The REAL Reason Why Republicans Want To Abolish FEMA: So They Can Profit From Natural Disasters

Author: September 16, 2011 9:12 pm

Jeb Bush (R-FL). Image from

It looks like we finally know the reason why Republicans are refusing to fund FEMA, the federal agency that responds to natural disasters.

Former Republican Governor Jeb Bush is set to lead a newly formed FOR-PROFIT natural disaster response company. According to the Maritime Executive, Bush’s newly created firm, Old Rhodes Holding LLC, joined forces with O’Brien’s Response Management, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings, to form a for-profit disaster response company.

“We are pleased to enter into this partnership with one of the leading response organizations in the United States, backed by SEACOR’s global network,” Bush said. “Together we look forward to helping a broader array of organizations and communities become more resilient through preparation, response, communication and recovery.”

Of course, this response team only helps people for a price. Rather than come to the aid of people affected by a natural disaster out of the kindness of their hearts, like FEMA and other organizations do, the response team led by the former Florida Governor will respond to disasters if the price is right. In other words, they’ll profit off of death and destruction.

All of this comes as House Republicans continue their assault against FEMA, an organization that helps people at no charge beyond the taxes paid to the United States Government by the American people. This is all too coincidental to not be connected in some way. If FEMA is non-existent, people, cities, and states would have to hire disaster response companies to come to their aid which is a recipe for fraud, as these companies could hold disaster areas hostage until they get the price they demand. Worse, these response companies could hold individual disaster victims hostage until the company gets the price it wants or ignore helpless victims altogether if they don’t pay the fee. Remember the home in Tennessee a couple years ago that was allowed to burn down by the local for-profit fire house because the residents failed to pay the fee? Well, you can bet that same scenario will play out across the country and on a more sickening scale.

This is precisely why we pay local, state, and federal taxes to fund our emergency services. Private companies only care about their bottom line and thus don’t care about the human lives at risk of dying in the aftermath of disaster. Their first priority would be money and they would fleece the people in their most desperate time of need. It’s a blood profit that each of us should find morally unacceptable.


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  • “I can not get people voting for the right!”

    Excuse me. Pay attention. There is nothing but neo ‘right-wing’ ‘representation’ in Corporate Amerikkka : hasn’t been anything else for years if ever. The last leader of a third national party was assassinated in the 40’s.
    I borrowed the KKK from a coloured lass who fled to Canada…and things are not as much different there as one might think from the MSM’s fantasies.

  • Hmmm, Jeb Bush who lives in hurricane riddled Florida, former governor, wants to set up a for profit disaster relief company and get rid of FEMA.

    Does “conflict of interest” mean anything any more? Does “love thy neighbor” mean anything to Republicans?

    Tex Shelters

    • Florida is still into its 6th yr, no hurricanes. We are broke from John Ellis Bush doing his best to continue to rob America. They got the S&L’s $, the rest is still unfolding.

  • Quote, The REAL Reason Why Republicans Want To Abolish FEMA: So They Can Profit From Natural Disasters, I believe the same is goes to (social security and medicare.)

  • Bottom Feeders coming out from all the rocks….

  • Once upon a time, it was thought to be “poor form” to profit from someone else’s hardship. Now it seems to be the first option for some. I guess they figure the desperate won’t have the heart to argue; ergo, easy pickin’s.

    Slimy jerks.

    • I can not get people voting for the right! I mean it just is crazy. I feel that many people are so confused and sadly the elderly are. They vote republican when it is the democrats who try to keep their social security going. When someone looses a job and still votes republican brainwashed by the tea parties promises of jobs! I am always wanting to smack my head when i hear these things. Like wtf where are the brains in america?

      • wtf is the alternative to voting ‘right’ ? The name of the style of government starts out as representative government – not demockracy – and the descriptions go downhill from there.
        Search out ‘narco kleptocracy’ for instance.

  • Well, George & Neil were/are plenty handy at making messes. It makes sense that one of the brothers would see an opportunity to cash in on cleaning them up.

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