FOX News FORCED Out of Occupy Wall Street Protest – ‘FOX News Lies’ (VIDEO)

Author: October 10, 2011 8:32 am

Geraldo Rivera, and his FOX news crew, were shouted down by Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan, shouting “FOX NEWS LIES” forcing FOX to shut down.


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  • Only a conservative who is against this movement could spin this into a “freedom of the press”issue. Fox lies and we the people are sick of it.. real journalism is about gathering a presenting fax. Fox news does not do that.

  • William Johnston

    Fox News is not a free press…it’s a most effective propaganda machine for corporate power, biased with an established conservative agenda.

  • Freedom of the Press? What’s that? The freedom of tame, bought and paid for “reporters” to present nonsense like “these people hate America, splutter, snork, they all smell like dope, uhuhu”? These people aren’t protesting the Press, they’re protesting the presence of the manipulative and unashamedly biased Faux News. There is a difference. And btw, there is no such thing as the Freedom of the Press. That’s freedom of speech that belongs to the people. What the press gets is the right to report the facts without fear of being shut down. The sacred right that many of them tossed away a long time ago.

  • Maxwell, lighten up they’re just pissed and venting. You’re comment is out of touch.

  • Realy let me take a page out of the Republicants handbook Market forces are what Capitalism is all about. If you dont like it leave or go away. If others dont like you or dont want you with them you can and will be asked to leave or in otherwords ‘We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. thank you the manegment.’ or ‘In God we trust, all others pay cash’. Fauxes ‘mouth’ has been writeing a lot of checks its ‘body’ cannot cash. Now their free market forces has been used on them and they see the wickedness of it and the rampent backwardness. Oh in signing off ‘FOX NEWS LIES! PEOPLE DIE! and SUPPORT THE TROOPS BRING THEM HOME!

  • Nonsense. It’s a perfect freemarket response.

    Faux has been lying about progressives deliberately, openly, and publicly for years now, and their reputation precedes them.

    So it’s not at all surprising or inappropriate that the progressive movement has nothing to say to them, no interest in listening to them, and no desire to have them around.

    It’s the way the market works…. people just don’t want to deal with the dishonest ones.

  • The press is perfectly free to cover the event. But that does not mean they are entitled to lie about it, or that “Freedom of the Press” trumps Freedom of the People.

  • So are protesters also protesting Freedom of the Press, unless the Press presents them the way they want to be presented. Good to know.

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