Anti-Gay Right-Wing Activist Linda Harvey Warns Parents Not To Let Gay Doctors And Nurses Treat Their Children

Author: October 21, 2011 8:38 pm

Not even a month has gone by since anti-gay activist Linda Harvey told her listeners of her radio show that there was “no proof” that LGBT people existed. Now she has a made a new statement to her listeners.

Yesterday, Harvey warned heterosexual parents not to allow gay doctors and nurses treat their children unless it was an emergency. She argued that letting them do so would allow the gay community to somehow influence their sexuality and views about homosexual people. Here is her rant in full.

“How do you feel about open homosexuals tending to your child in a health care setting? Do you think these folks provide good role modeling at a time when your child is very vulnerable? I was thinking about this recently when I heard that Children’s Hospital in Columbus has a homosexual employees group called NCHARGE, which stands for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Advocates Representing Gay Employees. The meeting minutes of this groups reveal that they participated in last June’s gay pride parade, that they participated in a health expo on adolescent health this summer and that they’re concerned about same-sex partner benefits. They’re also planning to be identified with rainbow lapel pins.

But let’s say your eleven year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?

I would like to suggest that parents think long and hard about this. If you want your children to admire people who proclaim a homosexual lifestyle, they’re involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence. And let me be clear that folks involved in these behaviors can be certainly competent workers but they are tacking on to their workplace identity one that is highly offensive to many people and can be erroneously influential to children who won’t, or shouldn’t, see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself.

Here’s what parents can do: select your pediatrician very carefully, first of all. There are a few homosexual doctors treating kids, there are far more nurses, LPNs, technicians and other health care workers in these lifestyles so you may want to consider writing a letter that you file with your pediatrician that should your child ever be hospitalized, you do not want your child to be treated or cared for by one of these members of the Children’s Hospital gay employees group except in the case of an emergency situation. But for routine in-hospital care where contact with your child would be required, your values should be respected.”

Harvey is a notorious bigot, especially against the LGBT community. Her organization, Mission America, crusades against the LGBT community on a daily basis. Harvey is a hateful woman and her bigotry must come to an end. If you wish to contact Linda Harvey and her organization, you can write to them or email them at the following addresses.

[email protected]

Mission America
P.O. Box 21836
Columbus, OH 43221-0836


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  • These people are just terrified of reality….it explains why they base their lives around a cult that worships a deity for which we have no evidence.

    Gay people exist. Get the **** over it.

  • I am truly embarrassed for her. I really hope that one day she develops enough self-awareness to grow out of this hateful way of thinking, but by her age, I doubt it’ll happen. Myself, I don’t care who looks after children, so long as it’s not somebody on the sex offenders’ register. Since Christians are so ready to spout the fact that they’re Christian when they’re helping others (e.g., Christian Aid), why not homosexuals or anybody else for that matter?

  • While I agree that this woman has a very hateful message — especially for one who claims to be a Christian — I don’t know why the NCHARGE workers — or any others, for that matter — would feel it necessary to advertise their sexuality. I mean, sexuality and job performance/competence are just totally unrelated, so why try to insert it into the situation?

    • It’s not so much to advertise to straight people that they are gay but rather to signal to gay people that they are present. Many times in hospitals gay partners are not considered family and not allowed to visit in critical care situations. It can be very reassuring to know that at least some of the staff there would be understanding.

  • what a narrow minded, stupid individual. next time she’s in dire need of medical attention, i hope the only doctor available to her is gay! let’s see if she refuses treatment then!

  • I was just doing a little computer surfing and came across this. Really, did I read this article right. I see that if it’s an emergency it’s okay for the children to be treated. Lady and I use this term loosely. You can not have it both ways. If myself or one of my children need any medical care and the person is competent they can and I hope they will see to our needs. I care not of the sexual preference. Next you would have problem of ethnicity. Hell, you probably do. Just maybe they should have a choice on who they serve and care to. Maybe they should not tend to ignorant and bigoted people. It may do harm to their psychological welfare. I wonder do people actually take you seriously. Homosexually is not a disease.There was not choice, they are who they are. They choose not to live a lie that is all. Ignorance is a choice you choose. No one would willingly walk the path they take. It’s hard enough to be oneself but add fuel to the flame with ignorant and self righteous good doers like you, you make life a living hell for them.

  • It would make a lot more sense to have in my child’s file that no closed minded, racist, nor bigoted person be allowed to treat my family member. A closed.minded person may not be open to new and better treatments.

  • threenorns is warning parents not to let linda harvey treat their children in case her kind of moronic retarded thinking (and i mean “retarded” in the dictionary sense, look it up if you have to) influences delicate, vulnerable, developing minds.

  • Jesus hung around with 12 other dudes and a hooker. Gay people are more like him than she is…

  • Barbara Zimmerman

    I wonder who influenced this woman as a child to turn her into the homophobic and bigoted person she has become. I am ashamed of her. She gives women a bad name.

  • 43 years ago, my wife an I had a faith-affirming experience when her life was narrowly saved by the prayers of our friends and the skill and courage of a brilliant surgeon who happened to be gay. This woman is not just obnoxious–she’s practicing evil and I wish I could spit in her horrid face.

