ABC Censors Police Macing Women, Occupy Wall St. Protests Turn Ugly (VIDEO)

ABC has lived up to its acronym “Another Bullshitting Corporation” in spades by editing out one of the most blatant examples of use of unnecessary force I have ever witnessed. As a group of young women, not one of whom could possibly have weighed more than 120 pounds soaking wet, are in the middle of being corralled by the police, a senior officer on the scene walks up, casually maces them and walks quickly away.

ABC, for some unknown reason, decided that showing the women on the ground screaming (not once, but twice!) was not too upsetting but showing the events immediately leading up to the assault was too much for their audience to handle.

Here’s the ABC clip:

Got that? Disorderly conduct. Blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Obviously a great threat to society.

Now, here’s what happened before:

Not to sound all misogynistic here, but unless every single one of those women were Mixed Martial artists, they were about as threatening as a rabid squirrel. If the squirrel didn’t have teeth. Or claws. Or rabies. And it was dead.

Two important things to notice, first, the officer that carried out the unnecessary macing briskly walks away to melt back into the crowd (too late, asshole, they got a nice clean shot of you and your buddy’s face at 0:19) and even the large, bald cop on the right has a look of disgust on his face for his fellow officer. So you know, for a fact, that there was no justification.

Yet, ABC fails in its duty to report what actually happened (police brutality) and goes for the ratings by showing women on the floor screaming (did they deserve it? ABC isn’t telling).

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