Semper Fi: Marines Coming To Protect Protesters On Wall Street

Author: October 1, 2011 7:19 pm

The thousands of indefatigable Wall Street protestors, risking their eyes and recording equipment against Wall Street’s personal jack-booted thugs in the NYPD, recently garnered even more support– the US Marines. That’s the type of support that may make an NYPD cop think twice before he decides to go all Tiananmen Square on a group of teenage girls, armed with chalk and cardboard signs (maybe it’s because they are spelled properly?).

The Occupy Wall Street movement may have thought it broke new ground when the NYC Transit Union joined their movement, but that ground just tipped the Richter Scale with news that United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters.

Here’s the message Ward Reilly relayed from another Marine, on his facebook page:

“I’m heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform. I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress:I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it’s Congress’ turn.

My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let’s see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets.I apologize now for typos and errors.

Typing this on iPhone whilst heading to NYC. We can organize once we’re there. That’s what we do best.If you see someone in uniform, gather together.

A formation will be held tonight at 10PM.

We all took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this country. That’s what we will be doing.

Hope to see you there!!”

Kudos, Mr Reilly!Thank You for having the courage and foresight to see past the transparently false and empty patriotism perpetually touted by the defense skanks and petro whores in Congress in order to keep their campaign coffers filled to the brim. Meanwhile, your brothers and sisters suffer massive cuts and are forced to live with PTSD, with little if any help from the very government and country for which you have sacrificed so much. Thank you for recognizing this movement not as a bunch of screaming white liberal kids with Henna tattoos, but as a universal and profound rejection of the unchecked and undue influence the plutocrats on Wall Street have had on the decision-making in Washington. Thank You for your service, and thank you for seeing through all the mountains of bullsh#t being shoveled around the clock by the Koch Bros. puppets in Washington via their lapdogs in the media.

It’s safe to say to if Mr. Reilly and his fellow marines lend their voices, it could be a defining moment that gives the Occupation of Wall Street movement the just right amount of fuel it needs to catch fire. After all, it would be interesting to see the media ignore  NYPD cops pepper spraying decorated war veterans, assuming the donut marchers dared to even consider the notion of trying.

Michael is a comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, who co-wrote an award-nominated comedy, wrote for NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for affiliated Cagle. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Seriously, follow him or he’ll send you photos of Rush Limbaugh bending over in a thong.

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  • You are an idiot! How about doing nothing at home? How about doing nothing at a friends house? Or are you the type of person that goes into volatile situation hoping to get “abused” so that you can call foul and then try to rant about the unjust police officers who are sworn to PROTECT AND SERVE EVERYONE?? That means the people walking by a protest, the people being protested against, doing the protesting, the traffic that may be impeded by a protest, etc… It’s not all about those “fighting a cause” youngster.

  • They have the nerve to say well you the citizens let us do it so why should we stop.? I think this should go on in every state,and washington as well. Then all the theifing pricks on wall street, and in D.C. just might get the hint the legal citizens who pay taxs have had enough of their lie’s, Theifing, and doubble talk. Is what it all comes down to is they think they can rob us, and were to affraid of the GOV. to do anything about it. Well they are slowly finding out WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.!!!!

  • A revolution is fomented not fermented. A handful of decent marines with a conscience can indeed constitute the soul of a military (in that these good fellows at least are seeking to protect and serve the people – and not the interests of the Serpent). Most of the people camped ‘out there’ appear to us in the United Kingdom to be intelligent – beautiful and courageous – who know a great deal more about economics than your Godless bankers and technocrats. The tragic zombie factor in the USA is constituted by pundits who cast stones at the front-line protestors. May Gods peace be upon all.

  • You guys, in your zeal, are reading way, way more relevance into this than there actually is. This is not fermenting a revolution or bringing about change of any kind. A couple of Marines doesn’t constitute “the military”, lol. And most of the country is looking at a bunch of people in tents or dressed like zombies and carrying stupid slogan signs around and thinking, what a bunch of losers. Most of the people camped out there have no concept of what there even protesting. There against the evil “Wall Street”, and they don’t have a clue what that even means. They have no specific complaint or solution. They don’t know why Wall Street is bad. It just is. Frankly, the whole thing is just a big cluster fuck. And in many ways it makes the actual problem look like a big joke. Now instead of something positive happening to make the situation better, it’s become the “evening freak show on the nightly news”. What a shame.

  • Civil Disobedience in some situations is not only a basic human right but it is a DUTY. Yes, you should expect to be arrested, you should expect resistance from the unjust system you are opposing. “We hold these truths to be self evident….” Those folks were practicing civil disobedience and they are now our heroes.

  • Civil disobedience may not be a right, but there is the right to assembly. However, the government does not recognize a right that contradicts its policies, such as protests against Bush being moved blocks away from his motorcade. In essence, as Thoreau pointed out, the governments are acting unconstitutionally and immorally, so, therefore, it is people’s duty to use civil disobedience to remind governments who Can have the power. Not that many actually do.

    • gustavo carrillo

      MlK and ghandi had very legitimate arguments… these unemployed retro hippies wanna-be have none, except if they found work they would have to start paying their student loans…oh no…

  • Civil disobedience is not actually a right. By definition it is against the law. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to do. MLK and Gandhi both practiced civil disobedience and were put in jail for it, but they both deemed the risk to be acceptable and their personal sacrifice, along with the sacrifices of many others did help to change the world. I would argue that in those cases, like this one, individuals have the responsibility to stand up for what they believe is correct, regardless of the consequences. Even if this means put in jail. However, this is by no means a right.

  • It should not be about Wall Street, It is a WASHINTON problem. If this movement started out about Money influencing government and altering elections, then research will show that the biggest contributors to all elections are the NEA and UFT (Nation Education Assoc. and the the Untied Federation of Teachers together give more to elections that Wall Street. IN fact ther are ahead of most of the 20 high Wall street givers, followed by other UNIONS. They should be honest and get real about why they are at Wall street instead of Washington.

  • I find it astonishing that some of you argue about whether it’s right, wrong, or are afraid people will be punished in regard to soldiers wearing uniforms while protesting. Many of you just don’t get how bad the greed and corruption is in our government and wall street and… most of all that the consequences (if any) of protesting in uniform, or even at all, are meaningless in comparison to the end game caused by all that greed/corruption which has caused a failing economy. At least the people joining in the “occupy wall street movement” get it. Children and morally bankrupt people may choose or not choose to do something reasoning “I might get into trouble”… as we get older and aren’t children anymore that reasoning should evolved into “I choose to do this or that because it’s simply the right/moral action to take”… some of you have grown up, others… have a ways to go.

  • Correction to last submission: Vital “not” was omitted


    No right is absolute. Taken individually, it is hard to find a Constitutional right that, if carried to its extreme (Crying “Fire” and the 1st Amendement is the cliched example), does not violate multiple rights of others.

    If you wish to protest in a way that does not impede the rights of others to use public thoroughfares, then it is legal, lawful — and Constitutional — to do so without permit. As soon as you interfere with such lawful exercise of the rights of others to pursue their own peaceful existence, you must seek cooperation of those that balance conflicting rights — in this case, the city authorities — so that ALL persons rights are enforced, yours and the uninvolved public that wishes to use the public places you have invaded.

    This is not a judgement on the value of your actions or the cause you are espousing. (Although, I have to admit that just what that cause is, and what you want done about it, escapes me.) I would state the same about any group — even ex-military seeking justified compensation for their service (something I’d march to support) — that encroaches on the rights of others in their quest.

