Newt Gingrich Says The Poor Should Get Health Care Through Charity, Not Government

Newt Gingrich is another Republican who revels in bashing the poor. Gingrich told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the uninsured should receive health care from charitable organizations and not government.

GINGRICH: Historically, we had charity. We had places that say, if you are down on your luck, if you failed to be responsible, we will take care of you, but that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to get a private room, that you’re necessarily going to get everything somebody would get who’s been prudent and who has taken care of themselves. […] Yes, we’re going to make sure they’re taken care of, but they ought to understand that’s charity.

BLITZER: But that money should come from charitable organizations, not from taxpayers? Is that what you’re saying? […]

GINGRICH: I would prefer to see it come from charitable organizations.

Here’s the video.

Gingrich is woefully wrong. In the past, charities were unable to meet the needs of uninsured Americans. That is why the government passed Medicare and Medicaid. Government also passed the Children’s Health Insurance Program to meet the needs of uninsured children. In fact, even Republicans have traditionally supported government programs that help the uninsured. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which forces hospitals to provide care to the uninsured. The number of Americans without coverage continues to grow today, and 45,000 people die annually because they lack access to needed care. Basically Newt thinks that poor people are stealing from taxpayers if they’re insured by government which is hypocritical, because as Speaker of The House he never had to pay a dime for health care, even though he could afford it. The government paid for it with taxpayer dollars. Now THAT’S stealing.