E. Coli Outbreak Strikes John Boehner’s District As Republicans Try To Gut Food Safety Regulations

The hits just keep piling on. Another foodborne illness has struck the country, this time in John Boehner’s own district in Ohio.

Four children have been sickened by E. Coli contaminated ground beef which has now been recalled by Tyson Fresh Meats. Tyson shipped the meat to 16 states and has recalled 65 million pounds. This new outbreak comes as 16 states are dealing with listeria contaminated cantaloupes which has killed 16 people and sickened 72.

As reported several times, Republicans continue their quest to deregulate the food industry which they believe is capable of policing itself. Obviously, they are horribly wrong. In the past two years, eggs, peanut butter, ground turkey, cantaloupes, and ground beef have been recalled because of food safety failures that would not occur if Republicans would fund the food safety laws update signed by President Obama. Instead, Republicans are blocking that crucial funding and are trying to kill all food safety regulations.

Foodborne illnesses cost America $152 billion dollars a year, far more than what it would cost to implement the new laws. More disturbing is the fact that 3,000 people die from foodborne illnesses every year. To put that in perspective, that is like having a 9/11 magnitude attack every year. That should be totally unacceptable.

We have food safety laws for a reason. It is clear that the food industry is incapable of policing itself, and stricter regulations and accountability standards need to be put in place. People are losing their lives needlessly and Republicans are not willing to do anything about it. The only thing they want to do is make things worse.

Edited by Wendy Gittleson