America’s Secret Love Affair With ‘Socialism’

Bill Maher had it right when he said, “Nobody is truly happy living a lie and denying who they really are.” “I want to direct this rule to a specific group of people and say to them it’s time to stop fighting it and just come out of the closet.” “And the group I’m talking about is the American public and the love they are denying is their love of socialism”. What people need to understand is that nearly all governments on earth today consist of economic systems that are some combination of capitalism and socialism. China has become more capitalistic than it used to be but is still more socialist than the United States. Cuba is more socialist and less capitalistic than China. And North Korea, well they might be the exception. Not much capitalism there. Somalia on the other had has no organized government and therefore no regulation. A capitalist paradise!!

Although a certain percentage of people don’t have any grasp on what the word, “socialism” actually means (partly because it is not clearly defined), I’m willing to bet that most people if they educated themselves and really thought about it would be in favor of tipping the scale just a little bit towards “socialism”. Forget about Republican or Democratic ideologies and just look at the facts of where things stand in this country right now. The richest 0.1 % of Americans own more wealth than the lower 50% combined. The richest 5% has more wealth than the lower 90% combined. And 20% of Americans own over 85% of the country’s total wealth. What this amounts to is an economy with a disappearing middle class resulting in a two class system similar to Mexico. Would you believe me if I told you that an increasing number of Mexicans are actually migrating back to Mexico? Me neither, but that is what is beginning to happen in Texas.

At the same time we are still occupying two unstable countries with the goal of installing a democratic government and fighting an endless war on terrorism. Both of these reasons are illogical and here is why. First, installing a democracy is a direct contradiction to the definition of democracy which is supposed to be a government by the people. If I’m not mistaken, “by the people” implies a governing system created by the people that will be governed by it and not by some separate country ie., the United States.

Secondly, the “War on Terror” is the first military war we’ve had against an improper noun. It is kind of like the war on drugs except with more guns and bombs. But these two wars actually have a lot in common. The war on drugs began as a very worthy and much needed government initiative to prevent the importation of drugs into the country and discourage their use among teens and young adults. Given the rampant drug abuse of the 70’s few could or would argue against the cause. However, over time (several decades now) the war on drugs has proven to be a failure and a waste of government money and resources (though some may disagree on this issue it continues to become increasingly apparent to most people). How long before the American people realize, similar to the war on drugs that occupying other countries and assassinating American fugitives will not make us safer? In fact it has the opposite effect in the same way that the prohibition of marijuana does nothing to prevent drug related violence.

All of this just comes down to simple common sense that so many people just don’t want to admit. You will never be able to prevent violence and killing with more violence and killing and America could definitely use a dose of socialism whether we want to admit it or not. Up until this point we have been the most Capitalistic and the most militaristic nation on earth. That has to change or like any great empire we will inevitably become a victim of our own self-determined demise.