Millionaire Owner Of H&R Block Wants To Pay More Taxes

Henry Block, founder of H&R Block. Image from

H&R Block founder Henry Bloch knows all about taxes. He should, considering that’s what his company does. The company has been preparing tax returns since 1955 and they know just about everything about the tax code. So when the multimillionaire owner of H&R Block says the tax code unfairly gives the wealthy an advantage over the rest of us, we should listen.

In an interview with Fox 4 News Mr. Bloch ????said that “the wealthy have a debt to this country. They can afford to pay it and they should.” He then added that the Republican push to protect tax breaks for millionaires in order to create jobs is “baloney”:

“That’s so baloney,” Bloch said. “Rich people don’t create jobs. Companies create jobs. You probably pay a higher rate than I do… and yet my income is probably many times what yours is.”

This comes just after Warren Buffett wrote an op-ed in The New York Times calling on Congress to “stop coddling billionaires”. Bloch is absolutely correct when he says that wealthy people do not create jobs. Even Ronald Reagan knew that it’s the small businesses on Main Street that create the jobs, not the Wall Street corporations. Bloch and Buffett aren’t the only ones that think this way either. ??Last week, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) said Buffett is right that loopholes in the tax code, “skew in favor of the ultra-wealthy, ultra-wealthy corporations, and the overseas aristocracy.”

So you’re probably thinking that Bloch is a Democrat, right? Well, he’s not. He’s a longtime registered Republican.