Paul Ryan Has Five People Kicked Out and Three People Arrested For Asking Questions At Town Hall

Congressman Paul Ryan. (R-WI). Image from

Last month, I wrote a story about Paul Ryan locking out jobless constituents from his office in Wisconsin. He has now gone from locking people out, to having them arrested.

At a town hall event in which people had to pay $15 to attend, Paul Ryan kicked out five people and had three arrested, all for asking questions he didn’t like.

When Ryan tried to claim that our job crisis is directly related to our debt crisis, a woman stood up and asked, “Our debt is out of control because of the tax cuts you’re giving…Our unemployment in 2003 was 6.2% before the tax cuts went through. Now our unemployment rate is 9.1%. What are you doing to create jobs, Congressman?” Instead of answering her question, Ryan kicked he out of the event.

After another person was shown the door, a woman stood up while Ryan was talking and said, “You won’t talk to us. How can we give our opinions when you refuse to talk to us?” She too was kicked out. Then someone stood up in the back and asked, “Where are the jobs, Ryan?” He too, was escorted out.

An older gentlemen became angry when Ryan mentioned entitlement programs, and said that he “paid into unemployment, Medicare, and Social Security for 50 years,” and he too, was escorted to the exit.

Here’s the video:

Paul Ryan went on to have three people arrested, all for asking questions. This is a violation of civil and constitutional rights and Paul Ryan is demonstrating what the Republican Party is willing to do to suppress people who disagree with them.