Occupy Wall Street Is The Voice of A Generation, Catch Up Here (Pics, Video)

Author: September 24, 2011 2:02 pm

By Flickr user David Shankbone

The Revolution will not be televised, but it is being live-streamed right now. As I write, thousands of people are marching through New York City to Union Square. Even as many news outlets dismiss, ignore and blackout the Occupy Wall Street rebellion, the movement is gathering force like a wave that soon will crest and smash on the shore of capitalism.

Meanwhile, outsiders continue to minimize the spirit and stamina of the protest. (Man, I hope they prove them wrong). On Friday, the New York Times called the protests an “opportunity to air societal grievances as carnival” by people who have an “apparent wish to pantomime progressivism rather than practice it.” The article also described the “diffuse and leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement as using “street theater” in a vain attempt to combat social ills like “greed, corporate influence, gross social inequality and other nasty byproducts of wayward capitalism.”

Another news piece predicts that the “non-hierarchical” protests are “doomed.” The Fast Company writer judges Americans as “notoriously apathetic people” who prefer the trivial indulgences of the “Internet, video games and satellite television” over the intellectualism and commitment that is needed to sustain a mass people’s movement.

These casual dismissals of rising civil discontent neglects not only the potential of the movement to grow and take shape as more people join but also the sacrifices the current protestors are already making. Almost two dozen people have been arrested, not counting reports of dozens more arrested today during the Union Square march. Police took some into custody for wearing a mask or writing with sidewalk chalk.

On the more violent side, the video below shows a police officer picking up and literally throwing a young man who was defending his tent.

An independent journalist on the scene described #OccupyWallSt as “a movement in formation. As protesters sometimes like to chant, ‘This Is Just Practice’” – an prologue for social quakes and shifts still in the making. To get better acquainted with what’s happening among the protestors check out the LIVE STREAM or this 6 min. mini-documentary below by WageNonViolence.com.

When asked about the movement’s lack of “demands,” two protestors in the video remark:

“The demands will come, but I think they will come organically out of these people.”

We’ve come together to “share our ideas of what we can do to try to change the world…and the first thing is to change ourselves.”

From Occupy SF album: http://on.fb.me/p0zoIc

This is not a test, I repeat: This is NOT a test. This is the single biggest opportunity we have to take a spark and make it a movement that brings about change. The Egyptian people’s revolution was ignited, literally, by a few protestors’ self-immolation. I don’t think we should light ourselves on fire, but I do think if you have a backbone and a mind that thinks for itself you need to put down what you’re doing and contribute to the rising call for social and economic justice. Even the White House is behind us; Obama‘s vocally defending jobs, tax breaks and unemployment benefits for “The Other 98%” while calling on the richest individuals and corporations to give more back.

Here’s your chance: Get informed and get involved. Let’s not blow this, Gen X and Y.

The original Occupy Wall St. protest:


is growing into a nationwide movement called Occupy Together:


From Occupy SF album: http://on.fb.me/p0zoIc

Occupy Together is organizing people’s protests in more than 30 major cities nationwide. Visit the link above and click on the “Events” tab to check for ways to join the social movement in your area.


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  • Do you want your 7 grandkids to fight the same wars YOU fought?

    Do you want your 7 grandkids to work in “manufacturing shops” all their lives?

    Do you want your grandchildren to have the same life of hard knocks, GRANDPA?

    HUH? If you said No to any of these questions, then you better stop voting GOP because you are voting against your grandchildren’s future. If you keep voting GOP, your grandchildren will know the same bitterness you feel, if they live to see 60.

  • a bit bitter, Pop? I’m 60 and am fully supporting this movement. Our generation has given them a big shit sandwich and they are supposed to say thanks?

  • I understand what we are against. What are we for? What actions do the protestors want taken to make things work? Do they want Wall Street to collapse? Public employee retirement funds are heavily invested in the stock market. Farmers and ranchers are dependent on the commodities market. The threads of Capital intertwine in all areas of our lives. I keep asking my more activist friends what it is we want to do to save our economy, what positive steps will we take? “Off with their heads,” seems more the steaming shrill of the teapots rather than a progressive stance. Beware of Madame Defarge and her infernal knitting.

