Who Or What Will The Tea Party Audience Boo During The Next GOP Debate?

Author: September 25, 2011 8:51 am

During the GOP Debate in Florida, the Tea Party audience booed a gay soldier. So who or what could they boo in the next one?

1. Seal Team 6, for killing Osama Bin Laden on President Obama’s orders.
2. Ronald Reagan, for raising taxes 11 times.
3. Pat Tillman, for being killed by American troops which revealed how imperfect our military is.
4. Sarah Palin, for having a one night stand with a black man.
5. Glen Rice, for having a one night stand with Sarah Palin.
6. Rick Santorum’s wife, for once having had an abortion.
7. The unemployed, for wanting to work.
8. The Virginia earthquake, for not leveling Washington D.C.
9. Jesus, for healing the sick and feeding the poor.
10. The elderly, for not dying off fast enough.
11. Statue of Liberty, for being French.
12. Captain Sullenberger, who made the miracle landing on the Hudson River, for being a union member.

13. Little kids, for not being able to take care of themselves.
14. Abraham Lincoln, for freeing the slaves.
15. Theodore Roosevelt, for breaking up big corporations.
16. Canadians, for loving universal health care.
17. Martin Luther King, for being a black man with a dream.
18. The Virgin Mary, for being an unwed mother.
19. The Founding Fathers, for making equality and religious freedom American values.
20. George W. Bush, for not completely destroying the country.
21. Moody’s, for not downgrading America’s credit rating like S&P did.
22. The Auto Industry Bail Out, for saving millions of American jobs.
23. The 9/11 first responders, for asking for health care to deal with their various health problems due to responding to a national tragedy.
24. The military, for loving their government run health care.
25. Teachers, for educating our kids.

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  • Teachers who have fewer than 300 students in their class.
    States that have not built 200 privately owned prisons.
    Anyone proposing a tax rate above zero.
    Libraries that do not require a Bible study class before entry.
    Any pregnant woman not opting for her own suicide in order to save the baby.
    Any child on SCHIP.
    Anyone not willing to give up SS or Medicare for the good of the Pentagon.

  • Margaret Nystrom

    For my father, who fought for this country, brought the rest of his family over and sent his kids to college by working 18-20 hours a day 7 days a week, for being deported on a legal technical error while his 2 little kids and pregnant wife wondered if their father/husband would be able return, and when he did return, continued to love this country as his own.

  • Margaret Nystrom

    “John Lennon, for daring to imagine,” and “Helen Keller for being a blind, deaf, and mute child for not dying but instead learning to read, speak, and write and then going on to finish college”.

  • 26. Herman Cain, for outpolling the white candidates in Florida.
    27. Police and firefighters, for being public employees with unions.
    28. Mount Rushmore, for honoring 3 presidents (Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt) whom the Tea Party considers as socialists.
    29. Buying American or hiring an American worker.

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