Wisconsin Wire: New Break in Election Integrity Revealed, Protesters Demand Explanation

Author: August 31, 2011 9:29 pm

Protesters in Wisconsin. Image from http://crooksandliars.com/karoli/wisconsin-workers-newest-ally-green-bay-pac

It was just Saturday, I sat at a table downtown with a group of people who were attending the Democracy Convention with me.  We got to talking about election integrity and little did I know we would unfold a bombshell.  As we were talking about Kevin Kennedy, the director of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board who showed up at a conference and was nice enough to allow question and answer.  I, however, was not at this workshop because I was at court contesting a ticket that was issued to me for holding the Constitution silently in the gallery of the Senate.  I was doing my civil duty, fortunately I didn’t have to be.  At some point the conversation veered to Mike Huebsch, Secretary of the Department of Administration, former GOP leader in the state, and former ALEC State Chair.  In fact, we recently released his campaign finance report (released meaning drew attention to, it is public information) where he was paid by ALEC.

As the conversation continued, someone eventually brought up that Kevin Kennedy mentioned the Department of Administration in the seminar.  Very few people, in fact, know that this office is the second most powerful in the state (second to Governors).  They run practically every state department and partisan governors appoint the Secretary or head of the office.  I went home and searched and searched, then realized that a fellow protester had taken video of the session.  I watched the entire session and there it was: Kevin Kennedy says that the GAB does not have software developers and uses the DOA for that with elections code.  But wait a second the famous election software that Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk who had an incident of either gross negligence or election fraud that flipped the Supreme Court Race for David Prosser (the Republican), was written by the GAB as previously reported by the GAB, right?  Guess the GAB was less than honest as Kevin clearly said, they have no developers on board so contract with the GAB.

So we made up a press release:

 Press Release
4:30 P.M. CST, August 31, 2011


Madison, August 31, 2011: Since February the protests at the Capitol have been almost always at the Capitol. Today that all changed. At approximately 1:00 PM organizers Jeremy Ryan and CJ Terrell went to the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Administration to request a statement in response to Kevin Kennedy’s comments in a video found here:

Watch live streaming video from electionintegrity at livestream.com

(in between 13-14 mins Kevin Kennedy admits that the GAB has no software programmers capable of reading the code used in election machine software and contracts with the DOA.)

At around 4:30 they returned, followed by several other concerned citizens, and refused to leave until receiving an official statement.

In the statement left at the office, they asked for information on which counties had election software written by the DOA and who the people were writing the software. By watching the entire video you draw two conclusions. One, some counties use software from the vendor, others the DOA. And two, the software written for Kathy Nickolaus which was formerly thought to be written by GAB, was actually written by DOA.

“Mike Huebsch is the Secretary of the DOA. He is also former GOP leader and ALEC leader. It doesn’t take a PhD to see the conflict of interest in allowing any department run by such a highly partisan official anywhere near our election systems or software,” said Ryan, who is also Executive Director of Defending Wisconsin PAC. “The citizens deserve to know to what extent the DOA works on our election systems and software. It saddens me to see how far downhill our elections will go. But elections are the cornerstone of our Democracy and that is why we are not leaving until we get our answers.”

The organizers state that they are not asking for much, simply a statement acknowledging or disputing the involvement that was referred to by Kevin Kennedy or they will not leave. To date, this would be the first time in which the Department of Administration has been a target of a sit-in.

UPDATE (8.31.11 8pm) The protesters left & gave the DOA until 1pm on Tuesday 9.6.11 to make a statement, otherwise more actions will be planned.

And Nick Nice (@nicknicemadison), local DJ and political activist, released the press release.  Initially, we were planning to be arrested. All local media and national media were alerted before we left. None showed up and we decided that we should be reasonable. Given as we filed our request around 1:00 PM CST today, we will allow three business days and we are demanding a response by 1:00 PM on Tuesday, September 6th.  Either way, however, if the citizens share this story and people find out what is going on, the citizens will win. Because only through publicity and us all playing our part and sharing these stories will we win this battle. The mainstream media will not cover this to acceptable standards, it is up to us.