    • We are for radical participation. We are for radical inclusion and radical self expression. We are for all that stands against the capitalist machine which seeks daily to devoid us of your humanity in favor of profit. While we as individuals may have ideas on what we would like to see happen, when we come together in solidarity, these ideas grow and expand into something that is truly reaching for the inclusion of all people and the deconstruction of hierarchical power structures. We are the revolution, before we tear something down, we have to build something new. That is what the General Assembly is trying to do. In order to become a community, we must start acting like one, and part of that begins with realizing that the 1% don’t want us to recognize our community. We fight back by not letting them blind us!!

      • Of all the ridiculous, arrogant…

        Listen up dear, New Yorkers HAVE a “community”; it’s called New York City. Maybe your group will give some thought to “recognizing” IT as you continue to block traffic. In fact, why, exactly, does this “solidarity” you speak of require you to inconvenience New Yorkers in the first place? What are WE going to do for you? The lawmakers are in DC, remember?

        And why, pray tell, couldn’t you have gotten your agenda together BEFORE you descended on NYC? Does Twitter not work in your town? Plus, I just love how you think calling your meetings “General Assemblies” somehow makes you think that you’re doing something other than loitering.

        Just stop. And get over yourselves. Because the fact of the matter is that these general assemblies are not “including all people” nor are they going to result in “deconstructing” anything. You guys can talk until you’re blue in the face and at the end of the day, you’re STILL not going to convince anyone outside of your little group to opt for anarchy, let alone the eradication of capitalism.

        In fact, if that’s the direction these general assemblies are going, I’d start looking for a graceful exit now…

        • Poverty is at the highest levels ever in the US, millions are unemployed, foreclosures continue unabated and you are worried about traffic.

          You and people like you are the problem here. Join in the solution or get out of the way.

          Tex Shelters

  • @SecondAmendmentDemocrat That is because the money the knuckleheads were playing with was your pension funds. Maybe you should think about that.

  • rage against the corporation… all 100 screaming voices…. but i guess you guys wont be looking for a job anytime soon… i guess staying at home with mom and pop gives you the time to think up these things ….. I see a bunch of youth playing hippies and a few lost hippies finally having something to do after 40 years of doing nothing… Rage Against the Corporation….. instead of Rageing why dont you get involved and do something about it and change it… all the strupid hippies from the 60’s and 70’s RAGED against the corporations and the Government and than joined them in the 80’s…….? go figure..

    • Well, protesting is a beginning to change. You are absolutely right that the 60s generation did become the CEOs and pretty much sold out their ideals and their country. I, for one, am proud of these kids. I see them everyday in my college classes beginning to wake up to the fact that their futures have been pillaged before they even have a chance to be successful. These protests show that they aren’t the video game playing, numbed automatons that their elders pegged them as. They might not fully understand what they are fighting against yet, but they will, and they might just be what this country needs.

      • Thrilled to see members of this generation getting up and sitting in! Please remember, though, that the activists in the “60s generation” were actually in the minority in that age group; and, while some of the activists did wind up in the corporate culture (many more of the NON-activists did), many of them did not, nor did they “sell out their ideals and their country.” I certainly did not, nor did most of my friends: we’ve been fighting the good fight in one way or other for over forty years. To praise one generation it isn’t necessary to trash another.

      • Difference is, those “60’s activists” actually had a purpose WHEN THEY ARRIVED!! They didn’t loiter around for a week begging for media attention only to then tell said media, “we’ll get back to you when we figure out why we’re here.”

        Frankly, such a cart-before-the-horse move makes me embarrassed for this wannabe movement. The fact that their main complaint after an entire week is still over how much or little media attention they’re receiving (oh, and the “news” that financial corporations get away with losing other people’s money…yawn) makes me think this “revolution” is doomed for failure.

        As are most poorly executed ideas…

  • What you all don’t realise is that now is the time to fight, not the time to discuss or dress up clown costumes or sing songs or whatever. Now is the time to dress in black and throw petrol bombs at the police, keep pushing until it collapses. After this is over, and I am sure that no one will take my advice, but after this the police, the state, will have everyone tagged and muffled. This is the stand, right now, fight fight fight!

    • what we need is a tea party like movement that focus on free energy technology such as zero point energy and also cold fusion because its much cleaner and safe

    • You are so wrong sir. Do not throw petrol bombs. Do not fight. Do not engage in violence. Stop being a Blackwater mercenary. Research the manner in which Gandhi drove England out of India. Non-violence. That is the policy of this assembly. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

    • Yes but, once everything has been torn down, and we haven’t spent anytime building anything new, what will we have accomplished? If we can agree that raw, brute strength does not equal legitimate power, if we replace the violence of the the police state with the violence of the uprising, have we really created anything new?

