Rick Perry Thinks A Zero Percent Tax Rate On Corporations Will ‘Get This Economy Working Again’

Author: August 17, 2011 4:15 pm

Republican Governor of Texas Rick Perry. Image from http://www.theusnewsdot.com/rick-perry-another-texas-governor-who-would-be-president/rick-perry/

Further proving that he cares more about corporations than people, and that he believes in the foolish theory of ‘trickle-down’ economics, Texas Governor Rick Perry went on record today saying that a 35% tax rate on corporations (which most of them don’t even pay) is too high, and that we should lower it to zero percent in order to get them to start creating jobs.

Here’s what he said:

And here’s another issue from my perspective. Corporate profits that are offshore, that we tax at 35 percent. We know for a fact that money’s not coming back. They’re going to leave that offshore. So why not look at, and talk about, how you repatriate those dollars and have those dollars focused on job creation, but allow them to come back in at a substantially lower rate than 35 percent. Say, something like, if it’s clearly going for job creation, like zero, to get this economy working again.

Somalia has a zero percent tax rate AND no government. How’s that working out for them?

Here’s the video of what Rick Perry said;


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  • If we had a flat tax system where the people pay a 15 percent tax and ALL corporations pay a 20 percent tax, I would call that fair.

  • I guess he missed the part where most of the major corporations didn’t pay any taxes as it is. Where are the jobs that he claims come out of those zero taxes?

  • Raymond Seward

    Are you kidding me, where will this guy stop. First he wants to get rid of the 16th Amendmant (Federal Income Tax) and now Corporate Tax completely. Where does he plan on getting revenue to run Washington has he given a plan for that yet. He couldn’t balance the budget in Texas without Federal Money how does he plan on balancing the budget in Washington, by cutting all the taxes or is he just planning on outsourcing Washington overseas to. I can see it now The United States of China.

  • I’ll second that. This man is a W wannabe. Except he is more far right. What a menace.

  • dont forget firing those who supported the idea that he put an innocent man to death, and they were right.

  • omg…I am stunned by how much he sounds like that dreadful man who was president once before, for eight years, and all the horrible damage he did to the citizens of the U.S. and to other countries all over the world. This is not someone I want in the White House.

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