U.S. Justice System Murders Troy Anthony Davis

Earlier tonight, the United States Supreme Court denied a request of a stay of execution for Troy Davis. The state of Georgia then promptly executed him by lethal injection at 11:08pm Eastern Standard Time.

Troy Anthony Davis was convicted in 1989 for allegedly killing an off-duty police officer. Since that time, seven of the nine witnesses that testified against Davis have recanted their testimony, admitting that they committed perjury on the stand despite swearing an oath to tell the truth. Serious doubts were raised about this case and many high profile legal minds and politicians called for re-opening the case. Law enforcement officials in Georgia had doubts about the case and thought it should be re-opened. Even Bob Barr, a proponent of the death penalty, said the case should have been re-opened.

The fact is, the U.S. Justice System FAILED Troy Davis. The possibility of Davis being innocent of the crime for which he was convicted was high. When innocent people are killed, we call that murder. The state of Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court, and the US Supreme Court are all guilty of murder. When there is even a shadow of a doubt that a condemned man may be innocent, you err on the side of justice and halt the execution. You re-open the case and re-examine the facts. But that was not done.

This was a serious miscarriage of justice that we witnessed tonight. It will make people re-think their position on the death penalty. It will change the procedure for handling witnesses and it will reverberate throughout the American Justice System. Putting a man to death is an irrevocable act. Even if Davis was proved innocent now, it wouldn’t matter. This case united people of all walks of life and political affiliations. Perhaps the only people in America who cheered this execution was the Tea Party and Rick Perry, but most people banded together to stop an injustice from occurring in this nation; a nation that is supposed to value justice for all. Justice was not served tonight. It was brutally ignored and a man who was probably innocent has been killed. Even the highest court in the country made a mockery of justice. The Supreme Court is supposed to stand for justice and tonight, they let a potentially innocent man die.

Troy Davis is dead. Even if he were found to be innocent now, it’s too late. A severe blow has been delivered against justice. Of all the values we hold most dear, justice was the one value that we believed in most of all and now our faith in our system of justice is shaken. The state of Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court of the United States should all be ashamed of themselves. This was an execution that never should have happened. They have blood on their hands. And that should haunt their consciences to the grave.