Dr. Cornel West Arrested On Steps Of Supreme Court During ‘Occupy DC’ (VIDEO)

Dr. Cornell West marching to the Supreme Court with his protest sign. Image from http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/298533_2363992292015_1016580043_2856709_1660211181_n.jpg

Noted civil rights activist and Princeton University professor Cornel West, has been arrested while protesting against corporate influence on the steps of the Supreme Court.

West joined the ‘Occupy DC’ protests at Freedom Plaza after attending the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr monument.

Earlier today at 2 pm, Dr. West appeared at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC and gave a speech to around 250 – 300 people in the audience. After the speech he marched to the Supreme Court and climbed on the steps to denounce the conservative leaning court decisions that have produced money-based elections that empower corporations. Dr. West held a sign that said ‘Poverty is the Greatest Violence of All.’ West was then arrested because it is illegal to hold political signs on the Supreme Court steps. West will be held in jail overnight.

Here’s the video: