The 99% Movement Scaring the Elite

There’s an old quote that states “it’s only class warfare when we fight back”. That quote couldn’t ring anymore true than it does today. Since September 17th, thousands upon thousands of peaceful protesters have lined up on Wall Street to protest corporate greed, predatory banking practices, and a political structure that provides cover for white-collar criminals. The protesters have endured needless police brutality, thousands of senseless arrests, and being mocked in the corporate-owned mainstream news media.

Some Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists such as Michael Moore have endorsed the protests. However, the corporate establishment are currently fighting tooth and nail to make sure this civil unrest among the populists dies down as quickly as it possibly can.

The mainstream news media at first ignored the protests. While it was the top story making the rounds on the internet in mid-September, you couldn’t find it on television. Not CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, or ABC spoke a word about the mass uprising of the American populists; even while arrests were being made, and the NYPD were abusing the law with their brutality being unleashed on peaceful citizens. Then as the protests grew, the media had no choice. They were forced to acknowledge the presence of the mass uprising, but only ran short, one-minute clips labeling the protesters as “confused” and claiming they “had no clear demands”. Now the time for dismissal of these protests is over. The mainstream media has resorted to a new tactic. Rather than ignoring the 99% movement, they’ve decided to demean and mock it. CNN anchor Erin Burnett mocked the “Occupy Wall Street” protest during the “Seriously!?” segment of her show on October 3rd.

“What are they protesting?” she asked of the demonstration. “Nobody seems to know.”

This smug dismissal of the protesters as confused and unsure of what they’re protesting is not only false, but a pathetic excuse to deligitemize the frustration of working-class Americans.

Several big-name Republican lawmakers such as Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Peter King of New York have appeared on television claiming the OWS movement is “dangerous” and made of “ragtag mobs”. Rep. King stated that he fears the movement could shape the political debate and cause policy changes in the U.S. if the mainstream media gives the movement too much coverage.

The Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor of Virginia called the protesters “angry mobs” and said he is “deeply concerned” about the movement growing. Mr. Cantor should be concerned, because the movement is growing rapidly. There have been reports that the “Occupy” movement has spread all across the United States in up to 1,600 different towns and cities.

None of these protests anywhere have shown any signs of violent revolt. As a matter of fact, one of the main preconditions of the “Occupy” movement is nonviolent, civil disobedience. Yet, videos have surfaced on the intenet showing police brutality as they pepperspray, mace, and viciously attack non-violent protesters. Not a word has been said about this brutality by the mainstream news media, or any Republican or Democratic lawmaker. In fact, they continue to falsely label the innocent protesters as violent. Yet we saw just a little over two years ago, Tea Party activists show up at town-hall meetings for health care reform, strapped with guns. No arrests were made, no Republican called out the crowd as a “violent mob”, and the mainstream news media painted this movement as the American populace.

The ruling class is now in a panic, and must do everything it can to try shaking this movement at its core. This is why they’ve given their marching orders to the mainstream media and Republican lawmakers to convince average Americans that the OWS movement is not, in fact, made of working-class Americans, but made of violent radicals who are jealous of other citizen’s wealth, and promote class warfare.

Make no mistake about it, the capitalist ruling class on Wall Street knows exactly why the protesters are there. They know exactly what is happening, and they know their days are numbered. For too long now, working-class Americans have been distracted by the media and fooled by the two-party system that serves only the financial oligarchs who have devoured the American economy through capitalism. Through corporations they’ve racked up record profits while sending American jobs overseas and dodging taxes. Through the banks they’ve handed out predatory loans that leave students in debt they can never pay back, and practiced illegal, shady foreclosure practices. And through the Military Industrial Complex, they’ve waged for-profit wars that last for up to 10 years and cost trillions of dollars.

The system is coming down. Americans are awakening. The elite are scared out of their minds. The house of cards is about to fall…and it will.

We are the 99%.