Anti-Gay Right-Wing Activist Linda Harvey Warns Parents Not To Let Gay Doctors And Nurses Treat Their Children

Not even a month has gone by since anti-gay activist Linda Harvey told her listeners of her radio show that there was “no proof” that LGBT people existed. Now she has a made a new statement to her listeners.

Yesterday, Harvey warned heterosexual parents not to allow gay doctors and nurses treat their children unless it was an emergency. She argued that letting them do so would allow the gay community to somehow influence their sexuality and views about homosexual people. Here is her rant in full.

“How do you feel about open homosexuals tending to your child in a health care setting? Do you think these folks provide good role modeling at a time when your child is very vulnerable? I was thinking about this recently when I heard that Children’s Hospital in Columbus has a homosexual employees group called NCHARGE, which stands for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Advocates Representing Gay Employees. The meeting minutes of this groups reveal that they participated in last June’s gay pride parade, that they participated in a health expo on adolescent health this summer and that they’re concerned about same-sex partner benefits. They’re also planning to be identified with rainbow lapel pins.

But let’s say your eleven year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?

I would like to suggest that parents think long and hard about this. If you want your children to admire people who proclaim a homosexual lifestyle, they’re involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence. And let me be clear that folks involved in these behaviors can be certainly competent workers but they are tacking on to their workplace identity one that is highly offensive to many people and can be erroneously influential to children who won’t, or shouldn’t, see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself.

Here’s what parents can do: select your pediatrician very carefully, first of all. There are a few homosexual doctors treating kids, there are far more nurses, LPNs, technicians and other health care workers in these lifestyles so you may want to consider writing a letter that you file with your pediatrician that should your child ever be hospitalized, you do not want your child to be treated or cared for by one of these members of the Children’s Hospital gay employees group except in the case of an emergency situation. But for routine in-hospital care where contact with your child would be required, your values should be respected.”

Harvey is a notorious bigot, especially against the LGBT community. Her organization, Mission America, crusades against the LGBT community on a daily basis. Harvey is a hateful woman and her bigotry must come to an end. If you wish to contact Linda Harvey and her organization, you can write to them or email them at the following addresses.

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Mission America
P.O. Box 21836
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