Lieberman ‘Very Fond’ of Bachmann and Perry

Author: September 19, 2011 7:10 am

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Former human being and present democratic pariah, Sen. Joe Lieberman, simply loves pestering liberals and democrats with his new found ultra-conservative positions that neatly coincide with today’s rabid and rancorous Republican Party. Al Gore’s former running mate (only because he rallied against Clinton’s penis the loudest) and current Independent senator from Connecticut plans on retiring from the US Senate, on the account of being as popular as Herpes Simplex one, so he can pretty much show his true colors wily-nily. It was egregious when Jon Edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife and thus was discarded from the democratic party, but Joe Lieberman cheated on the Democratic party with Karl Rove and the Republicans.

Senator Lieberman initially angered his democratic base by refusing to repudiate his support for the Iraq war and was punished for it at the polls in the 2006 Democratic Primary, so he became and “Independent”. Then, he perturbed the Democratic Party by not only endorsing Republican John McCain in 2008, but actively campaigning for him. But exasperation soon turned into  full-throated, murderous rage when Sen. Lieberman sided with the big health insurance companies and filibustered the Health Care Reform bill.  So it would seem that Joe Lieberman couldn’t possibly alienate himself any further from mainstream voters, but never underestimate Joementum.

During an interview with The National Review,  Lieberman heaped praise and adulation on two of the most extreme and far-right presidential candidates in Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.  So much for being a “purple-minded” centrist.

Apparently the polarizing hawk  loves Congresswoman Bachmann and Texas Gov. Perry for their flagrantly sanctimonious religious expostulating.

“I know this got controversial recently, with Governor Perry and Congresswoman Bachmann. But they didn’t give up their First Amendment right to free expression and freedom of religion when they decided to run for president. I like it when a candidate, if they feel comfortable, talks about their faith. It’s very interesting to me; it tells me more about the candidate, giving me one more factor to evaluate about what kind of president they would be. Others may be turned off by it, even by the very fact that you’re talking about it, or the way you’re articulating it,” Lieberman says. “That’s the risk you take.” said Sen. Lieberman

 So the Senator thinks it’s perfectly constitutional and cool for an elected official and presidential candidate to shove their extreme religious views down the throats of Americans. Worse yet, he thinks that crazy religious babble somehow represents viable criteria on which to judge the candidate’s presidential credibility. And this is the same man who blindly throws money at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent a stigmatic religion taking hold? Well, it’s a good thing America has First Amendment warrior Joe Lieberman to ensure that campaigning politicians have the freedom to be unhinged Evangelical Christians who rely on the bible to make political decisions.

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  • Billy Luther King Jr.

    The man is a conservative Jew. This is the be all/end all for him. How come so many people overlook this? Is it Politically Incorrect to assume that his policies are based solely in what he deems is best for Israel? Because they are- that’s all he is about.

  • Somebody needs to give Joe a one way ticket to Israel.

  • If he’s serious, then calling himself an “independent” is about as disingenuous as the Tea Party calling itself “grass roots.”

  • Aquarian dreamer

    hm. while I have to say that yea the tea party candidates are a bunch of fruitcakes and nutjobs, Sen. Lieberman does have point. it is a risk going out an publicizing your faith; not so much now with the rabid fanaticism of the Tea party to support them maybe, but it was a risk.

    honestly Sen. Lieberman’s quote should be used differently than it has been in this article. think about it, he is saying that it is a GOOD thing that we see just what flavor of wackos these people are, and(not to demean all Christians) these bible thumper’s have allowed their extreme religious views to become public and allowed us to see clearly just what type of people they are. so let us say thank you to both Sen. Lieberman and to the tea party for showing us just how close we are to letting the psychos run the nation. and remember, the only way to keep the tea party out of the white house is to vote Obama 2012. oh and please lets get the jihad out of congress as well next year.

  • The Platzner Post

    With friends like Sen. Joe Lieberman, who needs enemies?!?

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