Republican Representative Steve King Admits That Republicans Are Just ‘Hanging On’ Until A New President Is Elected

Iowa Representative Steve King. Image from

Now it’s clear. Republicans are holding back on passing bills to help the country until a new President is elected. It’s all about holding the general welfare of the nation hostage. Republican Steve King of Iowa has admitted as much in a new statement made in the wake of President Obama introducing the American Jobs Act. Apparently, Republicans will only pass a bill to help Americans if they elect a Republican to replace President Obama in exchange.

“We can maybe do some things together. Beyond that, I will tell you that it’s going to be important just to hang on and get a new President and a new configuration in Congress.”

King has just spilled the beans. Republicans are perfectly willing to discuss tax cuts and deregulation, but if the American people want infrastructure spending, jobs, education, and health care, they must first elect a Republican to replace President Obama. Until then, no matter what legislation the current President tries to get Congress to pass, Republicans will just sit on their hands and let the country burn until a new President is elected. This is an act of extortion and treason. Rather than unite with Democrats to save the long suffering American people, Republicans are basically saying that they’ll only help if Americans give them absolute power. And what happens if they get what they want? Will they punish Americans for electing Barack Obama in the first place? The current crop of Republicans are the most despicable and un-American politicians in American history and they should be duly punished on Election Day in 2012 for the treason they are committing against the American people.