  • No right is absolute. Taken individually, it is hard to find a Constitutional right that, if carried to its extreme (Crying “Fire” and the 1st Amendement is the cliched example), violates multiple rights of others.

    If you wish to protest in a way that does not impede the rights of others to use public thoroughfares, then it is legal, lawful — and Constitution — to do so without permit. As soon as you interfere with such lawful exercise of the rights of others to pursue their own peaceful existence, you must seek cooperation of those that balance conflicting rights — in this case, the city authorities — so that ALL persons rights are enforced, yours and the uninvolved public that happen to wish to use the public places you have invaded.

    This is not a judgement on the value of your actions or the cause you are espousing. (Although, I have to admit that just what that cause is, and what you want done about it, escapes me.) I would state the same about any group — even ex-military seeking justified compensation for their service (something I’d march to support) — that encroaches on the rights of others in their quest.

    • The problem with having the authorities be the arbiters between conflicting rights is that they are invested in the corrupt system that is being protested. Government has a long history of “enforcing the law” to silence protests.

  • This puts a knot in my shorts.

    Even though they may be retired or former Marines, the news is labeling them as Marines.

    Active duty Marines in blues should NEVER march in any protest, regardless of the cause.

    I did 20 years. This is just wrong.

    • Well if you served 20 years, what Branch? Because if you served in the Marine Corps you would know that once a Marine always a Marine. The only “Former Marine” is one that was kicked out dishonorably. I do agree with one thing wearing your dress blues is silly I would dress like a civilian and kick the shit out of those cops when they least expect it. Semper Fidelis America

  • These men would give their lives to go overseas and protect the American people. Now, here they come to defend us again. These men are real heroes. Thank you, every single one of you who serve us.

  • MICHAEL FRANTI, may be at LIBERTY SQUARE TODAY, TUESDAY OCT. 4TH @ 6pm. Keep your ear to the ground… Michael is lead singer of SPEARHEAD. He paid his own way to visit Iraq and make a documentary called: “You are not alone.” He is a dedicated Yoga Practitioner, Singer, Film maker & Social Activist. He regularly sells out the Filmore in San Francisco & has platinum CDs in Australia, but is known by word of mouth, due to his speaking so peacefully & persuasively about things that are out of balance in our government & our country that he is censored on many radio stations. Lucky NYC!!! Check it out! Power to the Peaceful!

  • Anne – it’s not being mean to say they’ll get in trouble if they protest in uniform. It is completely and utterly against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and therefore there is a chance they’ll get punished. However, one of my friends in the OSI suggests the worst that will happen will be a Letter of Reprimand, so… it’s on their own heads, which probably makes them even braver. :) I wouldn’t have done it when I was still in uniform because I was damned scared of getting jailed and getting my job taken away!

  • It’s called civil disobedience. It trumps permits any day of the week. Sometimes when you feel passionately about something, you just need to stand up and be the change you want to see in the world. Civil disobedience changes laws & lives. Why are people so afraid? It is our RIGHT!!!

  • Koch Bros OWN their 2nd-tier gangstas’ — the Zionist-Bankstas!!

    • So good to see some good ole fashioned racist on here, Sum It Up. Keep up the good work and we’ll do these protesters just like we did the Tea Party.

  • That would sent a message for sure

  • @Barry, they are out, NOT active

  • Screw permits. Get the money out of politics, there’s a good cause. I don’t “permit” my government to treat me any way it wants, nor will I allow it to treat you any way it wants. NOt without a fight.

  • Where other liberals in USA for help protesters to see who occupy everything? Marines must preserve themselves and damage others.

  • Funny..I’m thinking the same thing about you….:) I left a post at the top for you…

  • What is it ,exactly, that scares you? I may be missing the “drift” but you’re missing the boat. I’m making plans to head I type. What are YOU doing? I put my money where my mouth is….And to quote John Lennon, “And I’m not the only one.” Please don’t wet your pants…..I’m a peaceful cat……but fed up like you should be. My family ,on both sides, have fought in every major conflict since, and including, the American Revolution. Country first…protocol ….way down the line!

  • I must say…in this instance, I support these soldiers 100%.
    For…it is HERE in the USA, on wall street, where the subtle but
    devastating TRUE TERRORISM lies: That of separating the American People, and the World at Large from their hard earned, well deserved, and desperately needed CASH. And all in the name of business as usual.
    It is truly SICK. And I, for one, APPLAUD loudly the fact that these veterans in uniform are willing to stand up to the COP THUGS, and protect the rights of the people to peacefully protest in the streets.
    If not now…WHEN??

    Pull your money out of these scumbag banks, JPM Chase, Bank of America…pull ALL of your cash OUT of these guys, and put it into LOCAL banks, credit unions….LET them BEG for another BAILOUT!!!

    And then DARE our government to bail them out.

    This is not Iraq, or Afghanistan, this is USA.
    But if, these scumbags are not reigned in, we may wind up at 3rd world status BEFORE you know it.

    Ask yourself this: In terms of banks and bailouts…whatever happened to WAMU-Washington Mutual????? They were seized, and sold to JPMC for a pittance…why????

    They didn’t fail. They were stolen by the powers that be, to prop up an ailing JPMC. Research this, read up on it. We need to fight this sort of thing. If not, where will it end???????

  • I applaud The Veterans for, again, standing up for the rights of the people. They DO need to be careful because the uniform itself is considered government property and although they as individuals are not active, they can still be in a lot of trouble for portraying the armed services as being part of the demonstration. Remember that when you are active duty, you sign a contract that takes away some of your rights as a citizen. One of those rights is your freedom speech. As a veteran, your free speech is given back to you but it is not acceptable while in uniform, active duty or not.

  • Oddly, the premise of DMZ seems very plausible right now.

  • Protest in your uniform and you’ll be court marshaled. The other baby socialists are too stupid to know they’re pawns.

  • ME THINKS REVOLUTION BE AFOOT IN THESE TIMES OF HARDSHIP. Corp. America can read history. This isn’t the first time they have had to face a pissed American people. This isn’t socialism, for those of you who cant get past simplistic labeling, it’s the people stating that they have had enough. Corp. America, get right, or get out of the way!!!!!!
    God I love this country!


  • Good one guys, what started out as an article about Marines in uniform joining the protest to support the rights of you all has now become the usual squabbles and name calling. For the few who say the marines can’t wear their uniform for the protest – shame on you. They at least have the intestinal fortitude to stand up when they see something is wrong in America. Funds are being cut and it will affect you personally. At least these guys are doing their bit and not sitting at home snivelling about it. At least they are not the cowards that see something wrong BUT don’t want to get involved. I say good on them and wish them well.

    • I agree with you. I’m a Marine and we are definitly told we can’t wear our uniform in protests but the funny part is people pointing that out. Marines are wearing their uniform in the protest so don’t worry about WallStreet raping America. WHo cares they could be wearing pink leotards and the message would still be there.

  • Well …. I guess like all things …… TIME WILL TELL WON’T IT.

  • Reading these comments reinforces my perception that this demonstration has no point. No one knows what they are really there for. Against greed? Good, but actually I don’t think a demonstration is going to end greed any times soon. What is their aim? Most of what was done by Wall Street was legal because of all the deregulation of the financial sector by Republicans. Go protest outside Congress to get them to pass new legislation or fully support the legislation that has already reinstated financial sector oversight. Want jobs? Go protest before Congress to get the American Jobs Act passed now. Tired of being ripped off? Go protest outside Congress to get the head of the Consumers Rights Bureau approved. This demonstration accomplishes nothing except raising the levels of fear, paranoia, and anxiety. No good comes of this. The people in Wall Street are not comparable to the Egyptian people. The Wall Street people have a voice in their government – it’s called THE VOTE. They can work to elect better candidates and express their views at the ballot box. How many of them either stayed home during the 2010 elections or voted for someone who is now screwing them (almost any Republican) because they couldn’t be bothered to research the candidates’ positions or voting history. This is a mob mentality just like the “Tea Party” people.

