As Marines Occupy Wall Street, Republican Rep. Paul Broun Calls Protests ‘An Attack Upon Freedom’

Author: October 7, 2011 9:34 am

Representative Paul Broun. Image from

Last week, Marines joined ‘Occupy Wall Street’ to help fight for their country with their fellow countrymen against the greedy banks and corporations that support union busting and corporate personhood. Yesterday, in an interview on ABC, Republican Representative Paul Broun of Georgia dared to call the Wall Street protests ‘an attack upon freedom.’

“Well, if you look at what they’ve been telling in the media, they don’t know why they’re there, they’re just mad,” Broun said. “And I see people angry in my district too, but this attack upon business, attack upon industry, attack upon freedom, and I think that’s what this is all about. Now, the unions seem to be weighing in and trying to subvert that anger into a political power to try to reelect a president whose policies are just totally ignorant and incompetent about the economy and how to create jobs and how to create freedom in this country.”

Here’s the video:

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The ‘Occupy Together’ movement is sweeping the nation in cities across the country. The protesters have a number of grievances. They are against efforts aimed at eliminating union rights, discrimination in the workplace, student debt, corporate personhood, and the undemocratic influence of big business in government, especially in making economic policy.

Broun has clearly crossed a line. Apparently when Marines fight against enemies the Republican Party approves of, it’s patriotic and a defense of freedom. But when those same Marines choose to stand with their fellow Americans against the evils of huge corporations that threaten democracy in this country, Republicans consider that an ‘attack upon freedom’. Republicans only support the military when it’s in their best business interest. If soldier is gay or exercises their right to protest, Republicans instantly drop that support and attack the men and women who defend our freedom with their lives. These Republican attacks are the true ‘attack upon freedom.’


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  • What did you learn in school? Corporations never pay a tax! They just pass it on to you and me, and we pay it. It’s economics 101. Corporate welfare has to go along with giving money to every country who comes along with their hand out. You can’t buy friends. SSI fraud is rampant like diaper boy. I know people who have real medical problems who cant get it. Every talks about Bush spending money but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had control of the house and senate they did the spending! Bush just ok’d it, he shouldn’t have. Fannie and freddie ruined the housing market. I am an independent we have a tendency to read all facts and check them unlike the people who tow their partys line. I will be villified by the kool aid drinkers on both sides but I could care less.

  • You are so right! I don’t even trust our voting system anymore.

  • Why aren’t we all protesting in Washington instead? The politicians are the ones who put us in this hole. I think the Marines (and all branches of the Armed Forces for that fact) should be upset about how Washington wants to take away or lower their pay to subsidize their screw-ups and big businesses. By the way, it does no good to help big business so they have the ability to create jobs because they just don’t do it. They just take advantage of employees who are all afraid they will lose their jobs and not be able find another one! These corporations are too greedy, especially since they are making record profits by cutting jobs and paying their executives outrageous salaries! Our Govt wants to take away our Social Security and military pay to fix the debts of our country they managed so poorly! They created this monster. Why aren’t the top officials taking pay cuts? They can afford it. I am so disappointed in the US. I am embarrassed to say it is my country! There is so much greed here it will be our downfall. Just as it has happened with the all of the great powers, they all fall when they too greedy! My son who is 22, working, and going to college tells me, “your generation has screwed up the economy and this country so bad, that my generation doesn’t have a chance.” When we were getting out of High School there were plenty of jobs and we were able to live off the salaries until we finished college or found our way in life. I will join the protest when it gets to Washington. I will hold up a sign in front of the white house saying, “will work for food, since I cannot afford to buy it with my income anymore!” The United States has become a Tyranny with Washington sitting on their thrones doing nothing to help us! I don’t even bother writing to Obama or my congressional representatives, because they are no help at all. They just send you a standard letter or email telling you that is not their job, go to some other Govt body! LET’S GO TO D.C.!CZLR

  • Gewinnen uber alles! (Gee, I wish there was a sarcasm font)

  • What a GOP-talking-point TOOL!
    Blame blame blame Obama for everything that THEY THEMSELVES have screwed up, since they gained the majority. -_- I don’t even care to defend Obama, but I can see they’re just pushing the blame. Of course, neither side is doing a very good job, either way.
    Claiming corporations and big business need even MORE tax breaks, to somehow stimulate jobs, even though their taxes are at an ALL TIME LOW, and unemployment is at an ALL TIME HIGH.. probably as a result.. What a freaking JOKE.. I hate to sound in favor of “big government” but they really need that tax money, to help the lower end of the population get a foothold again, and make it through these tough economic times.. No one wants to “raise” taxes to crazy levels, we just want corporations to pay their fair share, and equal rate to the rest of us. That’d be a ton of money to help with our nations debt. Oh but no, I guess it MUST be a coincidence that our nation has become worse and worse off, at the same rate that they’ve cut social programs. -_-

    I’m not anti-capitalist or socialist, but we don’t have actual capitalism in this country anymore.. We have corporatism and corruption, and that corruption has become interwoven into almost all aspects of our government and economy.. And from what I’ve seen of the OWS protests, they’re mostly an anti-corruption protest.

    Over the last decade, corporations have gotten their way a LOT when it comes to politics, and as a result, this country has fallen further and further.

  • The constituencies don’t take the time to educate themselves on the issues and the representatives they pick. Politicians can basically shovel nonsense down their throats and they gobble it up. I agree with Alice….its astounding some of the people who get elected. The governor in my state was under investigation for Medicaid Fraud before the voters here decided that was no big deal and elected him….


    All we or our children will be carrying in the future will be a shoe-shins box for the rich-mans shoes and a gun for the rich-man’s wars if we don’t vote these these crooks out of office. Throw them in jail also if they qualify….

  • Aliceandthecat

    How do these evil, evil, evil men and women ever get elected?? Are there constituencies all slack jawed, amoral, lumps of crap?????

  • Don’t we just love how the SSDD m.o. of these people is to slap anyone who disagrees with them about anything at all with the unAmerican unpatriotic ‘attacking freedom’ labels at the very moment when they are exercising their Constitutional right and obligation to speak up. What could be MORE American than to challenge our government?! They started that nonsense right after 9/11 to slap down anyone who disagreed with Bush’s mad rantings and it has worked well for them ever since. Time to make them stop that PR/BS by showing them what people who really love this country do to try and prevent them from destroying it.

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