  • This reminds me of a bunch of spoiled kids who expect the successful to pay for their slothful video game playing ways. One of the biggest problems with this country is too many people are takers, and to few are givers. If you want to sit and play World of Warcraft all day, fine, do it, just don’t expect the world to pay for your life.

    • Second Amendment Democrat

      Pop, do you have a clue what you are talking about? The spoiled kids here are the traders who destroy the integrity of the system to game a few bucks out of the system. The takers are the people you apparently support. They produce nothing useful, but wager on the flow of goods and services in order to profit from their high-stakes gambling. This is Vegas on steroids, and you talk like it’s a good thing. Look up the functions and machinations of the stock market, see how it manipulates nations, industries and groups – always for financial profit, never for human value.

      If you want to sit and play Pork Belly Futures Trader, fine, have fun, but don’t ask us to bail your ass out when the system implodes. Oh, wait – you already did – twice!

      • And how much did you receive in food stamps, welfare, and/or college grant money?

        I’ve worked all my life, some in the military, some in manufacturing jobs.

        Like that fancy smart phone? How about those expensive running shoes? Did you walk to the protest or did you drive/ride in a car?

        Guess what, all those things were brought to you by CAPITALISM. The thing you are trying to stop provides you with all the goodies you have.

        The only alternatives to capitalism are socialism, or communism. Under these systems your fancy smart phone would still be a 40lb brick in a bag. You would have no choice of vehicles. You either get the econo cracker box of a car, or if you run a farm, you don’t own property in these two systems, you get the two and a half ton truck.

        So what will it be, Comrade??

        I’m done with you idiots, but just a tip before I go, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

        • I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading your comment. It must get cold in that ideological bunker you’re living in.

        • Pop, you truly are clueless. First off, I play WoW and other video games and I also work 8 hours a day. What people do in their leisure time is not relevant to this topic. Everyone that works spends the rest of their time doing “other stuff.” Stop bashing the gamers because they aren’t televised drama loving couch potatoes or mindless jocks! Secondly, you apparently don’t know anything about economics if you don’t understand what a mixed-economy is. Socialism and Communism are not the only alternatives; that is just rhetoric used by conservatives to try and sway weak minds that are uneducated. There is great wealth to be made for all if businesses were managed more co-operatively and democratically instead of the corporate run dictatorships we have today. No one is saying eliminate private businesses; just give the workers their fair share of the profits! They are after all the ones actually doing the work and contributing to society!

        • Sorry Pop but there more alternatives than your limited world view. Don’t be such a cranky oldster. You would probably be surprised to see how much you have in common with the protesters.

        • “I’ve worked all my life, some in the military, some in manufacturing jobs”

          That manufacturing job have lunch breaks per chance? Thank a Union for bargaining that right for you to enjoy (and the company to profit more so, because of increased productivity as you had the chance to take a breather and get back into it). Union actions have built the western world, not wage slavery.

          Read some history and get a clue, chump.

          • The only thing the union done for me, is take money out of my pocket in dues.

            I made more money, and had better benefits in the non union shops I worked in.

            As to the person calling me an oldster; Thank you very much. I’m nearly 60 with 7 grand kids, and fought in 2 wars. And I’m darned proud of it.

            I’ve seen a lot in my life, done a lot as well. I’ll take my school of hard nocks over your liberal arts degree any day.

            • Pop, you’re jumping to blind conclusions. Open your eyes & you’ll quickly realize that this protest is comprised of many hard-working Americans who are angry that they’ve been cheated by a crooked system. Just because a few say “Capitalism is organized crime” doesn’t mean they’re all rooting for Socialism. The fact is, our society already is a blend of Capitalism & Communism, but the oligarchs are never satisfied. They will always fight for higher profits at the cost of the working class. I too work in the manufacturing industry, sometimes with two jobs running from before sun-up to long after sun-down. I too have lost everything to lying, cheating bastards. I too am angry, & I too feel our system needs to be changed. The heads of business should be held accountable for their crimes, & a measly few million dollars in fines, (which only go to politicians anyway,) just isn’t going to cut it.

    • Only one reply to your post is truly appropriate….

      You rock.

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