    • D.K. Sullivan

      I notice that in the upper right of this blog is a link to “Help Send Our Staff To The Occupy Wall Street Protests”. Would trying to get corporate support for that be proper?

    • Mary, “THE VOTE” no longer works, and no longer do “letters to our representatives” work when the economic powers can pay (with campaign donations) to have the will of the people, the greater good, ignored. Our democratic process is being taken over when corporations claim the same rights as “the people,” and when lobbyists for those corporations have far easier time gaining the ear and actions of our representatives.

    • I vote, unfortunately I am unable to afford a lobbyist to make my vote count. That is the point of the protest. As far as this demonstration having no point, google “Occupy Wall Street,” and you will find that not only is there a point to all this, but you can actually VOTE to help better define that point.

    • The Green Devil

      Actually, the protesters do know why they’re there. They’re there as part of the 99% of the US population who have gotten ripped off by the criminals of Wall Street and are peaceably assembling to express their desire for Wall St accountability and for change. Before we started protesting, there was no national discussion about the crimes committed by Wall Street. Now there is and that alone is a huge step. The only people who are showing fear and paranoia are the sheep of the Right who are either tools of the system or can’t grasp that they’re also part of the 99% who have gotten ripped off and that A> the protesters are representing them as well and B> they are welcome to join in.

  • While I applaud this, and at face value, I am proud, I also fear something sinister. Are we positioning troops for Martial Law action without rustling the feathers of the protesters? Are we giving ourselves a false trust to Marines and soldiers who will evntually be given orders to stop, arrest, detain and maybe kill? I hope I am being paranoid, but if I thought of it, so did they.

    • I do believe the VETERANS will be non-active. There is paranoia aplenty w/o raisng this type spector.

    • The Marines will not be tasked to arrest, shoor or harm citizens. The fact that the Marines are standing with the protesters says something about commitment to the people of this nation and that the Corps is sworn to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

  • Socialism has been great….for Wall Street! How, you ask? Wall Street pays off the politicians to loosen regulations…..then takes huge investment risks…when the risky moves didn’t pay off they “socialized” the losses, i.e., dumped the losses on the taxpayers. Just another form of corporate welfare! As if they don’t already have enough of that in the form of the “carried interest” loophole. Socialism and welfare! Alive and well on Wall Street!

  • Nelliel Amoreaux

    Thank you to the servicemen and servicewomen for your courage. The American people need you more than ever. We are the 99%.

  • Interesting story i am so amazed by what you have put on your article, But still there are a lot of things to consider especially when the Military is stepping to it. The government should not jump to whatever they think is right without the consent of the people at large.

  • They have the right to protest and am glad people are so excited about this. But you need a permit to march in NYC. March without a permit–esp. if you want to stop the flow of traffic–than you should expect to be arrested. That applies to everyone whether you are an anarchist, a veteran, or any other protester. Get a permit and you will not get maced. Come here and act like a fool and you get treated like one.

    • Reverend David Frehler

      You are presuming that a pro-wal street NYC government offfice will allow permits to be filed. Permits are granted at the whim of the very government that is allowing the abuse of the protesters. Does it not cross your mind that multipul attempts at filing permits are denighed every day by NYC.

    • This is America!! We don’t need a permit to stand up for what we believe in! We will just gathering more and more people…you may think we are fools…but sadly sir, you are blind! This is called standing up for what we believe in…I applaud the Armed forces for standing with the people and not the corrupt corporate greed and the NYPD. The Police should be standing with us, but sadly they are against us! STAND STRONG AMERICA!!

    • Do you seriously think they will give them a permit to march? seriously dude come back to reality why dont you do like your name says and b real….

    • Oh so you know for sure that the tea party groups got permits right?

    • We just went through this and found that American citizens do NOT have to have a permit to exercise their constitutional RIGHTS!
      You are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jason Morningsta

      The police forced them into the street with nets then peppersprayed them…watch the videos.

    • Jason Morningsta

      The police forced them into the street with nets then peppersprayed them…watch the videos.
      And that is bullshit, act like someone who does believe in speaking out against a smallminded asshole and get peppersprayed, you don’t have to be doing anythijng wrong, just being there is enough for a lot of officers to use unjust force.

    • So…are you saying that Wall Street, huge corporations, bankers and congress has an approved permit to steal, cheat ,lie and ..the list never ends. OUR patience does! There is a question for immigrants to answer, correctly, before becoming naturalised…”Who runs the U.S. government?” …The answer? “THE PEOPLE!” WE can,by authority of the Constitution, overturn any “city ordinance…..surely! Due process…? I’d say 99% of 300 million plus—minus about 1%…..should be sufficient. Thanks….for posting your true identity……same as it ever was….


  • A major turning point in the Egyptian Revolution was when the military sided with the protestors. Looks like that could happen in the U.S. as well! Let them try to block the internet. Let them try to mobilize pet cops. Members of the armed forces are primarily from poor communities, and many are Black or Latino–many will think twice about breaking their oath to protect the constitution at the behest of the filthy rich white overlords. You can forget about another Kent State. You can forget about the twisted plutocratic agenda to herd the working class onto bridges or into FEMA camps. We the 99% will change the world for the better, with or without the help of the so-called “leadership” and regardless of the so-called “economy” engineered by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

    From New York to L.A. Occupy the USA! Beeyatch!

  • My Men…defending the Constitution against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

  • I am so proud of my brother Marines right now. Those who have died to defend this country would be so proud of you too.

    I am old school USMC Infantry, living in Florida now, but would surely throw money their way, and will support this movement down here.

    Semper Fi brothers.

    • If you are near Jacksonville on the 8th in Hemming Park come join us.

    • I would be proud of my fellow Marines right now if they weren’t being used by Communinsts and Socilaists. Every american has the right to stand up and protest, but when Marines stand arm in arm with the same people that throw them under the bus on other issues I get a bad feeling. If this movement was honest and fair they would mention union money in the same breath as special interest money from the right. They would also mention how universities are ripping students off with high tuition in the same breath as asking for student loan forgiveness. If this movement was fair they would mention how 47% of the population pay no Federal income taxes in the same breath as “Tax the rich”. How about tax everyone? That would be the definition of fair.

      If this movement was FAIR it would encompass both liberal and conservative issues, but as it stands it only mentions issues on the left.

      This movement was started by adbusters, a hard left Canadian enviormental and ant-consumerism group.

      There are just as many if not more Marines that don’t support the OWS movement…like me. Old school Marine Corps infantry. I served 1/4 Bravo C0. Camp Pendleton and Desert Shield/Desert Storm 88 – 91. I am the 53%. The 53% that pays federal income tax in this country and I don’t support OWS in it’s current form.

  • all I have to say as American in the military is this

    Thomas Jefferson 3rd President (1801-1809)

    Periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

  • Not far from Wall Street is the most important target of all: The Federal Reserve System, which has more influence over both Wall Street and the American economy than the entire federal government. It is a creature of the banks, for the banks, and by the banks; a shadow government which is completely unaccountable to the people.

    When you notice the high “profits” and bonuses of Wall Street, where does the money come from? There is a big fat pipeline connected directly to the Fed. This is why Warren Buffett doesn’t mind higher taxes – much of his income and wealth comes from being directly attached to our teats, by way of the Fed – if he “gives some back” via taxation, it keeps potential troublemakers quiet, and distracts them from looking too closely at the core of the problem: that Weapon of Mass Inflation, the Federal Reserve System.

  • “If you take owned property or currency from others, against their will, it is stealing. Socialism is THEFT. Plain and simple.”

    However, if you can identify property that has ALREADY been stolen, you can repossess that property by replevin. Were our system to allow the thieves to keep the stolen property and imprison the rightful owners for taking it back…..oh wait. That IS what our country does. We call it business.

    Shit. I have no idea who stole from whom. Did Wall Street steal from us and then convince all of us that they are the victim? That they were just minding their own business (get it, THEIR business), and all the dumb, poor Americans just were lazy parasites who wanted their booty? From where did these Wallasites get all of the wealth? Did they make it up by some magical fiat? Did they occupy a government, defraud a population, and appropriate and privatize our resources? Personally, I think we should let them keep doing their thing and see what happens. Or…we could eat them.

  • Freddy Demuth

    Jim – as a 55 year old federal employee (from Ohio, who’s father was a WWII vet, and he later worked for DOD as a civilian employee of the US Navy) your comments sadden me, and I am sorry you are in the armed forces defending our nation. I really thought more of the folks defending freedom. You clearly need an education.

    • Corina Smythe

      Time to put your head back in the sand…
      while the rest of us stand up for the starving billions on the planet…

    • Rosie the Riveter

      My father flew the Berlin Air Lift. Which branch of the service were you in Freddy? Seems like your family has been benefitting from our nations military “budget” for generations. You have some nerve complaining about someone that has served.
      You are clueless if you don’t think Jim is defending our freedoms. I understand you would really want everything to remain status quo for you and your father with the many benefits you both get, which is more than service members get today. YOU clearly need an education and need to apologize for your remarks.
      Semper Fi Marines. You ROCK !

    • Belittling another American for standing up for what he believes in isn’t very freedom-loving of you there, Freddy. As someone who SERVED in the armed-forces, whose GRANDFATHER served in WWII and went on to attain the rank of Lt. Colonel before retiring after 30+ years in the service, I KNOW that my grandfather personally tried to warn EVERYONE about these parasites and was often thought a kook at the time. I have spent a LIFETIME letting people know that these roaches are up to something.

      To motivate a society through greed is an ABSURD idea. The only reason early proponents of capitalism thought it might work is because back THEN they could IMAGINE a time when people would ABANDON all social good will in favor of petty loot. THey thought we would ALWAYS see the value of being decent to one another. To was SELF EVIDEENT that society must serve the physical and emotional needs of its people FIRSTLY, its industry and economy SECONDLY.

      We lost that, because we let the system become the master instead of the tool it was meant to be. To see a person so programmed to believe in cold, calculating greed as a POSITIVE motivator for our race..saddens me.

      In such a system, those who come out on top, are those who are most willing to do anything for a buck. Even screw over their fellow Americans. That is a society that ends up with ONE, BIG FAT FISH at the top..the end.

      I’m sorry you’re ashamed of these once loyal British subjects for deciding to declare their independence and become..once again..Americans.



      • One of the benefits of living in the US is that we still have freedom of speech. I may not agree with all that is said, but it is still once again, a persons right. However, when somebody speaks out of ignorance, they do not deserve to that right.. .. I have read many ignorant comments here, however, RICK HARVEY, that is too much. I am a sailor, I come from a family of service men, my grandfather was at Pearl Harbor. We are far from lazy! Perhaps you were lax in your education for you cannot even spell

    • William French

      Sounds like you don’t want the folks in the armed forces to think. We need more people to think. We have foolish sheep still talking about weather Obama was born in the U.S. And blaming everything on him.

  • So foolish for us to argue, name call and bicker about this. You should listen to yourselves, all this talk like your constitutionalists and in the same breath you whine about some mace and a cite and release violation. Sahara… are all really full of yourselves. Go ahead guy talk about how your a Marine and your heading to fight for the people because that’s the only part of the constitution you can remember. Yes, I am calling that post BS. What’s next people, how bout you jump on the border and kill some people trying to get in this country. Wait, didn’t we use to refer to America as the worlds melting pot? Naw, lets sit on a bridge and think we doing something.

  • I realize the poster did not mean this intentionally, but a “troop” refers to a military unit acting in an official capacity, these are individual marines exercising their rights of free speech and assembly. Obviously “troops” heading to New York would have a much larger implication.

  • I will be watching to see if this actually happens. I hope it’s not just 15 lone marines and a bunch of rah rah by twitters and facebookers.

  • Silence Dogood

    Okay – so about your right to bare arms – you being allowed to go sleeveless isn’t what John Hancock was worried about. Its our right to BEAR (i.e. carry) arms that is the issue you are addressing. But seriously are the New York protesters there with guns?? Are they being arrested for carrying guns. Is that their issue at all? Even so – any weapons citizens can carry don’t hold a candle to the fire power the military has. Founding Fathers were well educated people. If people want to protest they would need to be well educated too. So maybe THAT is what people ought to direct their protests toward – their crummy public education.

  • shit just got real

  • i am a Marine Vet and whether you support the protestors or not isnt my concern…but putting on your uniform for political protest i dont think is wise…and it is definately unauthorized. most people protesting are risking a couple hours in jail and a ticket….i can assure you the consequences for putting on our uniform will be dealt with likely swiftly and harshly….so i just hope you have taken that into consideration and arent acting solely off emotion.

    • I will go out on a limb and speculate that “if you can’t be emotional about losing EVERYTHING”…what should get you to be emotional? Also, if these soldiers risked their lives for their Country…I don’t think that “scare tactics” are going to sway them to one side or the other. The chain of command,ultimately, ends with “The people.” They will be heroes in my personal view…as opposed to hiding in the shadows……Thanks, but ,although they will be subject to “becoming scapegoats/examples”…..they are defending this Country…actively…. and not passively considering their personal futures…..”Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his brother”….and that goes for women as well! Peace….

      • Huh, I always thought the chain of command for the military ended at the president. God I’m so stupid!

      • How is this not defending their country? We ask them to go over to foreign lands and risk their lives and that is perfectly ok….but if they are to wear their uniforms while standing up for America in America..that is a crime…your thinking is backwards Lola, so sad to hear you feel this way? That you don’t think this battle is worth fighting for, yet you think it’s fine for them to take a bullet to the head as long as it isn’t on American soil. Everything the military does is politically driven – open your eyes and you just might realize that the path America is on is headed to a dark a dreary place..and America needs it’s citizens to defend her more then ever…from a domestic threat!

        • please quote where i said this wasnt worth fighting for? what i said was our wearing our Dress Blues is not authorized and is against the UCMJ….that my friend is fact and it holds true for any political protest.

      • it isnt a scare tactic it is what actually happened to a Marine protesting the Iraq war in uniform. it is called information they may not be aware of. and clearly if you think that our chain of command ends with the people you are sadly mistaken…ever heard of the Commander in Chief?

        • And who does the President answer to…owe his position to—-is ultimately responsible for? Why vote? The chain of command doesn’t end with the people—it STARTS with the people AND ends with them……they know ,full well, what’s going down……they’re patriots who risk life and limb for US! GOD BLESS THEM!! Sue me!

          • you are talking just to hear yourself talk….and yes I served for you to have that right so yak away. i never took a single order from a civilian so i am not sure what fantasy land you live in.

    • My husband, who was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, assures me that wearing one’s dress blues is perfectly fine for such an occasion. Everything that US Marines have been asked to do for the past many years has been about politics and not about protecting our country. This time, the Marines themselves get to choose.
      Semper fi.

      • Wearing Dress Blues for this occasion is unauthorized. For Dress Blues, you need either a genuine formal event (think a black tie affair where a civilian would wear a tuxedo) /or/ prior authorization. You can wear your charlies as civilian attire, but can’t go to any political rallies wearing them or in any way be seen to be there representing the Marine Corps.

        These guys, however, are retired / not currently serving (not in the reserves or otherwise). So they should be good to go, I think. I don’t believe there are any restrictions on what you can wear (or to where) after you get out (other than how restricting they get after you put on a few pounds…). So Ooh Rah to them.

        • thank you very much…although there are restrictions on where you can wear our Blues after being discharged. the Marine protesting the tea party rally got a formal letter telling him to cease his activites in uniform….he had been out 10yrs. and the Marine that protested the iraq war who was IRR had his honorable discharged changed to other than honorable. so of the cases i know of they havent been exactly the same outcome…which was my only reason for posting was to put the info out there in case they werent aware. and if they are and still wish to proceed Oorah to them

      • sorry debbie Marines dont get to choose what is authorized and what isnt. they can choose to ignore the UCMJ but there are consequneces for doing so. and considering those consequences havent been the same in every instance it is important for them to consider.

    • How could you be such a coward? Marines are getting their faces blown off in battle and you’re worried about a fine? You are embarrassing the Marine Corps. The enemy is from within, this is CONSTITUTION BEACH

      • I am lmao @you clickron…at calling me a coward and chalking it up to a fine. how about you tell that to the Marine who was hon. discharged protested in uniform and his discharged was changed to other than hon. to you that may not mean much to a Marine on the other hand it would esp if they ever need the VA because you would lose ALL benefits. There is no set rule as to what the punishment is as the tea party Marine protestor only got a letter to cease his action in uniform. The point is in uniform we are Marines and represent the Marine Corps which has NO political agenda. Outside of that uniform we are free to protest as we please. So my point in posting was in neither support nor opposition to this particular protest but rather information for my Marine family that may not be aware of how severe the consequences could be.

      • 1st let me apologize i didnt see your post where you said you are a Marine. but im still lmao at the coward comment and that I am embarrassing the Marine Corps for simply passing on info family might not be aware of.,2933,281936,00.html
        there is the news story about the marine that lost his honorable discharge for protesting in uniform.

        the Marine at the tea party rally however just received a letter ordering him to stop.

        • Lola, Think for a minute. I am a Marine Vet, My discharge is Honarable, I am no longer in the IRR, there is NO WAY they could change my discharge status. It is in the past. You cannot retroactively change the past. I don’t care if they did it, the guy was likely in the IRR and his discharge wasn’t final. It would be a criminal LIE to change my status. If I was in New York I would stand proudly with these Marines. I will wear my uniform if and when I feel like it. I earned it, as a matter of fact, I paid for it. The government didn’t give it to me, they made me pay for it, in cash and blood.

          Semper Fi Marines!!! fight the good fight, stand with those who oppose tyranny. I salute you.

          • mike did you not see where i said it was info for those who may not know. just because your discharge is final doesnt mean every Marine Vet considering going isnt IRR. So it would be good for them to be aware their discharge could be changed. I frankly dont give a hoot who protest what and I dont care if you wear your uniform or not….so long as you understand what can and cant be done. And if my post helped 1 Marine not lose their benefits trying to do something honorable it was worth all this back and forth yaya with those of you that didnt need the info. if we dont look out for each other who will…and a bunch of civilian protestors with no clue cheering you on wont make up for a young Marines benefits…so it would be irresponsible for one of us not to speak on what could happen. because this viral article doesnt say Marine Vets with final discharge are going to protect protestors.

    • and after reading all the comments here I am now even more convinced as to why we arent allowed to protest politics in uniform. and ought to be ashamed of themselves for being irresponsible saying the Marines are coming to protect the protestors…which isnt true. what is true is there is a FB post about 16 Marines Vets going to protest….but what is funny is there likely are already Marines Vets there.

  • Just Another Anon

    While over 15 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are unemployed, Congress discusses cutting VA funding and military pensions so as to avoid reinstating the capital gains tax for Wall Street.

    Semper Fi

  • sounds like the ‘veterans for peace’, ‘vietnam veterans against war’, and the ‘iraq veterans against war’….. a bunch of communist tools.

    i bet that it won’t be long before adam kokesh shows up with code pink.

    • DavidDickinson

      Please, go spout your McCarthyism elsewhere.

    • Shut up idiot. We are tired of the stupid labeling crap. It is real Americans fighting for our country. You can’t limit to your stupid Fox News labels. The key word is ‘veteran’. What are you the veteran of?

      • You’re “tired of labeling crap”? No you aren’t, you liar. You’re are absolutely full of it.

      • Surly Curmudgen

        Marine, your actions have the commies developing chubbies. Return to your units and square yourselves away.

        • LOL! Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

          I don’t know what generation you’re from there, hard core, but no one’s afraid of “commies” anymore. Try some rational and reasoned thought, and cut down on your daily dose of fear mongering.

    • Funny how soldiers who saw the fucked up shit in war may not want it to happen again? Take your intolerant crap back to you fudalmentalist hole you live in and pull the hole in after you.

      • God Bless America, land of the free and home of the brave… well let’s see who is brave enough to really put freedom before government, then we might figure out we never needed big daddy caning us all this time. Beat the friggin swords into plowshares and feed the people. Do this with passion and natural elimination will take care of the rest… in God we Trust in deed

    • Yeah! how dare us veterans who have been in this pointless shit, watching our buddies blow to shit actually express our opinion. We’ve travelled the world and interacted with other cultures, have you ever left this country? And no your sheltered all inclusive resort doesn’t count.

      You just keep getting your opinion spoon fed by faux news and Rush ‘Oxy” limbaugh you shallow little turd. Leave the sentient talk to people with a functional cranium.

      I got news for you, the commies are mostly gone, and is what Russia has now any better? Greed, rampant crime, corruption and overall lack of justice, I’d say NOT. Name one thing a “commie” ever did to you.

      Spew your ignorant hate elsewhere, no one here cares.

  • I swore to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC! The Constitution people, not the F*ing government and the rich who control it now. That’s why our founding fathers gave us the Right to Bare Arms, to protect the citizens from the government when it got out of control in the future (now).

    • They knew this day would come.

      • The Right to Bare Arms? So would that mean that you’re wearing a tank top, so your arms are BARE? Or, do you mean BEAR Arms, as in “The right to keep and bear arms” found in the Second Amendment of the Constitution? Learn the difference…

        • oooh…you really burned him good…man, grammar is the most important part of this debate! Good job, keep up the great job! Out of reading all of this – the one thing I am going to walk away with is knowing that there is a difference between Bare and Bear…thank you…thank you…thank you – your two cents was sooo worth it

      • Actually, the founding fathers were big fans of shirt sleeves.

  • It is a little disturbing that the situation has devolved into something like this.

  • Thank you Jim for your service to the United States. Albeit, your good intentions have been hijacked by Corporate America. Who btw, reward you putting your life on the line by shipping most of your future job prospects overseas, making health insurance unaffordable, tripling their profits without infusing it back into our economy and so many other transgressions.

