Joe The Plumber Running For Congress

Author: October 10, 2011 10:48 pm

Who can forget Joe the Plumber? He was the iconic “regular guy” who confronted then candidate Barack Obama during a campaign visit. Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher resented a proposed tax on people that make over $250k because, well, he was a business man. He supposedly wanted to buy a successful plumbing company. The McCain/Palin Presidential campaign was quick to trot him out as a spokesman.

However, the truth behind Joe the Plumber was that he was a fraud. His name is Samuel, not Joe. He isn’t a licensed plumber. As of 2008, he didn’t pay income tax. He wasn’t even from his “home” state of Ohio.

Despite the serious scratches to Not-Joe the Not-Plumber’s veneer, he didn’t go away. He wrote a book. He traveled to Israel as a war correspondent. He became a motivational speaker and a spokesman.

Now, Not-Joe the Not-Plumber wants to become Not-Joe the Congressman. Last week, he filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for a run as a Republican Congressional candidate in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.

The 9th District is now famous for a recent redistricting which will force Democrat Dennis Kucinich into a primary race against Democrat Mary Kaptur, who has represented the district since 1983.


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  • Let’s see, he lied about his name, lied about his trade, lied about his residence. Hmm, YEP Perfect Grand Oil Party candidate for Congress. Liar, tax cheat, and unemployable. Gotta love those “old fashioned values”

  • If that doesn’t work out, maybe we’ll be seeing him on “Dancing With The Stars” or “The Bachelor.” I’m hoping for “Cops.”

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