  • It sounds pathetic, awkward, shameful, evil, that these perverts have ignored Gods teachings in holy books like the Bible and the koran claerly prohibits gay activities and now follow what Alister Crawley the most satanic man ever lived, a Freemarson who wrote the greatest principle in his Book Of Law that ‘thou shalt do what thy wilt’ anti-natural/satanic behaviours like gay, sodomy, child molestation, human sacrifice etc.. Hervey stand against the beast(666) ,the illuminatis in JESUS CHRIST’S name!!!

    • You’re a complete fukin tard! Hate mongers like you will burn in hell long before me. You and your ilk twist bible sayings to fit YOUR agenda. You’re all a bunch of psycho ranting bigots. Fricken teabaggers are just KKK members without hoods.

    • What is truly pathetic is your inability to form a cogent thought and convey it in a sentence which is comprehensible. I never heard of the “Freemarsons”. Did you mean “Free Martians”? You know, those little green men that are trying to break through all the aluminum foil you have on the windows of you sad, lonely little apartment.

      Don’t worry. They are only interested in capturing humans with brains. Therefore, you are quite safe, you half-wit.

    • I assume that by “Freemarsons,” you meant Free Masons. And you think they’re satanic? You must not realize that Shriners — you know, those guys who have have built and funded all the big hospitals that provide completely free medical care for crippled and burned children — must be Free Masons in order to become Shriners.

      • If he knew that George Washington was a Freemason, I’m pretty sure the knowledge would break his brain. My grandfather is a Shriner, and he is certainly a good example of Christian charity.

  • I have decided that the right wing, republican, conservative, over zealous pseudo christians, have several screws loose and it is a serious problem! I just can’t believe that they are saying this stuff and that they actually think that what they are spouting is the truth! This is sickening!

  • I find it funny that she says there is no proof that gay and lesbian people exist. There is no proof that God exists, but you don’t see her spouting that!

  • Yeah, allowing gay professionals to treat your or your child might reinforce the belief that the GLTBQI community is as educated and as concerned about the health and welfare of their fellow human beings as anyone. The horror.

  • Why stop in case of emergency, Linda? Have the courage of your conviction and even in case of life or death, I urge you to have your listeners ask if the doctor or nurse keeping your child alive is gay. If they are, stop treatment immediately and if there is no heterosexual doctor who can take over at least you’ll have the knowledge that your child died for your convictions.

  • This woman is pathetic. Seriously. I would prefer a gay doctor or nurse to treat my kids. they are more caring and sensitive than the straight doctors.

    Tell me, how can you see who is gay or straight? I know a lot of gay people and they look just like you or me. They dont act gay in public.. It is people like this moron, that cause gay bashings and hate. She should be put down a very deep and dark hole and left there. The world would be better off without people like her in it. I would LOVE to spend just 5 minutes alone with her…bet I could fix her right up. And no I am not American…Maybe this is another reason she is like she is.

  • This ignorant uneducated biatch needs to be taken out and beaten to an unrecognizable pulp! Shows how ignorant this society can be! I’m not even gay and I think this is just ridiculous! I would rather be hit on by a gay person than listen to one word this ugly cunt has to say.

  • Actually Linda, I care more that the doctor that is the most qualified is caring for my child, regardless of their sexual orientation. In addition, I would welcome the influence of any doctor that my child comes in contact with. Hopefully she would aspire to follow in their footsteps into a rewarding career where she helps people instead of denouncing individuals for their differences. I am sure that your own mother would have rather you became a doctor than a bigoted radio pundit.

  • I hope Linda is one day in an emergency room minutes from a long painful death, and the only doctor for miles around is gay.

  • Linda Harvey is very ignorant and I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Yes it’s very frustrating to read her words because one would hope that in 2011 these kind of views would be a thing of the past.

    What frustrates me the most is that Linda Harvey thinks that being gay is a choice. Linda states that “If you want your children to admire people who proclaim a homosexual lifestyle, they’re involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence.

    No medical professional who is gay or straight would try to influence a child in anyway. Doctors and nurses are equipped to save lives not change the lives of their patients and anyone who thinks otherwise is misinformed or ignorant.

    I’m so grateful that I live in a country that is so progressive. I’m a proud Canadian and people like Linda Harvey do not have a voice here as our culture does not tolerate this kind of hate.

  • Just another prime example of people who say they spread the word of God through love by spreading fear, hatred and bigotry instead. I can’t believe she has the nerve to call herself a Christian…God doesn’t hate.

  • I really could not care less if the health care professional treating my son was gay, straight, transgender, black, white or green… All I care about is their ability to do their job, their professionalism and the way they treat and speak to us while we are there.

  • What is she thinking? Hey lady, stop projectile vomiting your sexual shame on everyone else. Who the hell gave this poor thing a forum to assault us with her venom ? Maybe she is also saying that a parent of a gay child should be very afraid of doctors & nurses who are straight. Is she saying that she & “her people” are going to single out gay/lesbian or trans gender children as well? Because that is how it sounds to me. Oh My Gosh! the straight doctor might become a switch hitter by the gay/lesbian or trans gender child! Oh no! Whats the world come to? Hey, are the Russians ever coming?
    Insane in the brain!