    I hope as of my post you have since learned that the protesters were herded to the bridge and cut-off on both sides by the NYPD. But, actually I thank the NYPD because finally something made it to mainstream media.

    …excerpt from Don Farrar 2009 Semper Fidelis lyrics:

    Don’t you know the Marines are marching,
    When you can hear this song?
    So, when all of the boys are marching,
    Sing as they march along.

    Yes, we know the Marines are coming!
    Everyone sing along!
    As we hear how the drums are thrumming,
    Welcome the marching throng!

    You can see as they pass before us,
    Shoulders square, heads held high,
    That the pride of the Corps is glorious;
    Hail to our “Semper Fi!”

  • I love it when men with titles get involved and take a stand for that which is right.

  • James Johnstone

    Are you kidding Mr. Wensel? I served in the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen to defeat socialism and now you are now saying that it is a good thing. I think not. While I do support folks right to peaceful protest and would defend them; I will never support socialism.

    Semper Fi

    • Larry Stafford

      James, I thank you for your service. I too served..Korea. I was under the impression I was there to protect our country. My impression was naive. We were there to protect Capitalism from Communism and to establish new markets for the US capitalist. The truth is we have many, very good socialist programs; medicare and social security to name just two. Ask anyone who depends on either if they want to give them up and depend on the capitalist to furnish retirement security. The answer would be a resounding: “keep you hands off my SS and MC” Maybe you would rethink your ideas on these programs and “socialism”

    • I’m not trying to put you down for your views, but if you look at it with eyes wide open, you were in the most socialistic part of our country, the US Military. You sign on the dotted line and then you have everything taken care of for you. food, clothing, medical, housing, your spouse gets money and free health care. cheaper goods at the PX and if you stay in long enough you get money when you leave for life. plus medical care for life. now that being said they can order you into harms way at any time, but only 12% of the military is combat troops. the rest are support. i have a friend who spent 26 years as an MP and now he gets a prety good monthly check

      • You sir, need a reality check. NOTHING in the miltary is taken care of for you. Clothing, you pay for. Housing, you pay for. Medical, if not available at a military hospital, you pay deductible like anyone else, as well as RX’s. Food, you pay for. Spouses getting money? Think again. My mother, a widow of a 23 yr veteran, does not and did not receive anything. Free medical care for life? Research and find how many military hospitals treat retirees and/or their dependents. Most will not fill RX’s for them either. Again, please research facts before posting. A veteran, wife and daughter of veterans.

      • You are a fool – because of your attitude and perception our military men and woman are treated as if they do get WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SHOULD. You should be ashamed of yourself – anyone who stands ready or serves in action should be treated to free medical and a pension for life. It is because of your mentality that this country is in the state it is in. You should be writing to your congressmen and letting them know that they are out if they don’t do something and the protests will not end but lead to greater unrest. The majority of the people of this country are the ones being strong armed, charged, depleted and stolen from – these protests are the beginning of what will erupt to the end of this nation as we know it – hey maybe that’s what ‘THEY’ want.

        Get a clue regarding our military – they do things for the right reasons – and should be rewarded – our government doesnt even to that right.

    • franl valente

      The Military is 100% Socialist. Mr.

    • You weren’t serving to “defeat socialism” FNG, you were serving the United States of America. If America woke up tomorrow morning and wanted to become a socialist nation, you would be duty and honor bound (as a Marine, which I’m assuming you are) to serve that end in whatever way your command saw fit. *That* is the Marine Corps way. We pledge to serve our country in whatever demands they make of us for as long as we’re in. It is our sincere hope that the civilian world appreciates this sacrifice and uses us wisely by electing politicians that reflect their own values and will.

      The guys doing this (joining the protest) are out of the service, so they are, in fact, civilians doing exactly what we, the Marines, hope citizens will do with the freedom we provide: using it.

      Semper Fi

  • Margaret Ragan

    Our country fought many wars for the right to protest, for the “little man” to have his say, for the poor to be seen as equals, for immigrants to have rights – remember our ancestors were all immigrants at one time – so why are some of you against immigration now? The wealthy are not better than the rest of us. They should not be given extra considerations for whatever reasons. The protestors have a right to protest – as long as it’s peaceful, please allow them that right. Thank you Mr. Reilly for protecting them.

  • It is not an act of civil disobedience when people voice their rights to object, to meet, of to show support. It is narrow to think that we should behave as told and not to question what Corporations and Government have agreed to and leaving out the public from an agreement that pertains to all. I too am a former Marine and I am in support that we should defend our rights, even if I believe you may have a different view , I will support your rights as an American under the same Constitutional Rights for all Americans! Remember had the American People not voiced and protest the Vietnam War where would we be now?

  • @Jim Bancroft
    I served in the Marine Corps precisely for the right of all Americans to protest in whatever way they see fit for whatever reasons they feel the need to protest.

  • Any U.S. Marines supporting domestic civil disobedience should be court martialed forthwith, and if they are HD, then jailed with the rest of common criminals.

    • Nazis have no place in a civilized society. Freedom of speech and assembly is a basic right and is part of the constitution. FYI: Civil Disobedience is not a crime and citizens of a country where the government is turning back into a feudal system have not only the right but the duty to remind them of that. That this has been chipped away because of tremendous leeway given to law enforcement is no excuse, nor are your comments.

    • Sgt C.E. Swanson USMC (Ret)

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” It’s the first amendment to the Constitution which I and every other Marine, as well as Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, swore to defend with our very lives if necessary. It is, therefore, their right to determine with whom and for what cause they choose to assemble and you, someone I can only assume has not spent one second in uniform, have NO right to gainsay their decisions.

    • Chester Cheetah


    • Show ONE Marine being cuffed and pepper sprayed for exercising their First Amendment Rights and you will enrage the entire Marine Corps, those who fight for this very right.

      If NYPD refuses to stand down, and does not allow peaceful protests, this will get out of hand quick.

      • D.K. Sullivan

        I fully support any American’s right to protest within the confines of the law. My dispute with a local hospital bill would not allow me to park a bulldozer in front of the ER entrance as a protest. Those in NYC who protesting, peacefully, within proper pre-determined legal restrictions, should be allowed to do so without hassle. But if they’re going to block that ER entrance…er, roadway, bridge or if they are going to bust windows, burn buildings, loot, etc. (which thank God has not happened at this point), then prepare to breath mace, As much as I am sure there have been abuses by police officers (it does happen, even if the officer knows he could lose his job and career if nailed for doing so), there most certainly must be protestors who go with and beyond the herd. No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

    • So is the U.S. Military only to stand up against foreign threats? I was under the impression that the oath was to stand up against foreign AND DOMESTIC threats. We are in crucial times right now and America needs everyone standing with her and defending her. We are all citizens and we have the right to stand up against our government…WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. You sir are doing a grave injustice to America by not standing with her and us citizens. Corporate Greed will destroy us unless we stand strong! DIVIDED WE FALL

  • Edward G. Nilges

    The POLICE are doing the “blocading” [sic] of the streets using barriers to surround and then arrest people who joined the march with no intention of being arrested, or Maced.

    It would be news to Gandhi, who used civil disobedience to bring about the creation of the largest democracy in the world, that civil disobedience brings about Communism. It would be news to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who used peaceful civil disobedience to bring about a rough approximation to racial equality, that civil disobedience brings about Communism.

    It would also be news to Lenin, who recommended not civil disobedience but armed revolution, the expropriation of the ownership class and the dictatorship of the proletariat, that civil disobedience brings about Communism.

    It would also be news tp, and an insult to, Lech Walesa and the striking shipyard workers of Gdansk 1980, who used civil disobedience to END Communism in 1989, that civil disobedience brings about Communism.

    But many of the arrestees had in fact no plans to be, far less than violent revolutionaries, civilly disobedient. They were entrapped into illegal acts by the ways in which the cops herded the protesters like cattle or Jews on their way to the death camps.

    And you can take that as read. JEWS ON THEIR WAY TO THE DEATH CAMPS. If we don’t start using the right names it’s going to get worse.

  • Whether you support the current establishment or not- the right to protest is our first amendment, right to assembly. That’s in our constitution- but that is not the full picture. Our constitution was structured much off of the British Constitution in the late 18th century, which of course evolved from Magna Carta- in which declares ALL human beings have inalienable rights. Also it declares that it is not only the right, but the DUTY of every citizen to do exactly what the protestors are doing- voicing their grievances, taking action to change their society. It is EVERY human being’s duty and responsibility to stand up against the establishment if they so choose- just like those people entering the town hall meetings with guns in order to protest the fact that they did not like Obama’s plan. I disagree with them because I never felt Obama threatened my 2nd amendment rights, but they had every right to do so! (barring local firearm laws in public places) Regardless- I feel if left unchecked, unfettered, festering, that the police of this country, sooner or later, will abuse each and every one of us. It is our obligation as good citizens of this country, and planet to draw, and continually re-draw the line in the sand- it is OUR check on power- it is OUR way of keeping a balance of power. Without it- we cannot continue to forge our country how we see fit because we will only live, and react through fear of the police- and that will not represent the best of what we have to offer because it was driven by fear- not pure inspiration!

    The Marine who quoted this, on his way to Manhattan is a true hero- he truly understands why people serve, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I don’t know who he is- but that is the quality and character we should be looking for in our next president! HOORAH! Semper Fi!

  • Michael Knight

    So Jim Bancroft believes that if you oppose the enormous profits Wall Street and big corporations are making while the regular people get pay cuts and lose their houses then you are a communist? If you believe inthe right to protest then you are a communist? Actually it is exactly the opposite. Communists are not allowed to protest HELLO. Hey Jim would you have grown up middle class if your parents had not benefited from the enormous strides unions gave everyday workers in the early part of the 1900’s? Probably not. If it werent for unions we would still all be poor and the richest 1% of society would have 90% of the country’s wealth. Remember the owners of the mines paid thugs to beat up and kill their employees who were demanding safer working conditions and better pay? The rich will take every penny we have and laugh in our face if we let them. Remember the middle ages and take a trip to Mexico or any third world country if you need a reminder of what is was like in the world before 100 years ago.

    • Unions are just another version of the mob. Do you see Trumpka ever do any work? Of course not, he takes your money under threat of violence and then enjoys the good life. All at your expense. Down with all unions. Yeah to right to work states.

      • Frank, I have lived and worked in a right to work state, (Nevada). I wanted to share some things I learned while working there. First off, I worked in a union, and found there were more union jobs in that state than in any other surrounding states, don’t forget this was a right to work state. Second, I found out that right to work had nothing to do with worker’s rights, in fact it was the exact opposite of that. Employers can do practically anything they want with you, and you really can’t do anything about it. In fact a supervisor once told me it meant right to work YOU. Unless you are an employer, you sir are an idiot.

  • A military that turns on their own people(Americans) is on the wrong foot. Your marching orders are incorrect.

  • “thank you for seeing through all the mountains of bullsh#t being shoveled around the clock by the Koch. Bros puppets in Washington via their lapdogs in the media.”

    You and that Marine Reilly who supports jihad and al-jazeera are idiots.

    The “puppets” in Washington and their Wall Street buddies who are robbing us blind are not the Koch Brothers, it’s Treasury Secty Geithner’s pals from Goldman Sachs et al on Wall Street WHO ALL DONATED TO OBAMA and the Dems who are wrecking the economy.

    You far-left jackasses are trying to do to Wall Street what you did to health care. Sure it needs fixing but having the govt TAKE IT OVER, the govt who can’t run the post office or the DMV, and in case you haven’t noticed, OUR ECONOMY, you aren’t fixing anything, YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE.

  • I did not serve in the Marine Corps to defend the rights of those who openly call for anarchy or the destruction of America to make it a socialist paradise, I served to prtect decent and righteous political dissent. The blocading of streets is NOT free speech, it is an act of civil disobedience, and if you do this to lead a call for COMMUNISM, THAT IS NOT FREE SPEECH!

    • Yes. Leading a call for communism is free speech.

      • D.K. Sullivan

        If one leads a call for communism, it is free speech, If one is opposed to that person’s right, he is a communist. If the first one is successful, we are communist and will control speech. If the second one is successful, we likewise are communist. So, who do we root for?

    • sounds like selective speechifying
      …that’s not what you were saying when you trampled through the city’s of IRAQ …and for what? NOTHING
      these people are fighting for real cause here at home
      I applaud all military persons to get involved in this brandish
      blatant secular infringement on everyone who is not part of the top 1% income earners
      and piss on the NYPD jerks !!

    • Jim all due respect, but number one ‘blockading of streets’ is the hallmark of democracy. Not allowing dissent is the hallmark of fascism, right? And number 2 ; when Bill OReilly/FOX call stuff that doesn’t fit their agenda names like ‘communism’, they show their ignorance and people who know better laugh at them. Don’t be a laughing stock.

    • Michael T Buffo

      Sorry to have to tell you, Jim: “Civil Disobedience” IS free speech. . . . Or do you think that the Chinese Military was justified in oppressing the Tiananmin Square protestors? If so, you’re the “communist”, right? I suggest that you do some serious investigation and discover for yourself how the corporate elite have undermined our constitution and sold us down the river in order to line their pockets. While you’re at it, watch “The Obama Deception” – it might give you a good place to start. And before you start to deride me, know that I too am an honorably discharged veteran. Good luck with your evolution.

    • First off Jim Bancroft, Socialism is a good thing.
      However, they are not fighting yo destroy America. They are fighting to save America from Wall Street.

      Wall Street today, is a clone of Germany in WW2.

      If you were here to protect decent and righteous political dissent, then you would be WITH those protesters, because as long as Wall Street exists, the people will NEVER have decent and righteous political dissent.

      Therefor, shut it, vote Liberal Democrat (Socialist once they make a comeback) and we CAN save this beautiful country once more.

      • Socialism is good? No it is NOT! the protesters are down there I would no because I was there. Because of the banking elite that are raping this country through FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM get your facts straight before you start spewing your socialist agenda. Te FED CAUSED this depression through cheap money and credit and distorting the free market from operating. The FED is the creature who created this mess we need true transperancy in GOV. BUSH=OBAMA WAKE UP!

      • Socialism has never worked and can never work. In the end it results in despots running the nation and inslaving the people. Socialism/Marxism/Communism resulted in the murder of over 100 MILLION people last century. Socialism is just the first step towards Marxism. Think not? Karl Marx himself said so.

        • Perhaps you ought to argue that with a Swede, or a Norwegian, or an Icelander, or a Finn, or a German, or a Brit, or a Frenchman, or a Canadian, or even an American who knows what Socialism is. You could start by Googleing “Social Democracy”, which every developed Western Democracy is, to one degree or another.

          • Oh, all those nations our ancestors left because they were s%%tholes? Be more like them?

            Better yet, why don’t you just move to one, then we’ll both be happier.

