The Koch Brothers Do Business With Iran, The Sworn Enemy Of Israel, America, Democracy, And Capitalism

Despite the fact that Iran is an enemy of America and part of the “axis of evil” that supports terrorism, the Koch brothers thinks it’s perfectly fine if they do business with that country.

A Bloomberg investigation reveals that in addition to various environmental crimes committed here in the United States, the Koch brothers have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a law that prohibits American companies from bribing foreign officials. It seems the Koch brothers were “involved in improper payments to win business in Africa, India and the Middle East.” The two brothers also schemed to build a methanol plant in Iran by selling petrochemical products for the state-owned National Iranian Petrochemical Company.

This is not only a serious crime, but a blatantly hypocritical action on the part of these two self described “American patriots.” Last time I checked, Iran was our enemy. Many American soldiers have been killed by IEDs made in Iran. Iran is also a sponsor of terrorist activities, and is a threat to Israel, a nation that most conservatives claim to unconditionally support. The Koch brothers are the financial backers of the conservative movement, yet they are willingly doing business with the biggest opponent of Israel. And then there’s the fact that the petrochemical company the Kochs are doing business with is state owned, which goes against everything these anti-communists supposedly believe.

Of course it’s not surprising to see the Kochs doing business with a country that burns the American flag. After all, the Kochs have been trying to bring America to it’s knees for the last three decades. But, we all know that conservatives won’t have a problem with this whatsoever. If it had been liberal donor George Soros doing business with a sworn enemy of the United States, the Republicans would be clamoring to arrest him for treason.