to other citizens? The SC makes decisions based on law, equality, etc. You, however, makes yours on some warped religious radical belief that, for some reason, you think everyone should adhere to. I don’t know what it is about fundamental or radical religious extremists that they think everyone MUST think as they do. They interpret the Bible as they see fit, cherry picking and twisting and spinning. I’ll say this: you bunch of radical religious righties better watch out, because the tide is turning in the US, and more and more every year, religion is on the wane. You may all find yourselves on the other end someday, and you’ll be the ones “being investigated”.

    • I don’t shout it from the roof top…and trust me, just having a will and health care declaration doesn’t always protect you. I wish it was that simple. There over 1,100 rights that straight married couples have that we don’t have. Raising children, tax breaks and how filing our taxes is just the tip of the iceberg. You are right–no one needs to know what any of us do in private, behind closed doors, but when our gay youth are being bullied, and others are killed, raped, beaten, and my house has graffiti on it with bigoted slurs spray painted across my door, you’re damn well right we’re going to start shouting. It’s called bigotry and letting people discriminate others with such foul hatred is hideously WRONG.

    • First let’s start with you’re straight, so I know exactly what YOU do behind closed doors, right? So there you go. (Imagine that.) And why are you thinking about that anyway? Hm? And children *will* know about it because you can’t protect them forever. Do they read the bible? Because it’s in there. (Oh, goodness, no!) Hypocrite. We liberals have the right to have have rights. Complain? Wouldn’t YOU complain if you didn’t have the same rights as everyone else? Oh, Honey. Of course, you would. Stop being so self-righteous. This is not a Democracy where Majority rules. Just because it was voted down doesn’t mean it has to stay down. That’s the beauty of a REPUBLIC. It was designed to protect minorities. (Check your Constitution. It’s all in there.) Remember? “…to the Republic, for which it stands…”? I guess you don’t know what the word means. And aren’t you aware that everyone votes? And there are laws against discrimination? Oh, but the tide is turning. And I’m not gay. Isn’t that a shock? You are such a sorry individual. Yet I served in the military. And would have happily died for your right to say just what you did…

    • If the government worked as you say it does, or should, then women would likely still not be able to vote and African Americans would still be relegated to the back of the bus. And until you actually have a clue about what rights are granted to couples in a marriage, on the Federal and State levels, you’d be wise to not say anything at all, unless you wish to continue making a fool of yourself. You might want to research the landmark Supreme Court case involving the inter-racial couple, the Lovings. The findings of the court are quite clear on this matter….and though it should not have been anyone elses business what the Lovings chose to do behind closed doors, it took the courts to eliminate the discriminatory policies and laws that were in place that made it illegal for them to marry in the first place. It’s not about what anyone does in their bedrooms, because this isn’t about sex, but you don’t seem to realize that. As far as keeping it to ourselves and not shouting it from the rooftops.. It took just that for women and the African American community to be granted the equality they should have had all along. Your argument would lead one to believe that these groups, at their time, as minorities should have been forced to succeed to the will of the people. That’s a blatant misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the rights granted in the constitution. And furthermore, simply because you try to deter your children from hearing about the civil rights movement of the minority of THIS time in history, it isn’t going to prevent them being who they are, which could quite easily be a gay person, who will one day grow up and ask you which side of history were you on in this debate, and why did you try to prevent or argue against their right to marry the one they love. Best of luck to you!

  • Go read John Locke. He’s only the guy that inspired the founders of our country. I’ll summarize for you though. We all enter into a social contract and consent to be governed for the express purpose of being protected from the will of the majority. I would be exceptionally surprised if you were part of a majority on every issue facing our country.

    I’m an independent, and fail to see how letting states decide the gay marriage issue is involving the government any less than dealing with it on the federal level. It’s all the government, and as far as I can tell this commission qualifies as bigger government, not smaller government. Do you only want smaller government when it’s convenient to your point of view?

    Also, go look up a recent poll on same sex marriage. The majority of Americans don’t really care any more. They haven’t for a few years now. Move on already.

  • Of course Mitt’s church is NOM’s funder. No surprise there. Santorum and Bachman both have things to hide in their respective family closets.