        • Socailism hasn’t worked becasue people are evil and greedy. Whether it is people being murdered or people having no access to jobs and healthcare it is still just evil and gredy people having their way.

      • Rebecca Olesen

        Vote Liberal Democrat? There is no such thing. Fascist democrat. And sorry socialism is good (i now live in Sweden) but america is not and never will be a socialist country. You can’t have half socialism, where they just tell you what to do take your taxes and don’t give anything (like free medical care) in return. BECAUSE that’s a dictatorship.

      • I just want to give you a clue, Alexander, since you haven’t gotten it yet: America isn’t socialist, and none but a fringe few want Socialism. When you say how terrific socialism is, people shut down – they stop listening to you, because they think you’re a nut-job.
        Liberal Democrats want your money as much as the Wall Street Shills do.
        I have a huge problem with Socialism, because I disagree with it’s core – redistributing wealth. “Redistributing wealth” is a euphemism for “Government Stealing.” If you take owned property or currency from others, against their will, it is stealing. Socialism is THEFT. Plain and simple.
        With high Taxes, Social programs that are highly abused and superfluous, with a country that needs economic GROWTH instead of GOVERNMENT SPENDING, socialism is a bad idea.
        It was illustrated clearly in the beginning of Obama’s term, how out-of-touch with America he (and Congress) really is: instead of listening to us and focusing on the economy, he rammed through a health care bill. Out. Of. Touch.

    • Mr Bancroft, you need to check your definition of Anarchy, Communism (and most likely, Socialism and Liberalism too since you people use those definitions so freely to put those who speak out against their government “in their place” and try to belittle them in order to stop them from speaking). I don’t care if you’re a vet or not, you have no right to call all of these people communists when you obviously do not understand why people are standing up to Wall Street. This is not the America of the 1960s. Our country has gone to hell because the PEOPLE no longer run the government. The WEALTHY run the government of the USA. Goldman Sachs and the Rothchild’s own this country. They control the wealth of this nation, not caring whether or not YOU or any fellow veterans die in a cardboard box in our streets or not. And it’s not just America. What happens on Wall Street effects what happens all over the world. People are suffering everywhere because of what happened with the bank bailouts. This is because our government de-regulated the banks. When no one is watching what it is that they do…then, they will do whatever they wish with our money, just as they did. They loaned money out to people who do not have the finances to pay it back, and many homes are not worth the loans. AIG, Goldman Sachs and the rest of the sneaky, greedy pigs are a toxic influence on America. They abuse the markets, not caring WHO is hurt and they screw investors all over the world, and it’s not over yet. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and all of your savings have disappeared, then, maybe you’ll be ready for a little civil disobedience yourself.
      It’s easy to name-call when it’s not affecting YOU.

      People are losing their homes because of these SOB’s and every hard working American should be slamming Wall Street for what they did to us …and afterwards, after receiving OUR bailout money, they handed out MILLION DOLLAR BONUSES. Those were MY tax dollars that went into the hands of some greedy pig so he or she could wallow in it while my husband and I have to suffer (I am disabled, my husband works full time same job for almost 30 years)for it. We have to scrape to pay the bills, buy food and pay for medical care/prescriptions. We don’t get any handouts. The banks got WELFARE and they didn’t deserve it, nor appreciate it.

      Wall Street deserves more than what they are getting. Much, much more. What is happening on Wall Street is certainly not anarchy. It’s not even close to it …even though I’d really like to see those criminals dragged out into the streets and given a good spanking, as they deserve.

      You’re just another far-right misled, uninformed crony who will believe anything you’re told by the GOP and allow Wall Street to destroy your own country because you’re too lazy to research what is REALLY happening. If you knew the truth and honestly cared about defending your nation, you’d get yourself to the other side because the side you are on is led by and full of traitors.

      • I think that just about everybody here is grossly mistaken about just what socialism is. If you want to have an honest and informed opinion, please go to the World Socialist Website ( and just read their articles for a week. I promise you, just reading the articles won’t turn you into a socialist in a week unless you are already leaning that way. But I think that all of you will be surprised to find out exactly how real socialists feel about Obama, about health care in this country, about our “too big to fail” banks, and about our imperialist wars abroad. You’ll find out what they think about the Arab Spring protests and who is behind them and for what reasons. Go take a look and get educated before you go spouting off about socialism.

    • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      • Chester Cheetah

        Question about that: Okay, “freedom of the press,” right?… The “press” is that thing that they used to use in the olden days to print books, right? So, since we don’t really print books anymore, but instead we broadcast television and radio and internet and telephone signals, shouldn’t that “freedom of the press” extend to those things which replaced the press?

        I know this same reasoning applies in Canada to the Natives on the Reserves, when it comes to their “fully stocked medicine chest,” which they were entitled to once a year in the olden days; ever since x-rays, prescriptions, trips to the specialist, etc. replaced those old “medicine chests,” the Natives have been entitled to free healthcare services.

    • Jim.. unless you were a member of someone else’s Marine Corp, you took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.. NOT just those your politics approves of.. remember once a Marine.. always a Marine;
      support the Constitution.

    • Rebecca Olesen

      Mother fucker you served in the Marine Corps to DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF ALL CITIZENS, NOT JUST THE ONES YOU FUCKING CHOOSE.



    • Wow, I hope there aren’t too many more like you in the service or we’re all f****d – Are you a “good German” who was just taking orders? Didn’t you take an oath to defend the constitution? better read it dude, you’re on the wrong side of this issue.

    • Jim Bancroft
      I DID serve in the US Army Special Forces to defend the constitution …the constitution that clearly states that all citizens have a right to peacefully assemble to redress grievances to the government.You don’t even know the meaning of communism if you think this protest is supporting it.Ever heard of the Bonus Army???Dissent is patriotic!!

    • It is not communism to express yourself!The right to peacefuly assemble is one of our RIGHTS, not PRIVLEDGE. Only after all routes of trying to do things peacefully have failed,then we have that right to alter or abolish that form of government.

    • No, instead you call for sneaky and corrupt bankers and politicians to steal everything, while we send our Congressman an e-mail, and our men die to support the Military Industrial War profiteers.

      Streets were not blocked, the police encouraged the protestors to cross the bridge, using a lane to move people quickly.

      How is defending, free, peaceful speech Communism? Our greatest enemy is your ignorance.

      Former USMC Infantry, 3rd battalion, 6th Marine Division, Camp LeJunene, NC

  • Lets not forget that there were soldiers such as Senator John Kerry who protested the Vietnam War. If there is any group of citizens that should be represented now it IS our armed forces. So many have had to serve numerous tours of duty defending our country’s interests….interests that keep Wall Street in business! I say they too have a large stake in the future of this nation. Their lives depend upon it!

    • Veterans young and old, able and disabled are engaging in this war. Not winning it is not an option. We gave everything we had for this country. We didn’t fight for America so she could be taken hostage by a bunch of super rich scum bags.

      Semper Fi!

  • Is this story true? I think it needs checking, but if it is, GREAT!

  • This is not going to turn out pretty. It never does when money gets mad. Godspeed to you Marines and whoever else is willing to stop the real enemies. This is not going to be pretty, not at all, and it’s just the beginning. I predict soon, we will see these kinds of messages ~.
    “Typing this on iPhone whilst heading to NYC. We can organize once we’re there. That’s what we do best.If you see someone in uniform, gather together.A formation will be held tonight at 10PM.We all took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this country. That’s what we will be doing.”

    Yes I predict we will see lots more of these types of messags in our very near future…….

  • semper fuckin fi

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