    Is the opposite true? if I send a straight doctor to treat a gay person, will they be ‘turned’ into a straight person again?

    I do not have a degree in biology, but I am pretty confident that same sex couples cannot breed. That means, by default, that gay people are born from straight parents. How have these gay children not ‘turned’ their parents gay along with all their peers throughout their lives?

  • I can’t even begin to comprehend the mantality of some people. What the hell is wrong with society today that people think it’s okay for them to play God and judge someone by whom they bed? I have met many, many very sweet and very competent gay folks in my life – hell, I’m friends with more than half of them. Linda Harvey, should be ashamed of herself! But who am I kidding? You need to be somewhat intelligent to understand the concept of shame for it to have any effect – and a soul would help. Of which, that crazy bigoted woman has neither. People like her make me !@#$%^&* sick!!!!!

  • First of all, let me say that I some what agree with the idea that some ones sexual orientation should not be advertised on their work attire. I have been a RN for almost 20 years. One of the first things I learned was to respect my nurse/patient boundaries. However, I do not think that a committee designed to promote equality (ie benefits) is inappropriate. I have lived a lesbian lifestyle for almost 15 yrs now. It has never affected my practice. I feel the same way about the homosexual physicians, RT, Radiology Techs, and PCT’s I work with. I do think we as an alternative lifestyle professionals can offer a unique perspective to adolescents who are struggling with their sexual orientation. In the appropriate environment. I am shocked that you would advise parents to overtly avoid homosexual health care providers simply because of their sexual orientation. We are not contagious. I am a parent. And I would much rather my children see that be they homosexual or heterosexual the health care industry promotes equality and does not discriminate. Do you realize the psychological damage that a child could be subjected to by implying that it is unacceptable to be treated by a homosexual nurse or doctor ? What if that child grows up to be gay, and is held back professionally because they learned that “I can’t be a doctor or a nurse because I am gay”. Would you want to limit a child ? Any child ? I would hope not. If you want to profile your health care providers before letting them care for YOUR child, be my guest. But it is wrong for your to preach that to other parents. We should as a society accept all people. Regardless of their race, culture, religion or sexual orientation… A strong capable nurse is a strong capable nurse… Regardless of whom she chooses to love when she goes home. You’re views are archaic. If homosexuals weren’t your target, who would be ? African Americans ? The disabled ? Please sit back and listen to your self with an open mind. You are teaching hate and discrimination. The more you encourage that type of mentality, the more you are going to see homosexuals try to shove their lifestyle down your throat. The sooner you accept us, acknowledge us, respect us, support our desire for equality, the sooner you will see us relax and just live life. Don’t want to see us on the street marching for equality… Then support our desire to have the same rights you do. There is no need to organize events that call attention to our lifestyle and our need for equality if we are treated equal. Its a simple equation. You don’t want to see us advertising our dissatisfaction about being denied the same rights that you enjoy? Then support the propositions that promote equality. And you will prob never have to worry about a nurse or doctor feeling the need to wear a rainbow lapel pin. Seems simple to me. Just imagine what other issues you could take on if you didn’t have to worry about discriminating against the homosexual community. Wouldn’t you rather use your celebrity and resources to do something positIve for the world ?

  • It’s really sad that there is so much hatred in this world. I was brought up to not judge anyone, and that’s how I am raising my children as well. Seeing this kind of homophobic rant is really sad, and reminds me every day how glad I am to not be as hateful as someone like her.

    I would like to know this lady’s reasoning on how an LGBT nurse or doctor would influence a child. EVERY single person that I have met in the medical field is there TO DO THEIR JOB, not to talk about their sexual orientation… I’ve NEVER had a nurse or a doctor talk about their personal life to my children, ever. And I agree with many of the other posters’ comments on this page, if my child was in a life threatening situation (or any other medical situation for that matter), to me my top priority would be to ensure that my children are receiving the best possible medical care, not what sexual preferences are.

  • What a hateful, ignorant bigot this woman is! Did she forget that love is love and that hate is hate?! Gays are people too!

  • Madagascar Few

    …but if there aren’t any LGBT people… how can there be gay or lesbian doctors and nurses?

    Has anyone made sure Harvey knows what LGBT stands for?

  • Jessica Akins

    I would rather a happy employee treat me or my family member (or ANY other person) than a person who is forced to act as someone they’re not.

    if you’re happy where you work, you do a better job. and anyone who has decided to dedicate their life to taking care of others who are ill and in pain – is already someone who has a loving spirit – regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

    what – is she next going to tell me that I shouldn’t let a black man treat my children because it might change the color of their skin, or an Irishwoman be their nurse because they might turn into alcoholics?

  • Wow, this is serious BS. I would much rather an LGBT doctor, nurse, etc treat my child than let this crazy rhymes-with-witch near her.

  • this woman should be grateful that anyone has gone through medical school to look after the public as opposed to pursuing a life of bigotry and hatred.

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