Michele Bachmann Thought Her Husband Wanted To ‘Pray Away The Gray’

Author: September 17, 2011 1:31 pm

No, this is not from the Onion. Last night, Michele Bachmann appeared on the Tonight Show. Jay Leno asked her about her husband’s Christian Counseling Clinic and his “Pray the gay” comments. She claims that she thought it was a mid-life comment and he meant, “Pray away the gray.” Um, yeah. Okay.

Leno also asked her about her views on gay marriage, comparing sexual orientation to being left handed or right handed. “That’s their business. It doesn’t concern us.” Of course, Bachmann’s views remained unchanged, but she did insist that the Tea Party was not about social issues.

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  • -cough- VOTE GARNERING -cough-. Sorry, Bachmann, but you’re not getting THIS gay American’s vote ;)

  • bonnie thornton

    What a liar jesus has created….This thing uses tax payer money to beat the gay out of teenagers, deprive them of anything normal then decided its good for us to pay for it….where in the hell are her 29 foster children?? I wonder if any of them had to pray the gay away…..she is seriously so evil, and her husband who spends his time devoting his life to turning gay kids straight….has obviously a few things to cover up on his own….waiting for the fire sale on there souls.

  • If they ever said a prayer to pray away the stupid, both she and her husband would disappear.

  • I so wish Michele and Marcus would only get help for their own demented, twisted, psychotic selves. (And if I have to listen to that screechy, Minnie Mouse voice of hers ONE MORE TIME!)

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