AFA Spokesman Bryan Fischer Calls For Criminalization Of Homosexuality And Sex Before Marriage

The American Family Association is at it again. According to AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer, people who have sex before marriage or engage in acts of homosexuality should be charged with a crime.

“These are behaviors that can be made illegal, and should be made illegal: those who strike their fathers and mothers, for murderers, the sexually immoral — that means it’s perfectly appropriate to have laws against what the law calls fornication, absolutely appropriate to make that illegal; men who practice homosexuality, perfectly permissible,” said Fischer.

“In fact, we’re directed, we’re told in the Scriptures that it’s a good idea, this is the purpose of the law, it’s for the lawless and disobedient to engage in homosexuality — it’s perfectly appropriate for that kind of behavior to be against the law,” he said.

It’s absurd really. Millions of people around the country would be locked up if Fischer and the AFA had their way. And it’s quite interesting that Fischer would use Bible scripture to push his agenda, since the Bible also says that the only sexuality people should worry about is their own. Just reading Matthew 7:1-5 and John 8:3-11 will make this apparent. In other words, Fischer and the AFA shouldn’t concern themselves about what other people do in the bedroom. They should only be concerned with themselves.