Majority of Americans STILL Blame Bush and Republicans for Economy

Author: August 30, 2011 8:38 am


Apparently a majority of Americans have answered this with a "No".

Republicans like Michele Bachmann appear to be suffering from more than just migraines. Rather, they either have a major case of amnesia or, and the more likely option, are so willingly uninformed and ridiculously unforthcoming on the factual cause(s) of our economic ills of today to save face during their lap-dog obedience during the Bush years.

Remember how former President Bush trashed the economy by borrowing trillions from the Chinese to dole out tax cuts to his millionaire supporters during two raging wars, one of which was fabricated to pursue a petty vendetta and the other in which both Republicans and Democrats blindly threw billions of dollars away to avoid the stigma of being called unpatriotic terrorist sympathizers. Surely you recall how President Bush took surpluses inherited from Clinton and yet skyrocketed the Federal Deficit from a $3 trillion deficit to an $11 trillion deficit in 8 years, with virtually no hope of ever paying it off. He did this by spending money like an NFL player making it rain in a strip club and creating a Leviathan of State, from his bizarrely structured Medicare prescription-drug benefit, the largest entitlement program created since LBJ, to forcing American taxpayers to fund billions in untracked TARP money, to a financial sector that collapsed under its own greed and deception.

Well, guess what? America remembers even if today’s rabidly, far-right Republican party doesn’t or refuses to.

Eighty-six percent of those surveyed for an Associated Press-GfK poll released Thursday say the economy is in “poor” condition, up from 80 percent in June. And, according to 49 percent of those surveyed, things have gotten worse in the past month. But what’s most striking about the poll is who the American public chooses to blame when the question comes up.

Today’s Koch Bros.-bought-and-paid-for Republican party has done everything in its power to cast Obama as some kind of freewheeling Socialist hell-bent on creating sprawling government bureaucracies. Despite the fact that Republicans have done everything to ensure the economy falters under Obama’s watch and then blame him for the dire consequences, Americans place their blame elsewhere. Fifty-one percent say George W. Bush deserves “almost all,” or “a lot but not all” of the blame, while 31 percent said the same of Obama.

Similarly, 44 percent of those polled said that “almost all” or “a lot but not all” of the blame should be put on the shoulders of Congressional Republicans, while 36 percent responded that way about Congressional Democrats. What’s confounding, or should I say smash-you-in-the-head maddening, is how Republicans flagrantly ignore polls like these (maybe because they contain facts and facts are for terrorists) and continue to gleefully steer the country down the unpaved path of destruction for political gain. Their mantra appears to be to get into government to destroy government, or creating big government entitlements for the rich on the backs of the poor and middle class.

But what’s even more confounding, or should I say kick-you-in-the-grone maddening, is how a sizable chunk of the American electorate bathes in the snake oil being sold to them and willing to vote an even more destructive version of Bush into office in 2012.

Both Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, two extremely extreme republican presidential candidates, are presently passing out brochures for a new timeshare with the promise that this timeshare will be better than the last one.

Edited By: Sherri Yarbrough

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  • What should have happened: journalists and political pundits asking what they would have done differently in the Bush years. Do they now regret voting for the tax cuts, or the wars?

    If the mainstream press and pundits had done the proper questioning about what went wrong, it wouldn’t be so easy for the GOP candidates and current pols to distance themselves from the disastrous policies they supported.

    I find that completely maddening. They pushed for the disastrous policies, and now are running against the results without admitting the causes.

  • Shirley Isbon

    The Citizens United decision has emboldened Republicans to blatantly do the bidding of their corporate puppet masters and disregard the expressed polls of Americans blaming them for the current economic crisis. They feel comfortable that with enough corporate money controlling the elections, they can win in spite of real Americans’ opinions.

    Their sham mantra of “smaller government,” “reduced spending,” “lower taxes,” translates into undoing the New Deal of FDR, the Great Society programs of LBJ, and destroying the safety net for seniors, the working poor and middle class. Their expressed goals are to eliminate social security, medicare, medicaid (for the poorest among us and the disabled), the EPA, FDA, FEMA, the Dept. of Education, Unions, the minimum wage, all toward the goal of creating a two class society, an Oligarchy, where the super rich live like the Robber Barrons of the 1800s and the rest of us provide the cheap labor force–uneducated and unable to rise above the imposed poverty that would result from the elimination of this safety net. All the while, they’d continue corporate welfare subsidies to the richest, most successful corporations in the history of the world, and continue tax breaks for the upper 2%, while taxing the least able to afford it–the poor, seniors, and the disappearing Middle Class.

    Their “smaller government” would not be smaller, but EXTREMELY COSTLY and INTRUSIVE (eliminating a woman’s right to choose, the right to love whomever you choose, the ability to get a good education, a decent wage for work done, medical care that your doctor directs rather than as controlled by insurance companies).

    “Reduced spending” would apply to social programs/education/wages, but not to defense contractors, or tax cuts for the super rich and mega-corporations.

    The imposition of the destruction of the American way of life depends upon the ability of citizens to vote. Across the country there is a concerted effort by Republic governors and legislatures to suppress the Democratic vote, creating stringent and oppressive new voter registration laws designed to disenfranchise voters who are not in favor of their policies and who tend to vote Democratic, i.e., students, minorities, academicians, seniors, or disenchanted previously Republican voters and Independents. They can only succeed if citizens do not learn the requirements of their state/precinct/etc.’s new voter registration laws EARLY in time to comply therewith and thus thwart this effort to limit the vote against these Republicans, and then it’s essential to VOTE NO MATTER WHAT against these Republicans who don’t give a damn about Americans or America.

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