Video of Kevin Kennedy admitting that the DOA programs software and demand for information:

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

[email protected]

Note: Segway Jeremy Ryan has become a full-time member of the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Formerly a businessman, he gave up his business to join the fight for the middle class in the State of Wisconsin. Through videos and writings he has informed hundreds of thousands of people of what was going on at the Wisconsin State Capitol once the mainstream media had mostly abandoned the protests. His full-time activism is completely funded by the people. If you would like to help out please click here.

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  • Ralph George Barke

    All I can say is : “Where rights seruced by the constitution are involved there can be no rule making or legislation that would abrogate them.” see, Mrianda v. Arizna, 384 U.S. 436, 491 (1966), “It is the duty of the court to be watchful for the Constitutional rights of the individual, and agaisnt any stealthy encroachments thereon.” see, Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616 (1885),”The assertion of a constitutional right when plainly and reasonalby made cannot be defeated under the name of local practice.” see, Davis v. Weasher 263 U.S. 22, 24. and it is also: “Well established that legislative enactments maynot coerce performance of srvice, by penalizing non performance.” see, e.g. People v. Lavender, 398 N.E.2d at 530 (197), now this is enough to impeach Walker, remember Article 1 Section 10, Walker has intentionally imparied the obligations of a contract with We the Peple.

  • Ralph George Barke

    Why don’t anyone do something about charging Scott Walker, and his dupes, for intentionally impairing the obligations of a contract, to which a Drivers license is a contact and your SSI is a contract with America, that your social security checks will be protected, so when you retire you will be able to rely upon your SSI income, it’s part of your Constitutional rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, which are common fundamental rights, under We the People ‘s Constitutional Contract, known as the united States Constitution of 1776, the Bill of Rights, so why don’t anyone who has a position that can start the prosecution process, ASAP, see Article 1 Section 10 to which states in pertinent part: “No State shall make anything but silver and gold, in payment of tender of debt, or pass any ex post facto laws, impairing the obligations of a contract.” The truth is the truth so now what is anyone going to do about it…? Scott Walker just found a different way to steal elections.<<<

  • Election systems are very complex. For example, look at step 1 in the diagram at http://www.countedascast.com/issues/votingprocedures.php . It refers to ballot definition files (BDFs). Preparing BDFs constitutes “programming” in some systems (ex: ES&S). It does not strike me as unusual for a Department of Administration (DoA) to be programming these. If government officials were programming the complex internals of the machines, that would be less common. IF that were happening, and IF Wisconsin requires federal testing & certification before actual use in an election, then a lot more questions need to be asked.

    The first step is to find out who was programming what.

  • Ralph George: Barke

    We need to bring America back to We the People, as there is danger, real danger, that the people will see at one sweeping glance that all the powers of their governments, Federal and State, lie at the feet of us lawyers – that is to say, at the feet of a judicial oligarchy; that those powers are being steadily exercised in behalf of the wealthy and powerful classes and to the prejudice of the scattered and segregated people; that the power thus seized includes the power of amending the Constitution; the power of superintending the action, not merely of Congress, but also of the State legislature; the power of degrading the powers of the two houses of Congress, in making those investigations which they may deem necessary to use legislation, to the powers which an English court has ascribed to british colonial legislatures; the power of superintending the judiciary of the States, of annulling their judgments and of commanding them what judgments to render; the power of denying to Congress the power to raise revenue by a method employed by all governments; making the fundamental sovereign powers of government, such as the power of taxation the subject of mere barter between corrupt legislatures and private adventurers; holding that a venal legislature temporarily invested with power may corruptly bargain away those essential attributes of sovereignty, and for all time; that crporate franchises bought from corrupt legislatures are sanctified and placed forever beyond recall by the people that great trusts and combinations may place their yoke upon the necks of people of the United States, who must groan forever under their weitht, without remedy and without hope that trial by jury and the ordinary criminal justice of the State which ought to be kept near the people are to be set aside and Federal court injunctins substituted therefor; that those injunctions extend to preventing labring men frm quitting thier employment, although they are liable to be discharbged by their employers at any hour, thus creating and perpetuating a sate of slavery. “It is well established that legislative enactments maynot coerce performance of service by penalizing non performance.” See, People v. Lavender 398 N.E.2d at 530 (November 1979), “Where rights secured by the Constitution are invlolved, there can be no rule making or legislation that would abrogate them.” See, Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 491 (1966)… Accpi Hoc

  • Hello good people.

    I am going to put all of this in an envelope hand write a message to Atty. General Eric Holder and beg him to please look into this, again. This article gives me more to send. More evidence, more views of those going to bat to defend our state from the plutocrats. This is just bad. bad. bad. I could cry.

    David from Milwaukee.

  • I’m incredibly relieved that Jeremy and others are pursuing Kathy Nickolaus, certainly in bed with ALEC and the Koch brothers, and I wonder how long this has been going on in WI, not to mention other states, not to mention the whole USA??? We already know that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. What will it take to wake the American people up?????

  • Nirtana Goodma

    Yes! It’s time that citizens demand answers about these shady doings, and take our elections back! And I love the discussion among the protestors about the next steps.

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    It seems not even a modest effort is made any more to create believable lies, or cover up lies. I interpret this as meaning Koch and ALEC have concluded it’s all downhill from now on, and nobody can stop them, whatever they do.

    After they successfully re-elected a state S.C. justice by fraud, why would they even worry that consequences might apply to another lying judge? Or that someone might clean up the electoral system?

    Look east to MI, and see the fate in store for us. Elected officials will be replaced by gubernatorial “managers” before the year is out, and there will be no threat left for them to worry about.

  • I’ve been investigating issues relating to this, and I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not NECESSARILY as sinister as it sounds. For whatever reason, Kathy Nickolaus requested software from GAB. GAB does not have an IT department. DOA does. However, the software guys who worked on the project were actually contractors employed by DOA, but were not actually DOA full-time permanent employees. I’m not saying there aren’t issues, but the DOA connection isn’t necessarily all that unusual. It would appear that DOA’s IT department writes and modifies software for a wide array of departments of state government. I’m working on getting e-mails sent between Nickolaus and the DOA contractors. I’ve seen some, but there’s gaps. As far as what I’ve seen, it’s all pretty run of the mill though there are some major questions raised. A big question is if the software was modified to disable the Access auto-save function, which remember was a big bone of contention because Nickolaus said she “forgot” to save the Brookfield results. I don’t have specifics on the work the consultants were doing, but the one thing I do know is that they were working on a special Access package for Nickolaus. Sorry, I’m trying to dig up more information, but my open records requests are sitting in limbo.

  • For the LAST TIME, Kathy Nicklaus’ “story” about how the election results were revealed is TRUE, as the huffington post reported the correct numbers (as verified by the recount) on Tuesday night. People use all kinds of computer programs to do things and keep track of things, including (as Nicklaus said) MICROSOFT EXCEL SPREADSHEETS. You people are sore losers. You lost the Prosser election. You lost the recount (what, were you expecting votes to come out of thin air? or were you trying to plant them yourselves?) and now you lost the recall elections. Stop wasting everyone’s time and money (especially taxpayers!!!) and channel your “good intentions” into something that will actually help people, like charities. No one wants to hear from you anymore.

  • Is this the same software that was used prior to the election of Govenor Walker?

  • The Platzner Post

    A major conflict of interest…How to steal elections WI style!!!

  • Wow! Please keep this in the public eye so that things change before the next election (and the recall of Walker)! This is important!

  • Thank you to Jeremy and all the other protesters in Madison! Thank you in believing in OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

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