  • The LGBT community has worked very hard to have the same rights as every other TAX PAYER in this country. The LGBT community I feel has become to passive. We are fighting a war, and the war is against these so called right wing bible humping retards.
    These people that are doing things like this to the LGBT community don`t see us a human beings. They want us all gone, dead, or in jail.
    There was a time when the LGBT community was an intimidating force in fighting for our civil rights. Blood was out on the streets, people would protest to the point of riots,we were not afraid to fight anyone. But now, we rely on groups putting up fights against people in government that agree with these assholes and keep changing the rules of the fight, or look the other way when groups like the mormons and other religious groups that DON`T PAY TAXES, assist in funding in changing laws, and getting candidates to push their bigotry on the country.

  • Namanati Dakar

    You know, we have idiots like this come and go all the time, and this time will be no different. All this type of rhetoric has done is to ensure that none of them will be elected.

    As far as the gay marriage thing goes, I believe like Wanda Sykes, “It’s simple: If you don’t believe in same sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex!”

    It’s like everyone’s afraid there gonna catch gay, if gays are allowed to get married. Oh, honey, I’m sorry, but since Bill and Ted got married, it’s made me gay, and I have to divorce you now! LOL

    What idiots these people are in today’s time, where finally bigotry of all forms is coming to a pivotal point in history. The younger generation is raised up in schools these days, because parents don’t spend any time with them. What does school have these days: among many different religions and races, they also have many homosexuals who are no longer afraid, because their peers don’t care, because they know there is way too many other things in this world that they actually should focus their attention on, like FIXING THE F**KED UP S**T, their mothers and fathers left for them while bickering on Bill and Ted’s marriage.

    For those homophobes, racists, and bigots all I can say is thank God your all dying out.

  • I find this rather funny to be honest. They want “investigate” us LGBT folks? I laugh at there stupidity.

  • The only thing they signed to do was push “traditional” values that this country was founded upon. The Founding Fathers sure as hell didn’t think that gay marriage was gonna be an issue, it was the 1700’s for christ sake.

    The part about forming a committee is only to investigate 1st Amendment violations against anti-gay marriage protesters, which all you liberals would be crying over if the shoe was on the other foot. Don’t be hypocrites about the 1st Amendment.

    Also, they are being lobbied to do this. Like most politicians they will take the lobbyist money and donations, say thanks…and then probably not end up doing anything about it.

    Government doesn’t belong in social issues. I am a conservative and I think the government doesn’t belong in this and it should be up to the states and the people. Let the states vote on it.

    It would be interesting if it became a constitutional proposal and was sent to the states for ratification to see how the entire nation feels about it being put to a vote. Majority rules people.

    Vote Ron Paul, he says it should be up to the people, not the federal government.

    • not enough excuses

      If they were real conservatives, they wouldnt sign anthing that says they will form a commission.. small government, right? So let’s start up another office to use tax payer dollars on. Senseless fools.
      The founding fathers didnt know a lot about what the future held for this country. So most of their ideals are mute, lets get in THIS century.

    • I think that Cory put it well, “Government doesn’t belong in social issues.” Maintain the roads, improve our median level of education, keep us safe, and preserve our inalienable rights.

      Guess what? We all call them INALIENABLE for a reason: to indicate that they can’t be taken away. Someone buy each of these clowns a dictionary.

    • If what you say is true and this were just an effort to protect First Amendment rights, wouldn’t the pledge apply to both sides of the debate? It doesn’t appear to (especially given who wrote it and who signed it).

      I wonder how the integration of schools, inter-racial marriage or women’s suffrage would have fared if put up to a popular vote… or how quickly you’d change your tune if it were _your_ civil rights that _I_ got to vote on.

    • The Constitutional rights of a minority simply cannot be “put to a vote” as you propose doing.

    • How would you feel, Cory, if we Progressives started pushing Obama to form a committee to investigate “investigate and document reports of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for gay marriage rights and to propose new protections, if needed”? Talk about hypocrites, you fascists would be oiling up your guns and clinging to your Bibles again.

    • Up to the people? Ok.. over half the population believes gays should be allowed to marry yet the government still doesn’t listen. Go sell the BS somewhere else.. We’re all stocked up for this election.

    • Do you really think men were not sleeping with men in the 1700’s???
      Keep believing the history as written by WASP’s

    • Civil Rights are not up for a vote by the Majority. The minority has to be protected from the majority.
      We are not a majority rules country. This isn’t choosing a flavor of ice cream.
      This is about the civil rights of human beings and those can NEVER be up for a vote.
      Who is the next one up to have their civil rights put up for a vote?

