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Current TV Joins Forces With The Young Turks

If your cable provider doesn't carry Current TV, call them up and nag the hell out of them until they do!

Al Gore continues to fulfill his promise to assemble and develop a team of liberal voices unconstrained by the going concerns of the corporate media. Already, Kieth Olbermann has resumed his clarion call for progressive causes with David Schuster, an unapologetic liberal in his own right, as his back up.

But now former Vice President Gore has brought the entire team of The Young Turks on board.

If you don’t know who TYT are, shame on you! Actually, you would be excused for being unfamiliar with the group since they are, almost exclusively, an internet phenomena. The head of TYT is Cenk (pronounced Jenk) Uygur recently of MSNBC, where he had a short lived show (from January to June of this year) that somehow never received a name. By way of comparison, his replacement, Al Sharpton had a “named” show from day one.

Despite having solid ratings (especially for a show only a few months old) Cenk was “offered” a low profile weekend slot (but more money) and allegedly told to “tone it down.” He refused and walked away.

MSNBC has denied this version of the story but the fact that they decided to bump Cenk to a crappy weekend slot and pay him more for the “privilege” despite his ratings is highly suspect. Add to this the fact that his show never had a “name” after 5 months and it becomes clear that someone was not pleased with Cenks’ uncompromising vision.

But that’s OK! Now that The Young Turks are joining with Current TV and will be the lead in to Countdown with Kieth Olbermann, I couldn’t be happier. TYT is the most popular political webshow in the country (if not the world) and their passion and integrity as well as their irreverence and strong progressive voice will be a welcome addition to OUR version of Fox News. But without the lies, distortions, racism, sexism, lies, half-truths, homophobia, fear mongering, lies, jingoism, xenophobia, violent rhetoric, and did I mention lies?

Says Cenk:

Uygur commented: “Current is the perfect home for our show. We wanted to be in a place that is both independent and truly progressive, not owned and encumbered by a media conglomerate. Does it get any better for a progressive than working where Al Gore and Joel Hyatt are your bosses, and Keith Olbermann is your colleague? It’s an honor to be the lead-in program for Keith Olbermann. Add to that we will work with David Bohrman, who has been creating unique and great television programming for decades. His vision for Current is exactly in line with ours. When you bring all of these people together with ‘The Young Turks,’ watch out — we’re coming!”

Maybe when Current TV starts to beat MSNBC in the ratings, the powers that be over there will finally decide that “freedom of the press” actually means something.

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