    • Yeah, no.
      Human rights trump democracy in the United States. People do not get to vote on human rights issues, ever.

    • Just This Guy, You Know?

      In a free country, You Do Not Have The Right Not To Be Offended.

      Something I’ve picked up from so-called conservatives over the years that I’ve found a useful way to look at things: If you want to fucking rally to curtail the rights of other people because it threatens your way of life, you are the one picking a fight, and the consequences are on your head. You don’t get to be protected for it. The gays took their licks fighting for their liberty, now the Jesus freaks can take their licks for trying to take it away.

    • Since when does Majority rule? If Majority ruled, Creationism would be taught alongside evolution. (Or evolution would be kicked out of school…) There’d be NO atheists in the US. Or gays. Or Muslims, now that I think about it. The Christian God would be the ONLY God recognized instead of the thousands of gods worshiped by people living in the US borders. The Native Americans would own no land. Gays would be allowed to marry. (Because yes, most Americans really don’t care…by a small margin.) And FOX News wouldn’t exist. XD Because it has the lowest ratings of all the “news” programs. But it’s not Majority rules. Because we live in a Republic. Not a Democracy. Ahhh. But I love the word.

  • Valerie Fahey

    This is truly wingnut “logic.”

    Their interpretation of gay-marriage advocacy is this: Because *they( (stupidly) think gay marriage poses harm to straight marriage, they don’t want ANYONE to oppose their advocacy against gay marriage. So, they craft a pledge to “investigate” anyone who challenges their intrusive policy stances, and dress it up by saying such people are threatening heterosexual marriage.

    What a bunch of freaks.

  • And to think I was seriously considering giving Mitt Romney a chance. I guess I must have been smoking crack or something, because I’m not so sure anymore.

    • “…not so sure anymore.” NOT SO SURE?!? You seriously must be smoking crack. How you could even consider him in the first place is amazing, but if this doesn’t change your mind, you might be a lost cause! Wow…

    • Valerie Fahey

      Investigations are the cornerstone of the neocon set. If Mittens wants to do it, fine. I’d rather put the country in his hands than give this worthless p.o.s. one more chance. You know what they say about “know thine enemy.” Ours is Barack Obama – if you are a real progressive. And he will never get my vote again.

      • If you want to put the country in his sorry ass hands, you are not a progressive, real or fake. I am not a BarryO fan, but I see nothing in the field of opponent that gives me hope for something better.

      • If you can consider voting GOP, no matter how disappointed you are with Obama, you are not a progressive. You are a conservative posing as a progressive to create doubt. Obama has been doing a terrific job considering the lack of support he’s received from his own party, never mind the dirty politics coming from the right. Don’t listen to the lies coming from the right, and remember that most of the media is controlled by right wing interests. The right has a favorite tactic of accusing the left of practicing the kinds of dirty tricks the right utilizes. Recognize the enemy and act accordingly, otherwise, just as in Sinclair Lewis’s prescient book “It Can Happen Here,” the fascist arm of the right will revoke all of your rights while waiving the constitution under your noses.

  • LGBT Disapprobator

    So, so, soooo sick of all of you mushy-mouthed, bleeding heart liberals. Please, pull your heads out of your asses

  • WOW, 1st of all, pushing religious views as President is unconstitutional. 2nd, so is treating treating gays like they are animals. These are the same type of people who would have fought for the south in the civil war. People are PEOPLE and we all deserve the same rights, whether we like guys girls or both! And 3rd, WTF are they going to investigate? who likes it in the ass? I bet f-ing Bachmann does!!!!!

  • They are all stupid. Why are they focusing on bullsh*t nonsense, when the economy is down and millions of people are out of work. While the wealthy 1% and corporations are getting bullsh*t tax breaks and making record profits and not paying their fair share. F**king get your act together and focus on what NEEDS to get done, in the best interests of the US. Cutting Education isn’t one of those interests. F**kiing retards! No offense to mentally challenged.

  • really?!…. i’m shocked… the economy is in shambles… jobs are needed…. and they are focused more on taking more rights away from people who pay their damn bills….

  • I think the appropriate phrase has to be: “Why am I not surprised?”

  • stephen zeber

    all three are losers and bigots !!

  • This is great hope one of them wins.

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